10 Banks in Nigeria that Employ New Workers Every Month

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Are you in search of banks in Nigeria that employ new workers every month? Here is a list of 10 banks in Nigeria that are capable of recruiting people.

1. First Bank

This is Nigeria’s pioneer financial institution. It is truly the first and has always been the first. It was founded in 1894 as the British Bank of Nigeria and later renamed the First Bank of Nigeria in 1979.

First Bank is Nigeria’s first and largest bank with a total asset of N4.5 trillion, a net income of N13.5 billion and an operating income of over N298 billion.

It is Nigeria’s leading bank with total deposits and gross earnings with 795 branches and 750 business locations across Africa. It has over 7,000+ employees and has been termed “best bank brand in Nigeria” 5 times in a row.

Its branches across the world include; FBN China, Guinea, South Africa, Sierra Leone, UAE, Democratic Republic of Congo, Paris and the UK.

2. Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB)

This bank was created in 1988 by a group of 35 young starry-eyed entrepreneurs led by Fola Adeola and Tayo Aderinokun.

The bank got its incorporation in 1990 and started operations in 1991.

Today this financial institution has developed to become Nigeria’s largest bank in market capitalization with a solid foundation to withstand any challenge hurled at it.

With over 10,000 employees, it has 231 branches and 1165 ATM’s littered everywhere in Nigeria. GT bank also has branches in Kenya, Gambia, Uganda, Rwanda, Ghana, Liberia, Sierra Leone, and the UK.

It has an overall asset of N3.16 trillion and revenue of 278.5 billion.

3. Ecobank

It is officially known as Ecobank Transnational Plc. This is a Pan African bank and one of the foremost banks in Nigeria and Africa.

Founded in 1985, Ecobank is one of the biggest in Nigeria with an employee populace of 19, 568 staff, and has a presence in over 36 nations across the world and branches in over 35 Sub-Saharan African countries.

Its headquarters is in Lome, Togo even though Over 70 per cent of its customer base is in Nigeria. It has a total asset of US$23.2 billion and a net income of US$107 million.

4. Zenith Bank

In May 1990, one of Nigeria’s recent richest men, Jim Ovia, founded Zenith Bank and the bank kicked off operations the same year in earnest.

Zenith Bank is an international financial institution with its corporate headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria.

It has a status for being the bank of bourgeois and has always been a major port of call for funds sourcing by huge multinational companies and the government. It has an overall asset of N4.7 trillion and a revenue of over N129 billion.

Zenith Bank has the following branches: Zenith Insurance, Zenith Pension Custodian, Zenith Securities, Zenith Bank Ghana, Zenith Bank UK, Zenith Trust Company, CyberSpace Networks with over 500 branches in Nigeria including Ghana, Sierra Leone, Gambia, UK, and UAE.

5. Access Bank

Access Bank is one of Nigeria’s top financial institutions founded in 1989 and became financially fit enough to acquire Intercontinental Bank Plc in January 2012 further expanding its assets and customer base.

It has a total asset of N 2.412 trillion and a revenue of 51 billion. Access bank has over 5.7 million clients in Nigeria, 309 branches, 9000+ employees, and 8 subsidiaries in Sub-Saharan Africa including the United Kingdom. It has its headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria.

6. United Bank for Africa (UBA)

This is one of Nigeria’s oldest banks established in 1949. UBA is a continental foremost Pan-African bank with a presence in over 19 African countries including New York, London, and Paris.

Proudly owned by one of Nigeria’s richest men, Tony Elumelu, the bank is credited and acclaimed for some trailblazing feats in this clime of banking, like pioneering the first cash deposit ATM, being the first and only Nigerian bank to hit N1 Trillion balance sheet size and the first to create a bank foundation, which is the UBA Foundation, a stem off the UBA group.

UBA proudly attends to 8 million customers in 700 business offices worldwide.

It has an overall asset of N3.3 Trillion, gross earnings of N166 billion, net income of N109 billion, and profit before tax of 40 billion.

7. Diamond Bank

In 1990 Access Bank created Diamond Bank in Nigeria and obtained its incorporation in the following year and is presently bought.

It started as a Private limited enterprise at its infant stages but later went public and earned the rights to be featured in the Nigerian stock exchange as if that was not enough, it went forward to become the first African Bank to feature in the Professional securities list of the London stock exchange.

Diamond Bank runs over 240 branches in Nigeria, with numerous branches in the Republic of Benin, a handful in Senegal and Cote d’Ivoire, and 1 in Togo. Its total asset is valued at N 1.7 trillion.

8. Union Bank

When you talk about strength, reliability, and longevity, then Union Bank should come to mind.

Created in 1917 as Colonial Bank, it was acquired by Barclays Bank in 1925 and became known as the Barclays Bank. In 1971 the bank was included in the Nigerian Stock Exchange.

Subsequently, it allowed 8.33% of its shares open for Nigerian buyers prompting the federal government to acquire 51% of the shares hence part of the ownership.

The 40% ownership left was offered to private wealthy Nigerians in 1979 which they hurriedly bought and the bank became a full-fledged Nigerian entity with the name Union Bank of Nigeria. Its total assets stand at N 1.049 trillion.

9. Fidelity Bank

Started off with merchant licensing in 1987, got incorporated in 1988, and turn into a public limited liability company in 1999. Fidelity has since grown to become a financial force to reckon with.

They hold the trust in high esteem with daily reassurance of their Fidelity to their enormous customers. The development of this bank has seen it establish over 240 branches and 774 ATM’s across Nigeria.

It was ranked as the best capitalized bank in Nigeria in 2011 and 25th in Africa with the same criteria. Its total asset stands at N 1 trillion.

10. Skye Bank

When Prudent Bank was incorporated in 1989, it was transformed the following year into a merchant bank with a full license. 16 years later (2006), the said Prudent Bank consolidated with four other banks to form Skye Bank Plc.

Skye Bank has grown like a fertilized plant into one of the leading financial institutions in Nigeria, a feat unprecedented from a 21st century Renaissance Bank.

It was the first to launch the verve version of the Naira dominated MasterCard called “MasterCard Verve”. Still high on progress, it attained Mainstreet Bank in 2014.

Skye Bank has over 260 subsidiaries nationwide besides Guinea, Sierra Leone, and The Gambia. The bank owns many subsidiaries in the area of mortgaging, technology, and stockbroking. Its total assets rake over US$3.9 billion.

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