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Top 15 Best Arch Support Shoes for Running and Workout

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           – Arch Support Shoes –

Arch support shoes are, soft foot-sized piece of shoe insert that helps to shape and balance a shoe while also supporting the foot’s arches. It can, however, have a wide range of devices that make it up.

arch support shoes

Shoes with good arch support are really crucial not only in workout shoes or running shoes, but also in everyday shoes. They are also useful for working at the office or going outside for a night out on the town.

You should understand that arch support shoes are important for preventing injuries.

Best Arch Support Shoes

We made a review compilation of the best arch support shoes in 2022. below are the most reliable sneakers for arch support and foot balance in 2022.

1. Skechers Go Walk Arch Fit – Unify Sneakers

Arch Support Shoes

Skechers sneakers are one of the best shoes with arch support, the brand’s footwear has evolved as well over the years.

This sneaker is made with insoles that help minimize shock with each step and disperse underfoot pressure in these walking shoes. They’re also tough and provide traction for trotting on a variety of surfaces.

If you’re buying these sneakers for someone with severe rheumatoid arthritis who has trouble walking and has foot pain. You’ll notice that they’ll feel a lot better walking in these athletic shoes because there’s no strain on their toes.


2. Skechers GO WALK Workout Walker

Arch Support Shoes

This Arch Fit design is perfect for running, jogging, and everyday wear comfortable shoes in a stunning athletic style, these Skechers arch Fit is a design with an ergonomic support shape and great arch support.

A lightweight midsole is featured, while the insole provides durable cushioning and support. 

This can be an alternative running shoe and also a perfect solution for foot pain as well as plantar fasciitis pain. this is one of the best shoes with an arch that ensures support and comfort. 

3. The Go Walk Arch Fit Iconic Sneakers

The Go Walk Arch Fit Iconic Sneakers

This Go Walk Arch Fit model is a shoe that is designed to fit the arch of the foot, also this Go Walk design is combined with arch fit technology in this shoe.

The uppers are made of an engineered mesh fabric with a soft knit and a moisture-wicking, breathable lining. The sock liner is made of Ortholite foam technology, while the insole is made of Air Cooled Goga Max technology.

It provides a high-rebound comfort of the sole The pillar technology provides outstanding stability and support. This is one Arch Fit that ensures a more ergonomic and arch-supportive fit and feel.

4. Asics Gel-Kayano 28 Running Shoes

Asics Gel-Kayano 28 Running Shoes

This Asics shoe resist the challenges of marathon running, making it an excellent choice for nurses who want supportive footwear that can handle hours of standing, walking, and spills.

These are among the most comfortable women’s sneakers available and are designed specifically for overpronators and people with flat feet who want more motion control.

They possess heel counters that give stability in addition to cushioned and responsive midsoles, they are also very incredible athletic shoes.

They also suit any troublesome flat feet well, there are people who have had their plantar fascia shattered in the past, so arch support is essential.

 6. Vionic Brisk Miles Sneakers

Vionic Brisk Miles Sneakers

The Vionic’s unique lightweight EVA midsole and sophisticated motion system, which comprises a podiatrist-designed orthotic, cushioned or rubber outsole, and breathable upper, are included in the orthopedic shoe.

Overlays made of thermoplastic urethane (TPU) provide support and stability, allowing you to move with confidence with each stride. Choose from four distinct color options, including white, indigo, gray, and black, as well as a medium or broad width.  

You can stand on concrete all day in Vionic Brisk Mile Sneakers. When patients with plantar fasciitis put these shoes on, they can rest assured that they will be comfortable.    

7. Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38 Running Shoes

These sporty-chic sneakers will keep you comfortable all day, whether you’re running errands or covering kilometers. They have Nike’s React foam cushioning for added bounce, with flexible and breathable mesh upper and a large toe boxes.

The lightweight but supportive sensation of this Nike best-seller has runners raving, with a terrific supportive pair of shoes that are comfortable all day and work excellent both indoors and out.

you can easily stand all day working in these, walking during lunch breaks, and then go for a half-hour after-work jog with these pair of Nike Air.

8. Orthofeet Coral

Arch Support Shoes

The Orthofeet Coral also comes with a detachable insole with anatomical arch support and a gel-padded heel seat that adapts to the foot shape for tailored support and comfort. The upper part of this shoe provides freedom in the foot chamber.

Until they discovered the Orthofeet Coral, many reviewers found it hard to find shoes that aided them in easing foot problems and provided a comfortable fit.

It can also aid anyone in need of a decent, comfortable shoe, thanks to its customizable cushioning and support, as well as its spacious fit.

9 . Yhoon Women’s Walking shoes

Arch Support Shoes


This shoe comes with premium orthotic insoles with anatomical arch support realign the foot and body, reducing discomfort from the toes to the heels, knees, hips, and lower back. 

An  Orthofeet Arch Booster can be worn under the orthotic insole to provide additional arch support and relieve pressure on the heel and ball of the foot, and also has an  Arch Booster and architectural arch support in premium orthotic insoles to assist and relieve common foot discomfort and plantar fasciitis.

There is a great relieve by a broad toe box for people who have troubling bunions and hammertoes. Also irritation is reduced with the help of a soft, padded cloth lining with no overlays. The upper part also conforms to your foot’s curves. 


 10. Adidas 4DFWD 2022

Arch Support Shoes

This is an outstanding running shoe. There’s no denying that it’s inventive, and the midsole is amazing. Furthermore, this Adidas shoe will increase your speed and provide you with a fantastic running experience.

