Over 2,500 Baby Boy Names and Meanings for Parents

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– Baby Boy Names –

Choosing the right baby boy names for your kid is an important step in a child’s development. It is, nevertheless, a valuable chance to assist in the development of their identity and character. 

Making your boy into a man will be a fascinating, thrilling, and demanding process that only you will master.

Children undoubtedly rely on their parents for guidance and wisdom. Also, parents make an everlasting and long-lasting impression on their children.

However, the name we give them is the first enduring influence on that child.

Tips for Choosing the Best Name for your Baby Boy

Clearly, it’s fun to come up with names for newborn baby boys. Also, it’s a difficult process. However, your son’s name will give him a sense of self. And will follow him throughout his life.

A variety of things influence the choice of names. More so, in choosing the ideal name, it might be as follows:

1. Meaning and Depth

First, the meaning and depth of the name are important. Again, we try to keep it simple, yet a name with depth.

2. Biblical Names

Significantly, there are a lot many names mentioned in the bible. Also, if you are a believer, you will want to choose names from the bible. A few of them are listed below.

3. Name of the Parents

Actually, many parents want to keep the same alphabet in our names. However, some try to merge both the couple’s names to formulate a cute name.

4. Name of the Siblings

Equally, we keep a name that is like the siblings’. For instance, Stephen and Stephanie.

5. Uncommon Names

 In reality, many of us look for a name that’s uncommon. However, this is quite a trend these days.

So you can look for an uncommon boy’s name for your little one. But please be sure that the name is easy to understand and spelt correctly.

6. A Familiar Personality

Undoubtedly, many parents name their sons after a famous person. With belief that he or she will also follow in their footsteps.

7. Ask the Family

Certainly, you can ask your family for a good suggestion of names. Then, you can finally choose any of them.

However, let’s go into the variety of names around the world.

Baby Boy Names Starting with A

Are you searching for a lovely name for your lovely son? However, we’ve come up with some extremely unique baby boy names that begin with the letter A.

1. A-wut


2. Aaaqil

One who is wise and intelligent.

3. Aaarabisk

A person who is wishful and healthy

4. Aaban 

Name of the Angel, 8th Persian month, the angel of iron, name Aaban also in some cases has the meaning spontaneous and versatile.

5. Aabavaanan

implies a person who is responsible and reliable

6. Aabharan

means jewel, a variant form of the name Aabharan which means jewel in Sanskrit

7. Aabhas

Sense or Feelings has a Sanskrit meaning as realization

8. Aabhass

Awareness; A variant name of Aabhass which means realization

9. Aabhavannan

Light; also means torch bearer who brings light

10. Aabheer

Means a Cow-herd in Sanskrit, it also means one who is fearless

Names Around the World for Baby Boys

11. Aabher

Means a Cow-herd and is a variant form of the  name Aabheer

12. Aabid

The word Aabid means powerful, complete worshipper of Allah. it also signifies the one who is good intellectually and requires several outlets of energy.

13. Aabideen

Zainul Aabideen is an Islam name for a baby Boy and means is Ornament of the worshippers. They probably took it from early Islamic leader Zainul Abidin.

14. Aabinus

The meaning of the word Aabinus is Ebony, the Dark coloured.

15. Aabis

Aabis has the meaning of lucky, it also means grim-faced, fierce-faced. The Boy named Aabis seems to be fortunate, meeting with good success.

16. Aabraham

Estonian spelling for Abraham. It means father of many.

17. Aace

The word Aace in America means Unity, it also implies luck and excellence.

18. Aachalendra

The word Aachalendra means Himalayas, it signifies the person to be strong, unchallengeable.

19. Aacharappan

Restless or proactive.

20. Aacharya

Means Learned Teacher; a variant of Sanskrit name Acharya; Another Name of Drona.

Baby Boy Names Starting with A

21. Aachman

Intake of a Sip of Water Before a Yagya or Puja.

22. Aachuthan

another name of Hindu Lord Krishna.

23. Aad

Aad in Islams means ‘The man’ and on the other hand in Sikhs it’s a girl name meaning In the beginning.

24. Aadalarasan

Means Attraction; one who attracts with his dance; It also represents one of many Lord Shiva’s name in Tamil.

25. Aadalarasu

Means King of Dance in Tamil; represents Lord Shiva’s name as Nataraja who is considered the Lord of Dance.

26. Aadam

Malay version of Adam, meaning ‘father of mankind’.

27. Aadarsh

Means one who has principles in Sanskrit, ideal man; a variant form of name Adarsh.

28. Aaddhar

Foundation, Groundwork of anything, Base of Life

29. Aadeel

Aadeel means Righteous and Just. It also means “one who acts with justice and fairness”,”moderate”,”virtuous”, excellent in character.

30. Aadeep

Light, Spiritual Illumination, A source of radiance.

31. Aaden

Aaden means fire and flame; the warmth of the home.

32. Aadesh

An order; a command; an instruction.

33. Aadesh

Command; Message; means instruction in Sanskrit.

34. Aadeshwar

Aadeshwar is a south indian name that means God, or the won who is in a high position of authority.

35. Aadhan

Be First.

36. Aadhar

Base; A variant of Sanskrit name Aaddhar.

37. Aadhav

A ruler. Is a person who rules or governs.

38. Aadhavan

Sun; Brilliant Like the Sun; Lord Vishnu, A variant of name Aadavan.

39. Aadheen

The word Aadheen means obedient, one who complies with commands and is submissive.

40. Aadhev

word Aadhev means First, Most eminent or exalted.

Baby Boy Names Starting with A

41. Aadhi

Aadhi means beginning. It sometimes also means friendly, imagination, creativity, expression, energetic.

42. Aadhikara

Lord Shiva, a variant of the Sanskrit name Aadhikara, which means principal.

43. Aadhikesavan

One who is Ideal for others.

44. Aadhil

The name means “one who acts with justice and fairness”, “moderate”, “virtuous”, “excellent.

45. Aadhimulam

One who is the beginning of Everything, Source cause of everything.

46. Aadhiseshan

Any One; I also considered it as one of many names of Lord Vishnu.

47. Aadhish

King, Emperor, Ruler, Person with supreme power.

48. Aadhishankar

Founder of Adwaitha Philosophy; A name formed after Lord Shiva as Shankar.

49. Aadhunik

Modern; New; Latest; a name variant of Adhunik.

50. Aadi

First; Most Important, Beginning; Starting; Source form of life.

51. Aadidev

the hindu word aadidev means First of God, the one closest to the almighty.

52. Aadijay

The First Victory; Success.

53. Aadil

Aadil means righteous, high in moral and virtuous, suggesting sanctimonious

54. Aadimoola

Supreme Being; A variant of the name Aadimoolan.

55. Aadimoolan

The name Aadimoolan means Dominant, supreme.

56. Aadinath

God; Supreme Ruler of the Universe; The First God,

57. Aadinatha

another name of Lord Vishnu or Lord Krishna

58. Aadipta

Bright, Intelligent, Radiant, Luminous, Glorious.

59. Aadir

Origin; Beginning; Point of space or time where anything begins; Source

60. Aadish

Full of Wisdom; Intelligent, Knowledgeable, Noble.

More Baby Boy Names Starting with A

61. Aadishankar

Shri Shankaracharya; The Founder of Adwaitha Philosophy.

62. Aadishwar

Aadishwar; Bhagvan; Supreme God; First Jain Tirthankara.

63. Aadit

Peak; Shade; Sheltered; Bright; Radiant; Illuminate.

64. Aaditey

Son of Aditi ; refers to being son of the Earth or son of Mother of God.

65. Aaditeya

Son of Aditi ; refers to being son of the Earth or son of Mother of God.

66. Aadithya

The Sun ; a variant name is Aaditva

67. Aaditva

The Sun ; A derivative name from name Aadithya

68. Aaditya

The name aaditya means belonging to aditi or Sun

69. Aadityapal

The one having superior social standing and the one exalted, of high esteem

70. Aadityesh

aadityesh has meaning of the ultimate power of the sun, the God Sun

71. Aadiv

Delicate; sensitive; mindful to feelings of others

72. Aadiyapadham

One who is Very Active or Quick

73. Aadne

In German language, Aadne means Eagle, in Norway, it is the variant spelling of Adne

74. Aadrik

Aadrik has meaning of the rising sun between the mountains

75. Aadroop

Aadroop means embodiment or typing of beginningless.

Baby Boy Names Starting with A

76. Aadurusta

one who is fortunate

77. Aadvay

Unique; unparalleled; exclusive; having no like or equal.

78. Aadved

Unmatched in the entire Universe

79. Aadyot

one who is surrounded by light.

80. Aafaaq


More Baby Boy Names Starting with A

81. Aafiya

the person who has a very sound body and health

82. Aaftab

The name means sunlight or the Sun.

83. Aagar

the word Aagra means a person having an interest in music, Excelling in music.

84. Aagha

The word means someone in control over something, Lord, chief.

85. Aaghaa

The name Aaghaa means someone in control over something, Lord, chief.

86. Aaghosh

to embrace or lapped

87. Aagman

Arrival; Welcome; Warmly received.

88. Aagney

Child of Flames; Son of the Fire God; A variant name is Aagneya.

89. Aagneya

Child of Flames; Son of Agni; Son of the Fire.

90. Aagyakar

one who is hear some, obedient, or willing to comply with elders

91. Aagyapal

Means the one who upholds the state obedience

92. Aahad

Unity, oneness, harmony

93. Aahan

Iron; Sword ; symbol of military power; inflexible and unrelenting power.

94. Aahil

Aahil is an Arabic word that means “great king”, “great leader”, “emperor”, a king.

95. Aahir

Dazzling; Brilliant; To impress deeply; Sparkling; Glittering

96. Aahish

Blessing of God

97. Aahlaad

Delight; To have great pleasure; someone who gives joy and enjoyment.

98. Aaron

This name means exalted and comes from Hebrew.

99. Anthony

This English name means someone who is highly worthy of praise.

100. Alexander

This Greek name means the defender of people.

English Baby Boy Names Starting with A

1. Atlas
A fast-riding name in the USA, Adam is a name that originated from Greek mythology and means ‘bearers of the heaven’.

2. Asher
A Hebrew name, Asher means fortunate or blessed.

3. Archer
Archer means ‘bowman’, and it is an English name.

4. Arthur
Bearing its roots in Celtic, Arthur was once the name of shining heads of knights. It has the meaning ‘bear’.

5. Ambrose
Ambrose is a Latin origin name that means ‘immortal’.

6. Aurelius
Aurelius is one of the Roman emperor’s names. This name refers to ‘the golden one.’

7. Anderson
Anderson is a Greek word, and it refers to man or manly. It is also a common Swedish surname.

8. Allen
Allen was first used somewhere in the 6th century, and it means ‘rock’.

9. Adam
As in ‘Adam and Eve’ this is a traditional biblical name of a boy. Adam means ‘son of the earth’.

10. Abraham
Abraham is a Hebrew name that means father of multitudes.

11. Albert
Albert is a French origin name. The masculine name means a person who is noble and bright.

12. Alexander
We all know about the great warrior Alexander. This strong Greek name means ‘defender of men’.

13. Alistair
Alistair is a variant of the name Alexander and also means ‘one who defends mankind’.

14. Alvin
Alvin means a noble friend or an old friend. It is a classic English origin name.

15. Amos
This Hebrew name means ‘to carry’ or ‘borne by God’

Baby Boy Names Starting with B

Are you searching for a lovely name for your lovely son? However, we’ve come up with some extremely unique baby boy names that begin with the letter B.

1. Baal

Baal has originated from the Old French baud, meaning “joyful.” It is also a common Indian and Arabic surname.

2. Bader

Bader is a German surname and an occupational name for an attendant or owner of a public bathhouse.

3. Ball

Ball or Balls is derived from the Middle English balle, which could mean someone who lives on or near a rounded hill.

4. Beaver

Beaver is an English surname that is derived from the Old French beu meaning “fair” or “lovely” and voir meaning “to see.”

5. Bellagamba

Bellagamba is a beautiful Italian surname. It means “beautiful leg.”

6. Berger

Berger is derived from the Old French word bergier, which means “shepherd.”

7. Bich

Bich is a common Vietnamese surname that means blue-green or jade.

8. Bierhals

Bierhals is a surname of German origin. It means “beer throat” in German.

9. Bonefat

Bonefat is an unusual variation of the well-known French surname, Bonenfrant. It means good child.

10. Bonner

Bonner is an English, Scottish, and Irish surname derived from the Middle English nickname bonere meaning “gentle” or “handsome.”

More Baby Boy Names Starting with B

11. Borgnino

It is an Italian surname meaning “blind in one eye.”

12. Bottom

Bottom is a surname from the Old English botm, which means “valley bottom” and specifies someone who lives in a broad valley.

13. Bottum

Bottum is one of the oldest Anglo-Saxon names in Britain. It is the name of the families who lived in a broad valley or a hillside near Bootham near Yorkshire.

14. Bracegirdle

This is a surname of Anglo-Saxon origin and is the occupational name of “maker of breech-girdles” belts for holding up breeches in ancient times.

15. Brain

Brain is an English surname based on the family that lived in Brain in Normandy. The first Brain was found in Gloucestershire.

16. Broad

Broad is an ancient Anglo-Saxon name derived from the Old English brode, which means “stout person.”

17. Broadhurst

It is the name of the families who lived in a place called Broadhurst in Sussex. It came from the Old English brad, which means “broad” and hyrst means “wooded hill.”

18. Butts

Butt or Butts is an English surname derived from the French word but, which means “target.”

English Baby Boy Names Starting with B

1. Bennet
This is a 12th-century Latin name that means blessed.

2. Barney
Barney is a popular English name that means ‘as strong as a bear’.

3. Baylen
A unique vintage name that comes from old French, and it signifies auburn-haired.

4. Baxter
An old English occupational name meaning ‘baker’.

5. Benedict                                                                                                                                                                                   Benedict is a popular Christian name that bears its origin in English and Dutch. The name means ‘blessed’.

6. Bernard                                                                                                                                                                                      Bernard is a Germanic name that means ‘as brave as a bear’.

7. Booker
An occupational old English name, Booker can be described as a ‘maker of books’.

8. Bradley
Bradley is also an English name that means ‘broad wood’ or ‘broad meadow’.

9. Bell
A name that belongs to the old French era, which means handsome.

10. Bruno
The meaning of this name is ‘brown’. Bruno is a classic old German name.

Baby Boy Names Starting with C

Are you searching for a lovely name for your lovely son? However, we’ve come up with some extremely unique baby boy names that begin with the letter C.

1. Cab

One who makes ropes

2. Cabail

A man who makes ropes

3. Cabal

A small secret group of people

4. Cabbrieli

Sicilian form of Gabriel, meaning God is my strong man.

5. Cabe

He who is a ropemaker

6. Cabell

A name of a ropemaker

7. Cable

A person who makes ropes.

8. Cabot

One who loves to sail

9. Cabott

A man who is a sailor

10. Cabrini

An Italian surname, meaning one who sails

Names Around the World for Baby Boys

11. Cacamwri


12. Cace

A man who is observant and alert.

13. Cachari

Moving quickly.

14. Cache

A place where things are stored
15. Cactus

A desert plant.

16. Cacumattus

A very old and rare name

17. Cada

An animal who is an orphan

18. Cadabyr

A person who comes from the warrior’s town

19. Cadal

He is a warrior at heart

20. Cadan

A variant of Cadell and Kaden. It means battle or companion.

More Baby Boy Names Starting with C

21. Cadassi

To have something with the sea.

22. Cadby

He comes from the settlement of the warrior

23. Cadda

To be at war with someone

24. Caddaham

One who comes from the land of the warrior

25. Caddam

One from the warrior’s land

26. Cienfuegos

Cienfuegos is a Spanish surname and means “a hundred fires.”

