Citizens First Bank Rome GA Basic Banking in 2024 See Latest Guide


 Citizens First Bank Rome – Synovus also known as Citizens First Bank is a bank for all. It is created to help communities and businesses to achieve their goals. Read on for more details.

Citizens First Bank Rome GA Basic Banking in 2021 See Latest Guide

Citizens First Bank Rome GA Basic Banking

They began with a small deed of kindness in a textile mill in Georgia. A boss intervened to secure the worker’s savings and give interest after her dress became trapped in machinery. Then, in 1888, this service was made available to all employees, which was the start of Synovus.

Since then, they have developed into a thriving enterprise that has helped companies operate for more than 300 years and funded contemporary corporate expansions.


They are pleased to be a part of the community, whether it is by serving customers in any of their 300 sites throughout the Southeast, from big cities to small hometowns, or by supporting the local football team on Fridays.

Personal Checking Accounts with Citizens First Bank Rome

Before we take a look at different personal checking accounts with Citizens First Bank, let’s see some of the features.

Synovus Personal Checking Accounts Feature:

1. Unlimited fee-free transactions at Publix® Presto!® ATMs and Synovus ATMs throughout their extensive network.

2. Debit card with Visa® branding (or Visa® Platinum, if relevant) that has no usage fees per month or annually. For even greater convenience, link your card to your Google PayTM, Apple Pay®, or Samsung Pay® mobile wallet.

3. My mobile and digital banking with Synovus. They’ve updated their mobile app and website because they understand that life happens outside of regular business hours. Enhanced with various new features, updated functionality, and better security. You will also be able to reach your financial objectives at any time and from any location.

4. There are multiple choices for safeguarding against overdrafts. There can be fees

5. Up to $250,000 in FDIC-insured deposits.

Experience the personal in Personal banking through:

Inspire Checking

Your banking experience with our Synovus Inspire Checking account is one that is built to support your achievement.

In addition to the Priority Customer Care team, you’ll receive premium benefits and preferred rates, customized financial guidance, and extensive credit and identity protection services.

$100 down payment required to open

You can prevent a $50 monthly account charge by keeping one of the following accounts:

1. A minimum final amount of $100,000 in any combination of your investment, money market, IRA, CD, savings, and personal checking accounts5 by the end day of business every month, or

2. As of the last business day of each month, the combined total of your company checking, savings, money market, and CD accounts must not fall below a $1,000,000 minimum ending balance.

Plus Checking

You receive useful advantages and everyday value with Synovus Plus Checking.

For improved financial management, you can take advantage of personalized insights, preferred rates, and always-on security.

A $100 down payment is required to open.

If you belong to the military community or if you fulfill any of the following requirements, you can waive the $10 monthly account charge.

1. As of the final business day of the month, the combined total of your personal checking, savings, money market, IRA, CD, and investment accounts must be $10,000 or less.

2. Deposit a minimum of $5,000 per month into each of your individual checking accounts.

3. As of the final business day of each month, there must be a minimum ending balance of $500,000 across your business’s checking, savings, money market, and certificate of deposit accounts.

Synovus Budget Checking

Synovus Budget Checking

This account is “no frills, no surprises” kind from Synovus Budget Checking.

There is a $5 monthly account charge and a $25 opening deposit required.

Budget checking is an excellent choice if you’re on a tight budget or have a history of overdrafts because it enables you to carefully manage your money and prevent expensive overdraft fees.

Student Checking

You’re constantly moving. Come, let’s help make things happen with money.

You’re constantly on the go between events, work, and classes. We designed our Student Checking account to make banking simple and convenient for you since we know that you need your money available to you at all times and from any location. That means that as you get ready for the future, you have one less thing to worry about.

A $100 down payment is required to open.

accessible to students who are under 26.

By signing up for paperless e-statements and digital banking through My Synovus, you can save the $3 monthly account cost.


1. Avoid a $50 monthly service fee by maintaining a $100,000 minimum ending balance in the combination of your checking, savings, money market, IRA, CD or investment accounts as of the last business day each month.6

2. Earn more interest by maintaining higher deposit & investment account balances with Synovus.7

3. Free Synovus standard wallet checks or 50% discount on designer checks. Also, enjoy free official checks (like cashier’s or certified checks) and 50% off safe deposit box rentals.

