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Study Abroad Programs in South Africa for International Students 2021 Update

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– Study Abroad Programs in South Africa – 

If you ever dream of studying abroad, the dream of South Africa. I tell you, it is indeed a wonderful place to study. Learn about study abroad programs in South Africa and their requirements below. South Africa is a multiethnic society encompassing a wide variety of cultures, languages, and religions.

study in South Africa

Its pluralistic makeup is reflected in the constitution’s recognition of 11 official languages, which is the fourth-highest number in the world.

South Africa is known for its stunning wildlife and ecology, complex and dynamic culture, and vibrant history.

There are lots of study abroad programs for international students in South Africa. The aim of this article is to show you sixteen out of many programs available in South Africa for international students.

16 Study Abroad Programs in South Africa

1. Stellenbosch – Undergraduate Courses

Study Abroad Programs in South Africa for International Students 2021 Update

Live and study in one of the most beautiful parts of South Africa, featuring historic architecture, rich cultural heritage, and easy access to outdoor and sporting activities.

Stellenbosch is in the heart of South Africa’s wine country, providing the cuisine, culture, and stunning scenery that entails.

Surrounded by mountains in the Jonkershoek Valley, it offers the best of both worlds: a small, historic, university town with convenient access to the amenities of the bigger metropolitan area of Cape Town.

The program at Stellenbosch University offers the opportunity to create an educational program that meets your personal and academic goals.

Choose courses for international students designed to familiarize you with South Africa’s unique culture, history, and politics, and “Mainstream” courses offered in a wide variety of disciplines that are open to all SU students.


➢ Study at one of the highest-ranked universities in Africa, an institution focused on student, faculty, and staff diversity and inclusivity and on developing a multicultural campus culture.

➢ Enroll in courses in a variety of disciplines taught in English—from the required South Africa history and culture course, to local and indigenous languages, sciences, liberal arts, mathematics, social sciences, and more.

➢ Immerse yourself in the local culture by participating in the Voluntarism and Community Engagement (VCE) program, by signing up for a Matie Buddy (an experienced Stellenbosch student who can help you adjust to life in South Africa).

➢ Live in a historic town, located in the heart of South Africa’s wine country, and explore all the natural resources and recreational activities this picturesque mountain region has to offer.

2. iXperience Immerse: A Revolutionary Study + Intern Abroad Program in South Africa’s Most Beautiful City

ixperience immerse

The future depends on those who have deep, critical knowledge and the skills to apply it in a global context.
That’s why iX and UVA are collaborating in Cape Town to pioneer a new paradigm of learning: a study abroad program that combines a liberal arts course with high impact skills development and work experience.
All while you immerse yourself in a unique workplace environment and experience South Africa’s vibrant culture, history, and lifestyle.
The iXperience Immerse program offers you the unique opportunity to compliment a UVA liberal arts course with a cutting-edge industry-relevant course and internship.
This, all while earning up to 10 college credits, and exploring one of the most beautiful, thrilling, and culturally rich cities worldwide – Cape Town, South Africa.
The 10-week program begins with a 4-week liberal arts course, designed by UVA exclusively for iX. Then you’ll take a 6-week iX career-focused course and internship that will give you skills and experience.


➢ 4-week, 4 credit UVA Global Studies Course that will expand your understanding of the South African context—politics, culture, history, and some of the most pressing challenges that the country and its people face.

➢ 6-week, 6 credit course and internship blend that will give you both intensive class work and practical work experience. The course will also encourage you to think about how to address some of the challenges you grappled with

➢ Cultural and personal exploration in a vibrant city with arranged excursions

➢ Access to a powerful network of alumni – many of whom work at big companies like Google, Apple, Uber, Bain and more

➢ Ongoing support and access to the tools you need to succeed in your chosen field.

3. GVI: Study Abroad South Africa, Thailand, Costa Rica

GVI’s exclusive study abroad programs give you the opportunity to work with world-class educators, local researchers as well as community members on a variety of grassroots level development projects in unique destinations around the world.

Join our study abroad programs to learn about global issues and how you can develop your own ideas on how to overcome them.

All GVI study abroad programs have 6-week duration, but students will only be in the country conducting fieldwork on community or conservation projects for 2 weeks. Bring your studies to life with GVI Study Abroad Programs.


4. Experience Performing Arts in Cape Town South Africa

Grow and develop as you work as part of a production team in Cape Town. Put on a thoughtful African Production which explores African culture and conservation.
Our Summer Program focuses on enhancing your development through a variety of integrated courses, one-on-one coaching from our mentors, and hands-on work with a multicultural diverse team of creators and actors.
Our mentors will help to guide and lead you in your individual roles within the production team and cast. Providing coaching and workshops in your area of choice.
Our courses focus on a variety of modules including film distribution, physical theater, and psychology of music and movement.
This blended course begins to prepare you even before you arrive incorporating online learning and mentorship. If you have any specific skills or experience these will be explored during our pre-departure preparation, and team meetings.
➢ Course work designed by professors from universities in Oslo, and the United Kingdom,
➢ Work with industry professionals as part of a creative team and cast
➢ Create and produce a theatre production in one of Cape Town’s theatres to a diverse multicultural audience
➢ Explore the dynamic music and theatre scene in Africa
➢ Explore how to use the performing arts as a tool to create awareness about important social and environmental topics.

