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Best Masters Programs for International Student Abroad 2020 Update

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Best Masters Programs for International Student Abroad 2020 Update.

Best Masters Programs: When it has to with finding a graduate program abroad, the process is kind of a mystery when obviously participating in graduate study abroad programs are a great way to expand your resume and potentially enhance your career opportunities.

A graduate degree abroad is definitely an experience with many positive outcomes.

Masters programs

You can live in a new country, advance in your career, or grow your global network to name a few so perhaps you are wondering what program you should get enrolled in,

then am pleased to tell you that we are here for you when it has to do with that with our list of 15 best masters programs you would love to enroll in as an international student.

1. ISA EuroScholars

Location: Multi-Country Programs, Multi-Country Programs

Program Type: Study Abroad

Degree Level: Graduate

Term: Academic Year, Fall Semester, Spring Semester

Program Description: The Euro program provides students the opportunity to study and conduct research at a top university in Europe.

These universities are of the highest academic caliber and offer a unique research opportunity for undergraduate and graduate North American students.

The program is comprised of a Language and Culture Course of the host country, an in-depth literature review on the chosen research topics, and the actual research project.

Research can be done in a variety of fields, depending on the available places and the chosen university, and students may be able to add an elective component as well.

Setting Description: You can choose from research projects in Sweden, the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Finland, or Belgium.

2. Graduate Level Summer Courses

Location: Athens, Greece; Berlin, Germany; Barcelona, Spain; Rodos, Greece; London, United Kingdom; Geneva, Switzerland; Prague, Czech Republic; Paris, France; Thira, Greece; Rome, Italy; Lisbon, Portugal; Como, Italy; Milan, Italy;

Program Type: Study Abroad

Degree Level: Graduate

Term: Fall Semester, Spring Semester, Summer, Year-Round

Program Description: The FN Summer program is opened to students of all majors at the graduate and undergraduate levels.

Take courses to fulfill basic grad school requirements, and find an independent study course related to your master’s degree.

Program Highlights

Travel to 9+cities in 1 month
• Visit leading international companies and organizations
• Take classes with top professors who will travel with the program
• Earn up to 9 credits transferable to your college or university
• Gain valuable travel experience

Cost: Program fees include: • Tuition • Accommodations in 4 and 5-star hotels • Buffet breakfast in all hotels • Professional visits • Health insurance • Welcome reception • Farewell dinner • Staff support • Some transportation

3. Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) – Graduate

Location: Multi-Country Programs, Multi-Country Programs; Rochester, United States

Program Type: Study Abroad

Degree Level: Graduate

Term: Academic Year, Fall Semester, Rolling Starts, Spring Semester

Program Description:  RIT offers 70 graduate programs in Art, Design, Crafts, Photography, Animation, Business, Communications, Service and Hospitality; Education, Psychology, and Human Resources; Science, Health Sciences, Mathematics, Statistics and Imaging Science;

Applied Arts & Sciences; Sustainability; Computing and Information Sciences; and Engineering and Technology. Degrees offered include M. Arch., MBA, MFA, MS, MST, ME, and Ph.D. Diverse University with students from more than 110 countries.

RIT is an internationally renowned leader in professional and career-oriented education enrolling more than 18,000 students in nine colleges. RIT is home to nearly 2,500 International students representing 110 countries!

Setting Description:

RIT is located in Rochester, New York, which is approximately 400 miles northeast of New York City. We are located on 1,300 acres in suburban Rochester, the third-largest city in New York State.

Our university is ultra-modern and our classrooms, labs and learning facilities and equipment are state-of-the-art.


Tuition for One Academic Year (2 semesters)
Graduate Tuition – $40,426
Generous financial aid is awarded based on merit.

4. Graduate Seminar in Aesthetics and Cultural Studies

Location: Rome, Italy

Program Type: Study Abroad

Degree Level: Graduate

Term: Summer

Program Description:

Temple University Rome offers a 4-week Art and Culture Seminar. This six-credit graduate seminar is designed to bring about the disciplines of aesthetics and cultural studies.

In its interdisciplinary thrust, the seminar is proposed to serve as a foundation for advanced study in the human sciences and to display the most current trends of thought in post-modern culture.

Setting Description:

The Temple Rome campus is ideally located in the heart of Rome, in the Villa Caproni, a handsome building facing the Tiber river.

Just north of Piazza del Popolo and within walking distance of the lively Spanish Steps and the beautiful Borghese Gardens, the Villa Caproni is convenient to living accommodations, shops, and restaurants.

Its facilities include a 16,000-volume library, one of the largest English-language libraries in Rome, a computer center, academic classrooms, extensive art and architecture studios, an art gallery, and student lounges.

5. Master of Arts in Contemporary Fashion Design

Location: Paris, France

Program Type: Study Abroad

Degree Level: Graduate

Term: Academic Year

Program Description: Master of Arts in Contemporary Fashion Design was specifically designed to address these changes and is aimed at Fashion Design graduates who want to go beyond product design and development.

The program has 3 main objectives :

Enriching its students’ fashion and creative culture with modules specially designed for this course.

