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15 Best Summer Programs in Spain for International Students in 2022

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– Summer Programs in Spain –

Fifteen of the best  Summer Programs in Spain have been curated and listed below by yours truly. Take your time and go through all that Spain has to offer international students, academically and otherwise.
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Spain’s system of education is one of the finest in Europe, with a number of best universities located all across the country.

However, the cost of living is extremely low compared to other top study destinations, making it much easier for students. Summer Programs in Spain.

Learning some Spanish during your studies in Spain could also be helpful, as it is the second most widely spoken language in the world, and is becoming increasingly important in today’s global marketplace.

List of 15 Best Summer Programs in Spain

1. EF Language Year Abroad in Spain

Travel to Spain for a semester or year and learn Spanish in one of the best Summer Programs in Spain. With centers in Madrid, Malaga, and Barcelona you will not only learn the language but also live it.
Join students from around the world on the ultimate study abroad experience. Achieve fluency, see the world, expand your international network – and launch your global future.
Study for 6, 9, or 11 months and start in April, June, September or January. College credit and internship opportunities ensure you’re always adding to your resume during the adventure of a lifetime.
EF’s Spanish schools are accredited by Instituto Cervantes, the world’s leading organization promoting Spanish language education. Earn college credit through our partner in education, The University of Montana.
Globalize your future, boost your international career and prepare for the DELE Exam with a Spanish Language Diploma from EF. EF provides visa support for all student’s requiring a student visa.

➢ Study for a semester, academic year, or join a multi language year and study 2+ languages.
➢ Start dates in January, September, April, & June.
➢ Top activities include Bachata classes, bike tours of the city, surfing in Tarifia, and weekend excursions to Montserrat and Morocco.
➢ Choose to reside with a local host family or in the EF Residence, an international dorm.
➢ EF students hail from over 100 countries around the world.

2. CEA Study Abroad in Seville, Spain

Study or intern in the heart of Al-Andalus culture: Seville. This small city offers a down-to-earth lifestyle and a relaxed atmosphere that allows you to dive into Andalusian culture and still have time to focus on your academic and professional goals.
Increase your global competence with a quarter, semester, or academic year spent in Seville! CEA has a broad range of courses available at partner universities:
Pablo de Olavide, University of Seville and EUSA University Center; or at the CEA Seville Center, located near the Giralda of Seville Cathedral and the walls of the Moorish Alcazar.
In addition to study abroad, the CEA Internships Abroad program offers personalized internship placements that give students hands-on, practical experience in a career field of their choosing.

➢ Hands-on learning experiences that transform the world abroad into a classroom
➢ Personalized Pre-Departure Advising, including visa and immigration support
➢ Courses offered in English that fulfill major and general graduation requirements
➢ Comprehensive on-site support, including 24/7 emergency phone
➢ Career workshops, Internships Abroad, and Alumni Ambassador positions

3. Spain: Bilbao & Getxo – International Business and Spanish Studies

USAC welcomes students to come study abroad in Bilbao/Getxo, Spain at the University of the Basque Country! Located to the north of Spain, Bilbao is nothing short of a modern city labeled a cutting edge banking and service center, with attractions including world class museums, galleries, music halls, and not to mention its first rate public transportation. Summer Programs in Spain.
San Sebastian offers a unique view into the diversity of Spain and a truly multicultural experience with over a third of the city speaking both Spanish and Basque.
Coursework at the University of the Basque Country includes Engineering, International Business, Spanish/Culture studies and Spanish/Basque language.
The Bilbao/Getxo program is geared towards those looking to pursue a bilingual and/or an international business career.

➢ Live in a dynamic, cosmopolitan city on Spain’s northern coast, one hour from the border with France and with connections to major European cities
➢ Enjoy many opportunities for inexpensive outdoor activities such as surfing, horseback riding, hiking, and cycling
➢ Intern in management consulting firms, publishing companies, NGOs, the Guggenheim Museum, and more
➢ Join our teaching assistantship program to gain work experience at local schools while earning money
➢ Study International Business, which may be taken separately or in conjunction with language studies.

4. IES Abroad Madrid Summer

Make this summer an unforgettable one when you study abroad in Madrid. Spend your afternoon studying with top-notch professors at the IES Abroad Center, and your evenings exploring your beautiful host city.
When you study abroad, Madrid will quickly become your classroom.
Spend you summer among the throngs of madrilenos flocking to the streets of the city. Sip coffee on terraza, sample traditional tapas (try as many of the city’s tapas bars as possible).
Take an afternoon and simply stroll along the city’s boulevards, watching a parade of fashionable Spaniards as they pass by.
The seat of Spain’s government, Madrid is also a cultural center and home to many famous museums for you to visit, including the Prado and the Reina Sofia, where Picasso’s Guernica resides.