5. GEI Study Abroad in South Africa | Social Innovation Lab


This 3-week field course provides you an opportunity to explore Cape Town’s highly innovative social innovation landscape, and to address social innovation topics in partnership with local entrepreneurs and civil society leaders in Langa Township.
GEI’s Social Innovation Labs in countries such as Rwanda, Kenya, South Africa, and Vietnam aspire to drive collective social impact in the host countries by researching, designing, and implementing out-of-the-box solutions with and for local communities.
Student teams first develop key skills through classroom learning, workshops, field visits, and general cultural immersion.
You then spend two weeks working in interdisciplinary service-learning teams to address a specific social innovation topic in partnership with local entrepreneurs and civil society leaders.
These topics derive from our ongoing Social Innovation Lab and Social Enterprise Incubator projects.

➢ Learn to use basic design thinking tools to solve social problems with a “designerly” mindset.
➢ Understand the role of social innovation in dealing with complex sustainable development issues.
➢ Engage with South African entrepreneurs or civil society leaders to develop social innovation solutions.
➢ Work in a small multicultural team and gain invaluable intercultural competence relevant to your field of study.
➢ Explore the progress and challenges towards development in South Africa.

6. South Africa’s Social and Economic Development


This Summer Study Abroad program will take you through the history of South Africa showcasing how the oppressive regimes of colonialism and apartheid affect Social and Economic issues.
Spend time in various local communities to gain insight into challenges being faced in South Africa today. Guest lectures and local experts will shed some light on current developments.
Practical engagements will help students to compare the theoretical aspects of the program with reality. Study Abroad Programs in South Africa.


➢ Meet local business leaders
➢ Educational site visits & lectures
➢ Cooking Class
➢ Cultural immersion.

7. Marine Science Research Program


This particular marine science course specializes in training courses for individuals who want to learn more about the marine environment, conservation, and research through hands-on field experience and community engagement.
This blended course includes training in multiple data collection and field techniques and scientifically contributes to our long term research goals with the University of Birmingham.
The unique ecosystem surrounding Cape Town and its role in creating an amazing biodiversity hot-spot is a perfect place to gain a wide overview of marine experience.


➢ Marine Field Course Modules with a Marine Science Specialist as your Mentor.
➢ Career and networking workshops with Marine Biologists, experience alongside local specialists on a range of scientific research projects.
➢ Sailing Introductions in and around the Cape and Marine Litter Research on our local collaborator’s Research Vessel.
➢ Workshops, training, and experience in a local terrestrial human-wildlife conflict which affect the Cape Peninsula.
➢ Contribution to 100 Plastic River’s research project in collaboration with the University of Birmingham.

8. CIEE Cape Town Summer Community Development and Social Justice: Theory + Practice


Grab this chance to put learning into action and make an impact in Cape Town. Dive in with theoretical work, then immerse into hands-on projects where you’ll experience post-Apartheid life in various Cape Town communities.
It’s a transformative summer experience that will leave you with a strong grip on the economic, political, and social picture in South Africa, and the challenges ahead for this evolving, international city.

➢ Begin to learn Afrikaans
➢ Make a difference with a series of small-scale projects
➢ Get a taste of South African culture.

9. CISabroad – Summer in South Africa


Grab a camera and a journal—you’ll want to capture every moment of your Summer in South Africa. You’ll study at the top-rated Stellenbosch University, located in the city by the same name. Ideally situated in the heart of the Cape Winelands, the University is nestled in a valley flanked by mountains on all sides.
Climb up for a panoramic view of the oak-lined streets, the chic bars, and cafés, and the stunning campus you’ll call home. Your program includes hands-on courses and guest lecturers.
An optional six-day Garden Route Tour along the coast of beautiful South Africa can be added for a fee. Take advantage of the many opportunities to learn both inside and outside the classroom by visiting famous vineyards and exploring nearby Cape Town.


➢ Community development and service-learning projects
➢ Innovative, South Africa–focused curriculum
➢ Extensive adventure opportunities
➢ A college town on the outskirts of a cosmopolitan city
➢ Trips to Stellenbosch Winelands.

10. GEI Study Abroad in South Africa | Performing Arts Youth Development


This 3-week field course is designed to highlight the crucial role of leadership development in the pursuit of social justice and sustainable development – through the lens of youth artists. You will be introduced to the social change model of leadership development and explore key concepts of community leadership.
You will work with youth development organizations in Cape Town in order to develop leadership qualities. The first week focuses on skills development through classroom learning, workshops, field visits, and general cultural immersion. Among others, you will receive leadership training by field experts and study social-emotional competence.
The second and third weeks then consist of the practical application and multiplication of your new skills through service-learning activities with adolescent youth of Xhosa descent. The highlight will be the planning and production of a concert as an entrepreneurial development opportunity.


