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10 Best Arabic Immersion Programs for International Students in 2020

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10 Best Arabic Immersion Programs for International Students in 2020.

Best Arabic Immersion Programs: Do you know that Language immersion programs can make you become speedily fluent in any language? Yes, it can; It can indeed help you to stand out in language competitions.

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For international students searching for Arabic immersion programs, this article is going to give a list of ten Arabic immersion programs that can be very useful in making the Arabic language easier for you. These programs can speed your grasp of the language.

1. AUB Summer Arabic Programs

Study Arabic at the American University of Beirut! The Center for Arab and Middle Eastern Studies (CAMES) at the American University of Beirut offers intensive programs in Arabic Language and Culture and in Colloquial Lebanese Arabic each summer.

Students immerse themselves in Arabic language and culture inside and outside the classroom in the city of Beirut, one of the most dynamic and vibrant Arab cities. The rich extracurricular program features lectures, films, trips, and volunteer activities in some of Beirut’s NGO’s.

The program allows students to earn 9 credits of Arabic in seven weeks. Credits earned at AUB may be transferred to other universities and funding for the program is available.

AUB provides students attending the program with accommodation on AUB campus, health insurance, and access to AUB’s beach and sports facilities.

Program Highlights:

  • Full immersion in Arabic language and culture
  • A learner-centered environment in which students are considered as partners who take responsibility for their learning
  • A dynamic and experienced instructional team that includes teachers from AUB and abroad who are trained in the latest theories and practices of language pedagogy
  • Learning support outside the classroom via the tutors and conversation partners who help cater to the individual needs of students in the program
  • A rich extracurricular program that features lectures, films, trips, and volunteer activities in some of Beirut’s NGO’s

2. Spoken Levantine Arabic Intensive July Program in Haifa

Sign up for an intensive colloquial course open to all students above the age of 18 with a high school diploma, as well as to adult learners. Prior knowledge of Arabic isn’t required, which means you can take up this program even without language proficiency.

Classes last five hours each day for four days a week. These are complemented with an academic tour to various Arab communities on the fifth day to provide you an opportunity to speak Arabic and immerse in the culture.

Locations of interest include the following:

  • The Old City of Acre (Akko): Walk along the impressive walls of Acre and the Templars’ tunnel or visit the ‘Hamam el-Basha’, a magnificent 18th-century bathhouse.
  • Druze Villages in the Golan Heights: Experience the daily life and unique culture of traditional Druze villages. Visit a Druze household and learn about their interesting religion and history.
  • Study Tour in Jerusalem: Visit the Temple Mount – a holy site for Jews, Christians, and Muslims – and listen to a lecture given by an Islamic archaeology expert. Enrich your experience and knowledge with an additional visit to the Museum of Islamic Art in Jerusalem.

The Spoken Arabic Intensive July Program places an emphasis on grammar and vocabulary through everyday situations and topics.

It equips you with skills essential in communicating confidently and effectively in Levantine Arabic in a broad range of situations. Throughout the course, you will receive individual help from the University of Haifa students who are native Arabic speakers.

Program Highlights:

  • Earn 5 academic credits upon successful completion of the program.
  • Join a range of social activities, including celebrations and trips, together with other program participants.
  • Live with other students from around the globe while living in the University’s dormitory facilities.
  • Create a bond with local Israeli students through a student buddy program.

3. Arabic Summer School in Rabat, Morocco

The program is crafted to develop student proficiency and communication in Modern Standard Arabic. The integrative training is a gateway to the rich components of the Arab culture, within the framework of intercultural dialogue and communication.

Mohammed V University is a dual-campus university in Morocco’s capital city. It ranks as one of the top 200 universities worldwide in a BRICS country or an emerging economy.

Homestay is the key to full cultural immersion. Participants will live with a Moroccan family, share meals with them, and build up lifelong relationships. Participants will have the opportunity to discover Moroccan culture through their lenses, attend traditional parties, socialize with friends, and explore a unique blend of identities.

Since comfort is a priority, participants may meticulously select the family that matches their interests. The trips are a unique opportunity to discover Morocco’s eclectic mix of cultures. Trips will be organized in Morocco’s top cities.

Program Highlights:

  • Experience a new cultural immersion.
  • Make friends from around the world and expand your network.
  • Be prepared for an international workplace.
  • Increase your employability.
  • Visit Rabat, Marrakech, Chefchaouen, Tetouane, and Essouira.