5. ISA Study Abroad in Madrid, Spain

Madrid, the capital and geographic center of Spain, is a wonderfully vibrant city with rich cultural, artistic, and intellectual activity.
ISA offers the chance to study at two great Spanish universities in Madrid, the Universidad Antonio de Nebrija and the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. Summer Programs in Spain.
The Universidad Antonio de Nebrija is a private and independent university which welcomes students from all over the world to experience modern Spain in a traditional university setting.
The university aspires to maintain the highest quality of scientific investigation and academic instruction.
The Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M) is an innovative public research university that is focused on improving society through the highest quality teaching and research.
Founded in 1989 and named for Charles III of Spain, the University has been ranked as a top 50 university under 50 years old by QS World University Rankings.

6. CEA Study Abroad in Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona, Spain’s second-largest city, features a cosmopolitan atmosphere, a temperate climate, marvelous art, and fantastic opportunities to learn.
Gaze upon Antoni Gaudí’s gothic Sagrada Familia, the church of the Holy Family. Enjoy delicious tapas as you socialize with new friends. Experience the thrill of soccer at Europe’s largest stadium, Camp Nou.
To give you the widest range of options, CEA partners with some of Spain’s best universities, including University of Barcelona, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, University of Vic, and Pompeu Fabra University.
You can study at one of these prestigious institutions, or at CEA’s Barcelona Center, located in the heart of the city. You can also experience both with a hybrid learning program.


➢ Hands-on learning experiences that transform the world abroad into a classroom
➢ Personalized Pre-Departure Advising, including visa and immigration support
➢ Courses offered in English that fulfill major and general graduation requirements
➢ Comprehensive on-site support, including 24/7 emergency phone
➢ Career workshops, Internships Abroad, and Alumni Ambassador positions.

7. USAC Spain: Alicante – Spanish Language, Linguistics, European, and Gender Studies

Study abroad at the University of Alicante in Spain! Coursework concentrates on Spanish, European and Women’s/Gender Studies, as well as many options to help students improve their Spanish language skills.
Alicante is a beautiful Spanish city located right on the Mediterranean. Its consistent temperatures and sandy beaches make it a prime destination for students interested in relaxing outdoors and on the coast.

➢ Study at one of the most beautiful campuses in Spain with gorgeous landscaping, modern architecture, and a modern sports center, indoor swimming pool, and other facilities
➢ Immerse yourself in Spanish culture with volunteering opportunities, internships, direct enrollment at the university, workshops, conversation partner program, and excursions
➢ Enjoy sunny weather and lovely beaches by the Mediterranean Sea with many opportunities for outdoor activities like hiking, rowing, sailing, and windsurfing
➢ Join in local celebrations, open air markets, and the lively atmosphere of the Mediterranean lifestyle.
Summer Programs in Spain

8. ISA Study Abroad in Valencia, Spain

Study abroad with ISA in Valencia, Spain’s third largest city. Located on the Mediterranean coast approximately 200 miles south of Barcelona, Valencia has a rich history and is often referred to as one of Spain’s more modern cities. Celebrations and festivals throughout the year, like the Fallas, provide an excellent opportunity for study abroad students to witness Spanish character at its best.
ISA offers courses through four universities – the Unviersity of Valencia, Universidad Catolica de Valencia (UCV), Universidad Politecnica de Valencia (UPV) and Florida State University Study Center.

9. USAC Spain: San Sebastián – Spanish Language, Basque, Psychology, and European Studies

The San Sebastián program opens an academic window on the Spanish and Basque people, introducing you to the rich diversity of Spain and offering a truly multicultural experience.
San Sebastián has the highest level of bilingualism of any of the area’s cities: all of its inhabitants speak Spanish, and one third speak Basque as well.
In addition to American students, European students also participate in the San Sebastián program.


➢ Study Spanish and Basque language and culture while you live it in activities such as hiking, cultural events, and the conversation partner program with local students
➢ Live in a stunning location on Spain’s beautiful northern coast, twenty minutes from the border of France—with easy connections to Madrid, Bilbao, and major European cities
➢ Benefit from San Sebastián’s well-known, cuisine and beautiful beaches. Surf the Basque Country with locals to see why San Sebastián is known as one of the top destinations for surfing in Europe
➢ Join excursions in Spain and the French Basque Country to prehistoric caves, mountains, and traditional fishing villages
➢ Sign up for the optional Madrid Tour/Field Study and earn credit while exploring one of Europe’s most exciting capital cities.

10. Spain: Valencia – Spanish Culture, Language, STEM Disciplines

Live and learn in Valencia, one of Spain’s most cosmopolitan cities, while focusing your studies on Spanish language/culture and business.
Its location on the Mediterranean coast and status as one of Spain’s most cultural and cutting-edge cities means that you can attend stimulating courses at one of Spain’s most beautiful and sustainable campuses,.
Round off your day by visiting museums or performing arts venues, and grab a casual or upscale meal at one of the cities internationally-renowned eateries.
You will have the opportunity to study the Spanish language and the intricacies of Spanish culture, history, and society through a wide selection of academic courses, supplemented by included field trips.


➢ Live in a cutting-edge city rich in culture—with picturesque museums, historic monuments, modern performing arts venues, and the City of Arts and Sciences, a unique complex devoted to scientific and cultural dissemination.
➢ Complete up to three semesters of university Spanish language coursework in only one semester or focus on STEM prerequisites.
➢ Explore the third-largest city in Spain on Valencia’s 120+ kilometers of bike lanes and garden causeways that connect this bike-friendly city’s most important and desirable areas.
➢ Enjoy all that this coastal city has to offer, from miles of beaches, to seaside promenades.

