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– Airtel Talk More Code –

Airtel Talk More Code – Are you looking for an Airtel tariff plan that will give you excess airtime for your calls? This plan is an innovative tariff plan that provides a convenient price. 

Airtel Talk More Code: Everything You Need to Know

Airtel Talk More comes with three-voice bundles of N150, N250, and N700 with different validity periods. With this, you can get amazing bonuses on data, SMS, and calls to all networks (National and international).

TalkMore Bundles are great value bundles that give 500% of the value of airtime to make calls and send SMS to all networks in Nigeria without restrictions.


Talkmore Bundles can also make international calls to the USA, Canada, UK landlines, China, and India.

Also, and browse the internet TalkMore Bundles are open to all Airtel customers (Prepaid and Postpaid) . They come in different price points that fit every size of the pocket.

You can now enjoy more talking and pay less at the same time. Airtel pays attention to the trend in customer demands for cheap mobile connections.

Ths is why it has come up with this mind-blowing tariff plan for customers to enjoy.

What is Airtel Talk More?

Airtel Talk More tariff plan offers you a greater value on all your recharges with its instant 200% benefits up for grab upon migration.

Airtel Talk More is a Fresh development on Airtel Network with the role out of Airtel Talk More which gives you amazing bonuses on data, SMS, and calls to all networks in Nigeria.

Also, Airtel Talk More offers you three-voice bundles of N150, N250, and N700 with different validity periods. With this, you can get amazing bonuses on data, SMS, and calls to all networks!

This Airtel Talk More Plan is like the Mtn Better Talk, where you can also get 500% on all calls.


Airtel Talk More Terms and Conditions

Listed below are the terms and conditions of the Airtel Talk More plan.

1. Talkmore 5x Bundle is available to All Airtel customers (new and existing).
2. Talkmore 5x Bundle is available to both Prepaid and Postpaid customers.
3. Usage from Talk more 5x Bundle takes priority over Main Account balance for voice and SMS.
4. If a customer has a data bundle and Talkmore 5x Bundle they will charge data usage first from the data bundle balance.
5. Calls to an international destination other than the USA, Canada, UK Landline, China, and India will be charged from Main Account balance.

How to View Your Airtel Talk More Balance

If you want to check your Airtel Talk more balance and you don’t know what to do, Kindly dial *123*5# to view your remaining balance.
NOTE: In some cases, it may occur that your balance will be sent to you via SMS.

How to Subscribe to Airtel TalkMore 5x Bundle

Kindly follow the guide below by dialing the codes to activate your Airtel Talk more and start enjoying it.
NOTE: Your main account balance must be sufficient for the Talk more bundle you wish to subscribe to. If you want to subscribe for the N60–N300, you must have N60 balance on your main account and so on.

Bundle Price Value Received Direct Purchase Code SMS Short Code Validity
N60 N300 *234*60# Send TM60 to 234 30 Days
N100 N500 *234*100# Send TM100 to 234 30 Days
N150 N750 *234*150# Send TM150 to 234 30 Days
N200 N1,000 *234*200# Send TM200 to 234 30 Days
N250 N1,250 *234*250# Send TM250 to 234 30 Days
N300 N1,500 *234*300# Send TM300 to 234 30 Days
N500 N2,500 *234*500# Send TM500 to 234 30 Days
N700 N3,500 *234*700# Send TM700 to 234 30 Days
N1,000 N5,000 *234*1000# Send TM1000 to 234 30 Days
N1,500 N7,500 *234*1500# Send TM1500 to 234 30 Days
N3,000 N15,000 *234*30# Send TM3000 to 234 30 Days

Airtel Talkmore Validity

All the Airtel Talkmore bundle plans are valid for 30days. When purchasing the bundle plan, understand that you can purchase as many TalkMore bundles as you need.
But if you buy another TalkMore bundle before validity expiry, they roll your unused bundle balance over into the new bundle and assumes the new bundle’s validity.
If you do not buy another bundle before validity expiry, it will lose any unused bundle value upon validity expiry. All your unexpired bundles would adopt the validity date of the latest purchased bundle.

FAQs on Airtel Talk More Code

Below are the frequently asked questions on Airtel talk more code
1. Can I use the Airtel night bundle without migrating to a smart trybe?

No, you can only gain access to this plan if you are on a smart trybe, so you must migrate first.

2. What is the Night plan Code?

 Code to subscribe to Airtel night is *312#. When you dial the code, you select 3 for Night Browsing.

3. How do I get 1.5GB on Airtel Night Browsing?

 Before you can get 1.5GB data for N200 but Airtel has discontinued that offer. Currently, you can only get 250MB for N25. So if you subscribe 6 times a night, you can get 1.5GB for 150 Naira.

4. How many digits does Airtel recharge card have?

16 digit number

5. Can Airtel night plan be done twice?

They can renew the Airtel night plan if exhausted. This means that you can subscribe again after exhausting the initial 1.5GB.

6. Is Airtel night Plan Unlimited?

By dialing *481*2#, you may enroll for an unbounded Airtel 3 hour unlimited night plan

7. What is the limit of Airtel night plan?

The Airtel night plan is valid from Midnight to 5:00 AM the following morning. This means that it is valid for 5 Hours.

8. How do I check Airtel airtime balance?

To check airtime or account balance on your Airtel, simply dial *123#, then wait for an instant SMS response showing you your airtime balance.

9. How do I get airtime bonus on Airtel?

You can only get the bonus when you recharge using *555*PIN#. If you recharge with *126*PIN# you will not get the bonus.

10. How can I transfer airtime from SIM to SIM?

Dial *777*Recipient’s Number*Amount*PIN# on your phone and then click on send/press OK

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