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Best Apps for Apple Watch You Will Definitely Need in 2021

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– Best Apps for Apple Watch –

If you are an ios user, You know that there are some apple watch applications that is a must have. There are best apps for apple watch. This year, new applications were launched to enhance apple watch usage to trill customers and apple gadgets lovers.

Best Apps for Apple Watch

Even the finest Apple Watch applications have had an interesting time. Not long ago, it appeared that the Watch had lost its luster, with many well-known applications either languishing or being removed from the platform entirely – but as a new age approaches, it appears that things are much more lively in the Watch app sector.

What Apple Watch Apps Do You Need?

EACH NEW MODEL OF THE APPLE WATCH ADDS NEW FEATURES AND CAPACITIES. A flourishing ecosystem of third-party applications makes your step-tracking, heart-rate-monitoring watch even more useful:

Apps that allow you to get things done, go from point A to point B, receive answers to your queries, and get on with your life without continuously reaching for your phone in your pocket. These are our top picks.

These are some applications needed for you to have a good user-friendly experience on your ios watch today. At the end of each description, you would see an estimated price. Before we move to drafting the top best apps for apple watch, these are a list of apps you really need essentially…

1. Things Apple Watch App

The software is as complete as they get in terms of organizing your life and daily duties, and it comes with phone and desktop companion apps.

The Apple Watch software allows you to see what you need to do, check off items on your to-do lists, and more, all from the palm of your hand. It will cost you money, but it is an app that is well worth it.

2. Tiny Armies

Tiny Armies is an exception to the rule that games don’t work on the Apple Watch’s small screen.

Its simple gameplay and aesthetics make it ideal for passing a few minutes of idle time in short spurts, and the Apple Watch experience isn’t all that different from playing it on an iPhone or iPad.

The goal of the game is to use cautious strategic thinking and well-placed finger swipes to defeat your opponent’s troops.

3. WorkOutDoors

WorkOutDoors and your Apple Watch can help you get more out of your walks, hikes, runs, and cycles:

It comes with a sophisticated vector map-based interface for calculating your routes, as well as the ability to personalize what appears on your wristwatch screen (there are over 300 live metrics to pick from).

It’s worth downloading for the most comprehensive view of your exercises, and the app’s purchase includes offline maps that cover the entire world.

4. Just Press Record

Just Press Record is the perfect example of how the top Apple Watch apps deliver super-useful functionality with no effort.

The software is a basic but effective audio recorder for the iPhone and iPad, and the Apple Watch app lets you start, stop, and listen to recordings straight from your watch.

If your iPhone isn’t nearby, you can record directly from your Apple Watch.

5. Pennies Apple watch App

Pennies, like many other amazing Apple Watch apps, expands what is already a very useful iPhone app to your wrist so you don’t have to continuously take your phone out.

Pennies makes it easier to budget, and you can use the watch app to keep track of what you’re spending, where it’s going, and how much money you have left in other categories like clothing and food (ideal if you tend to spend too much eating out).

6. Watchsmith

Although you can’t make your own watch faces for Apple’s smartwatch just yet, you can do a lot with the small widgets that appear on each face—and Watchsmith is the ideal tool for making these widgets look exactly how you want them to.

You may also program complications to appear and disappear at specific times of the day, giving you more control than ever over the appearance of your watch’s interface.

7. Bear Focus Timer

We like Apple Watch apps that don’t try to do too much or overcomplicate things, and BFT, or Bear Focus Timer, is one of them.

It basically just helps you focus for a set amount of time, but that’s not always as simple as it sounds. BFT does a great job of keeping you on task and away from distractions. So you can put your phone aside. The Apple Watch app gives you fast access to the timer and app messages.

8. ETA

It’s rare that an iPhone app can be squeezed down to fit on an Apple Watch screen.

The best approach is the one taken by ETA. ETA puts the most useful bits on your wrist and requires very little configuration—you can see how long it will take you to get somewhere, how bad the traffic is, and more at a glance.

You may also change your watch faces with widgets and add-ons.

9. PCalc

PCalc, which adds a fully functional calculator to your Apple Watch, allows you to totally nerd out.

Yes, it’s a pricey app, but if you use it properly, it’s a great value for money:

Besides the basic calculator, you have extensive capabilities and features here for mathematicians, physicists, engineers and coders, all available on your wrist.