27. Chew

Chew is a Chinese, Korean, Cantonese, and Hokkien surname.

28. Clutterbuck

Clutterbuck is an ancient surname that is found mainly in Gloucestershire. It was first recorded in the 16th century.

29. Cobbledick

Cobbledick is an Anglo-Saxon name of the families that lived in Cobbledi in Lincolnshire.

30. Cock

Cock was a medieval nickname cok, which means “cock” or “rooster.”

31. Cockburn

Cockburn were people who originated from Cockburn, a place in Berwickshire. It originated from the Old English words cocc, which means “rooster” and burna means “stream.”

32. Cockett

Cockett has been derived from Middle English and is the occupational name for a baker. Also,its derived from the Anglo-French cockette seal, which contained the seal of the King’s Custom House.

33. Cok

Cok is one of the most common Chinese surnames. It means “the wall that surrounds a city.”

34. Colon

Colon is a Spanish surname and is similar to the English surname Columbus.

35. Condom

It is the regional name for people who live in the French place called Condom. It could also be considered a variant of Condon.

36. Cornfoot

Cornfoot is an Anglo-Saxon name of the families that lived in Cornford in Durham.

37. Cox

Cox is a common English and Welsh surname. It is derived from cocke, which means “son of” or “servant of.”

38. Cummings

Cummings or Cumming is an English, Scottish, and Irish surname of Norman origin. It means “bent” or “crooked.”

English Baby Boy Names Starting with C

1. Cassius
Cassius is a Latin origin name that means ‘empty’ or ‘vein’.

2. Caspian
Caspian is a classic name significant that signifies the color ‘white’.

3. Caleb
The name has a Hebrew origin. It means ‘faithful’ and ‘wholehearted’.

4. Cyrus
Cyrus is a popular Iranian name that bears its origin in Persia. The significance of this name is ‘young’ or ‘farsighted’.

5. Cassian
This Latin name is a variation of another name called Cassius. Cassian means ‘hollow’.

6. Carlisle
The name Carlisle means ‘from the walled city’ or ‘from the protected tower. It’s a medieval English name.

7. Carter
This is an occupational name, which means transporter of goods by cart.

8. Cedric
An English origin name, Cedric means bounty.

9. Chadwick
The name Chadwick signifies ‘the warrior’s town’. The vintage name is of English origin.

10. Charles
A princely name that has its roots in Germany and France meaning ‘ free man’.

11. Christopher
Christopher is a traditional name for boys and is originally from Greece. It means ‘bearer of Christ’.

12. Chester
A name of English origin, Chester means ‘fortress’.

13. Clarence
The name belongs to Latin America. Clarence means ‘bright’ or ‘famous’.

14. Clayton
Clayton is an English name, and it means ‘clay settlement’ or ‘mortal’.

15. Clifford
Significant with the word cliff, this is a vintage name and it means ‘cliff at the river crossing’.

16. Clarke
Derived from the Latin word ‘clericus’. Clarke refers to a clerk.

17. Cox
The Anglo-Saxon word and means ‘cock’ or ‘rooster’.

Baby Boy Names Starting with D

Are you searching for a lovely name for your lovely son? However, we’ve come up with some extremely unique baby boy names that begin with the letter D.

1. Declan

Pronounced DECK-lin, this Irish moniker means “man of prayer.” (It’s also right on the edge of the top 100—and up in popularity 12 percent this week.

2. Dominic

This name—which means belonging to the lord—is also experiencing a boost. (It’s up 7 percent.)

3. Diego

It means “supplanter.” (Or a nod to Spanish painter Diego Rivera.)

4. Drake

Yes, this name is rapidly climbing the charts. No, it’s not just a tribute to the singer. (It means “dragon” or “male duck.”)

5. Dante


6. Darren

This name is of Irish origin and means “little great one.”

7. Dean

The popularity of this retro name—which means “church official”—is on the rise.

8. Dax

An homage to a community in Southwestern France, but also has that cool-kid surfer vibe.

Names Around the World for Baby Boys

9. Denver

This name was at it’s peak in the 1920s, but we love it’s throwback style. (It also pays tribute to the Colorado capital.)

10. Darius

It means “wealth” or “kingly.”

11. Derrick

Commonly spelled Derek, this name means “the people’s ruler.”

12. Dalton

A top 500 name, this English name means “the settlement in the valley.”

13. Davis

“Beloved.” (It’s also a modern take on David.)

14. David

Also means “beloved.” (Did we mention it’s consistently in the top 25 baby names for boys?)

15. Damon

It’s a variation of Damian and one that has strong mythological ties. (Damon is known to be a symbol of true friendship.)

More Baby Boy Names Starting with D

16. Daniel

Of Hebrew origins, this name means “God is my judge.”

17. Dawson

There’s Leonardo DiCaprio Jack Dawson. And Dawson’s Creek. Could those be the reasons this Welsh name (which means “son of David”) is climbing the charts?

18. Dash

Short for Dashiell, it means “unknown.” Mysterious in a good way? We’d say so.

19. Demetrius

More mythological ties—this name means “follower of Demeter” (who, for reference, was goddess of the harvest).

20. Denzel

“From the high stronghold.” Also, Washington.

21. Daylen

A variation on Daylon, this name has been trending since the late 90s. (Also spelled Daelan.)

22. Decker

This German moniker means “roofer.”

23. D’Angelo

Most commonly, this name is spelled Deangelo, but the singer of the same name inspired this new take. (It means “from the angel.”)

24. Dylan

A gender-neutral choice, it means “from the sea.”

25. Dennis

A riff on St. Denis in France, but also on the Greek god of wine Dionysius.

26. Deegan


27. Donavan

This Irish name means “dark.”

28. Dev

This popular Indian name means “god.”

29. Dale

This English moniker means “valley.”

30. Dempsey

“Proud” and “haughty.”

More Baby Boy Names Starting with D

31. Domingo

Of Spanish origin, this name means “born on a Sunday.”

32. Daryl

It means “dear one” and “beloved.”

33. DeShaun

A modern moniker. It can also be spelled DeShawn.

34. Desmond

It’s a common Irish surname with the best nickname: Desi.

35. Dwight


36. Duncan

Of Scottish origin, it means “dark warrior.”

37. Dewie

This Welsh name—often spelled Dewy—is up 1,000 percent on the charts. (It means “beloved.”)

38. Draco

“Dragon.” (Also, nemesis of Harry Potter.)

39. D’Wayne

It means “dark-skinned.”

40. Demitri

A short-form of Demetrius, but one that stands on its own.

41. Dayson

“Son of David.”

42. Demarcus

A variation on Marcus, this name typically references a follower of Mars, the Roman god of war and agriculture.

43. Dextert

means “right.” (And they’ll rub that in your face every chance they get.)

44. Deepak

A Hindi name that means “lamp” or “light.”

45. Dustin

“Brave warrior.”

46. Darcy

An Irish origin name, Darcy means ‘dark haired’.

47. Dakota

Another gender-neutral moniker, it means “friendly one.”

48. Duvall

A French name that means “of the valley.”

49. Damien

It means to “tame or subdue.”

50. Deacon


English Baby Boy Names Starting with D

1. Daft
Daft is derived from the Middle English daffle, which means “mild,” “gentle,” or “meek.”

2. Dankworth
Dankworth is the anglicised form of the German name Tancred, which means “a farmstead.”

3. Dick
Dick is a variant of Richard, which means “brave ruler.”

4. Dickinson
Dickinson means “son of Dickin.” They derive it from Richard.

5. Dickson
Dickson is a traditionally Scottish surname, and it means “son of Dick.”

6. Dikshit
Dikshit (sometimes spelt Dixit) is an Indian surname that means “provider of knowledge” in Sanskrit.

7. Dork
Dork is derived from the Germanic Tederich, which means “powerful people.”

8. Duck
Duck is a common English surname and a variant of the German name Duyck.

9. Dashiell
Dashiell is an occupational name that means page.

10. Delbert
An English origin name, Delbert, means proud or noble.

11. Damon
Originally a Greek boy’s name, the name means ‘to overpower’ or ‘subdue’.

12. Danny
Danny is also a Hebrew name and bears a significant meaning ‘God is my judge’.

13. Darnell
An old French origin name, Darnell, means ‘annual grass’.

14. Derrick
Derrick is a name of Germanic origin that means ‘a gifted ruler’.

15. Dawson
Dawson has Anglo-Saxon descent and is often used in countries like Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. It means the ‘son of David’.

Baby Boy Names Starting with E

Are you searching for a lovely name for your lovely son? However, we’ve come up with some extremely unique baby boy names that begin with the letter E.

1. Ea
Fire, A person on whom others can rely.

2. Eabba
It is derived from the hebrew word abba which means ‘Father’

3. Eabbe
It derived from the hebrew word abbe which means “Father of extreme happiness”

4. Eachann
It means ‘Horse-Lover’ in Irish

5. Eadbald
A person who enjoys beauties of nature.

6. Eadbeald
A heavenly light

7. Eadbehrt
Ead means ‘Blessed’ and behrt means ‘Bright’

8. Eadbeorht
The name eadbehort means ‘Wealthy’

9. Eadbert
Name of a King

10. Eadberth
It means a blessed person.

11. Eadbhard
It means rich protector.

12. Eadburt
It’s derived from the word eadbert which means wealthy.

13. Eadelmarr
A person who is noble.

14. Eadfrid
A serious-minded and responsible person.

15. Eadfrith
They are generous human beings

More Baby Boy names Starting with E

16. Eadgar
It means a very powerful person.

17. Eadger
One who is fortunate and powerful

18. Eadheard
Ethical and easygoing person

19. Eadhed
One who has earned respect of many

20. Eadhelm
A friendly and social person.

21. Eadhere
A self-centered person.

22. Eadlac
A happy and content person

23. Eadmaer
The one who comes from riches and greatness

24. Eadmer
A respected and diplomatic person

25. Eadmod
A homestead; providing protection

26. Eadmund
One who has riches and is a protector

27. Eadnod
An energetic and alluring being

28. Eadnoth
An ethical and analytical person

29. Eadred
A rich, happy and eager person

30. Eadric
They are manly and wealthy ruler

More Baby Boy names Starting with E

31. Eadsele
One who is from Edward’s estate

32. Eadsige
Analytical, smart and intellectual being

33. Eadstan
A superior person

34. Eaduin
An idealistic,prosperous and inspirational person.

35. Eadulf
A person who has an intense desire to serve others and be the helping hand in the society.

36. Eaduuard
A majestic personality

37. Eadwacer
Heaven-watcher; A person who is of expressive nature.

38. Eadwald
Derived from the word eadweald it means ‘Rich Ruler’.

39. Eadward
Guardian; The derived meaning from German is ‘Strong as a boar’ indicating a strong personality.

40. Eadwardsone
A person with the desire to serve humanity.

41. Eadweald
It means ‘Prosperous Ruler’.

42. Eadweard
Ed means ‘Rich’ and weard means ‘Guardian’.

43. Eadwiella
It means ‘From the Old Spring’

44. Eadwig
It means a rich or prosperous person.

45. Eadwin
It means a person who is a blessed friend and valued for in the society.

More Baby Boy names Starting with E

46. Eadwine
It means ‘Happy Friend’.

47. Eadwinn
It means a ‘Wealthy Friend’.

48. Eadwold
An independent and a very tolerant person.

49. Eadwulf
A person who is idealistic and has inspirational qualities; Its derived meaning from Old English where ead mean ‘Fortune’and wulf means’Wolf’

50. Eadwyn
It means a valued friend

51. Eagan
it means ‘Son of Fire’ in Irish.

52. Eahfrid
A diplomatic and honorable human being

53. Eakant
Loneliness; Alone; Being on your own; Solitude; Seclusion

54. Ealdbehrt
The one who is independent and happy

55. Ealdbeorht
The one who is in love with nature

56. Ealdfrith
A serious minded and stable person

57. Ealdgyth
An old battle maid; the noble one

58. Ealdhelm
A helmet; they are venerable being

59. Ealdhere
Accomodating and level headed person

60. Ealdred
Happy and efficient; realistic being.

More Baby Boy names Starting with E

61. Ealdun
One who is from the elves’s valley

62. Ealdwine
One who is a true old friend

63. Ealdwode
They are the ones who have the power and health

64. Ealdwulf
A clear-minded, intelligent being

65. Ealfled
An authentic, loyal and effective person

66. Ealgmund
Earnest, level-headed and composed individual

67. Ealhdun
One who belongs to the valley of the Elves

68. Ealhelm
A high spirited, energetic person

69. Ealhhard
A brave and kind individual

70. Ealhheard
A helpful, honest and authentic being

71. Ealhhere
One who is a temple army

72. Ealhhun
They are friendly natured and have strength

73. Ealhmund
One who is very good natured

74. Ealhred
A hall or a big place

75. Ealhsige
Attractive, loyal and humble person

More Baby Boy names Starting with E

76. Ealhstan
They are stone hard and temple pure

77. Eallard
One who is a brave person

78. Ealric
They are very brave, wise and happy

79. Eambald
A mature and bashful one

80. Eames
One who is a prosperous protector

81. Eamon
It is derived from irish form edmund which means ” Guardian”

82. Eamonn
Protection; one who saves

83. Ean
It means God is forgiving.

84. Eanbald
The one who is easygoing and accurate person

85. Eanbeorht
A normal, reliable and high spirited person

86. Eanfrith
A nonjudgemental and frank person

87. Eanhere
A forgiving, alluring and passionate person

88. Eanlac
Analytical, forgiving and ethical person

89. Eanmaer
An experienced, modest and accomodating being

90. Eanred
One with a great spiritual insight

91. Eansige
A self assured, naive and well spoken person

92. Eanulf
An authentic human being

93. Eanwine
A wholesome and insightful being

94. Eanwulf
A happy and content person; genius

95. Ear
The Scottish meaning of the name Ear is ‘From the East’.

96. Earcanwald
One who has a mystic personality

97. Earcna
It means friend of the sea.

98. Earconbehrt
A loving and caring individual

99. Earconbert
One who has many qualities and personal insight

100. Evan
a Welsh name which is derived from the name John and means God is gracious.

Baby Boy Names Starting with F

Are you searching for a lovely name for your lovely son? However, we’ve come up with some extremely unique baby boy names that begin with the letter F.

