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Airline Booking Guide 2020 See How to Pay For Flights Online

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Airline Booking Guide 2020 See How to Pay For Flights Online.

Airline Booking Guide: Do you know that services rendered online are easier and more convenient to access? Then get your airline booking and air ticket guide here online. 

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Most Nigerian airlines now offer online platforms that enable travelers to conveniently handle Airline Booking and other Flight Booking services online.

The online airline booking platforms offer basic flight booking, others go beyond that allowing for online booking and online rescheduling of flights as well as e-payment, e-ticketing, and the online check-in.

Some Nigerian airlines offer discounts to travelers who use online Airline bookings by purchasing their ticket payment online. Such as Arik Air, Aero Air, Air Peace, Med-View Airline, FirstNation airways, and Dana Air that offer some level of online airline booking services

Important Point to Note

  • Online flight booking is simple and hence makes life easier for travelers. All one needs is an internet connection and they can handle most of their flight booking transactions online.
  • Transactions supported by good airline booking platforms include flight booking, secure online payment, online ticketing (e-ticket printout), online check-in, fares calculation, online flight rescheduling, online flight cancellation, viewing of flight schedule, flight information, traveling and boarding guide, etc.

List of Popular Airlines in Nigeria

Most airlines in Nigeria now offer online booking facilities on their website. Here is the brief list of Nigeria airlines

Benefits of Booking a Flight Online

  • Convenience

Being able to book airfare online means you can do it any time of the day, wherever you are. You can book a flight at home, while you’re in the office and even when you’re on your way somewhere, via a laptop or a smartphone.

By purchasing a flight online, you also don’t have to worry about finding a parking spot at the travel agent, waiting for service or feeling pressured to book a flight on the spot without thinking it through first.

  • Prices

When you book a flight online, you have the freedom to shop around for the best price. Travelers don’t get this kind of freedom when booking flights through a single travel agent or calling an airline. Purchasing the ticket online means customers can check out many airlines before making their choice.

  • Early Check-Ins

Book a flight online, and you’ll be able to save a lot of time by checking in online. If you’re flying domestic, you can check in as far in advance as 24 hours and as late as one hour before the flight. International travelers are able to check-in between two and 24 hours before their flight.

Simply go to the airline’s website and find your reservation, enter all your information and print out the boarding pass at home. Major airlines also offer a mobile check-in option in which travelers can have boarding pass bar codes sent directly to their cellphones.

  • Changes and Cancellations:

Changing or canceling a ticket is simple when you’ve booked an airfare online. In many cases, all you have to do is go directly to the airline’s website and log-in with your booking information.

From there, you can simply change the flight to a later date, upgrade to a different cabin class, or cancel your reservation.

Another benefit is that tickets purchased at a regular travel agency may incur an extra “external fee,” while some carriers waive the extra fee if you are able to finalize changes online through the airline’s website.

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