4. Egyptian Colloquial Arabic Course in Cairo, Egypt

Established in 1975, International Language Institute is affiliated to the Worldwide Organization of International House London which currently has 150 member schools worldwide and is the exclusive IH provider of Arabic language courses.

Our wide range of clients includes internationally-renowned universities sending students on ‘Study Abroad’ programs, diplomatic agencies such as the UK FCO and New Zealand Middle East Diplomatic Mission, Ministries of Education from Brunei,

Malaysia and Singapore, the Military from the USA and UK, the media, UN and EU, charitable organizations, teachers, Egyptologists and archaeologists and of course, hundreds of individual students from all walks of life.

Our courses start monthly and we guarantee to offer 9-course levels of both Egyptian Colloquial Arabic (ECA: spoken Arabic), from beginners to advanced levels. With some 200-300 full-time students monthly from all over the world, we can do this.

We have already completed our first series of 5 books, Kallimni Arabic, (spoken Arabic) are currently developing our second-course Lughatuna Al-Fusha (Reading and Writing) published by the American University Press

School Building:

  • Downtown is a 15-minute taxi ride away and the Great Pyramids of Giza about 40 minutes. Cairo, although a huge city is in a narrow valley, and from one side on the Mokattam Hills to the plateau of Geza on the other side is only a few kilometers.
  • 20 modern air-conditioned classrooms
  • A spacious cafe and restaurant open all-day
  • A free internet center
  • Small one-to-one teaching units, teacher training, teachers’ development, and resources unit
  • Book writing, resident author and lots of practical technology are some of the facilities our students enjoy

We also provide a whole range of other facilities and support including airport meet and greet, two serviced residences, social activities, trips and excursions, and special services to universities, foreign offices, and organizations.

Program Highlights:

Description of the Course: Egyptian Colloquial Arabic (ECA) is the spoken language of Egypt and the most widely understood Arabic dialect in the Middle East.

We try to give you a working knowledge of ECA to enable you to accomplish everyday tasks, to chat in Egyptian Arabic, and as you improve, to exchange opinions and hold real conversations with native speakers.

Another objective of our courses is to give you a working knowledge of the Arabic script to make your life easier. Our focus is communicative.

We follow the situational language teaching methodology where the spoken language is presented through situations that do not require translation.

We teach Aameya or Egyptian Colloquial Arabic which is the most widely understood in the Middle East. With our communicative approach and our focus on small classes, students can quickly progress through the levels to a point where they begin to communicate.

For beginner students who do not know to read and write we add extra support, free of charge. There are ten levels, from beginners to Advanced that conform to European and American language teaching classifications and standards


  • Lessons: 10 hours per week for 1 month (4 weeks)
  • Classes are from Sunday to Thursday weekly
  • Classes run from from 9.00am – 11.00am
  • All levels all year round
  • Class sizes average of 8 – 10 students. Maximum 16
  • Course Length: 4 weeks
  • The minimum age is 18 years old

5. Study Arabic in Germany (1 Week-6 Month)

Study Arabic in Germany Program gives you the opportunity to study Arabic while fully engaging in Arabic culture. Also, students will meet Arab refugees and become enlightened about their living situation in Germany.

The program gives you the choice of learning Modern Standard Arabic, the Palestinian dialect, or a combination of the two. Students can select what they prefer to learn. The Center will provide students with the appropriate learning materials and resources for their desired program.

This program is for anyone who wants to learn Arabic, whatever their motivation or language level is. Our staff will be there to help make your language learning experience as enjoyable as possible.

Participating in our Group Program means that students learn Arabic with others. Typically, four or five students are in one class. Learning in a group setting is very interactive in nature, so students will have many opportunities to share ideas and practice their language skills with their fellow classmates.

If you want to study Arabic close to your home country, yet still within an authentic Arabic atmosphere, then studying Arabic in Germany with the Center is the perfect fit for you

Program Highlights:

  • At the Excellence Center in Germany, you will be able to experience Arabic culture and hospitality all while studying Arabic
  • The program will give you the opportunity to be in Germany, the European country that has hosted the highest number of Arab refugees in recent years. Most of these refugees have come from Syria and du
  • The program offers you the choice of learning Standard Arabic (Fusha), the Palestinian Arabic dialect, or a combination of the two.
  • Our teachers are well-qualified. They each have an excellent educational background and will be more than happy to help you. Teachers use interactive teaching methods to teach our Arabic students.
  • You will be able to experience Arab culture through meeting Arab refugees, visiting local sites, and participating in various educational, social, and communal activities organized by the Excell

6. Volunteer and Learn Arabic in Palestine

Many exciting opportunities are waiting just for you in Palestine! You can do volunteer work, learn Arabic, and live the daily life of an ordinary Palestinian.