1. Fa
Chinesee name means a new beginning

2. Faa
A surpassing, excellent person

3. Faadhil
A generous, praiseworthy man

4. Faaiq
A person who surpasses other people

5. Faaiz
A victorious, triumphant man

6. Faakhir
He is a great person

7. Faalgun
A name of the month in Hindu calendar

8. Faarees
One who is a Knight, a good horsemn

9. Faareh
A man with a happy personality

10. Faarih
A person who is full of joy

Names Around the World for Baby Boys

11. Faaris
A cavalier who is a great horsman

12. Faarooq
A man who knows the difference between right a wrong

13. Faateer
A person who makes thinks, creator

14. Faateh
A man who is born to conqueror things

15. Faatih
A person who conquers,opens and initiates things

16. Faatir
A maker. A person who creates things in life

17. Faaz
A person who is a sucessful victor in life

18. Faber
An occupational name, for a person who is a smith

19. Fabian
He who farms beans

20. Fabiano
A man who grows beans

21. Fabien
He who grows beans for a living

22. Fabijan
Slovene form of Fabianus, meaning bean.

23. Fabio
He who owns a bean farm

24. Fabion
A bean growing

25. Fabius
A bean-grower

More Baby Boy Names Starting with F

26. Fable
Name means a story.

27. Fabrice
A crafty man who works with his hands

28. Fabricio
A man who is very crafty

29. Fabrizio
A man who is a craftsman

30. Fabyen
A man who is a bean farmer

31. Facca
The sheep in the pasture

32. Facundo
One who is significant, eloquent

33. Fadahunsi
The king’s favor

34. Fadda
The flock of the sheep in the meadow.

35. Faddei
A boy who is brave and valiant.

36. Fadee
A gallant man who is self-sacrificing

37. Fadel

38. Fadey
A man who is bold and very brave

39. Fadeyka
A man who is brave and valiant.

40. Fadeyushka
Brave and courageous

41. Fadgham
A tall and handsome man

42. Fadheeler
A man who always wins

43. Fadhil
An abundant person

44. Fadhiler
A man of virtue and excellence

45. Fadhili
Aid, favor, compassion, and kindness.

More Baby Boy Names Starting with F

46. Fadhl
A man who is gracious and giving

47. Fadhlan
A gift from God

48. Fadi
A person who redeemed himslef for previous actions

49. Fadil
A man who gives generously to others

50. Fadl
A person who outstands with his bravery

51. Fadl Allah
He is in Alla’s favor

52. Fadl Ullah
The Allah’s excellence

53. Fadl-ullah
The excellence of Allah

54. Fadlallah
To feel the excellence of Allah

55. Fadlullah
To feel the excellence of Allah

56. Fadri
One who rules in peace

57. Fadwa
A man who is self-sacrificing and gallant

58. Fady
He is a great savior of men

59. Faeem
A man who reached fame

60. Faegan
A joyful person

61. Faeq
One who has the ability to surpass anyone, Excellent.

62. Faer
A man who loves to travel

63. Faerwald
A person who is mighty travelor

64. Fafner
Name of a dragon in Norse mythology.

65. Fagan
One who is a very eager child

66. Faghyar
Intelligent; Like a Scholar; Wise

67. Fahad
A panter-like man

68. Fahd
He is dangerous like a panter

69. Faheel
A man of great intelligence and knowledge

70. Faheem
A very perceptive young man

71. Fahham
A very intelligent and knowledgable person

72. Fahid
A person who does something good for those who are not there

73. Fahim
Scholar; Intelligent; Wise; Learned; Prudent; Sagacious

74. Fahis
A man who likes to test things and to investigate

75. Fahm
One who possesses a great intellect.

More Baby Boy Names Starting with F

76. Fahmat
one who is full of understanding

77. Fahmeda
A woman who is smart

78. Fahmeeb
One who understands

79. Fahmi
An understanding man.

80. Fahmin
Man with responsibilities

81. Fahreezan
One who is wise

82. Fahrni
A variant of Farni, a topographic name for someone living in an area with ferns.

83. Fahrudin
Pride of faith

84. Fahyim
One who is careful

85. Fai
Chinesee name meaning beginning

86. Faibel
A brilliant man

87. Faid
One who has an advantage

88. Faidh
A favorable one

89. Faik
One who is moraly superior

90. Fail
A performing man

91. Fain
He who is joyful

92. Faine
One who has a good nature

93. Faiq
One who is superior

94. Fairbanks
A bank along the pathway

95. Faireh
The bringer of happiness.

96. Fairfax
One with blonde hair

97. Fairlay
A meadow of bulls

98. Fairlee
A bull meadow

99. Fairleigh
One who is from the ram meadow

100. Fairlie
One who is from the bull’s pasture.

Baby Boy Names Starting with G

Are you searching for a lovely name for your lovely son? However, we’ve come up with some extremely unique baby boy names that begin with the letter G.

1. Gaaba
Greenlandic variant form of Kaapa, meaning God is my strong man.

2. Gaabriel
A form of Gabriel, meaning man of God.

3. Gaalava
Kind of Ebony; The Lordhra tree (Lotus Bark Tree); Name of Rishi(Saint); A pupil of Vishvamitra;

4. Gaarwine
A close mate with a spear.

5. Gaayana
Music; Singing; One who has a sweet melodious voice and can sing well

6. Gabba
The whirling water

7. Gabbara

8. Gabe
From the name gabriel

9. Gabino
Man originally coming from Gabium or Gabio.

10. Gabir
The one who gives relaxation.

Names Around the World for Baby Boys

11. Gable
Junior Gabriel or Son of Gabriel.

12. Gabor
God is my strength and might.

13. Gabran
One who stays close to God

14. Gabrian
The man who always stay close to God.

15. Gabriel
God is my strength

16. Gabriele
God has given me great power.

17. Gabriell
Heroine of God

A champion of God.

19. Gabrijel
Croatian form of Gabriel, meaning God is my strong man.

20. Gabrio
God is my strength and shield.

21. Gabroo
Young Man; Proud; A variant spelling is Gabru

22. Gabryjel
God is my shelter.

23. Gacoki
He returns.

24. Gad
One of many names of Lord Vishnu

25. Gadaa
Weapon of Lord Hanuman; Club; Sword of state.

More Baby Boy Names Starting from G

26. Gadaadhar
One who carries a Gadaa; One of many names of Lord Hanuman signifying his form carrying Gadaa;

27. Gadabhrt
One who manipulates a club.

28. Gadadhar
One of Lord Chaitanya’s Associates; One who wields the mace; One who has gadaa (club) as his weapon

29. Gadadhara
One who wields the mace; One who has gadaa (club) as his weapon

30. Gadambar
One who wields the mace; One who has gadaa (club) as his weapon

31. Gadd
Refers to thorns or point

32. Gadge
God is my strength; God’s Able Bodied One;

33. Gadhar
One of many names of Lord Narayan; A Bengali name for Lord Narayana

34. Gadhi
One who Seeks Knowledge; One who earns for Wisdom; Name of Father of Vishvamitra;

35. Gadhija
Another Name for Sage Vishvamitra; One who is wise and knowledgeable

36. Gadi
Positive fortune or profitable future.

37. Gadiel
God is my fortune

38. Gadil
God is my prosperity or mammon.

39. Gadin
One of many names of Lord Krishna; One who is armed with a club; One who wields the mace

40. Gadiva
Most powerful bow of Arjuna.

41. Gaelen
The one who keeps his mind firm under difficult situation.

42. Gaena
One who loves nature and out door

43. Gaenbald
A person who is a reserved and respected person

44. Gaenbeald
One who is a versatile and religious person

45. Gaenburh
An alluring, noble and high spirited

More Baby Boy Names Starting from G

46. Gaera
A person who is respectable and noble

47. Gaerwn
The fortress which reflects in white color.

48. Gaerwulf
One who is easy going and helpful by nature

49. Gaetan
The one who is from Gaeta, Italy.

50. Gaetano
Gaeta is my home town.

51. Gaete
A refined and attractive individual; tactful

An understanding and involved person

53. Gafur
Invincible; Unconquerable; Undefeatable;

54. Gaganadhvaja
Banner of the Sky; The Sun; A cloud;

55. Gaganakunda
Sky; Heaven; Paradise; Abode of God; Pool of the sky

56. Gaganavihari
Wandering in Heaven; One who is free to roam in Heaven

57. Gaganbir
A brave person from sky or heaven

58. Gaganchandra
The Moon in the Sky; Bright and radiant like moon in the sky

59. Gagandeep
A lamp in the sky; Light in the sky; Glorious flame in the sky;

60. Gagandeepak
Lamp of the sky; Light of the sky; Glorious flame of the sky;

61. Gagandhwaj
Sun; Brightness of the sky; Radiant and Glorious Sun in Sky

62. Gaganesh
One of many names of Lord Shiva signifying him as the supreme Lord of the sky

63. Gaganinder
The master of heavens.

64. Gaganjeet
The one who overcomes the sky.

65. Gaganjeev
The one who lives in the sky.

66. Gaganjit
One who wins over the sky.

67. Gaganjot
Lamp of the sky; Light of the sky; Glorious flame of the sky;

68. Gaganjyot
Lamp of the sky; Light of the sky; Glorious flame of the sky;

69. Gaganmeet
The one who is very closer to the sky

70. Gaganpreet
The one who like the sky a lot. Unisex

71. Gagansindhu
Ocean of the Sky; Ocean of the heaven

72. Gaganvihari
One who Stays in Heaven; God; One whose abode is paradise

73. Gage
Of the pledge

74. Gagnesh
One of many names of Lord Shiva signifying him as the supreme Lord of the sky

75. Gah
Name for a sword and pond

76. Gahan
Refers to the person who is unable to understand.

77. Gahana
Deep; Impassable; Ornament; Precious Jewel

78. Gaheres
A sensitive, mature and loyal person

79. Gaheriet
An inspiring and affectionate person

80. Gaheris
Sons of Lot, who was an old testament man in the bible.

81. Gahez

82. Gahlot
Wild; A name associated with Rajput Community; Variant names are Gehlot,Gohil or Guhilot

83. Gaidar
The one who expresses joy.

84. Gaidon
One who appreciates life and beauty

85. Gaige
Of the pledge

86. Gaihargambhir
Bottomless and thoughtful.

87. Gaihom
A sensitive, refined and practical person

88. Gailen
The one who is peaceful and quiet.

89. Gaillard
Person who is bliss and strong.

90. Gailyn
Refers to a visitor or guest.

91. Gaincarlo
Italian – God’s Gracious Gift; Freeman; Man; Name is a combination of Gianni and Carlo

92. Gaines
Fraud or dishonesty.

93. Gainor
Born son of a person who is very fair in complexion.

94. Gaioz
Georgian form of Gaius, meaning to rejoice

95. Gais
The one who is pleased and cheerful.

96. Gaish
Tempest; Commotion; Blizzard

97. Gay
Gay is an English and French surname derived from the Middle English and Old French gai, a nickname for a cheerful person.

98. Gaywood
Gaywood is an English surname given to families who live in Gaywood in Norfolk.

99. Glydenbollocks
This classy-sounding surname means “golden balls.”

100. Goff
Goff is a Welsh surname derived from a nickname for a red-haired person. It is common in East Anglia.

Baby Boy Names Starting from H

Are you searching for a lovely name for your lovely son? However, we’ve come up with some extremely unique baby boy names that begin with the letter H.

1. Habakkuk
One who embraces life

2. Habel
One who breathes

3. Hac
A variation of Haca

4. Hacca
A variation of Hac

5. Hachi
Little prince

6. Hackett
A traditional Scottish name which means woodsman

7. Hadden
Heather-covered hill

8. Hadeed
Rejoice in the Lord

9. Haden
A form of hadden

10. Hadriel
Majesty of God

Names Around the World for Baby Boys

11. Hadwin
Frind in a time of war

12. Haemath
Gifted person

13. Hagley
Enclosed meadow

14. Haiden
A form of hayden

15. Haig
Enclosed with hedges

16. Haines
From the vine-covered cottage

17. Hal
A short form of harold, halden

18. Halbert
Shining hero

19. Hale
A short form of haley

20. Halford
Valley ford

21. Hall
Manor hall

22. Hallam

23. Hallan
Dweller at the hall

24. Halton
Estate on the hill

25. Ham

More Baby Boy names Starting with H

26. Hame
This means a cave

27. Hamie
A reliable friend

28. Hamill

29. Hamilton
Proud estate

30. Hamish

31. Hamisi
A bold, bubbly person

32. Hammet

33. Hammond

34. Hampton
Geography: a town in England

35. Handel
A form of John

36. Hanes
An idealistic person

37. Hang
The means the moon

38. Hank
The ruler of the house

39. Hanker
Determined person

40. Hanley
High meadow

41. Hannibal
Baal has favored

42. Hanns
God’s gracious gift heman – faithful

43. Hans
God’s gracious gift heman – faithful

44. Harac
It means oak tree

45. Haraford
It means a hare’s ford.

More Baby Boy names Starting with H

46. Harald
A leader of the army

47. Harbel
The natural one who lives in Liberia

48. Harbux
One forgiven by the Holy One

49. Harby
It means Owen’s son

50. Hard
The feelings that are delicate but strong

51. Harda
He who lives with a good heart

52. Harden
Valley of the hares

53. Hardi
Blessed by the holy heart

54. Harding

55. Hardit
The boy gifted by the Lord

56. Hardred
The one who is born with red colored hair

57. Hardwin
Brave friend

58. Hardwyn
The associate who is courageous

59. Hardyn
The one who lives by a field full of hares

60. Hare
A variant name for rabbit or one who is evergetic

61. Hareford
The one who hails from Hailford

62. Harelache
He who lives by a lake believed to be used by hares

63. Hareleah
The one who resides by the hare’s dwelling place.

64. Harford
Ford of the hares

65. Hargreave
A place where hare lives in a grive

66. Haria
An old name of a village in Iceland

67. Harimann
One who protects his people

68. Haris
A form of Harris

69. Harlan
Hare’s land; army land

70. Harlow
Hare’s hill; army hill

71. Harman
Forms of herman

72. Harmon
Forms of herman

73. Harold
Famous person

74. Harper
Harp player

75. Harris
A short form of harrison

More Baby Boy names Starting with H

76. Harrison
Means Son of Harry

77. Harrold
The ruler of an army

78. Harry
It means House protector

79. Hart
A short form of hartley

80. Hartley
Deer meadow

81. Harvin
Warrior of god

82. Haslett
Hazel-tree land

83. Hassel
Witches’ corner

84. Hawley
Hedged meadow

85. Hayden
Hedged valley

More Baby Boy names Starting with H

86. Haydn
A form of hayden

87. Haydon
A form of hayden

88. Hayes
Hedged valley

89. Heaton
High place

90. Hedley
Heather-filled meadow

91. Hehu
God rescues

92. Henley
It means high clearing woods.

93. Hennry
The ruler of the house

94. Hardick
Hardick is a habitational name for families residing in Hardwick in South Yorkshire and Derbyshire.

95. Hardman
Hardman is an Anglo-Saxon name that means “person with a tough character.” It could also mean a person who is stubborn and completes their tasks.

96. Hardmeat
This surname is derived from “Hardmead,” which is a Parish in Buckingham.

97. Hardy
Hardy is a common English and French surname that means “bold.”

98. Hickinbottom
Hickinbottom is the name of the families who hail from Hugg’s land in East Cheshire.

99. Ho
Ho is a Chinese and Korean surname.

100. Hooker
Hooker means “a person who lived near a river bend or corner of a natural feature” from the Old English hoc meaning “angle” or “hook.”

Baby Boy Names Starting with I

Are you searching for a lovely name for your lovely son? However, we’ve come up with some extremely unique baby boy names that begin with the letter I.

1. Iakob
Georgian form of Jacob, meaning supplanter

2. Ian
God is gracious

3. Iancu
Romanian form of John, meaning Yahweh is gracious.

4. Iarere
To descend, or the descendant

5. Iassen
Ash tree

6. Iavor

7. Iben

8. Ibrahim
A variant of Ebrahim, meaning father of many nations .

9. Iccauhtli
The younger brother.

10. Ice
Adaptation of the English word, meaning frozen water/liquid

Names Around the World for Baby Boys

11. Ichtaca
Nahuatl word for secret.

12. Ichtacka

13. Icnoyotl
Nahuatl word for friendship.

14. Idhant
Bright and luminous

15. Idogbe
One who is born after twins.

16. Idogbe
The second child born after twins.

17. Idrak
To comprehend, or to understand.

18. Idrees
Variant of the name Idris. It means one who instructs or teaches.

19. Idris
Lord of Studious

20. Iehohapata
The Lord judges

21. Ieni
God is gracious and merciful

22. Iesa
Name of a Muslim prophet.

23. Ietepere
Chaste, or unmarried

24. Ietoro

25. Ife
Love, someone who is born with an innate desire to love and be loved.

More Baby Boy Names Starting with I

26. Ifeanyichukwu
God is most powerful or no one is greater than God.

27. Ifechi
The light of God.

28. Ifechukwude
What God has written.

29. Ifekristi
The light of Christ.

30. Ifelewa
The beautiful love.

31. Ifemyolunna
What I asked of the lord.

32. Iffaan
Time, season or weather.

33. Igaliko
Abandoned hearth, fireplace

34. Igberaharha
The poor take the blame

35. Ige
Born feet first.

36. Iggiaq

37. Ighomuedafe
Money intoxicates the wealthy

38. Ighovavwerhe
There is joy in riches

39. Ignacij
Slovene form of Ignatius. It means fire.

40. Ignacio

41. Ignasio
Variation of Ignacio which means Fiery

42. Igor
A man protected by God.

43. Igwebuike
Strength in numbers.

44. Ihaia
God is salvation

45. Ihaka
He will laugh

46. Ihan
God’s grace

47. Iheanacho
Precious or what everyone seeks.

48. Ihtishaam                                                                                                                                                                                    One who has a splendid or magnificent personality.

