Best Israel Summer Programs 2024 for Global Students

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The best Israel summer programs would benefit not only Israelis but the entire world. That is because despite being a small geographic region in the Middle East, Israel has a strong international footprint due to its culture, educational resources, and brilliant pupils.

Best Israel Summer Programs 2024 for Global Students

Top Israeli Summer Programs for International Students

Sign up for a program, begin your study abroad travels, and experience Israeli culture for yourself. Below, we have listed 15 Israeli summer programs for global students.

1. Israel: Haifa – Undergraduate and Graduate Courses

USAC has teamed up with the University of Haifa to offer a unique experience to students looking to study abroad. This is one of the best Israel summer programs.


Courses are taught in English, Arabic, and Hebrew at the university. However, more focus is on Israel/Middle Eastern Studies, Hebrew and Arabic languages, Peace, Conflict and Religious Studies, and more.

During this program, students will be able to explore the city and its people in an attempt to understand a region that has evolved due to various factors over thousands of years.

2. IFSA: Rothberg International School Partnership

IFSA welcomes students studying abroad at Rothberg International School, Hebrew University of Jerusalem (RIS) in Israel.

One of the most prestigious universities in the Middle East, Hebrew University is located on Mount Scopus in Jerusalem.

Students have a wide range of course options to consider.

3. Ancient Israel: Archaeology & History of the Land of the Bible

This program permits students from all around the world to study archaeology and history in the Land of the Bible.

Students gain a unique perspective on the country’s convoluted history during the program.

This is done through theoretical seminars, practical experience, and guided visits to some of Israel’s most well-known excavation sites.

4. Earn your Bachelor’s Degree at Bar-Ilan University in Israel

Exciting programs are offered in Communication, Political Science, Sociology, Economics, Business Administration, English Literature, and Linguistics.

Bar-Ilan undergraduate degrees are recognized globally and open doors to graduate programs and jobs in various fields and sectors.

5. MA in Jewish Education at Hebrew University

Hebrew University’s Melton Centre for Jewish Education offers a blended MA Education specializing in Jewish Education program.

This curriculum includes Social Sciences, Jewish and Israeli Education, and its dialogue with Theory and Practice in Jewish Education and Teaching of Jewish Texts, and Educational Philosophy.

Studies will integrate on-site and distance learning elements.

Here, two semesters are taught online and 6 weeks are spent on-campus for an intense summer semester in Jerusalem.

6. IFSA/Alliance: Diversity and Coexistence

The Diversity and Coexistence program at Hebrew University offers a unique opportunity for students to explore the intersections between identity, religion, community, nationalism, and diversity in the city of Jerusalem.

The location is at the Rothberg-International School, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, one of the Middle East’s most prestigious universities.

Beyond the classroom, IFSA introduces students to Israelis representing a wide range of
socio-economic background.

7. Tel Aviv University – Study Abroad in Israel

Study abroad at Tel Aviv University in Israel for a semester or academic year term.

With a wide range of courses to study, from engineering to liberal arts, it should be easy to find something that fits your schedule.

Tel Aviv is located on the western coastline of central Israel and is Israel’s second most populated city.

Students come from around the world to take classes at Tel Aviv University because it is a great school.

8. Study Business & Law in Israel

A Dual LLB & BA in Business Administration degree taught in 4 years in English and Hebrew for motivated students who want a fast-track to a dynamic career as an in-demand lawyer or a global law-savvy business leader.

Taught at the College of Law and Business in the Tel Aviv area, our programs are led by a first-rate faculty of international renown, where students acquire a quality education along with practical, hands-on experience.

To support your growth as an international lawyer, you’ll enjoy Hebrew language lessons, legal Hebrew classes, private tutoring, assignments and exam submissions in English, and much more.

9. Earn your MBA from Bar-Ilan University in Israel

The International MBA program is a one-year program taught entirely in English in the Startup Nation.

This program is held at Bar-Ilan University. Here, you will learn entrepreneurship, global management, finance, and marketing, study with a talented and diverse community that is an invaluable lifelong network, and get the business skills you need to succeed at one of the top universities in the hi-tech capital of the world.

10. iXperience Tel Aviv – Business and Tech Courses + Internship

iXperience Accelerate Tel Aviv is an intense 6-week career acceleration program for ambitious students who wish to learn industry-relevant skills and boost their CVs with an impactful internship.

You’ll hit the ground running with high-intensity classes that push you to learn in a boot camp-style environment.

This gives you a taste of your professional life as well as the opportunity to boost your resume.

11. Learn Hebrew – University of Haifa International School

The University of Haifa International School is known for its Hebrew Ulpan and Arabic language courses, the most effective language-learning programs in Israel.

Intensive short-term sessions are offered in the winter and summer months as well as semester-long programs throughout the year.

12. Earn Your Master’s Degree in English Literature & Linguistics

The goal of this program is to train a new generation of literary translators who will help bring world literature in a variety of languages to the English language and the English reading public.

For this task, Bar Ilan University is uniquely qualified, with an English Department that offers the advanced study of literature and literary traditions, creative writing in several genres, and hands-on work in literary translation.

All students receive a full year of one-on-one mentoring with a faculty member to complete a creative thesis, the translation of a manuscript (or partial manuscript) in poetry, fiction, or creative nonfiction.

13. Study Abroad at the University of Haifa International School in Israel

Students who come to the University of Haifa International School for a semester or year have an experience they will never forget.

Students from more than 40 countries around the world come to study at the University of Haifa International School in programs that are unique in their integrated approach towards international students.

The university is an inspiring cultural mosaic, with a harmonious population of diverse cultures and students.

14. Summer – Data & Business for Cyber Security Applications

This four-week English-taught program provides both theoretical and practical knowledge of data mining.

Participants take two courses, “Advanced Methods in Data Mining” and “Machine Learning-Based Solutions”, and participate in a mandatory one-week internship at BGU’s Cyber Security Research Center.

In addition, students take part in professional field trips to leading companies to enhance their understanding of data mining and cybersecurity.

15. Rothberg International School: Study in Israel

Established in the year 1955, the Rothberg International School offers the oldest and largest undergraduate study-abroad program in Israel.

Those accepted to the program have the opportunity to study in English, earn credits that may be transferred to their home universities, partake in internships, carry out independent study, or take specialization courses in Business Studies and Brain and Behavioral Sciences.

Students also develop proficiency in Hebrew; the program begins with a pre-semester Hebrew instruction course (Ulpan) and participates in a comprehensive program of extracurricular activities, including tours in Jerusalem and throughout the country.

These are some of the Israel Summer Programs for Global Students. Study abroad in Israel, and enjoy their wonderful culture and educational resources.


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