Just be careful utilizing them during your next physics exam, okay?

Best Apps for Apple Watch 2021

10. Citymapper

The finest Apple Watch apps improve the data you get on your phone, making some of the same information easy to access from your wrist—and that’s exactly what Citymapper does.

The next time you’re sprinting for a bus or jammed up against your fellow commuters on the subway, you can take a glimpse at your Apple Watch and know exactly which number bus you need to catch or which station you need to get off at.

11. Overcast

Overcast is a slick, easy podcast player for your iPhone, your iPad … and your Apple Watch.

As well as taking care of the fundamental business of storing and playing your podcasts, it comes with a lot of handy features: it can speed up playback, chop out silences, make custom playlists, normalize volume levels, go to sleep after a specific time, and much more.

You may play podcasts directly from your Apple Watch also if needed.

How Many Apps are there for Apple watch?

When the Apple Watch made its debut in 2015, there were 3,000 apps available for download. There are almost 20,000 applications available now, 21 of which are integrated within the wearable.

Are Apple Watch Apps Free?

The fear of getting apple watch apps lies on the cost of these apps. The Apple Watch is Apple’s most personal gadget. In order to fully personalize it, you’ll need to start installing some of your favorite applications.

If you’ve already spent your wearable cash on the watch, don’t worry. There are lots of fantastic applications available for free. So put your credit card away and have a look at our top free Apple Watch applications.

Best Applications for Apple Watch

Even the best Apple Watch apps have had an interesting time.

Not long ago, it appeared that the Watch had lost its luster, with many well-known apps either languishing or being removed from the platform entirely. But as a new era approaches, it appears that things are much more vibrant in the Watch app space.

The issue was one of function. With app developers spending far too much time wondering; ‘could we make an Apple Watch app?’ rather than should we?’

When watchOS 6 was released, it introduced an App Store to your Apple Watch for the first time, encouraging app developers to take the Apple Watch more seriously.

With watchOS 8 and the Apple Watch 7 – not to mention the iPhone 13 range, having since arrived, there’s never been a better time to join the ecosystem.

The list of our favourite apps will be growing as time goes on. These apps are made know to you because they are useful, entertaining, or make your life a little bit easier.

This roundup includes apps for podcasting and procrastinating. Apps for getting fit and getting stuff done, messing around and sorting things out is included.

So, if you’ve recently received a new Apple Watch, or simply want to refresh your stock, dive in and start getting the most out of your Apple Watch. Check this article regularly, as we’ll add a new app to this list every couple of weeks.

Here are a list of top best apps for apple watch

1. Audible: Audiobooks & Podcast Apps for Apple Watch

The Amazon-owned Audible service is a great place to get audiobooks, including brand new releases, and this version allows you to store the books on your Apple Watch so you can leave your phone at home and enjoy them uninterrupted.

However, it is built on the assumption that you are connected to your iPhone, so even if you have a cellular Apple Watch, you will need to transfer the book(s) from the iPhone app.

We like Audible a lot, and the new Plus catalog makes it even more appealing: your subscription includes access to Audible Originals, podcasts, and selected books in addition to your monthly book credit.

Similarly to how Kindle Unlimited doesn’t feature the biggest new blockbusters, the selection of free books here isn’t spectacular, but the podcasts include some big names in comedy and some good documentaries.

The Audible Originals are also interesting, such as Derren Brown’s Boot Camp For The Brain series, which is exclusive to Audible.

There are also Audible Originals featuring Stephen Fry, Alan Davies, and Idris Elba.

This app is free and would cost you nothing.

2. Metabolism Tracker Lumen

Metabolism Tracker is a free app that requires hardware. The Lumen app is designed to connect to Metaflow’s own health tracker, also called Lumen.

It uses your breathing to determine what your body is doing, and it does so by having you inhale, hold your breath for ten seconds, and then fully exhale.

Lumen will then calculate your CO2 and tell you whether you’re burning fat or carbohydrates the most. You can then use the app to determine the best diet, workout, and sleep schedule for you.

The Watch app does three things: it displays Lumen tracker data, it allows you to log your carbohydrate intake, and it can set your daily ‘carbs budget’ if your program requires low carb days.

The three subscription offers are a three-month’metabolism booster’ for £199. (approximately $275/AU$375), a six-month ‘advanced fat burn’ for £249. (approximately $340/AU$470), and a twelve-month ‘optimal health’ for £299. (approximately $410/AU$565), but those prices include the Lumen device itself.

