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20 Best April Fools’ Pranks to Try in 2022 – Creative Joke Ideas

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– April Fools Pranks 2022 –

1st April every year is known for April Fools’ Pranks. So, are you getting ready for this year’s pranks?  Check out these options if you want to make them memorable and enjoyable.

April Fools Pranks

This year should give you all of the opportunities you require to live out your hilarious fantasies.

Yeah! There are a lot of funny folks out there who make a living off of their sense of humor and they are happy with it.

You should be happy too because happiness is an enormous medicine, and it’s the perfect cure when things are heavy or downright difficult.

However, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best ideas that involve little previous planning and cost nothing. You can try them out on your friends, colleagues, and family.

So, before you try out some of these greatest April Fools Pranks lists, make sure you have time to prepare.

Best April Fools Pranks

Are you ready for us? Relax! These will be the Best April Fools pranks you’ve ever seen!

1. Confetti Fun

April Fools Pranks

Here what you need to do is to Cut a piece of paper into hundreds of small confetti bits. Then, place them carefully on top of a ceiling fan.

Make sure the fan is turned off and that the person you are doing this to doesn’t see you doing it. After that, depart quietly as if nothing has happened.

Wait for your unwitting target to enter the room and turn on the ceiling fan, then wonder why they’re being showered with confetti-like it’s their birthday.

2. Deodorant with Cream Cheese

April Fools Pranks

This April Fools’ prank will make a shambles and may irritate your prank victim, but it’s mainly harmless. Begin by “borrowing” their deodorant when they’re not looking.

Twist the deodorant container at the bottom until around two inches of deodorant comes out. Replace it with cream cheese, which you mold and shape with your hands after removing it with a spoon.

It takes effort and imagination since it must be genuine enough that your pal will not hesitate to put it to their armpits.

However, if you do it well, expect a bloodcurdling scream from the restroom. This is one of the best April fools pranks to do at home.

3. Glass Defy

April Fools Pranks

Place an upside-down glass of water on your prank victim’s desk or table and challenge them to find out how to retrieve it without spilling the contents.

You can fill a glass halfway with water, then set a card on top of it before swiftly turning it upside down on the surface. Then you carefully remove the card. Have fun while watching them try a couple of times.

4. Slash Tires Prank

April Fools Pranks

Get your game face ready for this one because it will require some acting. Print four photographs of Slash, the guitarist for Guns N’ Roses, and tape one to each tire of your friend’s vehicle.

In a hurry, rush back inside and report that their tires have been slashed. Your buddy will most likely bolt outside, both angry and terrified.

They’ll be relieved to see photographs of Slash on their tires, though. Keep it up.

5. Oreos with Toothpaste

April Fools Pranks

Yeah! This is a tried-and-true trick that never fails. Purchase a box of Oreos, remove the cream, then rebuild with white toothpaste.

Who can resist taking one Oreo if they see a pack of Oreos that has already been opened?

Unfortunately for this unsuspecting victim, the new “mint” flavor will make them gag when they bite into this reward. But they can get angry with you. Of course, what are pranks for?

Funny April Fools Pranks

After reading these Funny April Fools Pranks, you will want to give it a try. Just check them out!

1. Don’t Pull, Push Instead

April Fools Pranks

Find a door that can only be opened by pulling it open, then place a “Push Only Please” sign on it that seems official.

You’d be astonished at how many individuals continue to push despite mounting evidence that it’s not going to succeed.

Why do we obey signs without question, even when they defy logic? There’s a psychology thesis in there somewhere.

 All you have to do now is figure out how long you’ll let them struggle before reminding them of April Fool.

2. No End in Sight

April Fools Pranks

What could be more aggravating than continually rotating the toilet paper roll in quest of the end? Make the practice considerably more difficult by spraying the toilet paper roll’s loose edge with hairspray.

They can roll and roll, but they won’t be able to remove the loose edge before losing their calm.

3. Drink The Undrinkable

April Fools Pranks

Make some Jello and place it in juice glasses with a straw in each one.

Serve them up to your visitors or friend. They will be surprised those “drinks” aren’t even liquid, and those straws aren’t going to help them get anywhere.