For instance, the ‘Fashion Cross Culture’ module was developed with the Musée des Arts Décoratifs to provide a more sophisticated approach towards the analysis of cultural discrepancies and their effect on fashion.

Another key module would be “Fashion Product Semiology”. It uses semiology as a methodology to decode a garment and to decrypt its aesthetic aspect in order to better understand how it is perceived.

Developing student creativity with modules such as « Creative Process» that helps students become more aware of their own “creative logic” and increase their potential.

The addition of practical workshops will provide students with a new approach to known production and designing techniques.

For example, the “Pattern and Draping Development” module introduces new research methods based on experimentation and opens new perspectives for students when it comes to finding inspiration.

Helping our students understand how the fashion industries work and how brand strategies are crafted in a global context. Marketing, organizational issues, financial challenges as well as image and communication strategies will be discussed in a series of various modules
The course ends with students developing their own collection project with the guidance of a tutor.

6. Master in Creativity, Design, and Technology

Program Type: Study Abroad

Degree Level: Graduate

Term: Academic Year, Year-Round

Program Description: The M.A. course focuses on combining strategic creativity with engineering and innovative technology to experiment and design different products and services.

It aims to explore new paths where technology meets creativity in order to answer current and future market needs.

Setting Description:

The master program is aimed at those who are interested in technological innovation, interactive communication, digital entertainment, design and creativity, multimedia, cross-media studies, computer visualization, robotics, and industrial engineering.

International and cosmopolitan student environment with a pleasant and warm environment. (get to know Girona and its surroundings) Small groups and very good installations.

Cost: Enrollment Fee 1500€ Tuition fee 5470€ TOTAL 6970€ (for 60 ECTS) Spanish courses: 280€ (3 months)

7. Master 2, MSc International Management

Location: Bordeaux, France

Program Type: Study Abroad

Degree Level: Graduate

Term: Academic Year

Program Description: The Master of International Management granted by the Bordeaux University School of Management, is a lockstep study track, where classes are taught in English and prepare students for executive positions in international companies or in subsidiaries that specialize in international markets.

Students will find managerial positions in an international environment in the fields of International Trade, Logistics, International Marketing & International Strategic Management

This degree is designed to provide students with a balance of practical knowledge and theory, which is pertinent when learning how to operate successfully in an international environment. The program is organized in two semesters.

During the course of the second semester, students must complete an internship lasting a minimum of four consecutive months. Internships must be in the field of International Management and may take place in France or abroad.

Setting Description:

The Master of International Management program is open to students who have completed a 4-year degree from an accredited College or University, have an advanced level of English, and have completed course work in Business Management, Accounting, and Finance.

Cost: 4200 Euros + registration fees of 500 euros

8. School of Humanities – MA in Black Sea Cultural Studies

Location: Thessaloniki, Greece

Program Type: Study Abroad

Degree Level: Graduate

Term: Academic Year

Program Description: The MA in Black Sea Cultural Studies is a full-time one-year program (also offered in a part-time mode) comprised of three parts over three semesters.

The first two semesters cover the core and elective modules of the program.

The third period is taken up with work on the Master’s dissertation. The core courses for the first semester are required for both streams of specialization.

Setting Description:

To be considered for an MA program, candidates are required to have: – a good university degree (original transcripts) from a recognized University – proof of English competence (Proficiency, recently acquired IELTS or TOEFL) – Two academic references IHU operates on a rolling admissions basis.

This means that candidates apply for and are admitted to the programs all year round. It is suggested, however, that you apply as early as possible to ensure a quick response and place availability.

Cost: 2500 Euros

9. Masters Program in Public Policy

Location: Budapest, Hungary

Program Type: Study Abroad

Degree Level: Graduate

Term: Academic Year, Fall Semester, Winter Semester

Program Description: The program aims at deepening the knowledge of policy theories and administrative practice for its application in contemporary governance.

The program is based on a strong conviction that well-targeted research, reasoned debate, and informed public decision-making need to be advanced to address contemporary policy problems and that these needs can usefully draw on globally transformed policy experience.

The Master of Public Policy is a unique experience. It brings together a highly diverse and international student body at an American graduate university that is embedded in the heart of Europe.

Cost: The tuition fee for the full master’s program in 2012-2013 is 11,000 EUR. Additional fees include: General deposit: 500 EUR for self-financing students, 200 EUR for scholarship recipients Student enrollment fee: 62,700 HUF (Hungarian Forints)

10. Master in Management

Location: Brussels, Belgium

Program Type: Study Abroad

Degree Level: Graduate

Term: Academic Year

Program Description: This program aim at extending the desires and basic knowledge of management through the direct consequence of economics and business. This program is a valuable degree that could be combined with any other field of study.

The Mac in Management is only taught in the evening, in addition to all these, it might interest you to know that the program is as well opened and accessible by people who are working.

The MSc in management opens careers in certain areas such as marketing, finance, and logistics in private sectors, government institutions, and non-profit governmental organizations.

Setting Description:

This master aims to extend your basic knowledge of management and by direct consequence of economics and business.

