Charming and Chirpy Bird Names for Girls and Boys

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Parents always dream for their child to fly in the bright blue sky, like the bird names for girls. Bird names for girls are recently very much in trend, as they sound sweet and unique. People remember someone with a catchy name for a longer period.

Therefore, to help you pick out a name, we have provided you with the 210 most beautiful bird-inspired baby names.

The name that a parent gives provides the child with an identity that she carries throughout her life.

Bird Names For Boys

1. Robin:

Robin originated as a nickname for Robert but became a top 100 name for girls in the 60s. But we still think this name suits guys more, probably because of its association with Robin Williams.

2. Hawk:

The majestic hunting bird hawk inspired this moniker. When the name was coined for babies, we considered hunting an aristocratic sport. I heard Hawk more as a surname than a first name.

3. Crane:

Crane is the name for the genus of large birds with long necks and legs. Its literal meaning is ‘to extend one’s neck’. For the nickname, you can opt for Cray.

4. Merle:

Merle comes from the surname Muriel, but it is also an Old French word merula for blackbird. This name was favored hugely in the years the 1910s and 1920s.

5. Wren:

This is one of the most famous avian-inspired baby names. It entered the United States‘ top 1000 baby name list in 2013 and climbed 300 spots in just a year.

6. Phoenix:

There is no real bird named Phoenix. But is has been a powerful symbol of rebirth for millennia. Some cultures even have a phoenix-like bird in their traditional stories.

7. Sparrow:

Here’s a name borrowed directly from the bird. Joel Madden and Nicole Richie chose this name for their son. But it would work well for a baby girl too!

8. Swift:

Here’s an active bird baby boy name for you. The fastest flying bird swift, which boasts of over 100 species inspires it. We think it would make an intriguing middle name.

9. Byrd:

Byrd is a variation of the straightforward name, Bird. It was also the name of the teenage son in the television show “Huff”. Sargent James Byrd, the anthropomorphic penguin from the game “Spyro the Dragon”, is also a namesake.

10. Falcon:

Falcon would make a powerful and sleek bird name for your baby boy. It’s appropriate for a boy, but we think it would work for a girl, too! Falcon Heene, fondly known as the “balloon boy” would be its namesake.

11. Gull:

This moniker conjures images of salty and windswept air of the beach. As most of you must be knowing, the seagull inspired this name. As a name, Gull has Celtic origins and means ‘long-winged swimming birds’.

12. Eagle:

Eagle is a soaring name with patriotic symbolism. We do not have a real life namesake of this name, but in “Old St. Paul’s”, a novel by W. H. Ainsworth, Solomon Eagle was a character. It’s also the name of a rock band.

13. Finch:

The meaning of Finch is ‘to swindle’. But its similarity with pinch would be a turnoff for some parents. Did you know, in the medieval times, I believed Finch to be a foolish bird?

14. Chelidon:

Chelidon, the Greek name for swallow, (the bird) would make a different name for your son. In the Greek mythology, Chelidon was the loving sister to Philomela.

15. Corvus:

Corvus, the Latin word for ‘crow’ could also make a potential baby name.

16. Corbin:

Here’s another baby name inspired by the crow. We bet no one can even guess that it’s inspired by our black feathered friend. It’s also the name of the castle where the Holy Grail is believed to be hiding.

17. Bran:

Bran is a Celtic name, meaning ‘crow’. You can even keep it as a short form of Branwen or Branok, which mean the same.

18. Fechine:

Fechine is an Irish name derived from the word ‘fiach’, which means ‘raven.’

19. Wulfram:

If you want something fierce and bold for your son, name him Wulfram, which means ‘wolf raven’.

20. Colm:

Colm is an Irish name meaning ‘dove’. You can even use it as a nickname for the name Colman, which means the same.

21. Callum:

We’ve got another baby name meaning ‘dove’. Callum is the Scottish form of the name Columba and is a huge hit in Scotland, England, and Ireland.

22. Heron:

The moniker of the long-legged wading bird would sound great on your baby boy too. Heron has a soft, yet robust sound to it. Herron is another spelling.

23. Jay:

This moniker is inspired by the Jaybird. It may seem like a modern name, but has been in use for centuries.

24. Columba:

This moniker, developed in Late Latin, means ‘dove’. This popular Irish name could easily immigrate, given its peaceful meaning.

25. Lonan:

Lonan is an Irish name, meaning ‘blackbird.’ We think it would make a fresher alternative to Conan and Logan. For the nickname, you can choose Lonin or Loni.

