Everything You Need to Know about Airtel Talk More Code

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The Airtel Talk More code in Nigeria is a special code from Airtel Nigeria that helps you get extra value when you recharge your phone. 

Airtel Talk More Code

If you are someone who can talk longer and stay connected with loved ones and business associates, then this offer is for you.

Let’s take a closer look at more important features and advantages of the Airtel Talk More Code. 

What’s the Airtel Talk More Code?

To get Airtel Talk More, just dial *234*1# and choose the Talk More plan you want. 

If you prefer, you can buy Talk More Bundles directly by using codes like *234*100# for the N100 plan.

Moreover, you can do a Direct Recharge by using a regular recharge voucher.

Just dial *311*1*Recharge Pin# for vouchers of N100, N200, N300, N500, or N1000.

Note that this direct recharge method only works for those mentioned voucher values.

Airtel Talk More Terms and Conditions

Here are the terms and conditions of the Airtel Talk More plan:

1. The TalkMore Bundles are available to all Airtel customers, regardless of whether they are new or old.

2. Prepaid and Postpaid customers can have the TalkMore Bundles at their disposal.

3. When you use your TalkMore Bundle for calls and text messages, it’s used up first before your regular account balance is deducted.

4. If you have both a data bundle and a TalkMore Bundle at the same time, your internet usage will be taken from the data bundle first before using the TalkMore Bundle.

5. Calls to international destinations, excluding USA, Canada, UK Landline, China, and India, will be charged from the Main Account balance.

Features of Airtel TalkMore Bundles

TalkMore Bundles offers amazing value.

The bundle provides you with 500% more airtime to make calls and send SMS to any network in Nigeria, without any restrictions.

When you make local calls to any network with TalkMore Bundles, you’ll be charged at N48 per minute (80k/s). 

Sending local SMS costs N4 per SMS, and data usage is priced at N51.2 per megabyte.

International calls are charged directly from your main account at standard rates.

TalkMore Bundles are available to all Airtel customers, both Prepaid and Postpaid. 

They come in various price points to suit every budget. This ensures that there’s an option that fits your pocket size. 

Bundle PriceValue ReceivedDirect Purchase Code Validity
N60N300*234*60#3 Days
N100N500*234*100#30 Days
N150N750*234*150#30 Days
N200N1,000*234*200#30 Days
N250N1,250*234*250#30 Days
N300N1,500*234*300#30 Days
N500N2,500*234*500#30 Days
N700N3,500*234*700#30 Days
N1,000N5,000*234*1000#30 Days
N7,500N1,500*234*1500#30 Days
N3,000N15,000*234*30#30 Days

How to Check Your Airtel Talk More Balance

Airtel Talk More Code

To check how much balance you have left in your Airtel Talk More, just dial *234*8#.

Your remaining balance will then be displayed on your screen. 

Sometimes, you might also receive a message with your balance details. 

How Do I Manage TalkMore Auto-renewal?

When you buy a TalkMore Bundle, you’ll get a message asking if you want it to automatically renew or not when it expires.

1. To say “Yes” to auto-renewal: Dial *234*1# and choose the bundle you want.

2. To say “No” to auto-renewal: Dial 2*341*bundle_amount1# (e.g., *234*1*1001#).

Do I Lose My Remaining TalkMore Bundle if it Expires?

If your TalkMore Bundle is about to expire and you purchase a new one before that happens, the remaining balance from the old bundle is transferred to the new one. 

The new package will have the expiration date specified.

Nevertheless, when the old bundle expires and you don’t get a new one, you’ll lose the remaining value.

So, make sure you get the new one before the current one finishes so that you can keep what’s left of it.

The Airtel Talk More plan in Nigeria is a great deal for both Airtel users who pay before they talk and Airtel users who pay after they talk. 

It gives you a chance to continue your conversations with your friends and work colleagues.

You can recharge with special codes and choose from the plans that best fit your budget.

With TalkMore Bundles you get 500% more talk time and text messages to reach anyone in Nigeria. 

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