It provides a liberating ride because of the snug fit, which allows for flexibility and air circulation.

With its spectacular great arch support, this shoe will give you comfort especially if you have plantar fasciitis or any foot issue. However, this selection could be a winner for you if you’re looking for comfort as well as a fashionable style.

Cute Shoes With Arch support

11. Dr. Scholl’s Leta Slip-On Sneakers 

These elegant slip-ons include Dr. Scholl’s patented memory foam footbed with arch support, making them ideal with everything from running errands to vacationing.

Their broad toe box makes them a versatile choice for anyone with bunions or hammertoes. More so, the 1.5-inch platform provides a slight lift with no drops. However, these shoes feature an adequate system of comfortability apart from being one of the very best walking shoes.

12. Brooks Ghost 14

Brooks Ghost 14

Brooks Ghost 14 is a top-level arch support masterpiece,  Because of its optimum blend of cushioning and stiffness. However, the Ghost is a perennial favorite among beginner runners and marathoners alike.

The full-length DNA Loft foam midsole doesn’t have the snap of some of Brooks’ racier models. However, it’s responsive, cushioned, smooth, and durable enough to be a perfect daily trainer for all distances.

Amongst the best running shoes, The 14 is also a significant step forward for Brooks: it is the company’s first carbon-neutral shoe. Aiming at contributing to the company’s objective of achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2040.

13. New Balance Women’s 608 V5 Casual Comfort Cross Trainer

New Balance Women's 608 V5 Casual Comfort Cross Trainer

The New Balance Women’s 608 V5 is one of the most classic arch support shoes for women, also, these sneakers have great comfort features and a classic running shoe shape that you’ll adore.

A tough leather upper sits atop a lightweight IMEVA midsole, whether with a soft and supportive IMEVA midsole or an NB Comfort Insert made of plush polyurethane for added comfort.

The 608v5 is a stylish addition to your sneaker collection, made with a custom orthotics feature. Whether you’re looking for a cushioned shoe to wear all day or a trendy addition to your sneaker collection.

14. North Star Men’s T Flay Slip on Sneaker

A flexible arch support suede insole in orthopedic shoes for men helps in shock absorbing and relieves pressure on the feet, knees, and ankles. The slip-on sneakers are now comfortable enough to wear all day.

Plantar fasciitis, heel pain, and foot pain are among the conditions that they can help with. including a deep heel cup and sculpted arch support to balance the feet and relieve stress and pain caused by flat feet.

15. OrthoComfoot Men’s Lace-up Shoes

The orthotic inserts provide excellent high arch support. A deep heel cup can help with Plantar Fasciitis by reducing overstretching and relieving heel pain and spurs.

It balances the pressure on the front and rear heel, increasing the stressed area. It is also built with a  GEL substance of high grade that is ideal for shock absorption and pain reduction.

When jogging or participating in sports, also the black rigid TPU material on the rear of the insole supports the arch of your foot and wraps around your heel.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are related questions that are frequently asked either about the most suitable arch support shoes or the best shoe option for people with planter fasciitis problems;

How Do I Find Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis?

The most reliable and recommended places to find these sort of shoes are on Amazon stores, Ebay etc.

What are the Best Running Shoes for High Arches?

Brooks Ghost 13.
Brooks Glycerin 19.
ASICS GEL-Cumulus 23.
ASICS GEL-Nimbus 23.
New Balance Fresh Foam 880v11.
 New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v11.
 Saucony Triumph 18.
Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38.

Are There any Dangers Connected with Arch Support in Shoes?

Not really, only that it can cause uneven weight distribution and a rolling in of your ankles. With excessive pronation, your feet and legs have a harder time absorbing shock, and your body may have trouble with stabilization.

What are the Best Orthopedic Shoes for Flat Feet?

Amara Bootie
‣  No Chill Sneaker
Best Sneaker
‣  Vionic Simasa Sneaker
‣  Mania Bootie

What Walking Shoes do Podiatrists Recommend?

Altra Olympus 4.
Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21.
New Balance Made in USA 990v5.
HOKA One Bondi SR.
Teva Ridgeview.

Are Custom Orthotics Worth It?

With that in mind, the big question on your mind right now is this, are custom orthotics really worth it?
The answer is yes, especially if recommended by an expert.

How do you Pick the Right Arch Support for Shoes?

As a rule, start with the activity or type of foot pain along with which shoe type you need an insole for.
For those who have worn orthotics before and are seeking more aggressive arch support, we recommend choosing a rigid orthotic arch support.

What are the Best Sneakers for People with High Arches?

Best for Long Walks: Hoka One One Clifton 7 Sneaker.
Best Fitness Walking: Brooks Ghost 14 Sneaker.
Best for Working Out: Saucony Endorphin Shift Sneaker.
Best Walking Sandals: Teva Verra Sandals.
Best for Trails: Merrell Moab 2 Vent Hiking Shoe.

Is it Unhealthy to Wear Shoes with Extra Arch Support?

It all depends on your foot, and the rest of you. Only an assessment could tell. Not really, usually. However, exercises to strengthen your tibialis posterior would go a long way to help.

What is the Purpose of Arch Support on a Shoe?

Arch supports help evenly distribute that pressure by putting some of that pressure into the arches of your feet versus leaving all the pressure in the heel and ball of the feet.

This is the 2022 compilation and review of the most adequate arch support shoe for those who feel discomfort on their plantar fasciitis. Hence, this is the most recent update of the best orthopedic shoe solutions for men and women.

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