49. Ihu
God rescues

50. Ihuicatl
Nahuatl word for sky.

51. Iisaja
Greenlandic variant of Îsaia. It means God is salvation

52. Ijaakaaq

53. Ijaaz
Miracle, astonishment, or magnanimity.

54. Ijay
A name of Lord Vishnu

55. Ijtiba
One who is chosen, elected or approved.

56. Ikaroa
The long part of a fish

57. Ikechukwu
The power of God.

58. Ikemba
Strength of the nation.

59. Ikenasio
Ikenasio is a form of Ignatius. It means fiery one.

60. Iker

61. Ikhlaaq
A man with a good demeanour and moral virtues.

62. Ikia
Variation of Ikea

63. Ikiaq
Red spruce in Inuit language.

64. Ikila
How sweet you are

65. Ikponmwosa
Thank God, one who is thankful to God for everything.

66. Ikrimah

67. Ikshan

68. Ikshu
A Malayali word for sugarcane.

69. Il

70. Ilarion
Bulgarian form of Hilarion, meaning happy.

71. Ildefonso
One who is battle ready

72. Ilei
My God is Yahweh

73. Iles
Messenger of the God.

74. Ilesh
Lord of the earth

75. Ilhicamina
He who shoots arrows at the sky

More Baby Boy Names Starting with I

76. Ilhikamina
He who shoots arrows at the sky. Also, the name of a great Mexica king.

77. Ilhuitl
Nahuatl word for day.

78. Ilia
Georgian form of Elijah, meaning my God is Yahweh

79. Ilija
Croatian form of Elijah, meaning my God is Yahweh.

80. Illugi
Name of Aslak’s son.

81. Illya
My God is He

82. Ilm

83. Ilmari
From Ilmarinen, the eternal hammerer, a god in Finnish mythology

84. Iloosha
Lord of the earth

85. Isreal
Meaning All nation.

86. Ilozumba
Nigerian term meaning, our distant home is forgotten.

87. Im
Name of a mythical giant.

88. Imad
Pillar, support or mainstay

89. Imam
Leader or chief

90. Imay
One with an independent nature, one who likes being independent.

91. Ime
A miracle

92. Imeda

93. Imen
Faith or belief

94. Imko

95. Immad
A variant of Imad, meaning pillar or support.

96. Imman
Safety, protection, shelter or refuge.

97. Immanuel
God is with us

98. Imran

99. Isaiah
a Hebrew name which means God is

100. Isaac
this name comes from Latin and means the one who laughs.

Baby Boy Names Starting with J

Are you searching for a lovely name for your lovely son? However, we’ve come up with some extremely unique baby boy names that begin with the letter J.

1. Jace
Of Hebrew origin meaning “the Lord is salvation”.

2. Jack
Of Native American origin meaning “moon”.

3. Jad
Of English origin meaning “form of Jason”.

4. Jae
Of Korean origin meaning “ability, talent”.

5. Jael
Of Hebrew origin “wild mountain goat”.

6. Jahi
Of African origin meaning “dignified”.

7. Jai
Of Sanskrit origin meaning “victory”.

8. Jake
Of English origin meaning “abbreviation of Jacob”.

9. Jan
Of Hebrew origin meaning “Yahweh the gracious”.

10. Jari
Of Finnish origin meaning “helmeted warrior”.

Names Around the World for Baby Boys

11. Jase
Of Greek origin meaning “the Lord is salvation”.

12. Jay
Of English origin meaning “form of Jason, healer”.

13. Jax
Of English origin meaning “God has been gracious or has shown favour”.

14. Jean
Of English origin meaning “God is gracious”.

15. Jedd
Of Hebrew origin meaning “beloved of Jehovah”.

16. Jedi
Of Hebrew origin meaning “God knows, God protects”.

17. Jere
Of Finnish origin meaning “exalted of the Lord”.

18. Jett
Of English origin meaning “a black mineral or intense black colour”.

19. Jim
Of English origin “Jehovah increases”.

20. Jobe
Of English origin meaning “persecuted”.

21. Joe
Of English origin meaning “Jehovah increases”.

22. Joel
Of Hebrew origin meaning “Lord is God”.

23. Joey
Of English origin meaning “God will increase”.

24. Jon
Of English origin meaning “Jehovah has been gracious; has shown favour”.

25. Jose
Of Portuguese origin meaning “may God give increase”.

More Baby Boy Names Starting with J

26. Josh
Of Hebrew origin meaning “God is my salvation”.

27. Joss
Of Hebrew origin meaning “Jehovah is salvation”.

28. Jove
Of Latin origin meaning “father of the sky”.

29. Juan
Of Spanish origin meaning “God is gracious”.

30. Judd
Of English origin meaning “to flow down”.

31. Jude
Of Hebrew origin meaning “praised; a variant of Judah”.

32. James
Of Hebrew origin meaning “supplanter, heel- grabber”.

33. Jamie
Of Scottish origin meaning “may God protect”.

34. Jack
Of Polish origin meaning “God is gracious”.

35. Jacob
Of Hebrew origin meaning “supplanter”.

36. Jason
Of Greek origin meaning “to heal”. Great for a peaceful boys name that inspires positivity.

37. Jeffrey
Of English origin meaning “peaceful”.

38. Jeremy
Of English origin meaning “the Lord exalts; variant of Jeremiah”.

39. Jesus 
Of Hebrew origin meaning “the Lord is my salvation”.

40. John 
Of Hebrew origin meaning “God has been gracious”.

41. Johnny
Of English origin meaning “God is gracious”.

42. Jonathan
Of Hebrew origin meaning “gift from God”.

43. Johnson
Of English origin meaning “son of John”.

44. Jordon
Of French origin meaning “down flowing”.

45. Joseph
Of Hebrew origin meaning “may God give increase”.

46. Joshua
Of Hebrew origin meaning “the Lord is my salvation”.

47. Jackson
Of English origin meaning “son of Jack or John”.

48. Jacobson
Of English origin meaning “Jacob’s child”.

49. Jaden
Of Hebrew origin meaning “God has heard”.

50. Jaiden
Of Hebrew origin meaning “God has heard”.

51. Jaison
Of Greek origin meaning “healing”.

52. Jakome
Of Basque origin meaning “supplanter”.

53. Jalen
Of Greek origin meaning “healer; tranquil”.

54. Jalil
Of Arabic origin meaning “revered”.

55. Jamal
Of Arabic origin meaning “handsome”.

56. Jameson
Of English origin meaning “son of James”.

57. Jared
Of Hebrew origin meaning “descending; a pre-flood Biblical name related to Jordan”.

58. Jarvis
Of English origin meaning “spearman”.

59. Jasper
Of English origin meaning “variant of Caspar”.

60. Jefferson
Of English origin meaning “son of Geoffrey”.

61. Jeremiah
Of Hebrew origin meaning “the Lord exalts”.

62. Jermaine
Of Latin origin meaning “brother”.

63. Jenson 
Of Scandinavian origin “Jehovah has been gracious; has shown favour”.

64. Jerome 
Of French origin meaning “rejoicing”.

65. Jerrett
Of English origin meaning “spear strong”.

66. Jerry
Of English origin meaning “ruling spear”.

67. Jesse
Of Hebrew origin meaning “God exists, wealthy”.

68. Jessie
Of Hebrew origin meaning “God exists, wealthy”.

69. Jimmie
Of English origin meaning “supplanter”.

70. Jimmy
Of English origin meaning “supplanter”.

71. Johnnie
Of Hebrew origin meaning “God is gracious”.

72. Jonah
Of Hebrew origin meaning “dove”. Another biblical baby name that never ages.

73. Jonas
Of Hebrew origin meaning “gracious”.

74. Jonty
Of English origin meaning “God is gracious”.

75. Jordan
Of Hebrew origin meaning “to flow downward”.

76. Jorge
Of Spanish origin meaning “farmer”.

77. Josiah
Of Hebrew origin meaning “the Lord supports”.

78. Jules
Of French origin meaning “youthful”.

79. Julen
Of Latin origin meaning “youthful”.

80. Julian
Of Latin origin meaning “youthful”.

81. Julien
Of French origin meaning “Jove’s child”.

82. Julius
Of Latin origin meaning “youth”.

83. Justin
Of Latin origin meaning “fair or just”.

84. Jaafan
Of African origin meaning “small river”.

85. Jabari
Of Africana origin meaning “fearless, brave”.

More Baby Boy Names Starting with J

86. Jabarl
Of African origin meaning “comforter”.

87. Jabbar
Of Arabic origin meaning “mighty, colossal”.

88. Jabez
Of Hebrew origin meaning “born in pain”.

89. Jacky
Of French origin meaning “supplanter”.

90. Jacinto
Of Spanish origin meaning “flower name, purple; variant of Hyacinth”.

91. Jacoby
Of American origin meaning “variation of Jacob”.

92. Jacorey
Of English origin meaning “best boy, hollow”.

93. Jacquan
Of Hebrew origin meaning “gift of God”.

94. Jacques
Of French origin meaning “supplanter”.

95. Jagger
Of English origin meaning “peddler; carter”.

96. Jairo
Of Spanish origin meaning “he shines”.

97. Jakob
Of Scandinavian origin meaning “supplanter”.

98. Jamar
Of Arabic origin meaning “handsome”.

99. Jamshid
Of Persian origin meaning “king”.

100. Janus
Of Latin origin meaning “archway”.

101. Janyl
Of English origin meaning “Blend of jar and Darell”.

102. Japhet
Of Hebrew origin meaning “handsome or beautiful”

103. Jareth
Of English origin meaning “old”.

104. Jarrod
Of English origin meaning “spear; strong”.

105. Javier
Of Spanish origin meaning “castle or new house”.

106. Jaxon
Of English origin meaning “God has been gracious”.

107. Jean
Of Scottish origin meaning “God has given”.

108. Jean-Baptiste                                                                                                                                                                               Of Hebrew origin meaning “God is gracious”.

109. Joaquin
Of Spanish origin meaning “God will judge”.

110. Johan
Of Danish origin meaning “gift from God”.

111. Judah
Of Hebrew origin meaning “praised;

112. June
Of English origin meaning “month of June”.

113. Junien
Of Hebrew origin meaning “God will uplift”.

114. Jurgen
Of Greek origin meaning “earth-worker”.

115. Juro
Of Japanese origin meaning “best wishes, long life”.

116. Juste
Of French origin meaning “just, lawful, fair”.

117. Justice
Of English origin meaning “Just, upright, righteous”.

Baby Boy Names Starting with K

Are you searching for a lovely name for your lovely son? However, we’ve come up with some extremely unique baby boy names that begin with the letter K.

1. Kade
Kade means Gentle Person

2. Kadia
Rhyming; Pure; A variant of Cady meaning a rhythmic flow of sounds

3. Kadyn
The name Kadyn means Fighter

4. Kaeb
A trusted person who like surprises

5. Kaedee
Kaedee means Rhymingor Cady

6. Kaelem
Kealem means an Honest Man

7. Kaiden
Kaiden means Companion

8. Kaidyn
Kaidyn name means Friend, Companion

9. Kailene
Kailene name means He Who Keeps the Keys

10. Kailum
Kailum means The one who Has the Keys

Names Around the World for Baby Boys

11. Kalten
An expressive and reasonable person

12. Kalvin
Hairless; Bald Boy

13. Kamren
Kamren name means Crooked Nose

14. Kamron
Kamrn means He has a Crooked Nose

15. Kamryn
The name means His Nose is Crooked

16. Kamrynn
Kamrynn means One whose nose is Crooked

17. Kanahins
Hopeful and noble spirited individual

18. Kanca
Kanca means an Attractive Man

19. Kandot
A quick thinker who likes philosophy

20. Kandyhn
One who is great and polite individual

21. Karac
A spiritual, religious and respectable being; fortunate

22. Karhedin
A quick one; honest and amusing

23. Karidena
An inspirational and talented human being

24. Karina
Karina means Pure

25. Karrington
Karrington means One who is Admired

More Baby Boy Names Starting with K

26. Karson
Karson means A Christian

27. Karston
Karston means Anointed

28. Karter
One who transports various materials

29. Keatley
The name means Shed Town, mostly used as a surname

30. Keaton
Keaton means Place of the Hawks

31. Keats
Keats means Shed Town, mostly used as a surname

32. Keddrick
Keddrick means Gifted with Splendor

33. Kedric
Kedric means Gift of Splendor

34. Kedrick
Kedrick means Splendor is Given

35. Keduse
The name means She is a Gift of Splendor

36. Keeandre
The name means Keen Power

37. Keerth
Keeth means From the Woods

38. Keeton
Keetion means a Place where Hawks Soar

39. Keifer
German – Pine Tree; Barrel Maker; Hebrew – Son of Lion;

40. Keleman
Gentle; Kind; A variant of the name Clement

41. Kelten
Kelten means Town of Keels

42. Kelton
Kelton means Town of the Celts

43. Kemery
Kemery means From the place Cambrai

44. Kemp
Kemp means Warrior, Champion

45. Kempe
Kempe means Champion, Athlete

46. Kempton
Kempton means Son of the Champion

47. Kenard
Old English – Bold; Keen; Royal; Warden; Guard; Brave; Hardy

48. Kendel
Kendel means The Royal Valley

49. Kendell
Kendell means The Valley of the Royals

50. Kendric
Kendric means Brave and Fearless Chief

Baby Boy Names Starting with L

Are you searching for a lovely name for your lovely son? However, we’ve come up with some extremely unique baby boy names that begin with the letter L.