After the three, six, or twelve-month period expires, all three plans revert to a monthly subscription of £19 (approximately $25/AU$35).

However, there is a 30-day risk-free trial period, so if you decide Lumen isn’t for you, you can return the sensor and receive a refund.

3. Arm Speed Analyzer

Arm Speed Analyzer is a free app with in-app purchases. If you participate in ball or racket sports, golf, frisbee, or hockey, Arm Speed Analyzer can tell you how fast you can move and how quickly you accelerate.

That means it can be used for golf swings and tennis serves, baseball or cricket pitching, frisbee throwing, hockey stick swinging, and anything else that requires quick throwing, swinging, sweeping, or hitting.

Arm Speed Analyzer claims to be the most accurate speed tracking app, tracking speed and acceleration using your Apple Watch’s accelerometer. The app is quick and easy to use.

It displays four key pieces of information: your current speed and acceleration, your most recent speed and acceleration, your personal best top speed, and the top speed of your previous session.

The app also saves your progress so you can see how much you’ve improved and how consistent your speeds have become over time.

Although the app is called Arm Speed Analyzer, it can also analyze your kicks – though we wouldn’t do it in public in case someone thinks the Apple Watch strapped to your ankle is an electronic tag for offenders.

4. Watch to 5k

$2.99 / £2.99 / $4.49 AUD

If lockdown has piqued your interest in fitness, Couch to 5K is a great way to get in shape – and if you’re thinking about Couch to 5K, Watch to 5K is a great way to track your progress.

The app is designed for complete beginners who want to work towards running a 5K in 9 weeks, and it generates a training plan that includes three runs per week for nine weeks.

Every week’s schedule will be different, and if you complete all nine weeks, you should be able to run 5K in under 30 minutes.

One of the reasons the app’s creator created it was because he was tired of 5K training apps that required you to bring your iPhone with you on the run.

As a result, he wrote one that didn’t.

It provides key metrics such as your distance traveled, average pace, calories burned, and heart rate, and all of your workout details are saved in Apple’s Health app.

Your runs are tracked and count towards your goals in the Fitness app, as you’d expect, and you can record your route to review later.

We really like this app: it’s a simple, useful, and effective app created by an independent developer who identified a problem and created an app to solve it.


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5. Time to Work

With Apple Fitness Plus, it’s free.

Time to Walk is a new and rather inspired idea for Apple Fitness Plus subscribers: it allows you to take a long walk while listening to a famous person tell their story.

According to Apple: “Each Time to Walk episode is shaped by the guest’s personal, life-changing moments and includes lessons learned, meaningful memories, thoughts on purpose and gratitude.

Moments of levity, and other thought-provoking topics, all recorded while walking outside or in locations meaningful to them.”

The story is brought to life by photos that appear on Apple Watch, perfectly timed to amplify a corresponding moment shared by the guest.”

If you use a wheelchair, Time to Walk will change to Time to Push and an Outdoor Wheelchair Walk Pace workout will begin automatically.

At the time of writing, there are four guests: the legendary Dolly Parton, NBA star Draymond Green, musician Shawn Mendes, and Orange Is the New Black star Uzo Aduba.

There will be new episodes every Monday until the end of April 2021, and they will be automatically downloaded if you have a Fitness Plus subscription, appearing in the Workout tab on your Apple Watch Fitness app.

Each episode will last between 25 and 40 minutes and will include a music playlist to keep you walking or pushing afterward.

6. Apple Fitness Plus Apps for Apple Watch

Apple’s long-awaited foray into premium fitness apps is set to launch in December 2020.

Apple Fitness Plus is a subscription service rather than an app, but it was created with the Apple Watch in mind: it uses the Watch sensors to track your workouts and respond to what’s happening on your iPhone’s screen. For example, if your trainer instructs you to check your heart rate, your Apple Watch will display that data.

In difficult workouts, it will display a countdown timer to help motivate you, and the optional Burn Bar will tell you how your performance compares to other people who have completed the same workout that you are. Subscriptions are $9.99 / £9.99 / AU$14.99 per month and are also included in Apple One bundles.

You can share your subscription with up to six family members without requiring an Apple One Family or Premier plan. You’ll need watchOS 7.2 or later to use Apple Fitness Plus on your Apple Watch.