The Excellence Center in Palestine is offering volunteer programs that are ideal for people from all over the world who are interested in visiting Palestine, living with a Palestinian host family, volunteering with community members, and school and university students.

This is an amazing opportunity to learn about Palestinian culture, history, and the Arabic language. The Excellence Center has hosted more than 150 volunteers and interns from all over the world during the last five years.

You can join The Center throughout the year at a time that suits you. The Center will work with you so that you can choose when you would like to start and end your exciting volunteering time in Palestine. The Center also offers flexible schedules that run from one week to three months (1 week to 3 months)

The program is designed for people who do not have experience in teaching English as a foreign language. We welcome people from all countries and from all work and study backgrounds. Plus, you do not have to have a university degree to come and join us.

Our Volunteers from all over the world participate in many educational, cultural, and community activities during their program. Added to that, the Excellence Center arranges trips to the old city, visiting some Palestinian families, and local industries.

Program Highlights:

  • Live in Palestine and enjoy trips to the old city, holy sites, and local refugee camps. Additionally, you will be involved in many educational, cultural, and community activities with Palestinian school and university students as well as community members.
  • Travel to historical sites and nearby cities, including Jerusalem, Jericho, Ramallah, Nablus, and Bethlehem.
  • Learn spoken Arabic from native speakers and enjoy the opportunity to speak with locals daily. 4. Gain in-depth knowledge of the impact of the ongoing Israeli occupation on the Palestinian people. 5. Visit Palestinian universities, local institutions, a
  • Gain in-depth knowledge of the impact of the ongoing Israeli occupation on the Palestinian people.
  • Visit Palestinian universities, local institutions, and organizations specializing in culture and education.

7. Travel & Learn with the Worlds #1 Educational Tour Provider!

Come and see why ‘Learning Tours’ are fast becoming the hottest new trend in travel! World away Learning Tours is the world’s leading short-term high-impact Educational ‘Learning Tour’ provider, offering fun, safe, and truly inspiring travel experiences to young travelers from around the world.

We have an extensive range of carefully crafted, fully-guided, small-group Learning Tours in awe-inspiring locations, each focusing on experiential learning for your personal growth. There is an exciting option to suit every intrepid traveler.

Our range of experiential learning-based tours is like nothing else out there! They provide a unique opportunity for young travelers to experience hands-on learning across a range of interesting and personalized subjects, while still experiencing everything the location has to offer, in more than 30 truly eye-opening locations around the world.

Program Highlights:

  • Truly unique tours: We are the pioneers of the ‘Learning Tour’. Our carefully-crafted Educational Tours are one-of-a-kind, balancing focused education with fun and engaging tourism activities.
  • Focus on education: Our Learning Tours are strictly designed to maximize educational value and allow you to come away with a deeper insight into your chosen subject field.
  • Experiential at its best: There is no better classroom than the real world! Use ALL your senses, develop new skills, get stuck in, and get those hands dirty. That’s real-life education.
  • Personal growth – the fun way: Stepping out of your comfort zone in a safe and fun way allows you to gain hands-on, lasting knowledge and grow as an individual – a TRULY life-changing experience
  • World-class service and support: Our team is backed by more than a decade of a gap-year, adventure tourism, and meaningful-travel experience, so you know you are in good hands!

8. Arabic Language & Culture in Morocco

Learn Modern Standard Arabic in the classroom and Darija on the enchanting streets of Fez, considered Morocco’s cultural capital city. On weekends, explore the imperial city of Meknes and the historic Fez medina, considered the oldest crafts and food market in the Arabic-speaking world.

Fez’s medina, declared a UNESCO world heritage site in 1981, is one of the largest and most enduring Medieval Islamic settlements in the world.

Experience the complexity of modern and ancient Morocco in the cultural and spiritual city of Fez. All classes are held in a large villa, surrounded by a lush garden and patio, in the “modern” Ville Nouvelle neighborhood.