1. Labor
The name means to Work

2. Lach
Lach means person who lives near a water

3. Lache
Lache means His habitat is near Water

4. Lad
Lad means Young Man, Manservant

5. Ladainian
One who is from Denmark and follower of Christ

6. Ladbroc
Labroc means He Lives on the Path that is beside the brook

7. Ladd
Ladd means Young Man

8. Ladde
The name means He who Attends

9. Laddey
The name means Manservant

10. Laddie
Laddie means young Boy, a manservant

11. Laddy
The name means small Boy, a lad

12. Laec
A person who lives in the proximity of the Water

13. Laefertun
A man who comes from the Rush Farm

14. Laibrook
Laibrook means Lives by the Path by the Brook

15. Laidley
Laidley means From the Creek Meadow

Baby Boy Names Starting with L

16. Laidly
The name means From the Creek

17. Laiken
Laiken means Body of Water

18. Laikon
A water body, one who live by the water lake or water stream

19. Laine
Laine means From the Long Meadow

20. Lake
Lake means Inland body of Water

21. Lakely
The name means Meadow Lake

22. Laketon
Living by the Lake

23. Lamb
A person with a young mind

24. Lamel
God’s peace or peace from God

25. Lamorak
Brother of Percival from Arthurian Legend

26. Latymer
Occupational name, interpreter

27. Laughton
Man from the Hill Town

28. Launce
God-like; servant of the god

29. Launcelot
Name from the Arthurian Legend, Knight of the round table

30. Launder
People from grassy, green plain

More Baby Boy Names Starting with L

31. Laureano
Latin name meaning from the place where the laurel trees grow

32. Lava
The one who has the title of the Lord

33. Lavaine
A born leader, a person destined for greatness

34. Lave
An individual who has power, authority and control

35. Lavey
Brought together, Joined, an Union of two people

36. Law
One who came from the hills

37. Lawdon
One who lives on a farm on the hillside

38. Lawe
A person who inhabits the Hillside

39. Lawerence
One who came from the place of Honor and Fame

40. Lawford
A person who is from the ford at the hill

41. Lawley
A person who came from the meadow in the hills

42. Lawly
A meadow that is in the Hills

43. Lawrance
One who is from the city Laurentum

44. Lawren
A shoreline indentation, a bay

45. Lawrie
A fierce, fiery individual

46. Lawry
A person of a fiery and fierce character

47. Lawton
Who lives on the farm located on the side of the hill.

48. Lay
One who lives on the farm in the meadow

49. Layne
A narrow lane or a country road

50. Lendell
Lindel tree dell

51. Leng
The one who is long

52. Leni
A person who is devoted to God

53. Lennan
Lover, sweetheart

54. Lennerd
Brave Lion

55. Lennor
A name representing Spring, Summer

56. Lenny
Short for Leonard, meaning brave like a lion

57. Lenwood
Leen’s wood

58. Leodbriht
The Bright King

59. Leodhere
King’s nation and army

60. Leodwald
A king who rules the nation

61. Leof
The one who is loved, beloved

62. Leofard
A brave lion or the brave panther

63. Leofeca
Derivative name of Leofa, meaning dear friend

64. Leofgiest
Loved guest

65. Leofgifu
Gift of the loved ones

66. Leofheah
High, Illustrious love

67. Leofhere
Beloved Army

68. Leofnoth
Strong love

69. Leofred
Name from words Love and Elf

70. Leofric
Dear ruler, Husband of Lady Godiva

71. Leofricus
The one with power, dear one

72. Leofsa
Dear agreeable one

73. Leofsige
The one that gladly agrees

74. Leofstan
Beloved, dear stone.

Baby Boy Names Starting with M

Are you searching for a lovely name for your lovely son? However, we’ve come up with some extremely unique baby boy names that begin with the letter M.

1. Maaglant
A happy and versatile individual

2. Maaskelah
A capable and organized leader

3. Mabbe
English surname meaning loveable

4. Mabrey
One who brings joy and happiness

5. Mabyle
One who is holy or blessed

6. Maccha
A variant of Macha; Hebrew – One who raises (brings up); Irish – Plain

7. Maccus
Celtic – Hammer; Latin – Great; A variant of name Magnus

8. Maccvtreni
One who has strong inner strength and is expressive

9. Mace
Gift of God; a medieval weapon

10. Machutus
A name of a saint

Names Around the World for Baby Boys

11. Mackenzi
Gaelic – Son of Coinneach; Son of Kenneth

12. Mackynzie
The son who has a handsome father

13. Macon
Maker, one who makes things

14. Macoy
One from the linden tree hill.

15. Macvdeceti
A sensitive, decent and good individual.

16. Macvtreni
One who has a modern attitude and is tolerant.

17. Madi
Son of Mad; battle mighty

18. Madison
Son of a mighty warrior

19. Madisson
Son of the Mighty Warrior; Son of Maud; A variant of Madison.

20. Madog
Welsh – Fortunate; Good; Beneficent; Son of Madoc; A variant of Maddox.

21. Mador
Name from Arthurian Legend, the accuser of Guinevere

22. Madulf
One who is dedicated to war, warlike

23. Maed
Old English – From the Meadow

24. Maegenfrith
Combination of names Megan and Frith.

25. Melbourne
The river of the Mincer or crusher.

More Baby Boy Names Starting with M

26. Melburn
From the surge of the pounder or Dicer.

27. Melburne
Who hails from the stream of mill.

28. Melbyrne
A Stream from the mill

29. Melden
English – Hill with a cross; Meldon is a derivative of Melden.

30. Meldon
A factory on a tall mountain, bearable person in high-risk times.

31. Meldrick
Commencing from the influential crusher.

32. Meldrik
Sturdy and durable grinding factory

33. Meldryk
The person who is coming from the powerful mincing shop in the city

34. Melehan
A friendly, sensitive and confident being

35. Meletios
One who is of Melitos; a desirable individual.

36. Melhim
One who is demanding, motivated and active individual

37. Meliance
A diplomatic and refined individual

38. Mellal
A confident and a master of good personality

39. Mellist
An affectionate and easily compatible human

40. Melodean
One who produce great melodies.

41. Melvin
The noble Lord who is having or showing a kindly or tender nature.

42. Melvon
The person who provides cooperation

43. Melvyn
The person who exercises control over workers.

44. Melwin
Old English – Sword Friend; Polished Chief; Protector; A variant of Melvin.

45. Melwyn
Sturdy associate, solid comrade, stout work-mate.

46. Melwynn
Old English – Sword Friend; Polished Chief; Protector; A variant of Melvin

47. Memory
The ability to record any information and recalling at the time when needed.

48. Men
A name given to the father of light

49. Mendian
One who is settled near the hill, enclosure near the hills.

50. Mahboobeh
Mahboobeh is a surname of Arabic origin and means “beloved.”

Baby Boy Names Starting with N

Are you searching for a lovely name for your lovely son? However, we’ve come up with some extremely unique baby boy names that begin with the letter N.

1. Nacien
The person who comes from the north face.

2. Naisbit
The nose-bend of the river

3. Naisbitt
The nose-bend of a piece of ground

4. Nanowne
A Greenlandic name; a Polar bear

5. Nap
A resourceful, practical and gorgeous being

6. Narboar
A large body of water sparkling brilliantly in the daylight

7. Narboart
A rational, balanced and tactful person

8. Nasappa
A reserved, strong and creative being

9. Nash
Belongs to the ash tree

10. Nature
Something natural, made by God

Names Around the World for Baby Boys

11. Navarsu
A person who likes to travel and experience

12. Nealson
The born son of Victor.

13. Necessity
unavoidable or extremely requisite

14. Nectovelius
People from the northern cliff

15. Ned
Well to do protector.

16. Neddie
The guardian who is rich and prosperous.

17. Neddy
The mate who is flush and well off.

18. Needham
The person in need of a place to stay.

19. Neilson
The person who is having affection by the general public

20. Neko
The butter made from the Sheep’s milk.

21. Nelsen
The born son of the victor (the champion)

22. Nelson
The born son of Neal (the hero)

23. Nennius
The person comes from the northern face.

24. Nerian
The person who cares for others.

25. Nerovens
A knight from the northern region

More Baby Boy Names Starting with N

26. Norvyn
Close buddy from the north face.

27. Norward
Protector who comes from the north cliff.

28. Norwel
Water falling in spring season in the north part.

29. Norwell
One of the climate seasons that comes from the north side.

30. Norwerd
Timber or lumber from the north part.

31. Norwin
Loving mate who resides in north part.

32. Norwinn
Close chum who lives in the northern cliff.

33. Norwood
The soldier at the northern entrance.

34. Norwyn
Good companion from the north part.

35. Norwynn
Close mate from north part.

36. Nota
One who likes to inspire and has dedication

37. Nothelm
Person from the northern section

38. Nothhelm
Person residing in north section.

39. Nothwulf
A wolf from the northern areas

40. Nougui
A good understanding and comforting individual

41. Nowles
Harbour or bay that is situated in the woodland.

42. Nukala
A restless soul who is in search of opportunities

43. Nunna
From the rock face which is situated in the northern part.

44. Nver
An ambitious and imaginative being

45. Ny
A person who is a angel like individual

46. Nykko
Person who belongs to the planet Mars.

47. Nykyrian
One who is a wonderful orator and futuristic

48. Nym
A soldier of the King’s army

49. Nicholas
The name means victory of the people and comes from ancient Greek.

50. Nathan
This name from Hebrew means giver.

Baby Boy Names Starting with O

Are you searching for a lovely name for your lovely son? However, we’ve come up with some extremely unique baby boy names that begin with the letter O.

1. Oak
A Sanskrit word that means adorable, charming, beautiful.

2. Oakden
It is referring to the Hindu deity Lord ram as the infatuated person

3. Oakes
Combination of two words ‘Mohan’ that means Charming and ‘Babu’ means sir or man.

4. Oakland
An enchanting brave person.

5. Oaklee
The servant of Lord krishna (a Hindu deity)

6. Oakleigh
South Indian variant of Mohandas that means servant of Lord Krishna.

7. Oakley
A charming lamp or a lamp that gives a charming light.

8. Oakly
Kind and compassionate, Lord Krishna

9. Obedience
One who is trustworthy, One who can be loved or trusted.

10. Ocelfa
An Arabic term to the one who revives the religion. The title of Sufi Saint Abdul Qadir Jilani

Names Around the World for Baby Boys

11. Ocga
A grateful, authentic and outspoken person

12. Odale
The Bitterness of sea, a rebellious one.

13. Odam
An Arabic word that means one who gives respect or one who respects others.

14. Odayle
A Persian word that means ‘Eyelashes’.

15. Odbehrt
One who is always happy. Who make others happy.

16. Odi
The fourth manifestation of Lord Vishnu.

17. Odom
Pleased or satisfied.

18. Odwolfe
A just or fair person, free from any favouritism, unbiased person

19. Odwulf
A Just lady, equitable, free from prejudice or any kind of favouritism

20. Oegelsby
The person who contributes to the fulfillment of a need or furtherance of an effort or purpose.

21. Oelfwine
A sensitive and refined person

22. Ofeibea
A good communicator who is appreciated

23. Oftfor
One who has foresight and vision for more

24. Ogdan
The person who is steadfast in allegiance or duty, the one who is open type and genuine.

25. Ogden
The one who is succeeding with great difficulty, victorious triumph.

More Baby Boy Names Starting with N

26. Osburh
The lights of God

27. Osburn
The celestial combatant who fights on behalf of God.

28. Osburt
The bright of the lifetime.

29. Oscar
Noorali the brightness of Ali, the nimble of Ali

30. Osceola
radiant and shining powerful nimble from God.

31. Oscytel
holy spear, the person who really admires the animal deer

32. Oseberne
The light of God that shines

33. Osebertus
The brave soldier of god

34. Osewold
The brave fighter of God

35. Osfrid
The bravest warrior of the God

36. Oslaf
A free-detailed and sensitive person

37. Oslafa
An ambitious, courageous and strong person

38. Osma
One who acts like a divine protector

39. Osmar
The one who is born with divine glory

40. Osmarr
God like fame; who is born with glory

41. Osmel
One with a preserving and detailed nature

42. Osmod
A rare meaning who is under divine protection

43. Osmon
One who is provided protection by God

44. Osraed
One who is like a divine counselor

45. Osrick
A divine and powerful ruler

46. Osryd
A majestic and divine counselor

47. Ossy
A divine and powerful person; spiritual

48. Osulf
A creative and imaginative individual

49. Osuuald
One with a clever, optimistic and analytical

50. Osuualdus
One who has a desire to understand others

Baby Boy Names Starting with P

Are you searching for a lovely name for your lovely son? However, we’ve come up with some extremely unique baby boy names that begin with the letter P.

1. Pacen
Son of Peace; A variant form of name Payson

2. Pachima
One who belongs to the west town

3. Packston
One who belongs to the peaceful farm

4. Paddington
Name of an Estate of Padda

5. Paden
Bald; A variant transcription of Patton

6. Paecc
A confident and a born leader

7. Paecca
One who is like a little rock

8. Paeccel
An idealistic and independent individual

9. Paecga
One who is born with great abilities

10. Paegastun
One who belongs to fighter’s farm

Names Around the World for Baby Boys

11. Paegna
A sensitive and refined individual; bridge

12. Paella
An individual who is strong like a mantle

13. Paelli
A self assured and confident individual

14. Paen
A person born with expressive and patient nature

15. Paettel
One who is born to endure

16. Paetti
A strong and extremely generos person

17. Paga
One whose eye is fixed on the land

18. Paige
One who is a noble white boy or a helper

19. Paine
A local villager or a rustic individual

20. Paiton
One who is villager or a warrior

More Baby Boy Names Starting with P

21. Palamides
A deep, sensitive and bright individuals

22. Pallmer
One who strong as the Palm tree

23. Palloc
A person who is secretive and sensitive

24. Palmar
A Palm tree of the holy land

25. Panda
It is an Indian surname common among priests of Odisha, India.

26. Pappalardo
This is an Italian surname that means “eats lard.”

27. Payne
It is derived from Latin paganus, which means “heathen” or “pagan.”

28. Peanisbreath
It is a rare American and Australian surname.

29. Pelagatti
Pelagatti is an Italian surname that means “skins cats.”

30. Pentti
Pentti is the Finnish form of Benedict.

31. Perv
This is an American surname, and it has nothing to do with the personality of the owner.

32. Peter
Peter is a perfectly innocent-sounding surname that is a slang word for penis.

33. Pigg
Pigg is an English name that derived from the Middle English pigge, meaning “young hog.” It is the occupational metonymic for a swineherd.

34. Player
Player is derived from the Middle English pleyen meaning “to play.”

35. Poo
Poo is an English translation of a Chinese surname and means “flower.”

36. Poop
Poop is a popular Taiwanese surname.

37. Poore
This surname has come from a nickname that means “power and pauper.”

38. Pound
Pound is a common English surname derived from the Middle English pund. It means an enclosure for animals. Pounds, Pounder, Pund, Pond, and Ponds are variations.

39. Pusey
Pusey is a locational surname for the families who lived in Pusey in Oxfordshire. It is derived from the Old English peose meaning “island.”

40. Paul
A Roman name that means humble.

Baby Boy Names Starting with Q

Are you searching for a lovely name for your lovely son? However, we’ve come up with some extremely unique baby boy names that begin with the letter Q.

1. Qayshaun
God is merciful

2. Qeshaun
God is merciful

3. Qita
An original person who is creative and original

4. Quaigon
A literary name meaning a life force; a spirit

5. Quenataucus
An accurate, compassionate and energetic person

6. Quent
He who is from the queen’s estate

7. Quenton
He who is fifth

8. Quentrell
English surname meaning fifth

Names Around the World for Baby Boys

9. Quinn
Intelligent man

10. Quinni
Descendant of the slender one

11. Quinten
The fifth son

12. Qvenvendani
English name for Boys

13. Qwentin
He who is born fifth

14. Qwin
A quintuplet

15. Quam
A comparison of two entities ‘than, as, Like’.

Baby Boy Names Starting with R

Are you searching for a lovely name for your lovely son? However, we’ve come up with some extremely unique baby boy names that begin with the letter R.