There is no need to download a new app: fitness appears as a new tab in your iPhone’s Fitness app, and your Watch will respond automatically based on the workouts and/or training you select in the iPhone app. The iPad and Apple TV versions of the app are also available.

7. Moodistory


The majority of Apple Watch apps in the health and fitness category are trackers of some kind: step counters, calorie counters, cycle counters, and so on.

Moodistory is a tracker as well, but it is more concerned with your mental state than your physical performance.

The newly added Apple Watch companion app means it’s one of the quickest ways to record your mood and contextualize it, and it’s designed for speed of entry: if you want to leave detailed notes, the iPhone app is best.

You simply tap and go on your Watch.

Mood tracking can be extremely beneficial for people whose mental health has ups and downs, or for those who want to gain a better understanding of the patterns that shape their moods.

By documenting how you feel over time, you can begin to see if there are any trends, and if you include contextual information, that information can help you identify any triggers that may bring you down or up.

You can even use the iPhone app to compile the data and export it in PDF format, which is useful if you want to share your mood history with a counsellor or other qualified professional.

8. Heart Analyzer

The Apple Watch’s display is rather limited when compared to the phone, but the Watch component is still very effective and makes good use of the available space.

Heart Analyzer v8 on your wrist comes with improved, customizable complications for the Infograph faces, so you can see your heart rate chart right in front of you.

The Watch app includes live heart rate monitoring and trend charts, weekly metrics and workout views, as well as the ability to track calories burned and distance traveled.

It works well with Apple Health, as one would expect.

On iPhone, you can view personalized metrics such as day/night resting heart rates, average heart rates, and historical data dating back years.

The new interface makes everything much clearer and achieves the difficult balance of providing a lot of information without being overwhelming. Heat analyzer is a free app and you don’t have to pay a dime acquiring it.

9. Peloton

Don’t be fooled by the name: Peloton isn’t just about cycling, despite being named after a bike race term and being primarily designed to accompany the famously expensive exercise bike.

Peloton is a free app with in-app purchases. It is a fitness aid for running, yoga, and high-intensity training, and it can also assist you with meditation through guided learning sessions.

To keep you motivated, the Peloton app provides a useful combination of streaming video classes, progress tracking, and music playback.

The most recent app adds a particularly cool feature: you can now use Chromecast to send video from your iPhone or iPad to compatible TVs for that big-screen experience, and you can pre-load the video to avoid buffering during a workout.

The Watch component has much less screen space to work with, but it makes the most of it.

It displays run pace and distance metrics, heart rate tracking for all types of exercises, and all the stats you could want.

It also works with Apple’s Health app to keep track of your vital statistics.

The app does not only connect to your Apple Watch; if you prefer Bluetooth-enabled monitors, you can connect them as well.

10. Strava: Run & Ride Training

Strava is one of the world’s top fitness apps for runners, cyclists, and swimmers, as well as gym-goers, kayakers, and yoga practitioners.

The latest version adds proper support for the Apple Watch, allowing you to sync workouts.

Also, activities recorded with Apple’s Workout app with the Strava app and its online tracking, allowing you to build a more complete picture of your fitness activities.

Strava is constantly updating, so just days after the Apple Watch sync was introduced, there was another update with improved stroke analysis for swimmers.

The update also included better cadence analysis for runners; two weeks before that, there were new features for skiers and activity sharing, as well as a slew of interactive 3D maps.

Strava’s main selling point is its social aspect, which sets it apart from other GPS-enabled fitness apps: you can compare your performance not just with yourself but with other users.

You can compete to become the king or queen of specific geographical leaderboards, and share with friends and followers to receive encouraging words and helpful feedback.

Strava is free but the best parts are found in the Premium subscription, which is currently $5.99/£5.99/AU$9.99 per month or $59.99/£44.99/AU$89.99 per year.


11. Hole19 Golf GPS & Scoring App for apple watch

With over 10 million rounds registered, Hole19 claims to be the most-used golf GPS range finder in the UK, and it claims to be as accurate as a real caddie – though it doesn’t specify which one.

The iPhone app does the majority of the work, as is typical with sports apps, with the Apple Watch companion providing only the essential features and information you need while on the green.

