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How to Activate and Subscribe to Airtel Binge Data Plan

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– Airtel Binge Data Plan –

Airtel Binge Plan 2022 – The Airtel Binge Data Bundles is a daily bundle. This means it expires in 24 hours. When one exhausts this data even before the 24 hours limit, one can still unsubscribe. It can be called the Airtel download bundle. Read through for more information.

How to Activate and Subscribe to Airtel Binge Data Plan

About Airtel Binge Data plan

The Airtel Binge Data plan is a plan specifically designed to satisfy and meet the needs of heavy data usage. These people either download movies, stream movies, play online games, stream an online class, or use online applications.

Airtel Nigeria just introduced a new Data Plan to her collection of Data Plans already in the Nigerian space. Airtel Nigeria, known as the smartphone network or a popular slogan amongst users is one of the Nigerian telcos with a very good network internet browsing facility.

Most especially their 4G/3G network had proven this claim beyond doubt. Like one can literally upload gigabytes of items to the cloud using the 4G Airtel network facility in few minutes.

Regarding this, Airtel just introduced a new Data bundles plan on the internet for its users called the Binge Data. The Airtel binge data plan comes in 3 choices.

1. The first is the 2GB Airtel binge bundles for 500 Naira to last for 24 hours

2. The second is the 1GB Airtel binge bundles for 350 Naira to last for 24 hours

3. The third plan is the 6GB Airtel binge data bundle for 1000 Naira to last for 7 days (best for Bloggers)

All the data bundles are very good to download files, watching video tutorials on YouTube channels.

Also, for doing something urgent on the internet like presentations involving video conferencing for jobs, interviews, and another purpose.


Airtel Binge Data Plan

One of the major mobile networks in Nigeria, Airtel just announced a new data bundle plan for all kinds of mobile handset, known as the Airtel binge plans.

The Airtel Binge Plans is a suitable plan that allows you to enjoy affordable data rates, providing 2GB of daily for just N500.

These are data plans specially designed to satisfy your Heavy Data Needs.

If you want to download a movie, binge, watch a series, or stream an online class, the Airtel Binge plans are just for you.

N300 Binge PlanN3501GB1 Day*141*354# 
N500 Binge PlanN5002GB1 Day*141*504# 
N1,500 Binge PlanN15006GB7 Days*141*1504# 
Or simply Dial *141# and select Binge Plans

Airtel N500 Binge Plan

The major difference between this plan and the newly introduced MTN plan is that MTN offers a 2-day validity while Airtel offers one-day validity for the N500 plan.
However, the two plans are available at N500 and have a data volume of 2GB. It is easy to subscribe to the Airtel N500 Binge plan, simply dial *141*504#, and there you go.

Airtel N350 Binge Plan

If all you need is 1GB for one day, the Airtel N500 Binge plan may not be the ideal plan for you. In such a case, consider the Airtel N350 Binge plan.
The N350 Binge plan offers 1GB of data for one day; They can use the data for anything you can think of–to browse, download, stream online videos, attend favorite online classes, etc. You can subscribe to this plan by dialing *141*354#.

How to Subscribe for Airtel Binge Data Bundles

1. First, go to your mobile phone menu for dialing

2. Dial *141# to access Airtel Data bundles menu and Send

3. Chose the number that corresponds to Buy a Binge Plan and hit Send

4. Chose either 2GB for N500 or 1GB for N350 by inputting the corresponding code and send.

5. Click on the confirmation to confirm and send

After you might have exhausted these bundles before 24 hours, you can subscribe for more airtime again and resubscribe for the bundles again.

Say, for example, you want to download a 5GB game or Movies. You can budget 1350 Naira for that plight, which for me I think is quite OK, depending on how enthusiastic you really want the game or movie or something else that suits your thrill.

How to Subscribe for 5GB Data on Airtel Binge

First, you subscribe to the 500 Naira/2GB Binge Bundles. Once you have exhausted it downloading or doing whatever that requires 5GB. Then, secondly, you resubscribe again, 500 Naira/2GB Binge Bundles.

And lastly, you subscribe to the 1GB/350 Naira Binge Bundles which sums up to 5GB of bundles for 1350 Naira.

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