1. Rad
An English name meaning red

2. Radbert
A red-haired counselor

3. Radborn
One who is from the red stream

4. Radborne
The red stream

5. Radbourn
Born near the red stream

6. Radbourne
One who lives by the red stream

7. Radburn
He who lives near the red stream

8. Radburne
One who is near the red stream

9. Radburt
The red haired counselor

10. Radbyrne
He who lives by the red stream

Names Around the World for Baby Boys

11. Radcliffe
A place name meaning red cliff

12. Radclyf
He who comes from a red cliff

13. Radclyffe
Surname meaning from the red cliff

14. Radd
An advisor

15. Raddie
A counsellor

16. Raddiffe
One from the red cliff

17. Raddy
A cheerful person

18. Radeliffe
One from the red cliff

19. Radell
One who gives advice, a counsellor

20. Radey
One who gives good advice

21. Radferd
Ford with reeds

22. Radford
A red ford

23. Radfurd
One from the red ford

24. Radlea
He who comes from a red meadow

25. Rapere
A thick cord

More Baby Boy Names Starting with R

26. Raphe
Warrior in a powerful army

27. Rashae
A blend of ray and shawn

28. Rashane
A blend of ray and shawn

29. Rashawn
An American name which is a blend of Ray and Shawn

30. Rashodd
Place belonging to the fifth son

31. Ratcliffe
English – From the Red Cliff; Red colored cliff; A variant form of the English Radcliff

32. Rathbone
English – Reedy Brooks; River with reeds; A variant transcription of Rathbone is Rathburn

33. Rathburn
A very weak and small stream of water

34. Raulin
A little wise wolf

35. Raveen
One black as a raven

36. Raven
A name of the black bird

37. Ravenor
A Medieval English surname, meaning the raven

38. Ravinger
A person who lives near an abyss or a canyon

39. Rawden
English – Rough Hill; It can mean hilly or adventurous; A variant form of the name Rawdon

40. Rawdon
English – Rough Hill; It can mean hilly or adventurous; A variant form of the name Rawden

41. Rawgon
One who is the child of the deer meadow

42. Rawleigh
A person who is from the Deer Meadow

43. Rawley
One who comes from the roe deer meadow

44. Rawling
An advice of the wolf. Mainly used as a surname

45. Rawlins
One who is a son of the wise wolf-man

46. Rawls
Mainly used as a surname which means The Famous Wolf

47. Rawly
An Old English surname that meas A well-known wolf

48. Rawson
An English surname, the son of the famous wolf

49. Rawsone
A surname that means a male child of the famous wolf

50. Robert
A name of Germanic origin, which means famous one.

Baby Boy Names Starting with S

Are you searching for a lovely name for your lovely son? However, we’ve come up with some extremely unique baby boy names that begin with the letter S.

1. Sceot
A worthy individual who is well groomed and poised

2. Schaddoc
Shad fish

3. Schaffer
A steward

4. Scherman
Man with shears

5. Schermann
A shear man

6. Scirheah
A helpful, honest, rebellious and satisfied individual

7. Scirheard
The bright or hard person

8. Scirloc
A man with blonde hair

9. Scirwode
He who is from the bright forest

10. Scituc
A composed, courageous and strong minded individual

Names Around the World for Baby Boys

11. Scobba
One who has high morals and a charming personality

12. Scott
From Scottish

13. Scottas
He who wanders

14. Scottie
Familiar form of scott

15. Scottish
A place name

16. Scotto
He who is from Scottish

17. Scotty
A nickname from Scotsman

18. Scytta
The duminitive name means to shoot

19. Seabert
A shining sea

20. Seaborn
One who is born of the sea

21. Seabright
Glory at sea

22. Seabroc
One who is born near the sea

23. Seabrook
One who is from the brook of the sea

24. Seabrooke
A stream near the sea

25. Shade

More Baby Boy Names Starting with S

26. Shadow
A word name, means shadow, darkness, shade

27. Shadwelle
who comes from the shed spring

28. Shakespeare
One who is a spearman.

29. Shaman
A religious healer, a Shaman

30. Shandey
A boisterous, unruly man

31. Shandley
A man from the loud meadow

32. Shandon
An old and wise man

33. Shandy
A boisterous person

34. Shanen
A person with an ancient soul

35. Sharman
A free woman with many charms ; Joy; Delight; Shelter

36. Sharnovon
A unique person who has wisdom and imagination

37. Shattuck
A shad fish

38. Shaw

39. Shayde
One who is a deender of men

40. Sheard
A gap between two hills

41. Sheen
A gracious gift of God

42. Shelby
From the willow farm

43. Shelbz
Willow farm

44. Shelden
A deep valley

45. Sheldin
A farm on the ledge

More Baby Boy Names Starting with S

46. Sheldon
From the steep valley

47. Sheley
A wooded clearing on a ledge

48. Shelten
He who is from a deep valley

49. Sylvanus
He who is from the woods

50. Symington
The one from Simon’s estate

51. Symontun
One who comes from the estate of the one who listens

52. Synclair
One who is a clear sign

53. Sythe
One who is creative and independent; passionate person

54. Stanley
Stony meadow

55. Stanly
A person who comes from the stony clearing

56. Stannaway
A person who lives near the stony road

57. Stannway
He who comes from a stony road

58. Stansfield
A person whose home is on the field of stones

59. Stanton
He who comes from the stony town

60. Stantun
A person from the stone town

61. Stantway
The way that is paved with stones

62. Stanwic
He is from the stony village

63. Stanwick
A person who is from the stone village

64. Stanwik
One who is from the stony village

65. Stanwode
A person from the stone forest

66. Stanwood
One who is from the stone woods

67. Stanwyk
One from the stone village

68. Stanyue
One who is like a stone, a stony person

69. Starsky
He who is star-like

70. Staton
He who is from a place of landing

Baby Boy Names Starting with S

71. Stead
He who owns a lagre farm and an estate

72. Steadman
A man who lives on an estate and a farm

73. Stearns
One who has a stern personality

74. Stede
A stud horse

75. Stefon
He wears the crown

76. Stehen
A man who has been crowned

77. Stem
One with severe manners

78. Stemham
One from a grim home

79. Stepha
He who wears a crown

80. Sterling
One who is highly valued

81. Sterlyn
A man of high qualities and pure heart

82. Stermi
A person with a stormy temper

83. Stern
One who is a very strick man

84. Stetson
Son of stephen

85. Steven
A man who is crowned with a crown of laurel

More Baby Boy Names Starting with S

86. Stevenson
A son of the crowned man

87. Stevon
One who is crowned with wreath

88. Steward
One who is a stewrd

89. Stewaro
A person who is a steward

90. Stewart
A form of Stuart

91. Stewert
A Boy who is a steward

92. Stiles
One who is from the steep scent

93. Stillman
A man with a gentle nature

94. Stilman
A person of calm and gentle nature

95. Stilwell
He who comes from the calm wells

96. Sting
The name of the famous musician means to pierce with a sharp object

97. Stirling
A man who refiners silver

98. Stirlingl
He who refiners silver

99. Stock
He who comes from the tree stump

100. Samuel
Another Hebrew name means the name of God.

Baby Boy Names Starting with T

Are you searching for a lovely name for your lovely son? However, we’ve come up with some extremely unique baby boy names that begin with the letter T.

1. Terell
Thunder ruler

2. Terral
English surname meaning to pull

3. Terrall
Man with great power

4. Terrel
He who is stuborn

5. Terrell
Thunder ruler

6. Terrelle
One who is powerful

7. Terrill
A ruler of the thunder

8. Terrol
He who lives at the edge of the forest

9. Terron
Man of the earth

10. Teryysone
Terrell’s son

Names Around the World for Baby Boys

11. Tesca
A lively and enthusiastic individual

12. Teudiric
One who is considerable and nature loving person

13. Teudur
Respectful, glorious and unsophisticated person

14. Teudus
Artistic, creative and trusting individual

15. Teyen
He who comes from the enclosure

16. Teylar
Form of Taylor, a tailor

17. Teyler
Variation of Taylor, a tailor

18. Teyrnfal
Stable minded, lovable and energetic being

19. Teyrnog
An expressive and reasonable being

20. Thacher
Occupational name, roof thacher

21. Thacker
Surname, means one who works

22. Thackere
Occupational name, roofer

23. Thai
He who is from Thailand

24. Thain
An attending warrior

25. Thaine
A landholer

More Baby Boy Names Starting with T

26. Thorn
Town of thorns

27. Thornas
A twin brother

28. Thorndike
Person from the thorny barrier

29. Thorndyck
A thorny dike

30. Thorndyke
Barrier of thorns

31. Thorne
A Thom tree

32. Thorneley
Person from Thornley

33. Thornely
means one from town Thornley

34. Thornlea
Boy from a thorny meadow

35. Thornton
A thorn town

36. Thorntun
Thorny town

37. Thorp
A person from a small village

38. Thorpe
Small village without a church

39. Thorweald
As powerful as a thunder

40. Throca
A creative, quick thinker who is analytical

41. Thronton
A place in the thorns

42. Thruidred
A religious, high spirited individual

43. Thrydwulf
Combination name, thorn and wolf

44. Thrymma
A person who is independent, successful and able

45. Thrythwig                                                                                                                                                                                          A strong warrior

46. Thunor
meaning thunder

47. Thurgood
Thor is good

48. Thurhloew
Thor’s hill

49. Thurleah
He who is from Thor’s field

50. Thomas
This name comes from the Aramaic language and means twin.

Baby Boy Names Starting with W

Are you searching for a lovely name for your lovely son? However, we’ve come up with some extremely unique baby boy names that begin with the letter W.

1. Wacian

2. Wacleah
From Wake’s meadow.

3. Waerheall
From the true man’s manor.

4. Wakefield
The wet land.

5. Waldo
God’s power

6. Watkins
Army ruler or general.

7. Weylin
The land by the road.

8. Wiloughby
A willow farm worker

9. Wolfe
A deadly beast

10. Wright
The wagon maker

11. William
Originally from France, the name means will or protection.

Baby Boy Names Starting with Z

Are you searching for a lovely name for your lovely son? However, we’ve come up with some extremely unique baby boy names that begin with the letter Z.

1. Zeal
One who has great energy; A very enthusiastic man; A passionate Man

2. Zenith
From the highest point; The Very Top; the Highest point on the celestial sphere

3. Zero
Empty, Void; Zeroe and Zeroh are variant names of Zero

4. Zevan
God is Fair; Righteousness of Lord; Justice of the Lord

5. Zuhdija
A practical, patient and detailed person.

English Baby Boy Names for Parents

Undoubtedly, English names are for boys. However, we’ve come up with some extremely unique baby boy names. 

1. Edwin
The name Edwin means rich friend. The name originated in England and is a popular name for Charles Dickens novels.

2. Elliot
The name has Hebrew roots. Elliot means ‘the lord is my God’.

3. Evans
The name bears its origin from the Welsh region. Evan means ‘son of Evan’.

4. Edwards
The name harks back to Old English tradition. Its meaning signifies ‘rich guardian’.

5. Ellis
Ellis is a popular Welsh name also used as an English surname. It means ‘benevolent’.

6. Emmett
A German-origin name, Emette is the masculine variation of Emma, which means ‘universal’.

7. Ezra
Ezra is a Hebrew origin name meaning ‘help’. This name is also mentioned in the bible.

8. Ethan
Bearing its roots in the Hebrew culture, Ethan means ‘solid’ or ‘enduring’.

Names Around the World for Baby Boys

9. Everett
Everett means ‘brave as a wild boar’. This name is an English variation and has a German origin.

10. Finn
Belonging to Irish origin, Finn is a charming name. It means ‘fair’ or ‘white’.

11. Floyd
Floyd is an Anglo-welsh masculine name that means ‘Gray-haired’.

12. Fletcher
Fletcher is a popular occupational name that originated in the Old French era, meaning ‘seller of arrows’.

13. Fredrick
Adapted from the German name Friedrich, it is called Fredrick in English. It means ‘peaceful ruler’.

14. Felix
It is a Roman name and is famously adopted in pop-culture characters and means ‘lucky’ or ‘successful’.

15. Frankie
Frankie is the American version of the German name Frank and means ‘free man’.

More English Baby Boy Names

16. Francis
Francis bears its roots to Old French origin and means ‘Frenchman’.

17. George
George is one of the most popular names in the monarchy of Great Britain. It means ‘farmer’.

18. Gabriel
A name of Hebrew origin, Gabriel means ‘God is my strong man’.

19. Gareth
Gareth can be traced back to the Wales tradition. Its meaning signifies ‘gentleness’.

20. Graham
The vintage name was adopted by a famous inventor Graham Bell. Graham is a Scottish origin name and means ‘Gray home’.

21. Godfrey
Godfrey is an English name that originated in the Germanic culture. It means peace of God.

22. Gregory
To be watchful and vigilant means Gregory. This name originally comes from Greece.

23. Gideon
The one who is a ‘feller of trees’. It is a Jewish name.

24. Geoff
Geoff is the diminutive of the name Geoffrey, and it means ‘peaceful’.

25. Gunther
Gunther is a German origin name that means a warrior.

26. Gaston
Gaston refers to a man from the province Gascony. It means ‘stranger’ or ‘guest’.

27. Gbadebo
A princely name that means ‘returns with the crown’. Gbadebo is popularly found in Nigeria.

28. Ganymede
Ganymede is a name that can be traced to Greek mythology. It means ‘to be glad’ or ‘to think, to plan’.

29. Grady
Grady is a gentle name that means ‘noble’. It has a Gaelic origin.

30. Hadewin
Originally from England, this is a vintage name that means ‘battle friend’.

More English Baby Boy Names

31. Harley
An old English name that means ‘woodland’ or ‘clearing’. The legacy of this name is carried by a popular brand ‘Harley Davidson’.

32. Harry
Harry is a diminutive of the name Harry and means ‘home ruler’.

33. Hector
The name Hector claims to have multiple origins from England, France, and Greece. It means ‘holding fast’ and is a reference to ‘anchor’.

34. Henry
With its roots in England, France, and Germany, Henry is a popular name that means ‘home ruler’.

35. Homer
An old name from Greece that means ‘pledge’.

36. Howard
Howard is an ancient name that refers to a brave heart. It bears its roots in England.

37. Huxley
Huxley is an Old English name that means ‘woodland’.

38. Hugh
Hugh is a German origin name that means bright in heart, mind, and spirit.

39. Horace
It is a vintage name having its roots in English and French. Horace refers to ‘keeper of time’.

40. Hugo
A Latinized form of Hugh, this name carries more strength. Hugo means a ‘bright soul’.

41. Ian
Ian is a vintage Scottish name that means ‘God is gracious’.

42. Irving
A Scottish origin name that means ‘green water’.

43. Isaiah
The name has its roots to Hebrew origin. Isaiah means ‘God is salvation’.

44. Isaac
A popular scientist Isaac Newton carries the legacy of this name. Isaac is a Hebrew name that refers to ‘he will laugh’.