4. Foreign ATM withdrawal fee refunds.

5. Stop payment and domestic wire transfer (incoming & outgoing) fee refunds.

6. Waived overdraft, overdraft transfer, non-sufficient funds & uncollected funds fees.

7. Receive a Visa Platinum debit card with premium Visa benefits including concierge services, lost luggage insurance, price protection, purchase security, and warranty manager.

8. Enjoy Visa Zero Liability, to protect your Visa Platinum debit card from fraud at no additional cost.

With your Inspire Checking account, enjoy access to additional premium benefits & services through their Synovus Inspire relationship program including:

9. Credit monitoring & identity theft protection services. Valid email address and separate enrollment required.

10. Priority customer service

And more

Minor Savings Account

1. No minimum deposit to open

2. No monthly service fees

It’s never too early to teach your children the importance of saving and managing money. With their Minor Savings Account.

However, they’ll have a safe place to keep that birthday money from burning a hole in their pocket. Also, you’ll be able to monitor things as you both watch their funds grow.


1. Give minors ownership of funds in the account

2. Makeup to 2 no-fee withdrawals per month

3. Receive automatic transfers from parents’ Synovus accounts

Holiday Savings Account

1. No minimum deposit to open

2. No monthly service fees

The holidays are a time for celebration. But they can also do a number on your wallet. Meanwhile, with their Holiday Savings Account,4 you can set aside funds.

However, you can pay year-round to pay for those special gifts and treats—all while earning interest on your money. After a year of savings, they’ll send you a check.


1. Make one no-fee withdrawal annually

2. Receive automatic transfers from other Synovus accounts

Citizens First Bank Rome Contact Details

Citizen First Bank Customer Care


P.O. Box 120
Columbus GA 31902
[email protected]

Synovus Bank’s
routing number:


Synovus now offers customer support in both English and Spanish.

Synovus Product Support

Report Lost or Stolen Card (24/7)


Credit Card Support


My Synovus Digital Banking


Business Internet Banking
Treasury Management


Health Savings Account


Overdraft Privilege Enrollment
and Options


Privacy Options


Synovus Financial Management Products and Services

Synovus Mortgage


Mortgage Customer Care


Synovus Securities


Synovus Trust


International Banking


Company Information

Press Inquiries

Lee Underwood

Investor Relations

Kevin Brown

[email protected]

Specialty Divisions

Creative Financial


GLOBAL T Investments


Citizens First Bank Rome Frequently Asked Questions

Ques.: What is My Synovus?

Ans.: My Synovus is the digital banking experience for personal banking customers. My Synovus can be accessed via a mobile-friendly website and a mobile banking app for Android and iPhone.

Ques.: Do I Need to Install Special Software to Use My Synovus?

Ans.: No, but the following operating system requirements must be met for My Synovus. For the mobile app: iOS®11 and above or Android™ version 5 and above are supported.

For online: The most recent versions of Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

Includes any previous versions that are still supported and updated by Microsoft, Google, Mozilla, and Apple, respectively.

They recommend using Chrome and Safari for the best online experience.

Ques.: What Type of Accounts Can I Have Access to Through My Synovus?

Ans.: You’ll have access automatically to all consumer accounts for which we deem you an “owner”. Access is available for checking, money market, savings, loan (s), CD (s), IRA (s) and credit card accounts.

Ques.: Can I Change My Mailing Address through My Synovus?

Ans.: you can only update your phone number and email address through My Synovus.

To update your mailing address, call Customer Care at 1-888-SYNOVUS (1-888-796-6887) or visit your local branch.

Ques.: Is there an iPad app?

Ans.: When Synovus Online Banking/Mobile Banking became My Synovus, they discontinued the iPad-specific app.

You can use the mobile-friendly website on your iPad for a seamless experience.

The iPhone app can be used on your iPad, but it’s not optimised for the iPad. Use your browser to log in from

Ques.: Do you offer Text Banking?

Ans.: No. You can use the Instant Balances feature of the app for fast balance info.

Also, if you don’t have the app, Telephone Banking is another great option for getting balance information on the go – call 1-888-SYNOVUS (796-6887).

Ques.: How do I order checks?

Ans.: Ordering checks is not currently available through My Synovus, but you can order them online.

Ques.: How do I stop payments?

Ans.: Go to your accounts, select Manage, then select Stop Payment.

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CSN Team.


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