The MSc in Management is considered a valuable degree which is easily combined with all other fields of study. As the MSc in Management is only taught during the evenings, the program is easily accessible for working people.

However, to combine a job with a fulltime study program is quite demanding. Therefore, we recommend spreading the program on time.

Cost: Subsidized tuition fees: • ˜€890 per year for EEA nationals • ˜€2950 per year for non-EEA nationals

11. Master of Science in Technology

Location: Chon Buri, Thailand

Program Type: Study Abroad

Degree Level: Graduate

Term: Academic Year

Program Description: The program’s Masters in Management focuses primarily on creative research and accords graduate students the opportunity to work closely with faculty members on numerous variety of exciting research projects.

This program is aimed at generating new knowledge desired to develop countries in the regions and to prepare graduate students for challenging careers in industry, school research, and developments organization in the society.

The MSc program is comprised of an interrelated set of subjects all arranged in a progressive sequence. Individually taught courses are typically designed to carry a credit value of 3 credits each and will run through a single semester.

Setting Description:

You want to study in the fresh air, surrounded by plenty of nature, in a relaxed and quiet environment, and in close interaction with your fellow students and lecturers within small groups?

Welcome to Asian University! Established in 1997, Asian University is the first fully international university in Thailand.

The university is located in Chon Buri province approximately 150 km from Bangkok, and a short 25 minutes drive from the beach resorts of Jomtien and Pattaya.

12. Master’s Courses Product and Programme Management

Location: Milan, Italy

Program Type: Study Abroad

Degree Level: Graduate

Term: Academic Year

Program Description: The main aim of ADL’s courses is to prepare and qualify students for immediate and successful entry into today’s competitive job market.

ADL’s Design Department, called ‘Istituti Callegari’, dates back to 1937: world-renowned interior design and tailoring institute holding the license for an exclusive pattern making technique called “The Callegari Method”.

ADL Corporate Division putting tailor-made courses at the service of businesses and working professionals

Setting Description: The Master’s Course in Product and Programme Management train competent and professionals who have the strategic skills to penetrate the production side of fashion and luxury business and work as a manager in the product area of the luxury goods and fashion sectors.

Product Managers cooperate and work along with the research and styling offices as well as the sales team, in order to integrate all of the various business purposes with the demands of the market, all the while exploiting a product’s value.

Cost: The master’s course product and program management will cost you 18.900 euro

13. MBA – Masters in Business Administration

Location: Dublin, Ireland

Program Type: Study Abroad

Degree Level: Graduate

Term: Academic Year

Program Description: The MBA program is designed by industry leaders and MBA Graduates and validated by the University of Wales.

It has been developed to reflect the dynamic changes that are currently challenging the business manager in today’s environment and prepare our graduates to step into senior roles with confidence.

This course is practically based and industry-focused, producing work-place ready graduates who can contribute value in many areas. IBAT College is a specialist 3rd level institute run by professionals for professionals.

Setting Description: IBAT College Dublin has two campuses one in the heart of Dublin City Centre and one in the medieval town of Swords in north Dublin.

Both campuses have state-of-the-art facilities and are very well appointed in terms of public transport and local amenities.

Dublin is a vibrant, multicultural city, rich with cultural activities, a lively social scene, and an easy-going atmosphere. Ireland itself has long excelled in the field of education – it is still known as the Island of Saints and Scholars.

14. Master of Bioethics

Location: Leuven, Belgium

Program Type: Study Abroad

Degree Level: Graduate

Term: Academic Year

Program Description:  Health care professionals and those who are professionally interested in medical ethics find themselves increasingly confronted with moral questions and dilemmas. These complex issues challenge health care professionals on a daily basis.

They require careful study and well-considered judgment, as well as rigorous questioning and thorough debate. The Master of Bioethics provides an in-depth education in the field of bioethics.

Setting Description:  KU Leuven (University of Leuven) has been a center of learning for nearly six centuries. Today, it is Belgium’s largest and highest-ranked university and, founded in 1425, one of the oldest and most renowned universities in Europe.

As a leading European research university and co-founder of the League of European Research Universities (LERU), KU Leuven offers a wide variety of programs in English, all supported by high-quality, innovative, interdisciplinary research.

15. Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Cultural Studies

Location: Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Program Type: Study Abroad

Degree Level: Graduate

Term: Academic Year

Program Description: The Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Cultural Studies Programme is hosted by the Department of English Language and Literature.

This Programme is designed in response to the network culture of the 21st century where interconnectedness becomes a new model for education, particularly in higher education systems.

The Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Cultural Studies Programme welcomes students graduating from any discipline.

It is a cultural studies program with an interdisciplinary and intercultural approach edging into the future.

Courses include Contemporary Critical Thought, Interdisciplinary Approach to Cultural Studies, Research Methodology for Liberal Studies, City, Space and Culture, Fabrications of Identity, Modern China Through Films, Science, Technology and Culture, Environment, Ecology and Ecocriticism, Literature and Visual Culture, Language, Culture and Society, and Hong Kong Cultural Production.

Cost:Full-time (One year) HKD68,000 Part-time (Two years) HKD34,000 per annum

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