26. Manu:

Manu is a Polynesian baby name, meaning ‘bird of the night’. It’s also a Sanskrit name, meaning ‘man’.

This moniker has an exotic texture about it, which we love. Manu Chao, the musician, is its most famous namesake.

27. Talon:

Talon, meaning ‘the large claw of a bird of prey’ has its origin in the French language. Despite its slightly disturbing meaning, a number of parents has chosen Talon in the past few years.

28. Nesta:

Nesta, a variation of the name Agnes, brings to mind the intricate nests build by the birds. It was originally a girl’s name, but was put on the maps for boys when Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale used it for their son.

29. Nestor:

Here’s another name inspired by the nest. Nestor was actually a wise ruler of Greek legend who helped the Greeks win the Trojan War. Nestor Carbonell, the American actor, is its most famous bearer.

30. Altair:

Altair is an Arabic name, meaning ‘falcon’. It’s also the name of the 11th brightest star in the sky.

31. Culver:

Culver is the English variant of the name Columba and means ‘dove’. It’s a serious two-syllable name for you to consider. Cully would make a cute nickname.

32. Efron:

Efron is Hebrew for ‘bird’. This Biblical name has an extremely pleasant sound, just like its meaning. Zac Efron is the famous bearer of this name.

33. Faulkner:

Faulkner is an occupational name, meaning ‘falcon trainer. It introduced this moniker in medieval times when falconry was a popular sport. It’s also associated with William Faulkner, the Nobel Prize winner.

34. Vireo:

Vireo is the name of a beautiful green bird that sings melodious songs. The name is unusual, but very pleasant.

35. Gawain:

Gawain is a Welsh name, meaning ‘may hawk’. It belonged to the courteous Knight of the Round Table. Gawain Vincent, the British handball player, is its namesake.

36. Griffon:

The name Griffon, inspired by the Griffon vulture, is a variation of Griffin and means ‘strong lord’.

37. Shahaf:

Shahaf is a lovely sounding Hebrew name, meaning ‘seagull’.

38. Akos:

If you want something unusual for your baby boy, name him Akos, the Turkish for ‘falcon’.

39. Horus:

Horus is the falcon-headed Egyptian sun god. This moniker sounds a lot like Horace, but means different.

40. Merlin:

They associate this name with a type of falcon. It’s also the name of the fifth century mentor and sorcerer of King Arthur.

41. Hula:

Hula is a Native American name, meaning ‘eagle’. We think it would make an unusual choice for parents looking for an original H name.

42. Arvid:

This Scandinavian name, meaning ‘eagle tree’, is virtually unknown in the United States.

43. Arnold:

Arnold, meaning ‘eagle power’, has not really been a parents’ favorite despite some reputed namesakes.

44. Whistler:

The Australian golden whistler is a species of bird found in Australia. I associated this English occupational name with James Abbott McNeill Whistler, of “Whistler’s Mother”.

45. Jonah:

Jonah is a popular Hebrew name, meaning ‘dove’. We associate it with the Abrahamic prophet who was swallowed by a large fish. Jonah Hill, the famous actor currently represents this name.

Bird Names For Girls

Bird names for girls range from mainstream favorites to names with avian meanings that we barely even realize, to bold rarities that don’t quite seem like names.

46. Ava:

Ava comes from the Latin word ‘avis’ and means ‘bird’.

The moniker ranked fourth in the United States in the year 2014. This is one of the amazing bird names for girls

47. Gannet:

Its meaning (goose) would look slightly silly to a few parents, but we think it would make an unconventional update of Janet. For boys, it would be a spin of Garret.

48. Teal:

Yes, we all know that Teal is a bluish-green shade. But did you know this color came from the duck? The Eurasian teal is renowned for its greenish-blue markings.

49. Sarika:

Sarika is a Sanskrit word for Mayna. We think it’s a thoroughly exotic name and would make an accessible name for your daughter.

50. Aya:

Simple names have an appeal of their own. Aya, a Hebrew name, meaning ‘bird’ would make a lovely alternative to Anya and Maya. Aya Hirano, the Japanese pop singer and Aya Jones, the French-Jamaican model are its famous bearers.

51. Deryn:

Deryn is a Welsh name, meaning ‘bird’. This 50s name sounds a lot less dated that Robin. It’s also associated with Deryn Lake, the English historical novelist.

52. Rhea:

Rhea is the name of the large and flightless bird that is the cousin to the ostrich. Besides, Rhea is also the name of a goddess, the mother of Zeus.

