Beautiful Scottish Baby Names and their Amazing Meanings

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We all anticipate having kids with unique names that are beautiful and sound great. Scottish baby names are the way to go if you want your children to have a great name. They are widely used and capture the spirit of Scottish heritage.

Scottish Baby Names

When choosing any name for your child, consider meanings, influential people who share the name, and how it sits next to surnames and middle names.

Although many Scottish male names can sound strong and masculine, Scottish female names often sound very soft and feminine, a common Gaelic and Celtic trait.

Most Popular Scottish Baby Names for Boys

 The care, love, and affection they have for their child also show in the choice of the name. So to ease your search, we have come up with a handy guide of Scottish names which can easily be used throughout the globe

50 Scottish Boy Names with Strong Meanings

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1. Alastair 

Alexander is one of the most popular names across many languages. The Scottish version of Alexander, Alastair, is particularly charming. Like the other renditions, Alastair means defender of men.

2. Aodh 

A Gaelic boy name, Aodh just looks cool. And it is. Going back to the root of Celtic legends, Aodh means fire and represents the Celtic sun god.

3. Balgair 

Yet another cool Scottish boy name, based in Balgair is an earthy, natural name, meaning “Fox.”

4. Blaine

This very popular unisex name actually means “yellow.” If you prefer the Scottish-Gaelic version, you can use Blaan.

5. Caelan

There is no shortage of Scottish boy names starting with C! Caelan is practical, historical, and thankfully easy to spell.

It’s kind of a toss-up whether this name is Irish or Scottish, but Caelan means “victorious people.” Perfect for an active baby boy.

6. Cameron

Cameron’s name meaning might leave a little to be desired, but it’s still a very attractive name. It means, “crooked nose.”

7. Dallas

Most of the time, we think of Dallas as an American Western name (at least, I did.) Its an old Scottish surname, meaning “meadow dwelling.”

8. Daibhidh 

Do you love biblical names? Daibhidh is perfect for your baby! It’s Gaelic for David.

9. Dunn

If you’ve been searching for a strong Scottish boy name, check out Dunn. It’s a very old Scottish name, meaning “fort” or “dark.” It can also be a nod to a man inhabiting the region of “Dunn.” 

10. Eauan 

Another twist on a traditional biblical name, you’re probably more familiar with the English version of Eauan, Ewan. Both names are a different rendition of the apostle John.

11. Edward 

A very regal name indeed, Edward is the Gaelic version of Edward. It means “wealthy guardian.” 

12. Farlan

Farlan is more typically used as a surname (McFarlan), but it can still be a pretty school Scottish boy name. It means “son of furrows.” 

13. Fionnlagh 

This is probably one of my favourite Scottish names for boys on this list. It’s strong, wrapped in history, and looks ancient.

Fionnlagh  means “white warrior.” You can even nickname your boy “Finn” if you’re a big Tangled fan 

14. Fraser 

An earthy name, Fraser means “forest men.”

15. Gavan

There are several renditions of the anglicized name, Gavan (Gavin). If you prefer the Gaelic, check out Gawyn. The name means “white hawk.”

16. Goraidh 

A Gaelic baby boy name meaning, “God’s peace.”

17. Henson

Henson is exactly as it sounds, meaning “son of Henry.”

18. Irving

This is another Scottish boy name that gained its popularity from local landmarks. “Irving” is thought to have originated from the Irvine river, in Ayrshire. Irving means, “green water” or “sea friend.”

19. Iver

Iver is another rendition of the Scandinavian name, Ivar, which means “archer.”

20. Jamie

This one is for all you Outlander fans. Jamie means, “Supplanter” or takes the place of something that was there first. Pretty appropriate if you’re familiar with the premise of the series! 

21. Kerk 

Also spelt Kirk, is a simple but strong Scottish boy name, meaning “lives near a church.”

22. Knox

Surrounded by rich history, it’s thought Knox became most popular from John Knox, the founder of the Presbyterian Church in Scotland. Knox means, “round hill.” 

23. Laighean

I love this Gaelic name. Laighean, or Lane if you prefer the anglicized version, means “spear.” 

24. Leith 

Also known as Leathan, is named after the respective river.

25. Lyall

This name means exactly how it sounds, “loyal.” It was originally a Scottish surname.

26. Malcolm

This is a timeless name rich with meaning. Malcolm (Mael Coluim in Gaelic), is given to a boy dedicated to God.

27. Murogh

A simple but beautiful Scottish baby boy name meaning, “man of the sea.”

28. Neil

Another one of my faves, Neil (AKA Nial) means “champion.”

29. Nairne

This is another cool, landmark name. It comes from the Northern Scottish town and meaning “alder tree river.”

30. Ogilhinne 

Still looking for strong Gaelic names? Ogilhinne is an earthy name meaning, “on top of the mountain.”

31. Oidhche

This is a hauntingly beautiful Gaelic boy name, meaning “night.” In the Gaelic language, Oidhche mhath translates to “goodnight.”

