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Top 18+ Job Websites in Nigeria 2020 See Detailed List of Trusted Sites

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Top 18+ Job Websites in Nigeria 2020 See Detailed List of Trusted Sites.

18+ Job Websites in Nigeria: From the most basic job sites to ones offering every job-related service, the Nigerian job market is brimming with job opportunities and career resources.

The sheer amount of information for job seekers to process is staggering and can be overwhelming. More details below.

Top 18+ Job Websites in Nigeria

If you are not even sure where to begin, here is an overview of job posting sites in Nigeria detailing the content of each job site and classifying them by categories to help you find the necessary information quickly.

Basic Job Sites in Nigeria

If you are not new to the job hunt, here is a list of job sites in Nigeria that offer mostly vacancies by categories: professions/industries, level of complexity and expertise, and geography/state.

  • Just Jobs NG  
  • Hot Nigerian Jobs
  • Jobzilla
  • Job Rapido
  • Nigeria Jobs
  • NGR Jobs
  • Latest Nigerian Jobs
  • GBL Careers
  • Nigeria Tip Top Job
  • Employment Nigeria 
  • Indeed Nigeria

Those who have experience looking for a job are well aware of the rules of the game. They have their CVs and cover letters polished and their self-presentation speeches rehearsed and ready to use at a job interview. However, the job market is constantly changing with new technologies, new products, new approaches.

That is why it is helpful when job sites also offer some guidance in the job search. Job portals, for example, offer a wide variety of career-related services.

Job Portals in Nigeria

As a rapidly developing and economically booming country, Nigeria has a huge number of recruitment boards and job sites. In a Forbes interview, Cofounder Ayodeji Adewunmi aptly states that “There are more job sites than actual jobs.”

This creates a very competitive market among job search sites, forcing them to up their game to remain in the ranks of successful companies.

Aggregate job sites that act as a job search engine and collect job listings on their platforms rely on the endless improvement of their products as their competitive advantage.

In addition to job listings, they also offer a variety of services and products for candidates to improve their odds of finding a great job more quickly and easily.

All the job sites below have a tremendous number of job listings, but to help you navigate your job search more effectively, we have divided these Nigerian job sites into categories based on their additional services.

Career resources & writing services

  • Jobberman
  • My Job Mag
  • NG Careers
  • Job Gugus
  • Careernaija

Learning opportunities and courses for many professions

  • Jobberman
  • NG Careers
  • Job Gugus
  • Job Centres Nigeria
  • Careernaija
  • Careers24
  • Jobemy

Aptitude tests

  • Job Gugus

Paid member programs

  • Jobemy

Information about scholarships and internships

  • Job Gugus
  • JobListNigeria
  • Jobemy

Forum and discussions on employments

  • Naija Hot Jobs

Read in greater detail about each of the top job sites in Nigeria

A Comprehensive Strategy 

If you feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of job boards and job search engines, don’t. You don’t need that many to make your job hunt more effective.

Career experts say no job searching method works 100% of the time. So you could peruse job sites 24/7 but eventually land a job through social networking.

Since there is no one surefire method of an effective job hunt, you need a comprehensive strategy where you use many methods and expect at least one of them to work.

Make the most of each job site

When you get on a new job site, examine it to see what it offers job seekers and how it can be useful to you.

To improve your chances of landing a job quickly, some job sites require job seekers to complete an online registration to have full access to the latest and most relevant job listings.

Usually, registration is free. If a job site requires a paid membership, browse other job sites to see whether you can get similar services free of charge elsewhere.

Make use of all online resources

Remember that you must cast out your job-seeking net as far and wide as possible. So do not restrict yourself to job sites only. There are many ways of finding vacancies online.

  • Browse government websites. Depending on your experience and qualifications, do not overlook government or state positions where your skills may come handy.
  • Check out NGOs and professional organizations. For example, UNICEF or the UN in Nigeria.
  • Visit college and university websites. If you are a recent graduate, check out the website of your school or college. They often post job listings.
  • Go directly to corporate websites. Check out the websites of those companies where you would like to work. Many of them publish job descriptions on their site before they post them to job boards and job aggregates.

Use Social Media

WikiHow recommends posting a job ad on all your social media platforms. Say what kind of job you are looking for and what skills and experience you have. Mention that you would appreciate the sharing of your post and asking your friends’ friends for assistance.

To help your post reach more people, you can adapt it to each of your social media accounts. For example, for a Facebook post, you can write, “I’m currently looking for a job in the catering and restaurant business.

I have worked as a sour-chef for over 2 years and would like to pursue that career. If you know anyone who can make good use of my skills and experience, please let me know” and add a funny meme picture.

For an Instagram post, it is better to create an entertaining video where you are having fun in the kitchen and briefly add at the end that you are looking for a job.


Recruiters and hiring managers say that over 50% of all hires come from networking.

Whether networking online or offline, be ready to schedule coffee dates or to engage in direct messaging with useful contacts. Not every contact can help you get a job interview but you can ask them questions about an industry you want to get in or a company whose mission and philosophy you revere.

Remember that looking for a job is a job in itself, so be ready to do a lot of messaging and/or make a lot of phone calls every day.

Get Ready

Getting hired requires going through all your outgoing writings with a fine-tooth comb. You need to look at yourself with a detached view of how you present yourself to the world, both professionally and casually.

Be professional online

Given the amount of the job search process that takes place online, make sure that your online presence is strong and valuable to your career.

  • Be on LinkedIn. If you do not have a LinkedIn account yet, it is high time to register there and use this resource to advance your career. If you have a LinkedIn account, update your information, add some accomplishments, and be ready to reach new contacts who visit your page.
  • Comb your social media. It is important to keep your social media pages clean. Before you even start sending out your resume, make sure there are no inappropriate pictures or politically insensitive posts/tweets.
  • Go private on social media. To be on the safe side, change your privacy settings on all your social media profiles from Public to Private.
  • Create your professional website. If applicable, it is easy to give contacts a link to your website to take a look at your work/skills. Just be sure it is professional and easy to navigate.

Be Professional on the Paper

The way you present yourself in writing is also tremendously important. That is why some career experts advise job seekers to spend some money on their application packages.

Even if you have well-developed writing skills and can craft a magnificent resume and cover letter for yourself, professional writing websites can help you with the formatting and presentation. Having a well-formatted resume with a top-notch design will definitely help you stand out from many other applicants.

The Bottom Line

When talking about how to improve one’s chances of finding a job, career experts say that candidates need to view the job-hunting period as a full-time job.

Looking for a job requires a lot of time and effort. As you can see, it is not enough to scour job sites and post your resumes. Make sure your online presence is a good reflection of your professionalism and sensibility.

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