The main app includes two key features: GPS range finding, which allows you to see how far you are from your goal as well as any hazards, and a digital scorecard, which allows you to track your stats over time.

The distance to the front, center, and back of the green is displayed on your watch; swipe to reveal an input screen where you can track your performance.

It’s all very simple and straightforward, allowing you to keep track of your game without being distracted for too long.

The app’s usefulness is primarily determined by whether it is aware of the course(s) you wish to play.

Hole19 knows over 42,000 courses in 201 countries, so yours should be covered, but the app is free to try before you sign up for a subscription.

12. Seven

What can you accomplish in seven minutes?

⇨  One and a half pop songs could be played.

⇨  You could watch one-tenth of a Game of Thrones episode.

⇨  You could also change your life.

That’s what Seven guarantees.

It’s an app based on the idea that anyone who can spare seven minutes a day can get much fitter.

There are no gym memberships or equipment required; just you and your Apple Watch.

We’d recommend starting with the phone because it shows you how to do each exercise correctly, which the Apple Watch’s screen doesn’t.

It’s pointless to knock yourself out for a seven-minute stretch if you’re doing it incorrectly and causing more harm than good.

However, once you know what you need to do, you can use your Watch to time your exercises and breaks as well as record your activity.The app is simple to use, has a lot of useful exercises, and gives you good visual feedback and motivation.

You can compete with your friends or simply earn in-app achievements, and if you sign up for the $9.99/£9.99/AU$14.99 monthly subscription, you’ll gain access to over 200 exercises to spice up your workout routine.

Seven may be able to help you develop an exercise habit by allowing you to exercise at any time and from any location.

13. Swing Tennis Tracker

Swing Tennis Tracker, developed by Andy Roddick and James Blake for serious tennis players, is designed to analyze your swings as well as record your stats.

It’s not just a stand-alone app: it can sync scores with other Apple Watch users on the court.

There’s great Siri integration for starting matches and practicing, as well as integration with the Activity and Health apps and excellent visual feedback to show you how hard you’re hitting.

The Watch component focuses on recording and feedback, whereas the phone app handles scores, stats, and video, as well as providing action advice after each hit.

It’s a great app for individual players, but it can also be used to track the performance of others by parents, coaches, and teams.

The subscription plans are $4.99/£4.49/AU$7.99 per month Premium and $9.99/£9.49/AU$15.49 Pro.

The former unlocks historical statistic graphics, head-to-head records against non-Swing users, and unlimited analysis graphs for each session.

The Pro subscription adds video lessons from tennis pros and intelligent performance analysis that identifies key areas for improvement after each session.

14. Start with Yoga

Start With Yoga does exactly what the name implies: it is intended to assist you in getting started with Yoga. It was created in part as a result of frustration with other yoga apps that did not include independent Apple Watch apps.

According to the developer, “most yoga apps require you to look at your phone, which doesn’t really work for yoga.” As a result, this yoga app for your Apple Watch allows you to stay away from the distractions of your iPhone.

It’s very simple, and that’s part of what makes it so appealing. You start with five pre-defined routines and can use the iPhone part of the app to create your own custom ones from the clear and cute illustrations.

Tell the app how long you want to hold a position for, and it will time each stretch before moving on to the next one.

While the app lacks some of the more advanced positions that more experienced practitioners might expect, there’s nothing here that’s likely to strain your back – though.

As with any exercise app, always seek professional advice if you have any health or fitness issues that may affect your ability to exercise. Price: $2.99/£2.99/AU$4.49

14. Nike Run Club

The ongoing love-fest between Nike and Apple continues to bear fruit: the latest generation of the Nike Run Club app adds several pleasant changes.

It now integrates with Siri Suggestions. The app can now suggest good times for a run based on your previous runs (the feature is off by default so it won’t nag you if you don’t want it to).

There are new Apple Watch complications including one for the Infograph face that shows how far you’ve run this month.

There’s hardly a shortage of running applications in the App Store but Nike’s budget is a bit larger than others, so the app seems a lot more premium than many others.

It records and stores all your runs. Thanks to your Watch’s built-in GPS, allowing you to listen to audio guidance as you run.

Also, it gives a selection of challenges to keep you motivated and has decent social sharing tools, so you can turn your friends into cheerleaders.

It’s really nicely designed and the Watch app doesn’t sacrifice substance for style: although visually it’s very attractive it also gives all the information you truly need when you’re pounding the pavements. It’s a really good running app.

