14 Anthropology Study Abroad Programs for International Students

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– Anthropology Study Abroad Programs –

Anthropology Study Abroad Programs might offer you the opportunity to explore ancient ruins, such as in Greece and Rome, examining up close and personal where and how those people lived, bringing your studies to life with practical experience.

Study Anthropology Abroad Programs

About Anthropology

Anthropology is the study of human culture, traditions, and societies. Study abroad side effects include self-growth, a broader global perspective, and a better understanding of the world.

Studying abroad for anthropology is the opportunity to interact with a culture on its terms.

Anthropology programs abroad offer the unique opportunity to study the history and development of one particular culture up close and personal.

We have listed some Anthropology study abroad programs for international students below.

1. SAI Programs at Florence University of the Arts (FUA): Semester Programs

SAI invites students to surround themselves with the refined beauty of Renaissance Italy by studying abroad at the Florence University of the Arts (FUA).

FUA offers a wide range of courses in English which have been carefully planned and designed keeping with current interests and contemporary subjects including Literature, Sciences, Business, Economics, History, Fine Arts, Graphic Design, and more.

A highly experienced Italian faculty collaborates with SAI’s on-site staff to offer students one of the most cost-effective study abroad programs in Florence. Except for the Italian Language course, all classes are taught in English.

2. IES Abroad Multi-Location – Museums and Beyond: Art and Culture in Paris, Madrid, and Rome

This seven-week program offers a unique opportunity to examine how art and architecture have affected urban development, life, and culture in three fascinating European capitals.

Start your program in Paris, where you’ll appreciate how these cities have developed around the central idea of cultural heritage and patrimony.

It’s here you’ll start the two cross-center courses that will then take you to Rome and Madrid for two weeks in each city.


3. Budapest Semester in Cognitive Science

Cognitive Science is an interdisciplinary approach to the human mind.

It is generally considered a new ‘super science’ in the sense that it offers a common platform and a common language for many traditional disciplines, from biology and brain science to computer science to linguistics and philosophy.

Lecturers are established international experts with world-level international research and teaching experience, offering credit-earning courses.

These courses are psychology, philosophy, linguistics, biology, computer sciences majors, regular and optional intensive Hungarian language as well as Independent research module is offered in semester hours to be taken.

4. Hawaii: Island Science

Islands play a special role in a variety of scientific disciplines, both as privileged sites of experimentation and as unique objects of study.

Islands are places where we can see into Earth’s interior, into the depths of the ocean and the distant past.

They have also been key locations for understanding human societies and building empires in the formerly unreachable.

Hawai’i has several unusual natural and cultural features that make it a fruitful location for this kind of pursuit.

Its marine animals, such as dolphins, can help us understand not only the aquatic environment but also the nature of consciousness and communication.

It’s indigenous culture still keeps a robust presence, providing a way to study how cultures develop in isolation and how they change with outside exposure.

5. Biological Anthropology & Dig in Sanisera (Menorca, Balearic Islands –Spain-)

This course focuses on the excavation and study of both the urban structures of the Roman city of Sanisera and the excavation of inhumation tombs from the classical period.

In the laboratory, students will learn to classify artifacts found, including Roman pottery, numismatics, and faunal remains.


6. Religion and Power – Social anthropology and religious studies

Kulturstudier offers a full academic semester program in anthropology and religion in India. The program incorporates perspectives from anthropology and religious studies.

The aim of the program is to give students an understanding of substantive issues related to the relationship between religion and politics.

The program joins a general approach to the topic with a specific regional focus on South Asia.

A combination of academic lectures and seminars, excursions, and interaction with the immediate surroundings offers broad perspectives.

7. Tanzania: Wildlife Management, Conservation, and Research Techniques

The School for Field Studies (SFS) Wildlife Management Studies summer study abroad program in Tanzania offers two four-credit courses.