45. Jacob
A traditional Hebrew origin name that means ‘supplanter’.

Amazing English Baby Boy Names

46. Jackson
It’s an old English name that bears its popularity from Michael Jackson. Jackson means ‘son of Jack’

47. James
James is the Anglicized version of the name Jacob and means ‘holder of the heel’.

48. Jarett
Jarret is a unique English name that means ‘strong’.

49. Jasper
A name of Persian origin, Jasper means ‘treasurer’.

50. Josiah
Josiah is a Hebrew name that refers to their God. The name means ‘God supports’.

51. Julius
It’s a Roman family name of Greek origin. Julius means ‘downy-bearded’.

52. Jethro
An old-fashioned name of Hebrew origin, signifying ‘abundance’.

53. Jesse
Another classic Hebrew name and it refers to ‘gift’.

54. Joseph
Joseph is a Latin version of the Hebrew name Yosef and means ‘God will increase’.

55. Joshua
A Biblical Hebrew name and means ‘God is salvation’.

56. Julian
Julian is an English name of Latin origin and means ‘youthful’.

57. Jude
A prehistoric Hebrew name that refers to a holy meaning ‘praised’.

58. John
John is a Hebrew origin name that means ‘grace of God’.

59. Jonathan
An old classical name with a beautiful meaning ‘God has given’. Johnathan is a Hebrew origin name.

60. Kelvin
It’s an old English name that harks back to a Scottish river. Kelvin means ‘narrow water’.

More English Baby Boy Names

61. Kenneth
Kenneth means handsome or ‘born of fire’ and is found on the islands of western Scotland.

62. Karl
A classic German name that refers to ‘man’ or warrior’.

63. Kirk
Kirk is a unique spiritual name of Scottish origin that means ‘church’.

64. Kilian
Kilian is a popular name of Gaelic origin. It means fierce.

65. Keane
Keane is the English form of the Irish name Cian. It means ‘ancient’.

66. Kieran
Kieran is a popular Irish name that refers to black.

67. Keith
A popular name of Gaelic origin, Keith means wood.

68. Kendrick
Kendrick is a classical English name that signifies the meaning royal power.

69. Kiefer
The popular English name belongs to actor Kiefer Southerland. Kiefer means barrel maker.

70. Kingsley
Kingsley is a popular name of English origin that means king’s wood.

71. Kentigern
Kentigern is a Scottish origin name and it means ‘chief lord’.

72. Kevin
The word Kevin refers to ‘handsome birth’.

73. Luther
Luther is an English name that means ‘army of the people’.

74. Lucius
The classic name harks back to Ancient Rome. Lucius means ‘light’.

75. Lucas
Lucas is a Latin name that means ‘from Lucania’.

More English Baby Boy Names

76. Luke
Luke is a Greek origin name and refers to ‘bringer of light’.

77. Lyle
The name bears its origin in France. Lyle means ‘island’.

78. Louis
Louis is a classic name that bears the meaning ‘famous warrior’.

79. Leo
It is a Latin name that carries the meaning lion.

80. Levi
Levi is a Jewish name that means ‘joined’ or attached’.

81. Lowell
An old-fashioned English origin name. Lowell means wolf.

82. Lonnie
It is the English variant of the Spanish name Alfonso. Lonnie means noble or ready.

83. Lincoln
Lincoln is an English-origin name that means ‘lake’.

84. Leonardo
Leonardo is an Italian name with Latin and Portuguese roots. It means ‘brave lion’.

85. Lloyd
The cute name from Welsh origin, Lloyd means grey.

Unique Baby Boy Names

86. Lawrence
Lawrence is an English name that means ‘laurel’.

87. Mack
Mack is a classic Gaelic name meaning ‘son’.

88. Malcolm
A name that is originally from Scotland, Malcolm means ‘disciple of St. Columba’.

89. Marlow
An old name of English origin, Marlow is referred to ‘remnants of a lake’.

90. Marshall
Originally from France, Marshall is a traditional name that means ‘one who looks after horses’.

91. Martin
Martin is a Roman origin name that refers to ‘warrior of Mars’.

92. Matthew
It is an English name of Hebrew origin that signifies ‘gift of God’.

93. Maurice
Maurice is a vintage Roman name that means dark-skinned.

94. Michael
The name Michael bears its origin in Israel and bears the meaning ‘who is like God?’.

95. Moses
A Hebrew origin name, Moses means ‘deliver’.

96. Nathan
Nathan is a classical Biblical name that means ‘he gave’.

97. Neil
Neil is an Irish origin name that means ‘ champion’.

98. Nelson
Nelson is an English name that means ‘son of Neil ‘.

99. Neville
Neville is a vintage name that means ‘new town’.

100. Nicholas
Derived from Greek, Nicholas means ‘victory of the people.

English Baby Boy Names for Parents

101. Noah
Originated in Israel, Noah means ‘rest’ or repose’.

102. Norbert
A German origin name, Norbert means ‘bright north’.

103. Norman
Norman is an English origin name meaning ‘man from the North’.

104. Nathaniel
Nathaniel is a Biblical name meaning ‘gift of God’.

105. Oliver
Oliver is a Latin occupational name meaning ‘olive tree’.

106. Oscar
A traditional name that means ‘deer friend’.

107. Oswald
Oswald is an English-origin name that refers to ‘divine power’.

108. Owen
A Welsh origin name, Owen means ‘youth’.

109. Otis
Derived from German, Otis means ‘wealth’.

110. Otto
Otto is a Germanic name, and it means wealth and prosperity.

111. Patrick
Patrick is one of the most prominent names of medieval times. Derived from Latin, it means ‘nobleman’.

112. Paul
One of the most famous names of Latin origin, Paul means small or humble.

113. Peter
Peter bears its roots in Greece. The classic name means stone.

114. Percy
Percy is an old French name that means ‘to pierce the valley’.

115. Phillip
Phillip means ‘friend of horses’. This name has its origin in Greece.

More Unique Names for Baby Boy

116. Phineas
Phineas is an Israel-origin name that means ‘the Nubian’ or the ‘serpent’s mouth’.

117. Preston
Preston is an old English name, popular in Christian religion. It means ‘village held by the church’.

118. Quinton
Derived from Old English, Quinton means ‘queen’s settlement’.

119. Raymond
A handsome name and bears its origin from Germany. Raymond signifies a ‘worthy protector’.

120. Randall
Another classic English name, Randall, means ‘rim of a shield’.

121. Remy
Remy is a popular name of a 5th-century saint, and it bears the meaning ‘oarsman’.

122. Ronald
Ronald means mighty. This is an English masculine name derived from the old Norse.

123. Roger
This famous is known for the Tennis legend Roger Federer. It carries the meaning ‘famous spear’.

124. Rudolph
Rudolph is a name of Germanic origin. It means ‘wolf’.

125. Rupert
A German origin name, Rupert is a traditional name meaning ‘bright frame’.

126. Samuel
The name claims to have originated from Israel. Samuel is a meaningful name that refers to ‘name of God’.

127. Sawyer
A Modern English name, Sawyer means woodcutter.

128. Sebastian
Sebastian is a Latin-derived name, and it means ‘venerable’.

129. Sheldon
It means ‘valley with steep sides’. Sheldon is a popular name of English origin.

130. Simon
A name of Hebrew origin, Simon is a traditional name that means ‘God has heard’.

Adorable English Baby Boy Names

131. Sylvester
The name Sylvester is of Roman origin and means ‘of the forest’.

132. Thaddeus
This unique name has its roots in Greece. Thaddeus means courageous.

133. Thatcher
Thatcher is an English occupational name meaning ‘roof thatcher’.

134. Thomas
Thomas is a popular name with its roots in Greece. It means ‘twin’.

135. Timothy
It is a name of Greek origin. Timothy means ‘to honor God’.

136. Truman
The word itself reflects the meaning. Truman is an English name and means ‘faithful man’.

137. Tobias
A Greek name with Hebrew roots, Tobias is a religious name meaning ‘God is good’.

138. Tanner
An old English occupational name and is equally popular as a regular name. Tanner means ‘leather worker’.

139. Vernon
Vernon is an English origin name, and it means ‘alder tree ’.

140. Vincent
A Latin origin name, Vincent means ‘to conquer’.

141. Victor
Victor is a Roman name that means ‘conqueror’.

142. Walter
This vintage name originated in Germany. Walter means ‘ruler of the army’.

143. Warren
Warren is an old English name meaning ‘animal enclosure’.

144. Wilfred
This old English name means ‘one who desires peace’.

145. William
A very common and popular vintage name, William is a Germanic name that means ‘helmet’ or ‘protection’.

146. Xavier
Xavier is a name of Arabic origin. It bears the meaning ‘the new house’.

Discover More Baby Boy Names Around the World Today

Notably, there are varieties of names around the world for boys. However, we’ve come up with some extremely unique baby boy names. 

1. Alpin
One of the most popular rulers of the Alpin family was Malcolm II. Alpin in Gaelic stands for ‘white’ and has been used to refer to mountain folks.

2. Althan
Althans branched out ruling parts of Austria and Prussia too. The name Althan has a Saxon root which means ‘spring’.

3. Andechs
The Andechs family lineage survives even today with Ludwig Jozef as the current head. The name was adopted from the name of a municipality in the Bavaria region.

4. Angelos
The Angelos family was a prominent noble family of the Byzantine Kingdom during 11th century Greece.

5. Arco
Arco is a habitation name in Italian and is originally derived from the arc meaning ‘bow’.

Names Around the World for Baby Boys

6. Arlay
It is a commune in eastern France. Arlay in French roughly translates to ‘meadow’.

7. Artois
The following generations used Artois as their last names. Artois in Bretonian means ‘a bear’.

8. Astley
Astley comes from Old English words east and leah, which means ‘clearing by the wood’.

9. Augustenburg
The name is derived from the name Augustus which means ‘esteemed’.

10. Baldwins
This Baldwin family has also been said to be distantly connected to the current reigning family. Baldwin in old Germanic means ‘brave friend’.

Abstract Baby Boy Names for You

11. Banfi
The name is derived from the Croatian word Banffy which means ‘hills’.

12. Barclay
The name is derived from Scottish and means ‘birch tree meadow’.

13. Berenguer
The way the name is spelled varies depending on the region and country with Berengar and Beringer being other common ones. In old Germanic, Berenguer means ‘bear’.

14. Bernadotte
The name Bernadotte is of German ancestry and means ‘brave bear’.

15. Borghese
Borgheses have occupied important positions in the Vatican with Pope Paul V belonging to this family. Borghese in Italian means a ‘fortified town’.

16. Bourbon
The Bourbons are considered by many the rightful heirs to the French throne.

17. Bruce
The House of Bruce is a revered and respected one in all of Scotland. Bruce from old English translates to ‘willow’.

18. Burgundy
However, the family lineage ended around the 1350s when the last ruler Philip de Burgundy died childlessly. Burgundy means ‘dark red’ and is derived from Latin.

19. Campbell
The Campbells were conferred with the title of Duke for the head of the family. Campbell in Gaelic dialects means ‘crooked opening’.

20. Capet
However, the Capet family lineage is present in many other aristocrats to this day. Capet in Old French means ‘captain’ or ‘head’.

Elegant Baby Boy Names for You

21. Carafa
They were one of the leading noble families under the Aragonese dynasty in the 1500s. The family also produced one Pope, Paul IV.

22. Carolingian
Carolingian in French means ‘descendants of Charles’.

23. Carpelan
The name Carpelan is derived from the name of the fish Carp popular in Finland.

24. Chalon
They mostly ruled the counties of Arlay and Orange. Chalon in French means ‘blanket’.

25. Cobenzl
The family was first recorded in the early 1200s, and members of the family have occupied positions of Barons and ambassadors.

26. Collalto
The Collalto family is originally Lombard people of mixed Italian and German heritage. The family was named after the town of Collalto in northern Italy.

27. Contarini
Contarini is derived from the Italian word conti meaning ‘companion’.

28. Cornaro
Records show the family being influential in Venice till the end of the 1700s, after which their power dwindled. Cornaro in Italian basically means ‘corner’.

29. Dandolo
The earliest documented member of the family was Domenico Dandolo.

30. Dassanowsky
The surname is borrowed from the name of a village.

Unique Baby Boy Names for You

31. Doukas
Doukas family descendants are still found in many parts of Greece till present times.

32. Eggenberg
Ulrich Eggenbuerg is the first documented member of the family, occupying a court position in the municipal ranks.

33. Estridsen
Though the monarchs dwindled in the 1400s, members continued to live and occupy important administrative posts. The name is of Norse origin and means ‘divine beauty’.

34. Ernušt
The name Ernušt means diligent and hardworking.

35. Fenrich
The Fenrich family has improved their court rank by having many suitable marriages with the House of Ochsenreither.

36. Ferdinand
This event had given way to World War I. The Ferdinand family has been influential in Austria since the early 1800s. Ferdinand in German means ‘brave’ or ‘courageous’.

37. Ghetaldi
They formed the main nobilities in the Republic of Ragusa. Ghetaldis were conferred with the noble position in Austrian court in the early 1800s

38. Gille
The founder of the kingdom was Herald Gille. The word Gille is of Gaelic ancestry and means ‘followers of Christ’.

39. Gravenreuth
They were distantly related to the famous Sparneck family of Germany.

40. Grimaldi
The name Grimaldi is of Germanic origins and means ‘bold’ or ‘brave’.

Abstract Baby Boy Names for You

41. Grimani
Members of the Grimani family have occupied important ranks like Doge, Bishop, Patriarch, etc. The surname Grimani from old Germanic translates to ‘helmet’ or ‘shield’.

42. Guillaume
The name Guillaume is derived from the German William which means ‘resolute protector’.

43. Gusic
The name is said to be derived from the Croatian word for ‘goose’.

44. Habsburg
The current head of the family is Karl von Habsburg, who also happens to be an Austrian politician.

45. Hardrada
Hardrada in Norwegian roughly translates to ‘hard ruler’.

46. Harviala
The seat of the family rule was situated in the erstwhile province of Vanaja. Harviala family and descendants have occupied positions of Councilors in the Finnish monarchy.

47. Henikstein
Some members also rose to high ranks in the military during the Austro-Prussian wars of 1866.

48. Herbert
The founder was fondly named ‘Black William’ by the masses and was a soldier and politician.

49. Hohenzollern
The name roughly translates to ‘watchtower’ or ‘castle’ in German.

50. Holstein
Holstein in Saxon means ‘forest dwellers’.

Abstract Baby Boy Names for You

51. Kantakouzenos
The Greek name roughly translates to ‘peaceful one’.

52. Knýtlinga
Their power was at its peak during the 900s but dwindled after the 1100s. Knýtlinga translates to ‘the descendants of Cnut’ in Danish.

53. Kurki
Kurck in Finnish means ‘peninsula’.

54. Lamberg
Lamberg means ‘cold snowy mountains’ In German.

55. Lekapenos
Lekapenos in Greek means ‘ignorant’ but it isn’t exactly clear how the family name originated.

56. Loredan
The name is derived from the Latin word laurel which means ‘victory’ and ‘honor’

57. Lorraine
Lorraine is Germanic for the ‘Kingdom of Lothar’.

58. Luitpolding
The name is of Old Germanic origins and means ‘bold people’

59. Maxwell
This name is represented as Mac Suail in Scottish Gaelic and originally meant “Mack’s spring or stream” when recorded for the first time in 1144.

60. Medici
In Italian, Medici is the plural of the word ‘medico’ which means doctor.

Abstract Baby Boy Names for Parents

61. Mlinarić
The family coat of arms bears a shield signifying strength and resilience.

62. Mocenigo
Known as one of the most famous patrician families of the Venetian Republic. This family produced many noteworthy military leaders, scholars, churchmen, diplomats, and other leaders.

63. Moravia
Moravia comes from the Latin word mori, meaning ‘water’.

64. Morosini
The name loosely translates to a person who believes in taking action.

65. Nostitz
He is a well-known German journalist and photographer.

66. Orange
It also refers to the bright red, yellow shade like a ripe orange.

67. Orleans
The word Orleans means ‘golden’ in French and draws influence as a surname.

68. Orsini
Orsini is a family name of Italian genesis. It came from the Latin word Ursinus which means ‘bear like’.

69. Salian
The Anglo-Saxxon name Salian is a derivation of Solomon.

70. Samborides
In Polish, Samborides means ‘wise’ or ‘famous’.

Baby Boy Names for You

71. Saraka
They had their famous family motto that said ‘Liberty is not sold for all the gold in the world’ used widely in Croatia.

72. Savelli
Savelli from Latin means ‘promise’ or ‘word’

73. Sinclair
The name Sinclair is derived from Latin and means ‘noble’ or ‘pure’.

74. Stanley
Stanley in old English means ‘wood clearing’.

75. Stewart
Stewart in Scottish means ‘guardians’ or ‘warden’.

76. Tudor
Tudor is a Welsh word meaning ‘ruler of the people’.

77. Schmitt
The name Schmitt is derived from the word smith, meaning ‘blacksmith’ or ‘metalworker’.

78. Windsor
Current head is Queen Elizabeth II, who is the longest-lived and the longest-reigning British aristocrat having ruled since 1952. The name translates to ‘windy bank’ in Old English.

79. Agilolfings
Agilolfings were a noble family from the Bavarian region of Germany. The name was derived from old Germanic words agil (meaning edge) and ulf (wolf).

Rare Baby Boy Names that means Wanderer

Are you searching for a lovely name for your lovely son? However, we’ve come up with some extremely elegant baby boy names that mean wanderer.

1. Ace
Ace means ”winner.” The English name represents an adventurous soul who loves to take risks. The short name is powerful and evokes a person with a winning mentality.

2. Arvad
The name is derived from Hebrew and means “exile” or “voyager.” Arvad is also the only inhabited island in Syria in the Mediterranean Sea.