15. Nike Training Club

Nike and Apple are best buddies forever, so it’s not a great surprise to see Nike release another Watch app. This one’s extremely good, too.

Describing itself as “your ultimate personal trainer”, Nike Training Club features more than 180 programs including strength, endurance, mobility and yoga, and they’re all free.

There are daily personalized recommendations based on your previous activity. Adjustable training plans to help you achieve your fitness objectives, and tips from professional trainers.

The app shares jobs between phone and Watch.

The former is where you conduct the planning and tracking; the latter is what you wear when you’re really working out.

By necessity as well as design that means focusing solely on the information you truly need right now, such as your heart rate and how many reps you still have to do before you can ruin all your efforts with some cake and beer.

The app is by no means unique in its combination of Watch and fitness monitoring, although it does have Nike’s immediately identifiable and individual aesthetic flair.

But what’s remarkable about this program is that none of its many routines are buried behind in-app purchases or pricy memberships. The app and everything in it is free.

16. Headspace

If you’ve ever thought that life is just that bit too hectic or stressful, Headspace could help. It’s based around mindfulness, which is all about encouraging you to feel calmer without too much effort.

In reality, it’s the antithesis of effort: mindfulness is about taking a break from the hurry. The Apple Watch software is part of a bigger offering for iPhone and iPad. Headspace functions as a reminder and a coach. It prompts you to pick an exercise and focus on it for the allocated time.

It also features an SOS setting for when things feel too much and you need help fast, But it’s the primary app that performs most of the work, with daily mindfulness exercises and sessions aimed to help with everything from professional stress to sleep problems.

It’s quite nicely done but one item that can raise your stress levels is the cost. While the app is free to trial, it truly needs a membership to unlock its most useful features. The subscription is $12.99/£9.99/AU $19.99 per month or $94.99/£74.99/AU$149.99 per year.

It’s an auto-renewing subscription too, so you need to disable that on iTunes if you don’t want it to recur automatically.

Apple Watch apps update

17. WebMD

Medical apps don’t only exist to persuade you that your moderate headache is deadly brain cancer. They can help keep you healthy too.

While WebMD does certainly let you compare your symptoms with other illnesses and disorders to worry yourself silly, that’s not the most intriguing part about it or its Watch companion app.

WebMD lets you to specify your medication schedules, with dosage information and the option to be reminded of what you need to take and when you need to take it.

This can be in the form of a notification, or you can have it as a Watch face Complication so it’s right there in the centre of the display.

It can also remind you of any prerequisites, such as whether you need to take your medicine with food or on an empty stomach. It’s the sort of simple but highly useful thing the Apple Watch does brilliantly.

Over on the main iPhone app there’s lots more to uncover. The app is free.

You may read up on the side effects and precautions of specific drugs or patches, find out if you need to go hiding from the virus or just catch up on the newest health and wellbeing news from various trustworthy sources.


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18. WorkOutDoors

If your idea of good workout involves traveling far from the madding masses, you’ll prefer WorkOutDoors.

It’s a workout program that’s centered around vector maps that you can easily rotate and resize, tracking your location and your progress.

It uses the Watch’s GPS (if you have a GPS-enabled Watch) so there’s no need to take your phone on a hike, cycling or snowboard run.

Features such as breadcrumb tracking, personalized points of interest and customisable data displays enable you to make the app genuinely your own.

In a great touch you can export your workouts from the iPhone app in GPX format, which can be loaded into many other workout applications and sites.

It’s extremely, very well thought out.

For example, something as simple as the stats display is accessible in a range of sizes to fit different sorts of activities (not to mention varied levels of eyesight) (not to mention different levels of eyesight).

It makes superb use of color-coding to make routes crystal clear, waypoints can provide extra information such as directions, and the map automatically rotates as you walk so you’re always sure of the appropriate direction. It’s a wonderful app for pretty much any outdoor activity.

Price: $2.99/£2.99/AU$4.49

The main view

19. Streaks

The cost of this app is  not whooping rather its affordable. The utility goes for


The answer to living better isn’t to darn near kill yourself on a treadmill and then give up after a few weeks.

It’s to create incremental, lasting improvements to your life, changes that you can and will truly stick to.

And that’s what Streaks gives.

