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10 Best German Exchange Programs for International Students in 2022

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 – German Exchange Programs –

German exchange programs are a kind of program in which students from a secondary school or university study in Germany, at one of their institution’s partner institutions. A student exchange program may involve international travel, but does not necessarily require the student to study outside their home country.

Geman exchange programs

Students who enrol in a German exchange program may find that the program offers options to pursue a number of disciplines, but in addition to the academic variables, students may be able to enrich their learning through cultural experiences.

German exchange programs are typically multifaceted engagements, with students potentially taking on a mix of hands-on learning, coursework in local high schools, and independent students.

In this article, a list of the best exchange programs in Germany for international students is provided and are carefully described below:

1. Pre-College Traveling Summer Study Abroad Program in Europe

Program Description:

Kick-start your college experience by studying abroad across 5 countries in Europe! Forum-Nexus multi-country programs will help you earn credits and meet students from around the world during the summer before you enter college.

Forum-Nexus Study Abroad offers multi-country summer programs in Europe. Begin your college experience with a summer abroad! All majors are welcome.

Students must be at least 18 years old by the start of the program in order to participate. Forum-Nexus programs are available for undergraduate and graduate-level students as well.


  • Study abroad in Europe!
  • Participate in professional visits and network with top executives
  • Take classes in a variety of subjects
  • Earn up to 9 credits, depending on the program you choose
  • Stay in 4 and 5-star hotels
  • Visit even more cities and countries over the weekends
  • Have a life-changing summer abroad!

2. CIEE High School Summer Abroad in Berlin, Germany – Global Entrepreneurship

Program Description

What better way to learn about start-ups than to immerse yourself in the start-up capital of Europe? Berlin is a world city of culture, politics, media, and science.

A booming entrepreneurial centre over the last decade, its economy is based on high-tech firms and the service sector, encompassing a diverse range of creative industries, research facilities, media corporations, and convention venues.

You’ll work directly with – and live among – people behind small businesses in communications, life sciences and environmental services, renewable energy, media and music, and more.

Explore all that modern Berlin has to offer, with its renowned universities, orchestras, museums, and entertainment venues, and among the most ethnically diverse populations in Europe.

With its miles of bike trails and abundance of parks and open spaces, you’ll find a virtually endless list of places to visit and sights to see.

3. High School Year Abroad Program in a German Boarding School at Villa Wewersbusch

Program Description

Our High School Year Abroad program is geared toward highly motivated students between 15 and 17 years of age, from EU member countries, who would like to spend part of their school year or a full academic year in a High School / Secondary School in Germany.

It is ideal for Transition Year students who wish to improve their language skills and participate in regular classes in a German boarding school.

Living amongst German classmates, international students enhance their language skills and prepare to pass the “Abitur“, which is required for university admittance in Germany.

As one of the few schools in Germany, we have implemented a one-to-one iPad solution to prepare our students for future careers in the Information Age.

At Villa Wewersbusch all students are equipped with an iPad and are able to access our course materials through Apple’s education platform iTunes U.

We strongly believe that the use of new communication technology can accelerate learning and achievement by empowering teachers, students, and parents.

All of our modern classrooms are equipped with Apple TVs and projectors, allowing teachers to present exciting lessons and providing students with the ability to share projects and other work on the big screen

4. Greenheart Travel’s High School Program in Germany

Studying abroad with Greenheart Travel’s High School Program in Germany will give you the chance to attend a local high school, practice your German language skills and live with a local host family for a full, cultural immersion experience.

Studying abroad with Greenheart Travel’s high school program in Germany will give you the chance to attend a local high school, practice your German language skills and live with a local host family for a full, cultural immersion experience.

Students can Choose Between;

  • 1-month immersion program
  • 2-month immersion program
  • Trimester program
  • Semester program
  • Academic year program

Program Fee includes:

  • Roundtrip international airfare from designated gateway airport to Germany
  • Host family accommodations and 3 meals per day
  • Medical/Accident insurance
  • Support and counselling services from in-country staff
  • 24-hour emergency support
  • Pre-departure cultural orientation (via Skype)
  • 3 Day Arrival Orientation* (only available to Fall participants)
  • Arrival Orientation with German Local Coordinator
  • Personal assistance from a Greenheart Travel program manager
  • Letter of Recommendation upon request and successful completion of the program.

5. Germany: International Relations & The E.U

As you travel throughout Germany and across national borders, you will spend time in Frankfurt, Berlin, Niederalteich, Brussels, Cologne, Bonn, Munich, and Maastricht.

Your Experiment begins with a group orientation in Frankfurt, one of the world’s global hubs for commerce, culture, education, and more.

Continue to Munich, the largest city in Bavaria, where you’ll meet your local host family and share in their daily life during your homestay.

Much of what you think of as “typically German” comes from Bavaria. Attend school with German students to experience local high school culture and spend a fun-filled day with your group completing a treasure hunt in the city.

Travel to the 2,000-year-old city of Cologne, where you will begin German language classes and see the awe-inspiring Kölner Dom.

Visit the Haus der Geschichte, the museum of contemporary history, to learn about Germany’s history, political system, and role in advancing peace, democracy, and human rights in Europe.