3. Abir
A famous Egyptian, Indian, and Jordanian name with Hebrew roots, it means to fly or soar.

4. Ahascharah
This unique Sanskrit name has a beautiful Vedic ring to it. Ahascharah means “the day wanderer.”

5. Ahim
This is a Hindi-origin name with various meanings, including water, cloud, and traveller.

Rare Names Meaning Wanderer

6. Aniveshak
This Indian name means “one who finds” or “seeker.” It has been associated with many celebrities and rulers over the ages.

7. Brandan, Brendan, Brendon
An Anglicized version of the Irish name Breandán, this name means “Prince.” The name was popularized by Saint Brendan, who is also called “the Navigator,” “the Voyager,” “the Anchorite,” and “the Bold.”

8. Bahis
Bahis is a Quranic male name meaning seeker, learner, researcher, or explorer.

9. Charaka
A roaming soul is referred to as a Charaka. The word is of Indian origin and means “vagabond” or “traveller.”

10. Christopher
It is a Greek-origin word meaning “Christ-bearer.” St Christopher is the patron saint of all travellers.

More Baby Boy Names that means Wanderer

11. Cliff
This English name resonates with a climber or a traveller in search of heights, with eyes set on the peak of a cliff

12. Csaba
The name Csaba finds its origins in Hungarian mythology. It refers to a shepherd, one who wanders with his cattle.

13. Dolen
This is a Dutch name meaning “wanderer.”

14. Doran
This is a unisex name of Irish and Gaelic origin and means wanderer or pilgrim.

15. Dwade
It is believed that this English name is an amalgamation of two names, namely Dwayne and Wade. Dwade means the “dark traveler.” Some say the name may have originated in the US.

16. Emin
Emin Pasha of the Ottoman Empire was one of the greatest explorers in German history. Although the literal meaning of the word is “trustworthy,” Emin has become synonymous with “wanderer.”

17. Faramund
It is an Old German name meaning protector of travelers. “Fara” means “journey” or “to travel” and “munt” means “to protect.”

18. Faron
Although a popular name in England, this Old German name comes from “fardi,” meaning “journey” and “nanthi,” meaning “venture.” .

19. Farren
The unisex English name is a diminutive form of Ferdinand and means “journey ready.”

Nice Baby Boy Names that means Wanderer

20. Faer
This old English name refers to a traveler, preacher, or messenger bringing the good news.

21. Ferdinand
This has been given to many powerful leaders through the ages. This name of German origin means “bold traveler” or “voyager.”

22. Gypsy
Also used as a common noun, this word refers to people who are constant wanderers.

23. Igashu
This Native American name means “one who wanders or seeks.”

24. Jagatbehari
The name Jagatbehari means “world traveler.” The word is of Indian origin and is a masculine name. Hindus usually use this name.

25. Jal
As an English name, Jal has a unique ring to it. It refers to one who is a “wandering spirit” or a “traveler.”

26. Jahanjuy
This Parsi name means “seeker of the world.”

27. Jett
It is derived from the English word “jet,” which literally means power and speed. It denotes movement, travel and adventure.

28. Jeffrey / Geoffrey
This English name has many meanings, one of which is “traveler.” The name has many variants and short forms, such as Jeff and Geoff.

29. Kevalin
Meaning “Seeker of the Absolute,” Kevalin is a Sanskrit name of Indian origin.

30. Kymani
Kymani is a name of East African Origin. Bob Marley chose this name for one of his sons, as it meant “adventurous traveler,” and Marley himself was a seeker.

31. Lokachari
This Sanskrit name means “wanderer of the Earth.” People with this name are known to be seekers of religion, spirituality, and wisdom.

32. Mshai
This Egyptian male name means “traveler.” Some similar-sounding names are Masha, Misha, Meshia, Moishe, Moosha, and Moshe.

33. Naikasanucharah
This unique Sanskrit name for boys means “wanderer over the peaks.”

34. Nerio
The name Nerio is a popular unisex first name in Italy and the US. It is of Latin and Greek origin and means “sea traveler.”

35. Nestor
Nestor finds its origin in Greek Mythology. The word literally means “one who returns from travels.”

36. Noah
Noah was a famous Biblical traveler who built a giant ark to save the animals from disaster. This Hebrew name means “wanderer.”

37. Pathik
This Indian name is common amongst Jains and Hindus and refers to one who is a “traveller.”

38. Pathin
A derivative of Pathik, this Indian name also means “traveller.”

39. Pippin
Pippin was the name of a hobbit in the 1954 original version of The Lord of the Rings. It is a nickname for Peregrin, which means “pilgrim” or “traveller.”

40. Peregrine
Derived from the Latin word Peregrinus, this name means “one from abroad,” “a traveller,” “foreigner,” or “pilgrim.”

Baby Boy Names that means Wanderer

41. Perri
This English name means “wanderer.” It could be a derivation from the longer name Peregrine or a name in itself.

42. Polo
A beautiful male name, it means “brave wanderer” and finds its origin in Tibet.

43. Raahi
A name of Indian origin, Raahi refers to a “traveller.” ‘Raah’ means “path,” and Raahi means “one travelling on a path.”

44. Raaheel
A name of Indian origin, Raaheel is a masculine name that means “traveller.” This name is commonly used by Hindus and Muslims.

45. Ravid
A wanderer by nature, Ravid is a Hebrew name given to a boy child Ravid is also the name of a famous mountain in Israel.

46. Romer
Romer is a German name. It refers to “one who roams or has wandering roots.” It’s also another word for “pilgrim.”

47. Rover
This name is commonly used for pets but is also used to refer to adventurous children. The English term means “wanderer or traveller.”

48. Satyesu
Meaning “the seeker of truth.” They seek adventure and freedom.

49. Scott
The term Scott is of Gaelic origin. The English call people from Scotland Scotts, but in Scotland, this boy-name means “wanderer.”

50. Sekgolokhane
Sekgolokhane is a Basotho name. Te unique name means a “wanderer” and is commonly used within the community itself.

Boy Names that means Wanderer

More Boy Names that means Wanderer

51. Stian
This male name originated from Norway and is derived from the Old Norse name “Stigandr,” which means “wanderer.” Another translation of the word is “swift on his feet.”

52. Stig
This name is also another modern derivation of the Old Norse name “Stigandr.” Stig is also a Scandinavian name meaning “one who wanders.”

53. Sutap
This Indian name means “seeker of God.”

54. Somerled
This is the Anglicized version of the Old Norse or Scottish name Sumarliði. It means a “summer traveler.”

55. Sumarlidr
This Norwegian name of Old Norse origin means “summer traveler.” It is a strong, masculine name.

Rare Baby Boy Names that means Wanderer

56. Talib
it is a direct Quranic name that means “one who seeks knowledge” or a “seeker. The word also means “student.”

57. Taalib
This Muslim name with Arabic origins means “the seeker of truth.” The name gained popularity after Talib Shabib, a famous Iraqi politician, shot to fame with his planned coup against President Abdul Karim Qassim.

58. Tarka
Tarka was the name of the (male) otter protagonist of Henry Williamson’s 1927 novel Tarka the Otter. The word literally means “wandering like water.”

59. Trent
Trent means trespasser or traveler. This male name is of English origin. The name is usually found amongst Christians.

60. Tripp
Quite like the word “trip,” this English name also means “journey.” In old English, the name also referred to a dancer.

Boy Names that means Wanderer

61. Ulysses
This famous wanderer in Homer’s Greek epic poem Odyssey was an angry and wrathful soul. Ulysses is the Latinized version of Odysseus, the protagonist of the poem.

62. Vettel
This masculine name of Norwegian origin literally means “winter traveler.”

63. Vipinbehari
This Indian name means “Forest wanderer.”

64. Wayman
Wayman is an English name. It means wanderer or traveler.

65. Wendel
Wendel was a popular name in the 1940s. The Dutch- and German-origin name means “wanderer” or “someone who wanders.”

66. Wilder
This is usually a surname or family name, but some people like to use it as a first name. The English word means “wanderer.” Another meaning of the name is “of the forest.”

67. Zulan
The name Zulan is of Zulu origin and means “wanderer.”

Unique Christian Baby Boy Names that Stand Out

Everyone wants a name that is unique. A unique name adds to our distinct identity and personality. Many of us believe in looking for a unique name for our kids.

So here we have a list of unique baby boy names for your little one:

1. Aaron
Sea or water

2. Adrian
A person with paramount strength

3. Alby
A city surrounded by white hills

4. Abner
Father of Light

5. Benett
Honourable or blessed

6. Brion
Strong and honourable

7. Collin
A creative person

8. Cyril
Majesty or King

9. Dylan
One who wins over people’s minds

10. Eliphaz
An endeavour of God

Christian Baby Boy Names for Parents

11. Eliot
A firm believer in God

12. Eric
A ruler of peace

13. Ethan
Strong and powerful

14. Felix
A fortunate person

15. Feivel
God Assists

16. Fergus
A person of great strength

17. Filbert
Extremely bright, brilliant

18. Gerard
Strong-hearted or brave-hearted

19. Harold
Ruler of the army

20. Hughe
Heart, mind and spirit

Baby Christian Boy Names for Parents

21. Hadrian

22. Hyman

23. Ian
A name that means ‘God is merciful and gracious’

24. Itzak

25. Irvin
Colour of peace, a beautiful white colour

26. James

27. Jerrod
Down to Earth

28. Jude
A disciple of Jesus

29. Kev
Extremely gentle and caring

30. Kedem
Old, Ancient

31. Kian
Royal, a majestic King

32. Luke
A biblical name; Luke was one of the authors of the New Testament

33. Manuel
In possession of great power, strong

34. Nathan
Gift of God

35. Nicholas
The victory of people

36. Noah

37. Othello
Very rich and prosperous

38. Phelan
Joyful by nature

39. Phil
A good friend, one who loves horses

40. Reuel
Friend of God

Awesome Christian Names for Boys

41. Radwan

42. Rian
A ruler of people

43. Ryan
Little King or Illustrious

44. Simon
A patient listener

45. Sachiel
Angle of Water

46. Sean
A name that means ‘Lord is gracious and merciful’

47. Ted
A precious gift of God

48. Ulrick
A very high-born ruler

49. Vidor
Very cheerful and joyous

50. Vincent

51. Vivan
Full of life, energetic

52. Walter
A powerful warrior

53. Wilfred
A pleasant wish for peace and tranquillity

54. Wynn
Holy, fair and blessed one

55. Xavier
Extremely bright and helpful

56. York
From the farm

57. Zacharias
Someone the Lord has thought about or favoured

58. Zane
Gift from God

59. Zebedee
In abundance

60. Zeph
Extremely precious to the Lord.

List of Modern Christian Baby Boy Names

Nowadays, as we are progressing further and becoming more and more advanced, we prefer simple yet refreshing names.

Just go through this list of some modern names which we have selected from an endless list of names available:

1. Abby
My father is elated

2. Anthony
Highly praiseworthy

3. Arne
Powerful like an eagle

4. Baruch
One who has been blessed

5. Bryce
Born of a nobleman, ardent and strong

6. Carl
A man free of all burdens

7. Cephas

8. Carlton
A settlement of free men or peasants

9. Cullen
Son born of a holy person

10. Dale
The one who dwells in a valley

Bible Names for Baby Boys

11. Dasan
A devotee of God

12. Edwin
An extremely valued friend

13. Ellen
One who is courageous

14. Felix
One who is very fortunate and happy

15. Gabe
The bravest man of God

16. Gabriel
Strong and powerful

17. Gian
Extremely knowledgeable

18. Hanan
One who is merciful and compassionate

19. Hank
A merciful ruler of God

20. Isaac
One who brings laughter and joy to our lives

Symbolic Names for Baby boys

21. Ivan
A precious gift of God

22. Jobin
Excellent and brilliant

23. Joel
Due to the willingness of God

24. Joshua

25. Kane
A warrior’s son

26. Kasper
The one who bears a treasure

27. Kilmer
Extremely loving and caring

28. Leo
Very brave-hearted

29. Liam
Helmet of will

30. Louis
A highly renowned warrior

31. Lucas
A torch-bearer

32. Malcolm
A disciple of a renowned saint

33. Melvin
A protector and friend

34. Monty
One who has come from a rich man’s mountain

35. Nadav

36. Neil
A champion of clouds

37. Nigel
A champion of the dark cloud

38. Othneil
The powerful strength of God

39. Paulson
son of Paul

40. Phoenix
A fictional bird that burns itself alive, only to be reborn again

Biblical Names for Boys

41. Pious
Holy or divine

42. Rex
Almighty or King of the Universe

43. Samuel
The name of a King in the Bible

44. Solomon

45. Shawn
Graciously given by God

46. Steven
One who has been crowned

47. Theo
A precious gift of God

48. Tison
One who is highly spirited

49. Udeh

50. Uriel
Light of God

51. Yaphet

52. Yaron

53. Vincent
The victorious one or the one who conquered

54. Wyatt
One with a courageous mind in a battle

55. Wilber
Extremely bright and willing

56. Zain
Brilliant and happy

57. Zephaniah
Extremely valued and treasured by God

58. Zaccheo
The One God Remembers

59. Zed
God is Fair

60. Zion
A Sign.

Latest Christian Baby Boy Names

If we set aside unique, traditional and distinct names for a while, then we may see that many people nowadays prefer the latest trending names. Here we go with the latest trending names:

1. Aidan
Extremely superior and intelligent

2. Ambrose

3. Aric
A sacred ruler of all

4. Baxter
An immaculate baker

5. Barry

6. Bond

7. Benji
As per the Old Testament, Benjamin was the last born of Jacob

8. Boris
A warrior ready to fight in a battle

9. Craig
One who lives near the cliff

10. Chandler

11. Cyrus
Just like the Sun

12. Davis
The highly adored son of Davis

13. Dora
A Gift

14. Dalit
Draw Water

15. Derek
The one who rules over his people

English Names For Boy Infants

16. Ebin
A kind of a rock

17. Edmund
wealthy protector

18. Eron

19. Elvin
A magical friend, one who is noble

20. Francis
A free man

21. Franklin

22. Frederick
A very calm and peaceful ruler

23. Gil
One who is shining brightly

24. Gavin
White Falcon

25. Giles
A young kid

26. Hanly
A ruler of a particular place

27. Harry
A champion of the high meadows

28. Heine
One who rules the home

29. Ian
Another name for John

30. Immanuel
A name that means ‘God is almighty and is present with us’.

Baptismal Names For Boy Infants

31. James

32. Jay

33. Jeff
A very peaceful and divine ruler

34. Karl
A free human

35. Kevin
Name of a famous saint

36. Larry
One who is crowned with laurels

37. Libin
One who shows love and compassion

38. Marc
From the God of wars

39. Mike
A God-like figure

40. Moses

41. Norbert
A brilliant one

42. Noel
Born on the day of Christmas

43. Oliver
From the olive tree

44. Paul
Small, little

45. Peter
Modern and beautiful

Christian Names for Boy Infants

46. Philip
One who loves horses

47. Rafe
A wise wolf

48. Ross
One with red hair

49. Roy

50. Rylan
One from the lands of Rye

51. Simon
To hear or listen

52. Seff
A Wolf

53. Smit
One with a divine smile

54. Terence
Tender, soft and smooth

55. Thomas
Twins. It was also the name of one of the disciples of Jesus

56. Travis
One who collects toll while crossing a certain path

57. Warren
Someone who is from La Varenne

58. Willy
One with a strong mind

59. Windsor
Name of a place in the United Kingdom

60. Yardley
Forest or timber.

In summary, most parents choose a distinctive and meaningful name for their child. However, most of the names they come across are generic.

Furthermore, if you’re looking for baby boy name inspiration, this post is for you. Finally, the list of names goes on and on. However, once you’ve sampled a variety of options, don’t forget to share them with your family and friends.

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