➢ Sing, dance, and drum around the campfire, in townships, and at your very own event.
➢ Help talented teenagers to feel heard, understood, and appreciated.
➢ Reduce an exciting event side by side with local youth.
➢ See South Africa through the eyes of some of its most promising people.
➢ Meet the leaders of several inspiring youth development organizations.

11. South Africa & Mozambique: Peace, Politics & Human Rights


The program begins with leadership and activism training in Washington, D.C., prior to traveling to South Africa. Home to exceptional leaders and activists, South Africa provides a fascinating backdrop for investigating the dynamics of political and social change.
Through leadership workshops, seminars, and field visits to sites of historical and cultural significance, you will build on the training you received in Washington.
Examine current South African politics as well as issues of racial, ethnic, and gender-based discrimination. You will have the opportunity to meet with South African youth of different ethnic, religious, and economic backgrounds who are working to advance change on issues of local and global relevance.
Discover the role that the city of Durban has played in South African history, including in the struggle against apartheid. Visit Cape Town, Johannesburg, rural areas of KwaZulu-Natal, the Hluhluwe-Imfolozi nature reserve, and the Drakensberg mountains.


➢ Leadership
➢ Peace, Politics, and Human Rights
➢ Safari
➢ Social Change
➢ Home-stay.

12. International Field Program


The IFP is a platform for emerging practitioners and researchers to gain experience in the field within an academic environment. The IFP’s extended field stays are unique among international affairs programs in the United States.
In the course of nine weeks, students work and conduct research with community-based organizations, NGOs, international organizations, and governmental agencies. Study Abroad Programs in South Africa.
The topics range from community development, policy advocacy, citizen journalism, and post-conflict state-building to urban planning and long-term monitoring and evaluation.
The IFP is designed to extend learning beyond the classroom. Students get firsthand field exposure to a multiplicity of perspectives, ideas, and people through orientation, field trips, guest speakers, professional internships, faculty-supervised projects and research, and day-to-day interactions.


➢ Local partnerships.
➢ Independent research.
➢ Unique locations.
➢ Faculty support.

13. Wildlife & Conservation Expedition


The Wildlife & Conservation program is aimed at students studying wildlife conservation, biology, zoology, ecology and natural sciences.
During the program students will have the chance to spend a lot of time in the African bush, learning from professionals in the conservation field in South Africa.
We aim to offer you exposure to a wide variety of African wildlife and include activities like game capture, field ecology lessons, and a field pathology and wildlife diseases workshop. This program is accredited through the North-West University in South Africa and is worth six transferrable academic credits.

14. Higher Certification in Business Management (HCBM)


The HCBM is an NQF level 5 (120 credits). HCBM – HCBM is for those considering a management career in banking, or who have been working in the banking business and want to progress into general bank management. Upon qualification, learners will be able to apply basic management principles within a banking environment. This qualification may be used as entry into a BBA degree
Eligibility: NQF level 4 qualification (e.g. Senior Certificate/O Levels) or 23 years + 2 years of work experience and Basic computer skills International Baccalaureate.

15. Global Veterinary Semester Abroad


Designed with Pre-veterinary students in mind, our courses are small, hands-on, and taught by veterinarians (DVM) and marine science instructors.
Spanning the course of three months with 4-week modules in South Africa, Thailand, and Ecuador, students will be able to develop their veterinary skills with companion animals, elephants, cheetahs, marine life, and various animals of the Amazon rain forest.
From the temples of Thailand to the safaris in South Africa to the jungles of the Amazon, join us to experience three beautiful countries and cultures while learning valuable veterinary skills and conservation practices. Study Abroad Programs in South Africa.


➢ Assist in wild animal conservation research in South Africa while feeding and caring for cheetahs
➢ Get SCUBA certified and learn conservation diving
➢ Spend time at an elephant sanctuary, getting the opportunity to learn about and care for the gentle giants
➢ Create enrichment for monkeys while also caring for other Amazonian animals
➢ Research marine fishes populations in the Galapagos and explore San Cristobal Island.

16. SIT Study Abroad South Africa: Social Justice and Activism Internship


Get professional experience at a human rights organization and examine the legacy of apartheid and the ideas, values, and practice of social justice in South Africa.
Cape Town is a hub of human rights organizations. You’ll experience how human rights advocacy plays out in the wake of deep legally enforced racial discrimination and economic and political exclusion.

➢ Live and work in Cape Town.
➢ Practice experiential and reflective learning during your internship.
➢ Learn the history of South Africa’s Apartheid system
➢ Gain resume-building experience in human rights advocacy, gender-based human rights work, human rights law, or social and community mobilization.
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