4. Loud Noise


April Fools Pranks

Attach a hidden message to your friend’s car’s bumper that reads: “Honk Please”. Don’t let The driver have any idea. The difficulty will be to get the sign-on without attracting the attention of the motorist.

This works best with a co-conspirator who can distract the victim while they get inside the car, so you can glue the message to their bumper later.

But make sure it’s something that can be taken off easily so the joke doesn’t get entrenched.

5. Balloon Room

April Fools Pranks

You shouldn’t stuff every accessible square inch of a friend’s office with balloons. instead stuff it with square inch balloons, making it impossible to enter without popping them all one by one.

The number of balloons you need is determined by the size of their office and the size of the balloons you’re using.

Thankfully, we have the Internet, and there’s even a Reddit post dedicated to deciphering the arithmetic behind this.

Office April Fools Pranks

Here are some office April fools pranks for your co-workers that might interest you.

1. Plant Grass in your coworker’s Keyboard 

April Fools Pranks

I know what you’re thinking: wouldn’t it take too long to grow? They’d already know if you had to plant it a couple of days prior.

Don’t worry, I’ll show you how it’s done. You’ll need to buy another keyboard, plant the seed, and then swap it out with the other guy’s smart keyboard.

His retorts will be hilarious. Please don’t do that to someone who has a grass allergy.

2. Toggle the Screen

April Fools Pranks

It’s so simple that it’d be a crime not to use it on someone on April Fools’ Day. All you have to do is gain access to their computer (wait till they’re on a break or at lunch) and press Ctrl+Alt+Down Arrow.

Everything on their PC screen is abruptly turned upside down. Don’t worry, it’s just as simple to undo. Simply press Ctrl+Alt+Up Arrow.

That is, if you’re using a Mac, go to System Preferences, Displays, and then the “Rotate” menu.

3. Missed Call Prank

What better way to break up a long day at work than with some lighthearted entertainment? Leave a note on your coworker’s desk stating that “Mr. Baer” or “Mr. Lyon” called them.

Also, remember to leave a phone number! That is the phone number for the nearby zoo.

Either your coworker will notice straight away and you’ll get to experience their displeasure at being so gullible.

Or, you’ll giggle as they continually inquire for Mr. “bear” or “lion” to a group of endlessly amused zoo personnel.

4. Attach An Airhorn to Their Seat

You can wait after work the day before the D-day or go early to work to attach an airhorn on your colleague’s seat.

So, immediately they open the door, come in and take a seat, it will blow a horn and they will gag or jump.  Their reaction is going to be very amusing and interesting.

You can try it on another colleague, especially that one that always comes to work late.

5. Mouse Prank

This is another April Fools prank that might interest you. All you just need to do is to get your seatmate or colleague’s mouse to cover it with paper or something that will allow the mouse sensor to work properly.

Make sure you test if it is working after covering. You can write “April fool” on the paper so that they turn it in after trying a couple of times, they will realize it’s a prank!  

April Fools Pranks for Family

Check out these harmless April fools pranks for your family.

1. House for Sale

When your children go to school and your spouse goes to work, or when anyone you’re staying with leaves. Holla! Now is the time to put up the for-sale sign you have been hiding for long!

Place it on your doorknob or somewhere else they’ll see quickly when they return. You will be marvel at their reaction. The look of surprise on their face will make you giggle until your ribs hurt.

If you don’t want to miss their reaction while you’re at work, keep a hidden camera in an inconspicuous location.

Sometimes, when they call, you can get photographs of their emotions over the phone. This is one of the best April Fool family pranks ever.

2. TV Clips

Purchase a universal remote and have it synchronized with your television. Then wait till your friends or family are watching TV and believe they have complete control over the situation.

They have no idea that you’re discreetly outside, gazing through the window and waving your remote at the television.

The idea is to gradually increase the strain. Don’t go berserk and start changing channels on them at random.

Wait until the show they’re watching reaches a tense point, then abruptly switch to the Home Shopping Network. Practice makes perfect in this case, so do a few dry runs before your April Fools’ moment in the spotlight.

