Best Summer Programs 2020 in Germany for International Students See Update

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Best Summer Programs 2020 in Germany for International Students See Update.

Best Summer Programs in Germany: Germany has a very strong belief in unifying learning and research. 

The education system in Germany abides by the fact that such a great learning experience will give students a sense of collective responsibility and practicality that drives the path of innovation and progress.

Educational institutions and organizations in Germany collaborate with institutions and organizations of other countries to offer their respective students a world-wide experience of knowledge enhancement.

Some institutions select students from member countries to travel to Germany during their summer vacation and engage in special learning sessions ranging from a couple of days to a few weeks. These may include research- programs and lesson modules across a variety of subjects.

In this article, we have taken the time to list the 10 best Summer Programs in Germany for International Students.

1. CEA: Study Abroad in Berlin, Germany

Berlin study program allows you to fully absorb German culture and global business knowledge. You’ll find courses that fit into your degree and stimulate your intellect with classes that are taught in English.

The three programs offered in Berlin are European Business & Economics, European Union in a Global World, and German Language & Cultural Studies.

You’ll have the choice of your required class and a German Language class, lending to a chance to deeply dive into German history and culture.

CEA offers excursions and cultural engagements to help you learn about the city where you will be studying.

CEA makes sure your housing, health, safety, social engagement, and other needs are taken care of. Giving you the best possible study abroad experience is our top priority.

2. API in Berlin, Germany: Freie Universitat Berlin, German Language, and European Studies Summer

The Freie Universität Berlin German Language and European Studies Program (FUBiS) was specifically created by one of Germany’s top universities to offer North American and international students courses in language, culture, fashion, and more that focus on Germany and its role in Europe.

Students in this summer program may elect to take only German-language coursework, coursework in English, or a combination.

FUBiS offers intensive summer programs for dedicated and diligent students. FUBiS German language courses focus on the development of language competence in writing, reading, listening, and speaking, and are taught at European Framework Levels A1 – C1.
FUBiS content courses in English give students the opportunity to seriously engage in and further their knowledge of a subject matter.

3. IES Abroad Berlin Summer – Metropolitan & Urban Studies

This English-taught program explores topics in Urban Studies, Architecture, and Environmental Studies in Berlin, a city that has both rebuilt and redesigned itself over the past century.

Courses integrate field study to provide a first-hand look at Berlin’s architectural innovations, methods for integrating sustainable design, and various historical and political movements. Field study trips to important sites within Germany round out the program.

Unique courses that explore Architecture, History, and Metropolitan Studies, and other topics through an in-depth and hands-on approach are offered.

4. USAC Germany: Lüneburg – German Language, European Studies, and Sustainability/Environmental Studies

The Lüneburg program is ideal for students interested in learning the German language and focusing on European Studies- specifically Germany’s role within the European Union- or for fall and yearlong students studying Engineering.

The program offers three diverse academic areas: German Language, European Studies, and Engineering.

The intensive language approach allows you to complete up to two years of university language requirements in one semester.

Additional courses in economics, history, culture, art history, literature, intercultural communication, politics, and engineering are taught in German or English to provide a well-rounded curriculum.

However, the academic courses are only a part of the intended value of the program. Participation in cultural activities, festivals, and field trips to Hamburg, Celle, Bremen and an optional tour to Berlin also form an integral part of the program.

5. FUBiS

FUBiS is an intensive, academic program through which students can earn credits that may be counted towards their degrees at their home institutions. FUBiS sessions run for 3 to 6 weeks and take place both in summer and winter.

FUBiS offers intensive and semi-intensive German language classes at different proficiency levels. In addition, FUBiS offers subject classes on various class topics.

These classes are held mostly in English by distinguished German and international faculty. In addition to the regular term program, FUBiS offers multi-city courses during the summer.

6. Temple University in Germany: Intensive Language

This is a four-week program of intensive German language instruction for students who have had at least one semester of university-level German.

The program is based at the Herder Institut of the University of Leipzig in Saxony and is best suited for those who are looking for an immersive experience with ample opportunity for independent exploration of German culture.
The four weeks will consist of intensive language study, an overnight orientation period.

7. CCIS: Heidelberg, Germany—International House Heidelberg-Collegium Platinum

The International House Heidelberg, Collegium Platinum is located in one of Germany’s most beautiful and beloved cities, which has long been a center of university education.

The Intensive Language Program is offered at all levels by highly trained, qualified, university-educated native speakers of German.

Teachers at IH Heidelberg, Collegium Platinum hold university degrees and have teaching experience in German as a foreign language.

They speak one or more foreign languages themselves and have experience working with people from various countries and backgrounds.

8. Berlin International Summer School

Berlin School of Economics and Law (HWR Berlin) is a fully accredited public university of applied sciences, and one of the largest of its kind in Berlin.

It is distinguished for its international approach. Berlin is a bustling European metropolis, known for its vibrant cultural scene that offers everything from world-renowned orchestras and UNESCO world heritage sites to lively galleries, clubs, and street cafés.

9. Bucerius / UC Hastings Summer Program in International Intellectual Property Transactions

The Center for Transnational IP, Media and Technology Law and Policy of Bucerius Law School in Hamburg together with the UC Hastings College of the Law in San Francisco are very proud to announce the third Bucerius/UC Hastings Summer Program in International Intellectual Property Transactions.

These two internationally renowned institutions have joined forces to offer an intensive three-week, English-taught program that allows upper-division law students and young practitioners the opportunity to build practical skills for transacting technology licenses in a transnational context.

In less than a month, program participants walk away with a thorough understanding of core IP and licensing concepts and industry practices as well as both the legal and business sides of licensing.

The theoretical concepts covered in coursework will be given a practical application through a licensing workshop.

Student teams will negotiate a transnational technology license based on a real-life fact pattern and develop the transaction’s term sheet.

Experienced practitioners supervise this skill-building exercise. The theoretical and practical components come together during two site visits to major German and European enterprises where participants examine the company’s own international licensing experience and strategies.

Students with background knowledge of or proven interest in IP law gain deeper insight into the field, learning from both practitioners and academics.

10. Faculty-led Programs with Experiential Learning in Central Europe

IOBA Education is a Prague based institute offering academically rigorous and culturally rich customized programs in the Central European context.

Their 10 days to 4 weeks faculty-led study programs are custom-tailored, multinational (allowing to visit up to 4 Central European countries), and derived from individual institution’s curricular needs.

Top academic quality and high level of student engagement are key features of GIOBA Education programs.

From the initial planning to the post-program evaluation, each GIOBA Education program has one knowledgeable English speaking International Programs Manager accompanying that program in its entire complexity.

In summary, make good use of these listings for Summer Study programs Abroad in Germany and visit this fascinating country.

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