American Heart Association (AHA) International Programs in 2020

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American Heart Association (AHA) International Programs in 2020.

AHA International Programs – Through collaboration with international partners, the American Heart Association works to bring science to life through the creation of programs and campaigns that support the World Health Organization’s goal of reducing premature deaths from non-communicable diseases by 25% by 2025 and help reduce the international burden of cardiovascular disease and stroke.

AHA International Programs

With programs targeting women, children, hospital care improvement to bystander CPR, the AHA works from many angles, with a lot of partners, across many countries to address the issue of non-communicable diseases and help save more lives.

Below, we have presented a list of Aha international programs worldwide.

1. AHA International in Vienna, Austria

The AHA Vienna program offers you the opportunity to study a variety of disciplines at the crossroads of Europe. The program makes use of Vienna’s history as a focal point for European culture, art, music, literature, philosophy, and science.

Each semester local faculty members, experts in their field, offer four carefully selected core academic courses. Also, a U.S. visiting faculty member teaches one specialty course.

All courses, except the German language, are taught in English. No prior German language is required. Field trips and academic excursions allow students to experience Austria beyond the pages of their textbooks.


2. AHA International in Siena, Italy

The Siena program appeals to students from a variety of disciplines including literature, history, culture, and art history. Courses are designed to take advantage of the Siena setting.

The Siena program offers an ambitious itinerary of excursions designed to enhance your understanding of course work and broaden your intellectual and cultural horizons. Field trips and academic excursions allow students to experience Italy beyond the pages of their textbooks.


3. AHA International Humanities in London, England

Each course places an important emphasis on experiential learning, transforming the entire city of London into your classroom by incorporating several local outings and excursions.

Courses are taught by British faculty with experience teaching US students as well as considerable experience in the field, including professional actors, artists, and the founder of the European Policy Information Center.

London serves as a classroom as much as the Center itself, if not more with students visiting London’s exceptional museums, galleries, the House of Commons, and numerous plays and theater productions often accompanied by private talks with directors of prominent actors.


4. AHA International Summer French language in Angers, France

Summer programs are designed for French majors and minors, as well as students with no prior language experience who are interested in France and the Loire Valley.

This is your opportunity to study French with the r US and international students at the international language institute (CIDEF) of the Université Catholique de l’Ouest.

You will learn French while experiencing the best of the medieval and the modern in this colorful city nestled in the beautiful Loire Valley. Live in a residence hall or with a French family.

AHA offers three intensive language sessions in July, August, and September (Summer Session III). These four-week programs provide instruction at the beginning, elementary, intermediate, and advanced levels.


5. MSc Social Work

The MSc in Social Work is delivered within the School of Education and Social Work. This reflects the multi-disciplinary context in which social work operates as a profession.

The course aims to equip you to:

  • Work in partnership with individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities.
  • Work for social justice.
  • Act with a strong professional identity and function competently in multi-disciplinary teams and settings.
  • Practice as accountable and autonomous professionals.
  • Operate with confidence.
  • Careers and Users Group

The social work course works closely and innovatively with their Careers and User groups. This provides you with crucial perspectives and experiences of service users and careers in the delivery and development of the course.


6. Master’s in Public Health

Master’s in Public Health course (MPH) focuses on the epidemiological, statistical, and behavioral techniques which are applicable in public health practice and research all over the world.

At the University of Dundee, you will learn how to design and carry out public health research, giving you the tools to improve the health of communities on a local, international, and global scale.

You will also have the opportunity to improve and enhance your generic and transferable skills while undertaking a course where pastoral care is considered to be as important as academic needs.

Also, Dundee is a friendly, small city, providing a warm welcome and excellent value for money. The Dundee Masters in Public Health prepares students for research and management careers in public health and also a variety of medical and health-related disciplines.

The full-time MPH course lasts for one year. The taught component takes nine months and is followed by research leading to a dissertation. All students initially enroll in a diploma program in public health (DipPubH) which includes the taught component only.

To progress to the Master’s program and undertake the Masters Public Health Course dissertation students must obtain an overall pass of 60% in the taught component. Both programs may be undertaken on a part-time basis.


7. MSc Nursing & Health

This course has been designed for registered nurses from all specialties. It will offer you a supportive, international learning environment where you will learn alongside nurses at various stages of their careers.

Through learning with nurses from other countries and other specialties, you will develop your awareness of different cultural approaches and ways of working.

Also, there will be some opportunities to undertake work experience in an NHS, research or educational setting, enabling you to gain first-hand insights into how healthcare is provided in the UK

The course is based on the realities of clinical practice and evidence and includes many opportunities for debate and discussion, with fellow nurses, your lecturers, other student groups, and topic experts.

The course consists of four modules and a dissertation, which may be based on work experience. During the course, you will critically review your professional practice and use this as a platform for future professional and personal development.

You will also learn how to critically appraise and analyze research, evaluate theory relating to leadership and change and demonstrate detailed knowledge, skills, and values relating to professional education.


8. MCh Orth Orthopedic Surgery

MCh Orth encompasses taught, clinical attachment and research elements, which provide orthopedic surgeons with in-depth knowledge of the latest advances in surgical and biomechanical techniques.

The MCh Orth Orthopedic Surgery course in Dundee provides students with in-depth knowledge of the latest advances in surgical and biomechanical techniques.


9. MDPH Dental Public Health

This course is unique to Scotland and is a joint venture between the internationally renowned Dental Health Services Research Unit (DHSRU) at the School of Dentistry and the School of Medicine, University of Dundee.

Using the World Health Organization (WHO) Oral Health Program strapline ‘think global act local’, the course will provide you with the necessary knowledge, understanding, and skills to develop a career in government-based and national Dental Public Health programs.

This program also focuses on evidence-based dentistry, with input from Derek Richards, Director for the Center of Evidence-Based Dentistry, and Professor Jan Clarkson, Coordinating Editor of the Cochrane Oral Health Group.

A Masters in Dental Public Health (MDPH) is the ideal course of study for those who are passionate about reducing oral health inequality.

It is designed for dental practitioners, dental health professionals, and academics with an interest in Dental Public Health.


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