The Top 10 Sorrowful Anime Betrayal Scenes Explained With Updates

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The Top 10 Sorrowful Anime Betrayal Scenes Explained With Updates.

Anime Betrayals: Nothing hurts more than betrayal. It is an act that most people find unforgivable. In anime, betrayal seems to happen in a big and unexpected manner.

It brings out the worst in people and oftentimes results in serious battles and tragic endings. However, anime fans can agree with me that an epic betrayal makes way for the best acts of revenge.

The most epic anime betrayals regularly take the form of a hero turning into a villain, or of an innocent character illuminating a dark side. Here in this article is a list of the top 10 betrayals witnessed in anime. They include:

1. Griffith Sacrifices the Band of Hawk in Berserk

In the anime Berserk, Griffith leads the Band of the Hawk, a group of mercenaries recruited by the king to fight significant battles that influenced the outcome of the Hundred Year War. Their success is cut short when Griffith’s affair with the princess results in his imprisonment and torture.

The Band of the Hawk suffers, but they eventually recover enough to come to their beloved leader’s rescue. However, when they finally reach Griffith, what they find is a shell of what he used to be.

What’s worse, during the course of the rescue, Griffith initiates a shocking act of betrayal when he activates his Crimson Behelit. He sacrifices the Band of the Hawk, so he can be reborn as the God Hand, Femto.

2. Aizen Betrays Soul Society in Bleach

Sosuke Aizen is well-known for being the main antagonist in Bleach. However, he first appears as an easygoing and reserved individual. His sinister nature is shown later in the series when he takes the position of captain in the Soul Society military.

He is admired by many of the Shin’O Academy students and highly regarded by officials of the Soul Society, but then he abruptly abandons his position and destroys all perceptions of loyalty to his community.

Furthermore, Aizen takes his betrayal a step further when he returns with the army of Arrancar to wage war against the Soul Society.

3. Archer Comes Back to Kill Himself in Fate/Stay Night

In Fate/Stay Night, it is discovered that Archer’s real identity is an older Shirou Emiya from a parallel universe. Archer is a Counter Guardian, a force that is usually summoned to prevent the world from imminent danger.

Archer betrays his younger self by making a contract with the world to enter into a timeline to kill himself to prevent such a disastrous timeline from happening.

4. Kyubey Tricks Little Girls in Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Kyubey is the adorable kitten-like creature in Puella Magi Madoka Magica. It comes to young girls with the promise of granting them their biggest wish. In exchange for the wish, the girls must sign a contract where they sign up as magical girls who must protect the world from witches. It all seems very innocent and almost too good to be true.

Well, as the anime continues, you find out that this life as a magical girl comes with a cost. Once a girl signs one of Kyubey’s contracts, they do become magical girls. However, Kyubey doesn’t tell them that when a magical girl falls into despair, they turn into witches to be hunted by other young girls. This results in a tragic, never-ending cycle.

5. Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus Betray Sailor Moon

Sailor Neptune and Uranus are well-known for running off on their own and using alternative methods when fighting villains.

In Sailor Moon Sailor Stars, the two end up committing the ultimate act of betrayal by joining Sailor Galaxia in her quest for stealing Star Seeds and defeating Sailor Moon.

What Sailor Moon didn’t know was that the two Sailors Senshi, did this to get closer to Galaxia in an effort to steal her Star Seed. While Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus ultimately acted in what they thought was the best interest of the Sailor Scouts, their choice to leave Sailor Moon out of the loop as they betrayed her resulted in lots of heartbreak and shock.

6. Satsuki Betrays Ragyo in Kill La Kill

Satsuki Kiryuin is a huge influence figure in Kill la Kill because she is the president of the student council at Honnoji Academy. For the first part of the anime, Satsuki is the main antagonist. However, it is later revealed that she is the daughter of Ragyo Kiryuin, wife of the CEO of Revocs Corporation.

It is also revealed that Satsuki failed to fuse with Life Fibers at a young age, and because of this, her mother sees her as a disappointment. Later, Ragyo’s evil plan to sacrifice the city to the Life Fibers is revealed. In a shocking twist, Satsuki chooses to betray her mother by siding with her peers.

7. Everything is About Betrayal in Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo

The Count of Monte Cristo is all about manipulation, revenge, and betrayal. Before he dedicated his life to revenge, Edmond Dantes was a kind-hearted sailor who frequently fell victim to the people around him.

After falling in love with a young woman named Mercedes, he is framed and imprisoned on false charges by his so-called friends on the day of his wedding. During his imprisonment, he allows the demon Gankutsuou to possess him, so he can seek his revenge against the people who wronged him.

The biggest betrayal of all is when the Count discovers that his bride to be, Mercedes eventually went on to marry one of his conspirators while he was imprisoned.

8. Anthy Backstabs Utena in Revolutionary

Loyalty is an attribute that often goes unrewarded, which is definitely the case for Anthy and Utena in Revolutionary Girl Utena. Anthy is the Rose Bride, a reward given to winning duelists at Ohtori Academy. Utena wins Anthy and from that point forward, the two become good friends.

In the series, it’s revealed that Anthy is in a romantic relationship with her brother, Akio, and holds the Sword of Dios within her. Akio is a power-hungry individual who manipulates his younger sister and eventually pits the two girls against each other.

When Akio reveals Anthy’s identity as a Witch, Utena refuses to believe him and the two engage in a duel. In a shocking act of betrayal, Anthy reveals her true nature by stabbing Utena in the back.

9. Bertolt and Reiner Reveal they are Titans in Attack on Titan

In Attack on Titan, Titans are creatures that pose a huge threat to humanity. In the year 845, these giant creatures breach a wall meant to keep them away from mankind because of a hole created by two unique Titans, the Colossus and Armored Titans.

This results in the death of many people, including Eren Yeager’s mother. A few years later, Eren trains with other humans to fight against the Titan invasion. He becomes friends Reiner and Bertolt, two guys who also seem to hate Titans.

During a battle to defend humanity, Reiner reveals that he and Bertolt are actually the Colossus and Armored Titans, the very same Titans responsible for the breach at Wall Maria and the tragic passing of his mother. The deception is jaw-dropping and sends Eren into a fit of utter rage.

10. Walter Betraying Integra in Hellsing

Walter is an elderly man who takes on the role of a butler for Integra Hellsing. Despite his refined appearance, he can still take on vampires with ease, even at his old age. In the series, Walter is captured by the Captain, who puts him through a transformation process that transforms him into a younger, stronger, and more advanced version of himself.

Walter makes his return and reveals to his old friends that he is Millenium’s new secret weapon, the Angel of Death. His betrayal comes as a big shock to Integra, who is stunned by his defiance and newfound loyalty.

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