Axolotl Names for Your Adorable and Cute Pet

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Axolotl names for your pet? We’ll be providing you with a comprehensive list of some pet name ideas, so read on.

axolotl names

These cheerful aquatic critters have so many endearing qualities that would make great names.

What is an Axolotl?

The prettiest amphibian you can own is the axolotl, sometimes referred to as the Mexican walking fish.

They do not frequently undergo metamorphosis, though, and remain aquatic throughout their whole lifespan, in contrast to other salamanders.

They don’t grow lungs; instead, they remain aquatic and gilled their entire lives. Their heads are large, and they have external gills.

There are many different hues of these unusual frogs, including black, golden, white, gray, pink, and more.


Axolotl Names 

Pick one of these adorable axolotl names for your pet.

1. Axie

This is a short form of Axolotls.

2. Benji

Benji is a short form of a Hebrew name, Benjamin, and a popular pet name.

It’s often associated with intelligence, good nature, companionship, love, and diligence.

3. Bubbles

When kept as your pet’s name, relate to water, and it will be a fun one too.

4. Harry Water

Still, on Axolotl Names, This is a name similar to Harry Potter.

5. Thor

Thor is the legendary god of thunder, and it’s a masculine pet name for your axolotl. It portrays strength, loyalty, bravery, and love.

6. Riley

A cool name of Irish origin, which means courageous, is befitting for your male pet axolotl.

7. Holy Sock

This name suits your pet as they like to hide behind rocks and pebbles.

8. James Pond

A cute and funny Axolotl  name for your pet, as they live within the pond

9. Stone

Stones can be in any form, from gemstones to rocks, minerals, metals, and more.

 Stones are beautiful and special, and they could be what your pet means or shows. And thankfully, the name is masculine.

10. Lilo Rainbow

This does not denote their color (as they are not colorful), but for their charming look.

11. Mutkip

This is one of the cute names and is a Pokémon character based on axolotls.

12. Smiley

It best suits your pet as they love water, it also denotes their perfect smile.

13. Neo

Neo has Greek origin and signifies new beginnings and dawn, and it could be that if you see keeping axolotls as a new beginning. It’s a meaningful name if you think about it.

14. Nymph

Nymph is a beautiful mystical and mythical name befitting your axolotl.

15. Jerry

Jerry is another common pet name befitting for your male axolotl. People associate the name with courage, intelligence, and companionship. Sounds cool!

16. Slim Shady

This originated from Eminem’s song, but this has nothing to do with it. It’s more of your axolotl being slim and small, but it just kind of fits.

17. Ariel

Ariel is the famous Little Mermaid Disney story, and we think it’s a funny axolotl name.

18. Adonis

It means good-looking. It’s a good match for your beautiful male axolotl.

19. Speedy Squishy

Perfectly fits their squishy body type. It is one of the unique Axolotl names too.

20. Ziggy

Denotes their zig-zag moments and is one of the cute names you can choose.

21. Lily

If your female axolotl is pure and white, then Lily is such a befitting name because it’s often associated with purity. It means your pet has a pure heart, which is a good thing.

22. Freddy

Freddy is an old name, but it’s befitting for a male axolotl. It means “peaceful ruler,”

23. Mia

Mia is a common name and shortened from different names, mostly Maria. It means “Ocean Goddess” or “Queen” and other special meanings.

Since it’s associated with water, somehow, you can call your axolotl Mia.

24. Aristotle

You can make this your pet’s name, which relates to a great philosopher.

Axolotl names

25. Mr. Flipper

It best suits your pet if your pet is super active and funny.

26. Sparrow

If your axolotl is very active in its tanks, Sparrow may be suitable because it signifies someone chirpy.

27. Fiona

This is a nice name for a fair, white, and beautiful axolotl. It gives off a good nature and loving vibe that fits your pretty pet.

28. Sparky

This name’s meaning is associated with liveliness, animation, industriousness, lovely, strong-willed, friendship, companionship, and other nice attributes.

29. Coco

A cute name and short form for chocolate bean or chocolate, you can name your axolotl coco if you think she’s adorable

30. Aquaman

Aquaman sounds nice considering it’s associated with water, which axolotls are from. It’s even cuter because it’s a legendary name.