The University of Minnesota partners with the Arabic Language Institute in Fez, a language institute that has an excellent reputation as the preeminent institution in the Maghreb for the teaching of Arabic as a foreign language.

Program Highlights:

  • Rapidly strengthen your Arabic language skills through intensive study.
  • Live and share most meals with a Moroccan host family to integrate into the culture.
  • Join clubs specializing in photography, film, books, and more.
  • Take excursions to sites such as the historic Fez medina, Volubilis, Meknes, the Mid-Atlas Mountains, and the Sahara desert.
  • Engage in optional volunteer, service-learning, internship, or research opportunities in Fez.

9. Arabic Language Course and Immersion in Amman, Jordan

Originally spread over seven hills, the capital of the Hashemite Kingdom is now home to well over a million people, almost half the country’s population. Known as the White City, the hills are covered in a jumble of light-colored stone houses, box-like in shape with flat roofs characteristic of a typical desert city.

Faded minarets, pavement markets, Arabian sweet shops, and crumbling ruins of ancient civilizations contrast wonderfully with the contemporary edifices, fashionable boutiques, and international restaurants. In the heart of downtown is the Ottoman-style King Hussein Mosque, whose surrounding streets are filled with the essence of Arabia.

Our Arabic language course is held in and around the University campus which is located in the northwestern part of the vibrant and beautiful city of Amman, 10 km from the city center, on the highway connecting Amman with Suweileh, called Queen Rania Road.

The Language Center is located in the heart of the northern part of campus next to the Faculty of Arts, to find it, turn left of the Clock Tower upon your entrance from the main gate.

Program Highlights:

You have the following course options:

* Summer Semester: 16 lessons per week:

  • Set 8-week course (Modern Standard Arabic)
  • Maximum 20 students per group class
  • Study on University campus

* 4 lessons daily: (20 group lessons per week):

  • Maximum 6 students per group class
  • 4-week program year-round start dates
  • Study in and around the University campus

* 4 lessons daily: (20 private lessons per week)

  • Start any Sunday year-round
  • Courses run Sunday – Thursday
  • (Jordanian weekend is Fri-Sat)
  • Classes run from 9 am till 12:30 pm
  • Open to all levels (6 levels of MSA)
  • Placement test on Wednesday
  • A “lesson” usually lasts approx. 50 minutes
  • Loan of course materials are included
  • Placement test and orientation on the first day of course
  • Dress code in effect (i.e. modest attire)

Lodging options:

* Guesthouse / Apartment:

  • private room
  • the close proximity of our school
  • most female hostels have a curfew which must be strictly followed
  • Laundry facilities and Internet access

* Hotels:

  • 3 or 5-star hotels available

10. Arabic Language Immersion Programs in Morocco

Cross-cultural language center Dar Loughat offers intensive courses in all levels of Modern Standard Arabic and Colloquial Moroccan Arabic throughout the year. Founded in 2004 in the heart of Tetouan in northern Morocco, Dar Loughat has quickly established a strong reputation as a cross-cultural center in the Arab world.

Tetouan, a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site, stands out for its strategic location, as it is just 60 kilometers from Algeciras in Spain to the north and 60 kilometers east of Tangier. The small size of the city allows students to easily become immersed in the local culture, which is well known for its legendary generosity and tolerance.

While studying Arabic in Tetouan, students can enjoy the city’s excellent beaches – which are among the most beautiful in the Mediterranean, the evergreen Rif Mountains – which spread eastwards along with a distance of more than 500 kilometers, and the city’s five centuries-old Medina.

The school is fully equipped with the latest audiovisual materials, modern language tabs, wireless internet connection, and a small library that houses a considerable number of books on a variety of topics. The flexibility of start dates and program length allows students to attend Arabic classes anytime throughout the year, from just one week to a full academic year.

Students benefit from small-sized classes of between 3 and 8 students, and a wide range of excursions as well as social and cultural activities help them get the most out of their experience abroad.

Program Highlights:

  • Enroll in Arabic language immersion programs in Morocco.
  • Enjoy studying in a city declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Discover the city of Tetouan’s beautiful Mediterranean beaches and its five-century-old Medina.
  • Benefit from small-sized classes that guarantee personalized attention from teachers.
  • Spend a week to an academic year living and studying in Morocco.

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