Then, a journey to Brussels, Belgium, the seat of the Nobel Peace Prize-winning European Union (E.U.), where you will visit the European Commission, and explore the E.U.’s institutional structure.

Cross the border into the Netherlands for a trip to the historic city of Maastricht, where the Treaty on European Union was signed.

Finally, travel to Berlin, Germany’s capital and bustling cultural centre, where you will enjoy a city tour and take a guided visit through Sachsenhausen, a World War II concentration camp.

You will attend a lecture on the structure of the E.U., including competencies, tasks, stakeholders, and a seminar on European asylum politics before visiting the Bundestag (Germany’s parliament) to learn about the current refugee situation on the continent.

6. Direct Low Cost – German Studies in Stuttgart

Study German language and culture in Stuttgart. 20 hrs per week, 4 hrs per day. Low cost, high quality. Open to all students and adults worldwide.

Weekly, monthly schedules year-round. Easy to register. Admission guaranteed. Quick confirmation docs. Housing in student type residence, or with the local host family.

Flexibility with the program, housing, travel, and payment. Earn college credit. See the CSA website for more details. Go With CSA – Budget Study Abroad – Since 1990.

7. Youth For Understanding in Germany

Study abroad in Germany with YFU. Regardless of your level of German, you will have opportunities to improve and practise with native speakers.

Students will take classes at a local school and live with a German family. Your host family will help you adjust to living in Germany and introduce you to your new environment while supporting you during your exchange.

While in Germany, you have the option to visit some of the country’s most iconic cities and sites, all the while attending a local high school and making new friends.

YFU also offers six-week summer stays in Germany for students looking for a shorter option.

Experience what daily life is like in Germany while learning about German culture, trying exciting new foods, and experiencing traditions that are different from your own.

All the while, no matter what your level of German, your language proficiency and comfort in expressing yourself will improve.

Youth For Understanding USA’s (YFU) high school study abroad program is an experience that will immerse you in the lives, languages, cultures, and communities of real families in one of more than 40 countries around the globe.

YFU is a home-stay experience where you live with a carefully selected host family who has agreed to open their home and their hearts to you—providing room, board, and caring home.

You’ll gain a global family, make new friends, and even attend a new school on academic programs. Language None. Year and Semester Programs include an intensive 4-week Orientation and Language Class.

YFU programs make a lasting, life-changing impact on young people. YFU students return as young adults—more independent, competent, and confident—with a deeper understanding of their family and country.

They also discover that the YFU experience opens doors for many years to come, enhancing educational and professional opportunities.

National, Regional, Corporate Congress-Bundestag, YFU Stiftung, YFU Stipendium, and Young Leaders scholarships available.

8. MEI Academy- Trek Through Europe

8. MEI Academy- Trek Through Europe

Studying while travelling to London, Paris, Strasbourg, Munich, and Prague, we take great pride in designing each day to be an inspiring and adventurous learning experience.

Courses offered for grade 12 students: The West and the World – Grade 12 & English – Grade 12 (Students have the choice between English or Studies in Literature) This course examines contemporary issues in modern Western history and literature.

Economic, political, military, cultural, and environmental concerns will be discussed in-depth as students travel from London through to Prague while studying history, analyzing literature, and reliving the past.

Students will explore firsthand the diverse cultural attitudes towards revolution, industrialism, WWI, WWII, the Cold War, and the conflicts leading into the 21st century, providing plenty of opportunities for students to hone their writing skills through essays and interactive assignments.

Courses offered for grade 11 students: Introduction to Anthropology, Psychology, and Sociology – Grade 11 & English – Grade 11 This program emphasizes the development of cultural literacy, as well as oral and written communication while offering students an opportunity to make connections between two subject areas: English and the social sciences.

Students will develop a foundational understanding of anthropological, psychological, and sociological concepts and apply them to a broad range of literary and cultural texts.

This unique academic experience will enable students to better understand the views, values, and beliefs of their own society and their place within it.

9. AFS Intercultural Programs: Germany

AFS offers year and semester programs to destinations throughout Germany. AFS is currently offering hundreds of scholarships for students flexible with their country choice and ready for an adventure.

AFS (formerly the American Field Service) is a leader in intercultural learning and offers international exchange programs in more than 40 countries around the world.

We’ve been exchanging students throughout the world for 60 years. That is six decades of history and experience in international education with an exemplary record of safety, security, and service to students, parents, and educators.

AFS Mission: AFS-USA works toward a more just and peaceful world by providing international and intercultural learning experiences to individuals, families, schools, and communities through a global volunteer partnership.

10. Aspect Foundation: Germany

The Aspect Foundation high school study abroad program in Germany includes placement in a German gymnasium (high school) for a semester or academic year, accommodations with a host family, a diverse course load, travel insurance, and round-trip airfare.

Program Description

Experience high school in Germany, steeped in history and beautiful cities and countryside to explore. Grab a bratwurst with new friends, or practice your German skills at a Christmas market or local shop.

Studying abroad gives you the chance to make friends and new family members from around the world and develop skills, experience, and maturity that equip you for success in an increasingly globalized world – all while you’re still in high school.

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