40. Bingo

Bingo is very common. Even though it sounds more masculine, it’s a suitable axolotl name for both genders

Especially because of its meaning, It means a strong-willed, loving, loyal companion.

41. Luna Piggy

Do you think the skin of your pet resembles pig skin? If yes, this is the best name for your aquatic pet.

42. Mr. Little Foot

If kept as your pet’s name, it best suits their tiny little foot.

43. Axie

It’s nice and a short form for axolotl. Axie sounds really simple, nice, suitable, and befitting like it’s really made for the pet.

44. Pickle

Pickle is a cute pet name, and not just for animals. It’s totally cute.

45. Harper

Harper has Scottish, Irish, and English origin, and it’s a nice pet name. It’s often associated with a strong will, good nature, love, intelligence, affection, and companionship.

46. Reese

Reese is gender-neutral and of Welsh origin. It means passion and enthusiasm, which is cool, especially if you’re so enthusiastic about keeping your axolotl.

47. Mandy

Mandy means loveable, and it can help you connect well to your axolotl. It also signifies that they’ll be a good, loving companion.

48. Neo

Neo has Greek origin and signifies new beginnings and dawn, and it could be that if you see keeping axolotls as a new beginning. It’s a meaningful name if you think about it.

Things to Keep in Mind before Having a Pet Axolotl

Axolotl  names

Here are things worthy of note if you are planning to get an axolotl

1. Housing

For an average salamander, axolotls can grow to be rather huge, therefore housing them would require a 15 to 20-gallon fish tank.

2. Temperature

Since axolotls are cold-water amphibians, their tank’s water temperature should be kept between 57 and 68 degrees.

In most households, it doesn’t take any cooling or heating to maintain this temperature.

3. Decorations

Regular aquarium sand can be used to cover the tank’s bottom, and you should also include natural rocks, aquatic plants, and lots of hiding spots for axolotls.

4. Lightening

No special lighting will be needed for the tank (unlike reptiles). In actuality, a flower pot placed on one side of the tank will do nicely as a dark hiding place for your axolotl.

5. Feeding

Axolotls require a diet based on meat because they are carnivores. You must provide them with anything that will fit in their mouths since they swallow their food.

They consume both live and dead food. Earthworms, frozen bloodworm cubes, and softened cow hearts are a few examples of the food they consume.


Do Axolotls have a Nickname?

Axolotls are often referred to as “Mexican walking fish,” but they are actually amphibians that prefer to live their entire lives underwater.

What are Baby Axolotls Called?

Baby axolotls are called larvae.

What is the Rarest Axolotl?

The rarest variant of Axolotl in Minecraft is the blue Axolotl

Do Axolotls have Genders?

Axolotls have genetic sex-determination – a locus on an axolotl chromosome determines whether an axolotl is male or female.

In salamanders, the sex-determining mechanism is referred to as ZZ/ZW and the heterogametic sex is female.

What are Pink Axolotls Called?

Leucistic: Leucistic axolotls look very much like albinos, but they’re not. These axolotls are translucent white and have shimmering flecks of gold color.

They have pink or red gills and dark eyes. Because these axolotls are easy for predators to spot, they are rare in the wild.

Are Blue Axolotls Real?

The answer to this is no, true blue axolotls do not exist.

How Old is a 4-Inch Axolotl?

You can’t judge age by size, at 4.5″ your axolotl would most likely be 4-5 months old with a decent growth rate.

Do Axolotls Lay Eggs?

Usually, the female will begin to lay her eggs 12 to 20 hours after mating. Rarely, she will wait several days to begin.

She sheds her eggs over a period of one to two days. If the female spawns in a container that has rocks or plants, you will find the eggs spread about on them

Are Axolotls Asexual?

Axolotls don’t reproduce asexually. They reproduce sexually.

What do you name a Neon Axolotl?

1. Axie.

2. Axo-little.

3. Bean.

4. Boba.

5. Bubba.

6. Button.

7. Cici.

8. Cutie.

Axolotls make entertaining and rewarding pets. Spend some time exploring several names until you find the one that fits.

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