11. AFS Summer Language Study in Spain

Advance your Spanish with both formal study and first-hand cultural experience during this four-week program in Málaga, Spain.
You’ll have the unique opportunity to make friends with students from around the world by living together on a high school campus.
In your free time, you can explore Málaga, lounge on the beach—which is just a 5-minute walk from campus—or play sports like soccer, volleyball, and basketball. Summer Programs in Spain.
On weekends, join friends on trips to destinations in southern Spain such as the famous and beautiful Alhambra in Granada and the sun-drenched cities of Seville, Cordoba, and Marbella.
As you explore your community, you’re bound to notice southern Spain’s laid-back and social culture. You’ll find that people like to take a step back and enjoy life. The primary focus of this program will be language-learning, so take advantage of the immersion experience and really skyrocket your Spanish skills! Summer Programs in Spain.


➢ Immerse yourself in Spanish and build your language skills through formal study and first-hand, cultural experience
➢ Experience the vibrant street culture of Spain and sample traditional Spanish cuisine like tapas.
➢ Live with a host family to deepen your immersion and connection to Spanish culture. If you’re like most AFSers, you won’t want to leave this second family and home.
➢ Make connections and memories you’ll never forget with other AFS exchange students from all over the world.
➢ Become a global citizen. Gain intercultural communication skills. Build your college and career resume. Help create a more peaceful, understanding world. Summer Programs in Spain.

12. AFS Global Prep Program in Spain with a Linguistics Focus

You can accomplish a lot in two weeks! Start with immersive Spanish language lessons, and soon you‘ll be ready to go out and interact with the community.
After class, you and your group of U.S. teens will join in Spain’s festive culture while exploring palaces, castles, churches, and Roman ruins in Valladolid and nearby Madrid.
You’ll gain further insight into the region’s culture and history by living with a host family, who will welcome you into their daily life.
You’ll also have the chance to meet with local Spanish teens and members of the Roma community to share stories and gain new perspectives. Finally, you and your friends can make an impact by accompanying a group of refugee children on a field trip to a science museum.

➢ Bond with your host family while living in the city of Valladolid in Northern Spain
➢ Advance your Spanish skills by taking language classes and exploring the community
➢ Learn about local culture and history by visiting palaces, castles, and Roman ruins
➢ Participate in volunteer projects to help refugees in Spain
➢ Visit nearby destinations like Madrid, Salamanca, and Segovia and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

13. SAI Programs: Study Abroad at Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona


SAI invites students to experience Barcelona’s vibrant diversity! SAI’s partner school, the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB), is a dynamic institution with an excellent reputation in Spain and globally.
With its roots in the Catalan tradition, UAB offers a unique opportunity for study abroad students to enroll in English-taught courses in the heart of Barcelona.
The hub of the study abroad program is at the Sant Pau campus, a stunning display of Catalan Modernist architecture situated in downtown Barcelona.
In addition to supporting students throughout their stay in Barcelona, SAI also coordinates a range of activities and excursions throughout the term, including a weekend trip to Seville (semester only), cooking classes, a Flamenco dance demonstration, a Barcelona scavenger hunt, and much more!

➢ A wide range of courses in English is offered year-round.
➢ Courses offer a Mediterranean perspective on global issues.
➢ Cultural events and excursions are offered throughout the term.

14. Berklee’s Spain Summer Study in Music Business & Technology

The Spain Summer Study Abroad program provides an opportunity for both Berklee and non-Berklee students from around the world to earn undergraduate college credit at Berklee. The campus is located in Valencia, Spain in the Palau de les Arts Reina Sofia, one of Valencia’s most recognized architectural marvels.
All classes are taught by Berklee faculty from both our Valencia and Boston campuses. The state-of-the-art technological resources of the Valencia campus give students a dynamic and intimate environment in which to experience an enriching selection of courses and study with leading artists and professors.
The program is a truly unique Berklee experience with a mix of technology, musical inspiration, and practical experience while living on the vibrant Mediterranean coast for either three or six weeks.
Areas of Study:
➢ Music Production and Technology
➢ Music and Entertainment Business
➢ Film Scoring.

15. Advanced Spanish Immersion: Language & Literature

Study abroad in Spain at the University of Oviedo campus in the lush northwestern coastal region of Asturias. This four-week summer program offers two courses at the 300-level.
One course will focus on Hispanic Culture through Literature from the years 600-1600 AD.
The other will be a history of Iberian languages in their socio-cultural context. Students will live with host families in the compact, bustling city of Oviedo less than an hour from great hiking and beautiful coastal beaches.
Students should have already taken two 300-level courses in Spanish; students who have not taken any 300-level courses can enroll in GEO’s Spanish Language in Oviedo summer session 1 to satisfy this requirement.


➢ Live with a Spanish host family in Oviedo, Spain.
➢ Gain advanced training in Spanish language and literature.
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