32. Paden

This popular Scottish boy name means “royal.”

33. Phearson

Phearson is the Scottish version of Parson, meaning “priest.”

34. Quany

This is a very unique name, meaning “proud.” Its one of those very popular Scottish Baby Names

35. Quinn

A favourite in Scotland and the U.S., Quinn is a unisex name meaning “5th in family.”

36. Rae

If you suspect that your baby is a mild-mannered boy, Rae is perfect. It means, “timid or shy person.”

37. Reed

Another strong Scottish name for your hearty boy! It means “red” or “ruddy complexion.”

38. Ross

39. Ross’ namesake is the Scottish clan. It means “headland.” Its one of those very popular Scottish Baby Names

40. Shaw 

Both a popular English and Scottish surname, Shaw is regal and timeless. Its given to someone that lived in a thicket.

41. Simidh

Gaelic for Simeon, Smith means “hearkening.” 

42. Sloan

If you like to be challenged, you can also try the Gaelic version, Sluaghadh. It means “raider.”

43. Struan 

Also known as Sruthan in Gaelic, Straun means “small stream.”

44. Tanais

Do you have twins? Congratulations! Tamas is perfect for one of your boys, meaning “twin.” Its one of those very popular Scottish Baby Names.

45. Todd

A traditional, yet timeless Scottish baby boy name, Tod means fox. In the past, it was given to a Wiley or cunning boy. 

46. Teague

Another old Scottish boy’s name means bard or poet.

47. Urquhart

A famous clan name, Urquhart means “upon a rowan wood.”

48. Ualan

Ualan is the Scottish version of Valentine, which means “strong and healthy.” It’s one of those very popular Scottish Baby Names

49. Wallace 

A Scottish surname is more popular in the English/Scottish borderlands. Wallace means “foreign or stranger.”

50. Wiley 

If you love William but want a different version, Wiley happens to be its Scottish pet name.

Additional Scottish Boy Names 1-100

1. Jack
2. James
3. Oliver
4. Logan
5. Lewis
6. Leo
7. Alexander
8. Harris
9. Rory
10. Noah

Names are important for every human being as they give us an identity. These days, names after flowers and nature are very much in trend. The first gift given by a parent to their child is her name.

11. Lucas
12. Harry
13. Charlie
14. Thomas
15. Jacob
16. Alfie17. Archie
18. Finlay
19. Max

If you’re trying to find the perfect name for your baby girl or boy, perhaps you’ll find that a Scottish name is the winner.

20. Finn
21. Adam
22. Daniel
23. Mason
24. Ethan
25. Joshua
26. Brodie
27. Cameron
28. Theo
29. Oscar

Many common Scottish names likely come from the French word bon, which means “good.”

30. Hunter
31. Callum
32. Aaron
33. Jaxon
34. Liam
35. William
36. Freddie
37. Jamie
38. Ollie
39. Harrison

If you’re trying to find the perfect name for your baby girl or boy, perhaps you’ll find that a Scottish name is a winner.

40. Matthew
41. Luke
42. Caleb
43. Nathan
44. Jude
45. Muhammad
46. Arthur
47. Arran
48. Luca
49. Connor

The Scots have gone through many changes and challenges throughout their history and you’ll see that their names reflect that.

Scottish Baby Names

Some contain ancient Celtic mythology, while others reflect the Scottish people’s conversion to Christianity and Catholicism.

50. Robert
51. Carter
52. George
53. Blake
54. Angus
55. Dylan
56. Arlo
57. Hamish
58. Kai
59. Jackson

Scotland has given the world some great things for example, bagpipes, kilts, Ewan McGregor, and most importantly, beautiful baby names.

Whether you’re Scottish or not, you’re sure to fall in love with some of these gorgeous names that would be fitting for any newborn.

60. Ryan
61. Cole
62. David
63. Samuel
64. Andrew
65. Isaac
66. Joseph
67. Leon
68. Aidan
69. Fraser

Scottish Baby Names

70. Blair
71. Reuben
72. Michael
73. Benjamin
74. Riley
75. Ben
76. John
77. Sam
78. Josh
79. Murray

If you’re looking for a stand-out baby name with European flair, look no further than Scotland.

Scottish baby names are as dreamy as the sparkling lakes, lush highlands, and historic castles that hail from the tartan-clad country.

Here are our favourite Scottish names for boys and girls with their meanings.

80. Jake
81. Cooper
82. Grayson
83. Alex
84. Elijah
85. Ruaridh
86. Tommy
87. Tyler
88. Callan
89. Henry

With a great-grandma directly from Scotland, I’ve always appreciated the Scottish culture.

Whether you’re looking at Scottish boy names because you’re from Scotland, you love their names, or you’re simply a big fan of Outlander

90. Innes
91. Jayden
92. Carson
93. Gabriel
94. Lyle
95. Owen
96. Aiden
97. Elliot
98. Louis
99. Jax
100. Robbie

I hope by now you’ve fallen in love with a few Scottish boy names. They truly are unique, strong, and meaningful.

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