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– Airtel Data Promo –

Airtel Nigeria offers promos yearly to its customers. The promo could be excess data or excess call cards, and the promo does last for some days, weeks, or even months depending on how they want it to be.

Read through this article for Everything About Airtel Nigeria Data Promo 2022.

Day by day, the airtel promo shows up. Many don’t enjoy it because of a lack of information. This article aims at providing useful, tested, and working information for you.

Airtel Nigeria (Airtel Networks Limited), is committed to providing innovative, exciting, affordable, and quality mobile services to Nigerians, giving them the freedom to communicate, rise above their daily challenges and drive economic and social development.

At Airtel Nigeria, they know that our most important assets are our people. That is why they constantly strive to hire passionate people who have energy and a can-do spirit looking to impact their communities positively.

Their core values of being alive to the needs of the customer, having an inclusive mindset in all they do as well as ensuring we are respectful to the fact that their customers are the reason for existence, is enshrined in all we do.

What is Airtel Nigeria Promo?

Airtel Nigeria promo offer is an incentive by Airtel Nigeria to persuade or lure more customers to their network. It is also a ploy to keep existing ones.

Truth be told, this is the most rewarding of all the plans yet. For one, it caters to all Airtel customers both old and new. Secondly, no special preparation for you to enjoy it.

How Long Does Airtel Nigeria’s Promo Offer Last?

The industry standard is 6 months of validity. However, they can either extend or reduce the period of time the offer lasts. What is most important currently is that the promo is on as we speak.

What are the Eligibility Criteria for Airtel Nigeria Promo?

Let me quickly highlight the eligibility criteria in five sentences.

  1. The foremost eligibility test is that you must have a decent Airtel data network coverage in your area.
  2. Secondly, you need to be in the possession of an active Airtel sim card. Either old or existing.
  3. Closely related is the fact that you need some airtime that is enough to purchase the data plan you choose. For example, you need #1,000 to get 3GB(1.5GB without a promo)
  4. Especially relevant, you must own an internet-ready device like Modem, or a phone.
  5. Finally, if you received that special SMS from Airtel announcing the offer, you are automatically qualified.

How to Enjoy Airtel Nigeria Data Promo

To enjoy this offer, all you need to do is to buy any data plan of your choosing. Say the package you should opt for must be informed by how stable the Airtel data network is in your area.

  • To buy a data bundle in order to enjoy this double data promo from Airtel Nigeria, please dial *141#

Airtel Nigeria Data Promo

And you will start receiving your double data plan for six months. As for Globalcom, almost every one of their data subscriptions is a promo.
Airtel has no choice but to join the train or be relegated. We now have an Airtel Nigeria 150% data promo valid for 14 days, ₦200 for 500MB, and ₦1000 for 3.75GB with a full rollover feature.

Who is Eligible for Airtel Nigeria Data Promo?

Unfortunately but not surprising, Airtel still selects sim cards in no particular order to benefit from their promotional offers. The age of the sim doesn’t matter.
Neither is the sim number. Every lucky customer of Airtel is qualified. Both new and existing. However, certain old clients have a higher chance.

Airtel Promo Eligibility Test

This is not for every Airtel user. It is for selected sim cards. If you don’t receive the 150% bonus, know that you are not eligible.

  1. If you have already received a message like the following from Airtel: “FREE 150% Double Data, Just For You! Get 1.8GB for just N500 valid for 14 days. Hurry! Dial *418*2# now to enjoy this amazing offer every day for 6 months,” then you are eligible to activate it.
  2. Also, you can check if you are eligible by using the following tricks: make sure your balance is not up to N500, then dial 418 *2#. If you receive a reply, you got that says “Insufficient balance”, “message”, then you are eligible!!!
  3. Finally, if you have been benefiting from previous Airtel promos, you will most likely be eligible. However, please recheck to be sure.

Airtel Data Promo: How to Activate

  1. To activate the Airtel Nigeria 150% data promo #500 for 1.8Gb which is valid for 14 days, complete the following process:
  2. Get your Airtel sim card into a phone
  3. Perform the eligibility test above.
  4. Once the test is passed, recharge your line with an amount that is sufficient for the plan you wish to subscribe to (e.g. 200ngn, 500ngn, or 1000ngn). To me, the #500 package is the most reasonable.
  5. Now dial *418*2#.
  6. To check your balance, dial *140#, and remember that it’s valid for two weeks. That is 14 days.

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