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Actor James Woods’ Bio, Wiki, Family, Career, and Net worth in 2022

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– Actor James Woods –

James Woods is a famous American actor who can play any role, be it an alcoholic, a murderer, a righteous policeman, or a lawyer. James has repeatedly won prestigious awards for his acting.

Actor James Woods Bio, Wiki, Family, Career and Net Worth 2022

James Woods Biography

James Howard Woods was born on April 18, 1947, in Vernal, Utah. The boy and his younger brother grew up in an average family.


The actor’s father, Gail Peyton, was an army intelligence officer, and his mother Martha Smith worked in a preschool institution.

Gail, who was also a devout Catholic, raised his oldest son in a strict environment, which affected little James who suffered from phobias, inferiority complexes, and fears.


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The boy lacked self-confidence, and suffered from hyper articulation; thus, he could not make friends.

But on the other hand, the authoritarian parenting bore fruit because James was one of the best students at the school, he did his homework diligently, and also managed to score the highest mark in English on the final exam.

His credits include the Emmy, Golden Globe, and Young Hollywood Awards. To know more interesting facts about this fine talent, continue reading.

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In 1960, Gail died after routine surgery, so a stepfather raised the boy. It is known that after graduation from school, Woods entered the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he studied political science, although he had previously thought to connect his life with medicine and become an eye surgeon.

At the university, James showed himself as an active student. The young man participated with pleasure in a local drama group and directed theatre productions.

Therefore, it is not surprising that in the end, James gave up his political science to pursue an acting career and moved to New York City to conquer the show business.

Actor James Wood’s Films

James Woods started his acting career in 1972, and the young man managed to make his debut playing in two movies at once: Hickey & Boggs and The Visitors by Elia Kazan.

After a hugely successful appearance in front of the camera, James Woods filmed almost every year.

If one wants to list the entire filmography of the famous actor, then the whole book is not enough, because James’s credits have more than 120 different movies: dramas, comedies, and even blood-chilling horror films.

In 1984, James Woods was lucky to take part in Sergio Leone’s cult film Once Upon a Time in America, where he delighted the avid moviegoers with his acting.

The plot of this film centers on friends from the Jewish quarter who are obsessed with the American dream.

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Woods played Maximilian Bercovicz, who had the idea to rob a bank in New York City.

It is worth mentioning that James worked on the same set with cinema gurus such as Robert De Niro, Elizabeth McGovern, James Hayden, Joe Pesci, Treat Williams, and other stars.

In 1986, Woods got one more significant role. He played the title character in Oliver Stone’s drama Salvador.

James portrayed a bold correspondent, Richard Boyle, who wrote articles on the world’s trouble spots, but he was fired due to alcohol abuse. 

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James Belushi, Michael Murphy, John Savage, and Elpidia Carrillo also played the leading roles.

Two years later, in 1988, James Woods played a detective in the crime drama Cop. The plot of this film is simple and non-trivial.

The brave detective, Lloyd Hopkins, is trying to solve a brutal murder and find out all the details of the crime.

It is noteworthy that the Russian film critic, Sergey Kudryavtsev, wrote in the personal film encyclopedia “3500” that James Woods tried to change the popular theme of the police films and made his character “realistic.”

The actor imbued the protagonist with simple human qualities that are typical for every person.

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In 1985, Woods appeared in the horror film based on Stephen King’s novel “Cat’s Eye,” and in 1989, the actor played in the drama My Name Is Bill W., where he appeared as the creator of the first Alcoholics Anonymous.

If Woods had previously shown the righteous policeman, then in 1995 he portrayed a murderer in the film Killer

A Journal of Murder. James also played in the films Ghosts of Mississippi (1996), Kicked in the Head (1997), Hercules (1997), Contact (1997), Another Day in Paradise (1998), and Vampires (1998), True Crime (1999) and other notable films.


James Wood Major Work

James Woods’ best-rated work has been ‘Once Upon a Time in America’ in which he plays a Jewish ghetto youth along with Robert De Niro.

This classic has been ranked No.78 in the IMDB chart of the top 250.

His role as Lester Diamond in the Martin Scorsese film of 1995, ‘Casino’ is about mobster friends in the glittering gaming world of Las Vegas.

Woods plays his role as a pimp to perfection, creating a strong impression on the viewer.

His 2001 movie, ‘True Believer’ made such an impact that it inspired a TV series along the same lines.

He plays the role of a civil rights activist, and along with Robert Downey Junior who acts as the attorney, solves cases

Actor James Woods Awards and Achievement

James has won lots of awards in his career. He got his first award for the Golden Globe Award and was nominated nine times for diverse movie roles.

Woods also got  Primetime Emmy Awards twice for giving his voice for the animated roles.

His accomplishment has made him more popular; it makes a positive effect on his career.

In his entire career, he also received Satellite awards three times and was nominated a total of six times in his career.

James Wood’s 2022 Net-worth

James Wood's 2022 Net-worth

James Woods has made his net worth of about $20 million.

He is a senior actor and has so many years of experience in the Hollywood industry. Many people like his villain roles in the movies and his appearance and acting always made his fans happy.

He has done several years of hard work to get this position in life to make his earnings million dollars.

Woods started his career in the 70s and always try to perform well in the signed movies. He is still a single actor after getting divorced from his two wives.

His career is the first priority for him, and the rest of the things come later. James also achieved several achievements in his acting, voice, and appearance which is popular among his lovely ones.

Actor James Woods’s Personal Life

In 1980, Woods married costume designer Kathryn Morrison-Pahoa. The couple divorced in 1983.

In 1989 Wood married 26-year-old equestrian and boutique owner Sarah Owens, but they divorced four months later. He has not since remarried nor does he have children.

During a press interview for Kingdom Hearts II, Woods noted that he is an avid video game player. He is a dealer of antiques in Rhode Island.

On December 14, 2015, while Woods was driving alone westbound through an ice storm on Interstate 70 in Glenwood Canyon, Colorado, a driver who was speeding lost control and crashed into five other cars.

Woods swerved his Jeep Grand Cherokee to avoid the accident and collided with a retaining wall, but slid back into a guard rail 100 feet (30 m) above the Colorado River. Woods suffered a minor concussion from the accident.

Actor James Wood Favorite Quotes

1. The only reason people lock their car doors when Obama walks by is they are afraid he’ll tax them to death…James wood

2. if [the 9/11/01 attacks] had happened to the Russians, about three major cities in the Middle East would have been parking lots in twenty-minute and they wouldn’t have worried about the consequences because there would not have been any because the remaining terrorist states would have said ‘we get the message….James wood’s

3. Simple logic tells you that if somebody wants you dead you have one course of action: To get them deader sooner…James wood

4. Here’s what I believe a soul is – at least this, I believe it’s at least this. I believe that every kindness that we create in our lives if it came because we were affected by a person we loved and lost, that person lives through that kindness. That’s what a soul is….James wood

5. I’m absolutely gonna win it because I’m ruthless. I sit at the poker table and my job is to destroy people….James wood

6. Achieving success as an actor has not been easy for me. My biggest, probably most irrational complaint has been that I’ve had to work harder for what I’ve gotten. I’ve seen other people with nepotism or wealth or cheesy good looks on their side who’ve had it easy…James wood


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