53. Starling:

Starling is a creature found in every corner of the Earth. We associate this fanciful name with Clarice Starling, the FBI agent from the “Silence of the Lambs”, a role, which got Jodi, Foster the Best Actress Oscar.

54. Swan:

This surname has borne by two fictional heroines, Bella Swan of “Twilight” and Elizabeth Swan of “Pirates of Caribbean”. Do not use Swan as a first name. It’s best used as a middle or surname.

55. Circe:

Circe was the name of the sorceress who tangled with Odysseus on his wanderings. This name comes from a Greek word ‘kirke’, which means ‘bird’.

56. Loa:

Loa is the name of a bird in the Icelandic language. This name falls somewhere between Lola and Noa.

57. Jarita:

With a sanskirt origin, this Delicate and lacy name has a lower emphasis on the jar syllable.

58. Sephora:

Sephora is the simplified form of the name Tzipporah, Moses’ wife. It is Hebrew for ‘bird’.

59. Luscinia:

This nightingale name would fit with the Lucy-related name. Technically, Luscinia is a genus that includes nightingale and other several related feathered friends.

60. Philomela:

In Greek mythology, they turned Philomela into a nightingale to protect her from a lecherous kind. It comes from the Greek words for ‘love’ and ‘song’, thereby meaning ‘lover of the song’.

Bird Names For Girls

More Chirpy Names For Your Adorable Babies

Birds, our lovely feathered friends, represent beauty, immortality, transcendence, and the connection between Earth and heaven. So why don’t you name your baby after one of these lovely creatures?

As parents, we must select a suitable, trendy, and beautiful name for our child so we hope these girl names after birds help you pick just such a name for your little one. 











Skye (for a blue bird)

Lark (Hunger Games, anyone?)




Sunny (for a yellow bird)


Tweety (a bird name classic)



Cute Bird Names

Bird names for babies are one of the hottest of the hot nature categories, all the way from Birdie to Wren. Bird names can work as unique first names or meaningful. Here are some you might like

Pumpkin (for an orange bird)

Cupid (for a red bird)


Blu (for a blue bird)




Sweetie-pie (or Sweetie, for short)

Mr. Beaks


Wing Man





Stephen Sqauwking

Peanut (perfect for a pint-sized bird)




Cool Bird Names

Bird names for girls are one of the hottest of the hot nature categories, all the way from Birdie to Wren.

Bird names can work as unique first names or meaningful. Here are some you might like:



Eagle Eye

Bond (“The name’s Bond… James Bond.”)









Phoenix (the ultimate cool bird name)








Bird Names For Girls

Bird Names for Boys

If you love nature names and animal names, you may want to search more deeply into the new genre of bird names for babies, with many choices that work for boys






Scout (one of the best bird names for boys)









Romeo (he’ll sing his way into your heart)






Bird Names for Girls

If you love nature names and animal names, search more deeply into the new genre of bird names for babies, with many choices that work for girls




Duchess (for a fancy feathered friend)

Ruby (for a red bird)



Sweet Pea (for a green bird)



Daisy (for a white and yellow bird)

Oreo (for a black and white bird)

Peaches (for pink, yellow bird)


Meryl Cheep (after the iconic movie icon)






Bird Names For Girls

Cockatiel Names

Bird names for babies are one of the hottest of the hot nature categories, all the way from Birdie to Wren. Bird names can work as unique first names or meaningful. Here are some you might like



Elvis (an ode to the king)







Lord of the Wings (for all you Tolkien fans)






Parrot Names

Bird names for girls are one of the hottest of the hot nature categories, all the way from Birdie to Wren. Bird names can work as unique first names or meaningful. Here are some you might like

Polly (one of the most iconic parrot names)

Loud Mouth




Your Highness

Big Bird (for a yellow bird)


Echo (this bird name is spot on!)


Kanye Nest




Carrie (after Bradshaw or the Caribbean)

Parakeet Names

Bird names for girls are one of the hottest of the hot nature categories, all the way from Birdie to Wren.

Bird names can work as unique first names or meaningful. Here are some you might like:




Chick Jagger (you’ll laugh every time)


Angry Bird



Dwight (from The Office)

Puff Daddy


Coo Coo Chanel







Donald Duck


A child’s name gives her an identity that she will carry with her for the rest of her life.

We believe it is our responsibility as parents to choose a fitting, fashionable, and beautiful name for our children, and we hope these girl names after birds will assist you in doing so. We wish you continued success as a mom.

CSN Team.

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