Top Prague Study Abroad Programs for Global Students

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Prague Study Abroad Programs for global students who have found the importance of learning in that part of the world? Everything that one would need to know about these programs is here for you.

Prague Study Abroad Programs

Prague, known as the capital of the Czech Republic, has been a hub of culture and activity in Europe since the Middle Ages. Prague has a more mystical and mysterious side to some of its buildings and decorations.

Today’s arts and cultural scene are extremely vibrant and active with countless art galleries, festivals, concerts, musical performances, poetry readings, museums, and more.

The active social life available to students in Prague is a mixture of young Czechs coming to the city as well as a varied group of students and young people from around the world.

Prague Study Abroad Programs

Here are Prague study abroad programs for global students:

1. CEA: Study Abroad in Prague, Czech Republic

Here, six programs are offered in Prague: International Business, Communication & Journalism, International Relations & Political Science, Humanities & Social Sciences, Full Curriculum, and Business, Liberal Arts & Social Sciences.

Aside from these programs, you will have a choice from plenty of elective courses that will line up with your specific program.

Through these programs, you will experience the culture of Prague firsthand. Many of these courses combine active learning to take you beyond the classroom and into the city of Prague.

2. University of Economics: Semester or Academic Year

Internship and volunteer programs are available for abroad students to get involved in Prague’s community.

Students abroad in Prague can partake in a 3-credit International Internship Program. Internships are arranged based on your skills, interests, and abilities in a variety of fields including production, marketing, IT, and administrative assistant placements with the Prague Shakespeare Company to teaching English in a local elementary school.

AIFS can also arrange volunteer and non-credit internship placements across a variety of fields and organizations in Prague.

In Prague, you’ll live in a student residence hall in a double room with another AIFS student. Single rooms are available on a limited basis for an additional fee.

3. ISA Study Abroad in Prague, Czech Republic

ISA offers programs at two universities in Prague: Charles University and the University of Economics Prague.

At Charles University students will enjoy small class sizes with fellow ISA students as classmates.

Classes are taught by Charles University professors in university facilities located in Prague 6. Subject areas include European Culture, History, Political Science, and Liberal Arts.

At the University of Economics Prague, ISA students will study in the Central and East European Studies (CESP) division of the university alongside other international students. Subject areas include International Business, Economics, Marketing, Finance, and more.

At both universities, all courses are instructed in English, except for the Czech language courses.

4. The Prague Czech Republic, Global Architecture and Design

Imagine working with leading experts and innovators to complete cutting-edge research and design projects.

Study with Prague’s thought leaders and practitioners to gain an understanding of architecture and design within an emerging global context.

Pursue hands-on design work in a state-of-the-art studio using the latest technology to address an aspect of the current global environment.

And observe centuries of architectural history up close throughout the Czech Republic and Europe – all with CIEE.

5. USAC Czech Republic: Prague – Politics, Culture, and the Arts

The Prague program is ideal for students interested in studying and living in an extraordinary medieval city.

Prague is an open textbook of modern and traditional literature, art, architecture, and culture enclosed in the beautiful scenery of the city, including its walls, castles, and frescoes.

You will learn the basics of the Czech language in a two-week Czech intensive course offered at the beginning of each semester.

Each semester also includes at least two one-day field trips and an optional 1-credit Vienna and Budapest Field Study course.

There are exceptional opportunities to discover a culture. and the historical richness of Prague and Central Europe.

You may also choose to complete an internship, which provides an unmatched opportunity to practice your language skills and gain international professional experience.

6. BBA, MBA Business Administration, Management, Finance, Marketing, Project Management

UNVA is dedicated to the challenge of meeting the unique requirements of its students by providing the opportunity for quality education to students globally.

These values are expressed in all phases of the university’s operations, ranging from the selection of professors to the design of curricula.

UNVA strives to give the student specialized knowledge in a chosen field; it believes that its primary task is to teach the student not only theoretical concepts but also the scientific method, the process of discovery, analysis, and application of these concepts.

The basic objective is to help students develop the analytical capacity, basic knowledge, and attitude of personal responsibility necessary to function effectively as productive citizens in an interdependent world.

7. Summer Program in Central Europe: Czech Republic

The program is hosted by Masaryk University in Brno, an institution established in 1919, only three months after the Czechoslovak Republic itself, and named for the country’s founder and first President.

The University of Toronto offers 3 to 6-week summer courses in Australia, Central Europe (Czech Republic) China (Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Beijing, Ecuador, England, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Peru, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, and the United Arab Emirates.

Courses are for degree credit and students from other North American universities are welcome to participate.

Prices vary by site and range from approximately $4200 to $9000 (this includes tuition, accommodation, meals, textbooks, and field trips).

8. English Language and Cultural Exchange in the Czech Republic

At Angloville the chance of an unforgettable language cultural exchange is offered. As a volunteer in our programs, you will receive board and lodging in one of our beautiful countryside hotels in exchange for helping our local Czech program attendees practice their English skills.

Each program day is spent in a stimulating environment with local participants engaging in a series of one-on-one discussions, group activities, negotiations, hiking, walking, swimming, meals (with both Czech and English speakers), entertainment, and social time.

We believe the best way to learn is to be surrounded by the language and its native speakers and if you can become friends during the process, all the better.

9.  Genetics: The Global Language of Biology

This course takes a research and molecular-based approach to genetics. Students will learn a foundation of genetics that incorporates history, current research, and excitement for the future.

The program begins at the University of Cambridge, which is steeped in the history of genetics and ends in Stockholm, Sweden, which hosts the Nobel Prize. Between these two main locations, students will travel by train and stay in Paris and Vienna.

Side trips planned from these locations are the University of Strasbourg and the Mendel Museum and Garden, in the Czech Republic.

Through study in these locations, students will experience contrasting academic and national cultures, which will broaden their life and scientific views and encourage them to further study/work abroad.

10. Bohemian Workshops

Bohemian Workshops is a 3-week immersion program that explores the diverse intersection of art and sustainability.

Based on the guild models of the Renaissance, this unique educational opportunity is presented as an alternative to the conventional classroom or studio experience.

Participants work closely with mentors to develop critical perspectives about their chosen subject while gaining awareness of the contemporary culture of the Czech Republic and issues of sustainability as related to creativity and the environment.

The program begins in Prague with a cultural survey of the Czech capital and continues at ArtMill Center for Sustainable Creativity, located in a rural farming community in Southern Bohemia.

In summary, study abroad in Prague and stand the chance to learn from the history and cultural richness of its past, and enjoy the vibrancy of its present and the bright promise of its future, Prague is sure to deliver what you seek.

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