3. Bake a batch of “Brownies”

Tell a few friends or family members that you’ll be baking “brownies” for everyone.

Then, while your friends and family believe you’re baking for them, cut out many letters “E”s from brown construction paper, stuff them into a pan, cover with tinfoil, and announce that you’re done.

Stand back and watch everyone’s faces collapse as they unwrap the tinfoil and discover there’s no dessert inside.

Make sure to only tell people about it through word of mouth, so they won’t be offended if you truly give them brown Es.

4. Barrier Made of Rubber Bands

Spend some time wrapping one of their most important items, such as the remote control or their smartphone, in layers of rubber bands.

Then watch as your family strives to keep their cool long enough to liberate it.

5. Diaper Soiled

Yes, the classic baby shower game of melted chocolate in a diaper also works well as April Fools’ day jokes.

If you have a baby at home, put chocolate candy or peanut butter on a diaper, then call in a spouse or child to watch in horror while you eat the mess

Good April Fools Pranks over Text

Don’t worry if you aren’t a seasoned prankster just yet; there are plenty of amusing April Fools’ Day prank texts to make you look like a comedy king or queen. For a variety of reasons, pulling a prank through text is rather simple.

Also, For one thing, most folks aren’t anticipating it. Unlike, for instance, when they have to stroll into the office and double-check that their coffee hasn’t been replaced with orange juice.

Their swivel chair, on the other hand, is devoid of tacks. Second, deception is significantly easier because you don’t have to put on an “act” through writing. However, check out the top five mind-blowing April Fools Pranks over Text.

1. The Snapchat Story

This one is simple but brutal, and everyone who uses social media knows how terrifying it can be. “Did you realize you just posted [insert something embarrassing] on your story?” all you have to do is message your friend.

2. The Police are Here

For this one, all you have to do is text your pal anything like “the cops are here” or “the FBI was looking for you??” and then sit back and watch them freak out.

However, the more surprised and intrigued you appear, the more credible it appears.

3. The Mouse in the House

If you live with the person you intend to prank, this prank will work. Also, you must text them, appearing terrified, and inform them that you have just discovered a mouse in the house.

Find something little and stringy to put beneath the fridge to make it look like a tail for additional terror points.

4. The STD

However, This is not for the faint of heart, and you should only try it on someone you know will forgive you.

Block your phone number and text the following message to a friend: your partner wants to make sure you know whether you’ve been exposed to an STD by using an anonymous notification service.

5. The Facebook Post

You’ll need to block your phone number for this one. Therefore, “I’ve just read your Facebook post and I’m extremely interested in the llamas you have for sale, what price would you sell for?” text your friend.


Are There Any Good Ideas for April Fools to Play on My Kid?

Yes! These silly gags that you can put together in a minute or two will delight your kids. So, give these a shot;

1. Running Late for School: Set the clocks in your house an hour ahead of time when your children go to bed. In the morning, rush them out the door as usual, but instead of going straight to school, you’ll have time to stop for breakfast.


2. The Eye-Pad: Pretend you got your child an iPad, but in reality, all you did was buy them an eye-pad from the pharmacy or store. Afterall,  Eye-Pad is also a device!

 3. Black Beans Cookies: Mash potatoes and black beans together to make “chocolate chip cookies.” The startling likeness will astound even you.

Why Are My Potato Pancakes Falling Apart?

If your potato pancakes are crumbling, it’s time to make a new batch. Simply know that your buddy or partner has played a practical joke on you by putting too much water in it. Before you start cooking, add more flour to keep them together while you’re shaping them.

Why Do My Peanut Butter Cookies Not Taste Like Peanut Butter?

Something has gone horribly wrong! Is April Fool’s Day here? If you answered yes, someone has played a joke on you; if you answered yes, you’re really good.
Let me explain: ostensibly “normal” peanut butter, with its additional emulsifiers, sugars, and hydrogenated oils, will infect the flavor of your cookies with its strange artificiality, resulting in a change in taste.

For inspiration, choose any of these our easy April fools pranks. They are very harmless and you can try them at home.

However, if these prank ideas are very interesting and worth trying, do not forget to hit the like button, comment, and share with friends, colleagues, friends, and family.

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