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Airtel 4G Data Plan Code 2022 – How to Subscribe to Airtel 4G Data

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– Airtel 4G Data Plan Code –

Airtel 4G Data  Code – Do you know that the Airtel 4G data plans are locked to the Airtel  4G network? This means that the data cannot be consumed outside of Airtel 4G coverage area. Airtel 4G plans are special data plans designed to deliver a super-fast internet experience at 4G network coverage locations. Read through for more information on How to Subscribe to Airtel 4G Data. 

Airtel 4G Data Plan Code

The 4G is an upgrade from 3.5G & High-Speed Packet Access (HSPA) for many users not limited to the GSM technology curve but also for others which include the CDMA and WiMAX and is touted to deliver a path-breaking 4G experience for consumers.

The successful launch of 4G LTE will make it possible and easy for millions of Nigerians to enjoy instant and efficient broadband internet access at far speeds superior to the 3G network, thereby making subscribers download ultra-high definition videos in seconds. It would excite you to learn the following in this article:

Who Can Subscribe to Airtel 4G Data?

Airtel 4G Data Plan

Benefits of Airtel 4G Network

Airtel 4G SIM Card Activation

How to Upgrade Your Airtel SIM to 4G Plan

Airtel 4G Bundles

If you have never used Airtel’s mobile services and bought a new Airtel 4G SIM, you’ll be applicable to the plan’s benefits. Similarly, if you are already an Airtel 2G / 3G user and switch to a 4G-enabled smartphone, you will be able to get the plan’s benefits too.

And if you’re on any other network and port your number over to Airtel 4G, the benefits would be available to you as well.

Airtel 4G Data Plan Code: The Airtel 4G Bundles are for new and existing customers who have an Airtel 4G router and are within Airtel 4G coverage. This means that only customers who have a 4G router are whitelisted to activate the bundles.

Airtel 4G Data Plan

It is very disappointing that Airtel was the last to introduce the 4G LTE service as their customers expected this service long before now.

They were the first network providers to launch the 3G service after which MTN, Glo, and Etisalat (now 9mobile) launched theirs.

However, Airtel still offers one of the most amazing 4G LTE services in Nigeria but falls behind MTN 4G LTE service which has larger 4G coverage.

Airtel announced their 4G long-term evolution (LTE) on the 13th of February 2018; this announcement was made by Airtel’s managing director, Mr. Segun Ogunsaya.

Benefits of Airtel 4G Network

1. Free 4GB Data

Once you upgrade to Airtel 4G, Airtel welcome you with a free 4GB data

2. Double Data for 6 months
Once you upgrade your SIM, Airtel gives you double data for all your recharge for the next 6 months. ie, if you recharge #1000 to get 1.5GB, Airtel gives you 3GB.

3. Free 25% extra data

You get an extra 25% free “4G data” on all your data recharge. Meaning, if you recharge #1000 to get 1.5GB, excluding the double data, Airtel will still give you 25% of the whole data you subscribed for.

4. Fast Internet

The 4G LTE is super fast and better than 3G networks. No wonder the recent Airtel Adverts 3G is good, 4G is better.

Airtel 4G SIM Card Activation

Since the Airtel 4G LTE service is available in Ibadan, those that reside in the state can get an Airtel 4G SIM card from any Airtel outlet or do a SIM swap for existing SIM.

The new Airtel SIM costs just N200 while those swapping their SIM for a new one will be charged N500, after buying the SIM, register it.

Once you are done with registering the new SIM or swapping it, insert the SIM into any 4G enabled smartphone and set your preferred network to 4G LTE, after doing this, you will receive a text message that you have been credited with a 4G trial offer of free 4G.

How to Upgrade Your Airtel SIM to 4G Plan

1. Back up your contacts.
2. Visit Airtel Service Centre nearest to you with a valid National ID.
3. Request for Airtel SIM upgrade.
4. Submit your old SIM.
5. Fill out the form given.
6. You will be issued a new 4G enabled SIM
7. Insert the new SIM on your phone, restart, and start enjoying.
Please note: To enjoy the Airtel 4G Network, you must be using a 4G enabled phone.

Airtel 4G Bundles

Below are the Airtel 4G data plans for Airtel 4G users.
PriceData AllowanceValidityUSSDURL
N5,00015GB30days*370# on your
N10,00040GB30days*370# on your
N15,00075GB30days*370# on your
N20,000120GB30days*370# on your

Router Booster Plans

Price (N)Data Vol (GB)Validity Days
10002GBSame validity as main bundle
20006GBSame validity as main bundle
300010GBSame validity as main bundle

Ultra Plans (Mifi/Router only)

Price (N)Data Vol (GB)Validity Days
Ultra 1000040GB + 250MB daily upon exhausting main bundle30days
Ultra 1500075GB + 500MB daily upon exhausting main bundle30days
Ultra 20000120GB + 1GB daily upon exhausting main bundle30days
The Airtel 4G Network is a faster way to connect and surf the internet. The network is fast covering major cities In Nigeria.
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