These may be taken individually or back to back to provide a thorough introduction to community wildlife management and the research methods routinely used to assess wildlife ecology.

8. Galway Archaeological Field School

The Galway Archaeological Field School has been established to provide students with hands-on experience of the archaeology and architecture of medieval Ireland.

They specialize in this field and seek to immerse students in the wealth of medieval castles, churches, and monasteries, which lie scattered across the Irish landscape.

They offered three courses: a two-week non-excavation course focused on the study of medieval architecture and two four-week excavation courses based on a research excavation at a medieval castle.

9. Study Abroad in Greece

Deree College of The American College of Greece is the largest and oldest private institution of higher education in Europe. Study abroad, students can live in our spacious and modern residence hall.

Spend a semester or a year studying in Athens at one of the most prestigious private institutions in Europe. Capitalize on Athens’ resources by studying business, art, or archaeology in a small class setting.

Deree College offers an excellent opportunity to study in an English-speaking environment is a fully accredited program. The New England Association of Schools and Colleges accredited us.

10. Caribbean Studies Summer Institute: Caribbean Society and Culture in Comparative Perspective

The program offers students an interdisciplinary approach integrating sociological, anthropological, and historical perspectives to the study of Caribbean society and culture.

Students will be introduced to key social-scientific concepts such as race, ethnicity, nation, culture, and their relevance (or irrelevance) in the attempt to understand Caribbean cultures and identities.

Students will learn about the contributions of different ethnic groups to modern Caribbean culture, and examine the processes by which these various contributions were blended.

Students will also be introduced to the major issues regarding U.S. involvement in the Caribbean.

11. Food and Sustainability Studies

This unique program looks at food and sustainability issues from many angles: history, sociology, cultural studies, anthropology, business, politics, science, agriculture, and sustainability.

Arcadia University opens the doors to new experiences, different academic learning, people, cultures, and perspectives so you can build your lifelong learning and memories.

12. Archaeology, Community and Environment Internships

This unique internship program offers travelers, students or interested groups the opportunity to experience the incredible cultural heritage, seascapes, outback, and wildlife of Western Australia’s south coast.

The program provides practical field training, cultural activities, and workshops, as part of a holistic research program.

13. Israel Then and Now: Archeology, Transformation, and Comparative Cultures

This fascinating four-week six-credit program examines the ancient past through current events of Israel in the Middle East.

The program begins with an exploration of the ancient history of the region through visits to archaeological sites and museums, guided by Professor Arthur Bankoff, chairman of the Department of Anthropology and Archaeology.

You will learn the archaeology of Israel in the Near East, covering the Paleolithic through the Ottoman period of history.

14. Primate Studies Field School

The University of Arizona’s primate studies field school is based in Rwanda, one of Central East Africa’s most progressive countries and home to several species of monkeys and apes, including the famed mountain gorilla.

Students will go on adventure treks to observe gorilla families and golden monkeys on the slopes of the extinct Virunga volcanoes.

In summary, well use these listings for Anthropology Study Abroad Programs and visit this fascinating country.


FAQs on Anthropology Study Abroad Programs

Below are the frequently asked questions on Anthropology Study Abroad Programs

1. Which country is best for studying anthropology?

The United States

2. Can you study abroad with anthropology?

There are a lot of anthropology study abroad programs to choose from

3. Is studying anthropology worth it?

Anthropology students develop a wide range of skills that are essential in today’s world

4. Is anthropology a useful major?

Graduates with an anthropology degree are well-suited for a career in many fields.

5. How do I get experience in anthropology?

If you are interested in pursuing a career in anthropology, then volunteering or doing an internship in a relevant area is a great way to gain first-hand experience of what anthropologists do.

6. How long do foreign exchange students stay?

6 to 12 months

7. What is it called to study abroad?

As a bit of background, in the past few years, the study abroad field (also known as international education) has grown considerably.

8. How many study abroad programs are there?

over 3,800+ 

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