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10 Best Internships in Costa Rica for Global Students 2022 Update

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 – Internships in Costa Rica –

Many entry-level jobs require applicants to have experience in a particular position, making it difficult for young adults to find a job. One way to gain experience in your chosen industry is to intern. Instead of doing this in your hometown, it is possible to partake in internships in Costa Rica

10 Best Internships in Costa Rica for Global Students 2021 Update

Costa Rica is a small but unique country in the middle of two big masses of land and the middle of a natural path, giving a home to an incredible set of circumstances all in one green, fresh and happy place.

Read on to discover the 10 Best Internships in Costa Rica 2022.

List of 10 Best Internships in Costa Rica 2022

Volunteer in Costa Rica with Maximo Nivel

1. Volunteer in Costa Rica with Maximo Nivel – Best Rated Projects

Costa Rica is known for having progressive environmental and social policies, and Costa Rica is widely considered one of the planet’s most sustainable countries.

At the same time, Costa Rica is still a developing country with a low national income and several socio-economic issues.

This means Costa Rica offers a wide variety of ways to get involved in volunteer abroad projects, contribute to sustainable programs, and provide help to vulnerable populations.

There is a lot to do in a country like Costa Rica and international volunteers are needed and welcomed!

Maximo Nivel provides volunteer abroad projects at our institutes in San Jose (capital city) and Manuel Antonio (beach).

Projects are also available off-site in Guanacaste (beach), Caribbean (beach), and Monteverde (cloud forest), which are rural areas and offer a more “off-the-grid” experience than San Jose or Manuel Antonio.

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2. Summer 2022 Internships with Global Experiences

Intern abroad in the summer and have a life-changing travel experience while gaining valuable work experience in any of our 12 host cities.

With an international internship, you’ll gain the professional experience and real-world skills that get you hired faster.

At Global Experiences, they find and tailor your internship to fit your background and future goals.

For over a decade they have been helping young professionals and students have incredible experiences all around the world.

Please note, the price of tuition covers a guaranteed internship, housing, social events, our career development program, and more. All internships are unpaid as it is difficult to be paid in a foreign country.

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3. CEA Internships Abroad San José

San José is Costa Rica’s capital, a place marked by different periods of rule and Spanish colonization, which employed this region’s precious resources like gold and jade in the city’s art and architecture.

Advanced Spanish speakers should consider doing an internship abroad in San José because it is a great way to broaden your understanding of the culture and develop a high level of language fluency.

CEA San José internships provide hands-on, practical experience to help you enhance your résumé and rise above the competition.

A range of career fields is available, including Advertising, Business Management, Communication, Education, Environmental Studies, Hospitality, International Relations, Marketing, NGO & Development, Psychology, Public Relations, Social Sciences, Social Services, Teaching, & Tourism.

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4. Costa Rica Internships — Global Skills & Knowledge!

Maximo Nivel offers internship programs in San Jose, Costa Rica. Develop professional skills and Spanish language fluency in an international setting.

International internships provide excellent work experience and build your professional network. Native Spanish immersion takes your Spanish language skills to the next level.

Internship placements include:

  1. Education (K-12).
  2. Special Education.
  3. Micro-Business.
  4. Human Rights.
  5. Hospitality & Tourism.

Internship programs are offered as “Practicums” (4 weeks) or “Internships” (8+ weeks).

Internship programs are available year-round and new programs begin every Monday, with lots of flexibility to meet your needs.

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5. Global Experiences Internships in San José, Costa Rica

Interning in San José, Costa Rica is a career and life-changing experience. Through Global Experiences, you get a tailored internship, social events, centralized housing, and so much more.

As the business centre of Central America, San José has a wide range of fantastic internships.

Some of the most popular career fields include engineering, business, and nonprofits, just to name a few.

They have to know you, your background, and your career goals to find the perfect tailored internship for you.

Included in the cost of your tuition is a guaranteed internship, housing, social events, our career development program, and more.

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6. The School for Field Studies (SFS): Internships

The School for Field Studies (SFS) accepts applications year-round from enthusiastic individuals who are interested in becoming a part of a diverse team at SFS World Headquarters in Beverly, Massachusetts, USA, or at one of our field stations.

Field-based internships are typically a year-long commitment and include on-site room and board.

SFS Interns provide support in the areas of research, student programming, and operations, including program delivery, academics, research, group dynamics, logistics, program safety, risk management, and site maintenance.

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7. College Course Credit Internships Overseas

Embarking on an internship abroad is a great opportunity to gain valuable practical skills while experiencing immersion in a new culture.

You will have the opportunity to make a positive impact while gaining relevant work experience that will distinguish you from prospective employers.

Furthermore, your internship can be tailored to fulfil course credit requirements at your university especially in the areas of fieldwork and independent study.

Here are some of the areas you can study:

  • 1. Conservation.
  • 2. Teaching and Community.
  • 3. Medical and Healthcare.
  • 4. Journalism.
  • 5. Languages.
  • 6. Biology

8. Ethical Conservation and Community Projects in Africa, Asia, and Latin America

Kaya Responsible Travel offers a wide range of ethical and sustainable volunteer placements abroad in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

They have volunteer placements where you can work in the fields of environmental, marine and wildlife conservation as well as community development projects, which include work with disadvantaged groups, medicine and healthcare, childcare, building, sports development, women’s empowerment, NGO development, education, micro-finance, and many more interesting areas.

To ensure these volunteer projects receive the best help possible they match the skills and interests of the participants with the needs of the project.

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9. Intern Across the Globe – Engineering, Nursing and more

Omprakash’s vision is to facilitate mutually beneficial & educational relationships between grassroots social impact organizations and volunteers around the world who can learn from & support their work.

Here, they help you to connect directly with our network of vetted Partners to find a position that is right for you and beneficial to your host Partner.

Their award-winning online training and mentorship program, EdGE (Education for Global Engagement) is designed to help increase learning, critical reflection, and overall impact before, during, and after volunteers’ international experiences.

Their 180+ Partner organizations work in 40+ countries on a wide range of projects, with positions suitable for volunteers with a variety of interests and qualifications, but just to give you an idea of a few of the opportunities.

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10. World Endeavors: Intern in Costa Rica

Join World Endeavors for an internship in Atenas, Costa Rica. Interns can choose from a variety of available fields designed to provide students, recent graduates, and mid-career professionals with hands-on experience in the industry.

Each internship placement is customized to cater to the interests, goals, and experiences of each participant.

Available fields include Healthcare, Hospitality & Tourism, and Environmental Conservation.

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Intern in Costa Rica and have an experience you’ll never forget.

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