Whether you’re attempting to eat more healthily, exercise more or stop a smoking habit, Streaks enables you to track positive and negative habits.

It gives a range of reporting options so you can see precisely how well you’re doing, and you can track up to 12 different tasks at once.

They needn’t be exercise or eating tasks: you can remind yourself to walk the dog, read, take vitamins or practice a musical instrument. It’s excellent to have wheelchair users listed in the default chores list too.

Where Streaks really shines is in its interface with the Health app, which enables it to pull data to utilize for monitoring acceptable targets you’ve established.

That reduces a lot of the form-filling of similar apps, and it’s particularly useful if you’re trying to build on excellent healthy behaviors or eradicate unhealthy ones, or both.

There’s a Complication too, so that you don’t forget your aims, and the whole thing is configurable so that you can get it just-so.

20. MyFitnessPal

Information is power and if you’re attempting to lose weight, calorie tracking is a good method to stay focused.

MyFitnessPal sets out a daily calorie allowance based on how much weight you want to drop. Eat a meal and your allowance is spent, perform exercise and you get credit.

The Watch offers you a running total of remaining calories and how that breaks down into protein, carbs and more.

It can integrate with your steps total so you don’t have to add those manually. It’s simple but convenient and helpful. This app is free plus in app purchases

21. Walkmeter GPS Pedometer

If walking’s your thing, Walkmeter helps track your every step, exhibiting your perambulations on a map and providing informative graphs.

The Watch app features straightforward data reporting and you can start and stop a stroll from your wrist utilizing the Watch’s Force Touch functions.

Apple’s own Workout app offers a lot, however this program has more detail and the mapping detail on the iPhone is fantastic.

The app is free but for full Watch performance you need to upgrade to the Elite edition for $9.99/£9.99/AU$14.99. There’s a lot here, including training schedules and notifications as you hit milestones or distances.

22. CARROT Fit

CARROT fit isn’t a free application, but its worth whatever you pay. It cost $3.99/£3.99/AU$5.99

CARROT’s weather app, which blends Dark Sky-style weather predictions with sarcasm and lies, may be familiar to you.

CARROT, on the other hand, wants to make you unhappy in a variety of ways, and what better place for a sadistic AI to be than in charge of a fitness app?

Enter CARROT Fit, a program that takes a unique approach to encouraging you to eat better and lose weight.

“Get you fit – or else,” CARROT says.

To that end, it provides a dozen painful exercises (with more available through in-app purchases), along with threats, mockery, bribes, and the occasional compliment.

We’re pretty sure it’s the only fitness app that rewards success with cat facts, and it’s harsh, vulgar, and a lot more entertaining than trying to finish the rings on Apple’s own activity tracker.

But there’s also a genuine fitness tracker in here, which will keep track of your steps and weight loss, remember your exercises, and upload data to Apple’s health app.

The main iPhone app contains the majority of the personality, but the Watch alarms include such upbeat predictions as “seven minutes in hell.”

If you’re having trouble getting in shape or losing weight, CARROT could be the carrot you’ve been looking for.

This app is designed to help you achieve your weight loss goals “without the unsustainable gimmicks, fad diets, restrictive foods, on-site meetings, or large price tags of other weight-loss companies.

“If your Watch strap is feeling a little tighter than it used to, this app could be the answer: it’s designed to help you achieve your weight loss goals “without the unsustainable gimmicks, fad diets, restrictive foods, on-site meetings,

It keeps track of the calories you’ve eaten and the objectives you’ve set for yourself. It focuses on nutrition as well as overall calorie consumption. It integrates with other fitness apps and trackers. It offers an online peer network where everyone encourages one another to reach their desired weight.

It also allows you to create fitness objectives and concentrate on overall wellness, so it’s not just about weight loss.


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23. Lose It!

If your Watch strap is feeling a little more snug than it used to, this app may be the answer: it’s designed to help you achieve your weight loss goals.

“Without the unsustainable gimmicks, fad diets, restrictive foods, on-site meetings, or large price tags of other weight-loss companies.

It tracks the calories you’ve consumed and the goals you’ve set, focuses on nutrition as well as overall calorie intake.

It also works happily with other fitness apps and trackers and provides an online peer group where everybody encourages each other to achieve their ideal weight.

It also enables you to create fitness objectives and focus on general wellness, so it’s not just about reducing weight.

The Apple Watch app doesn’t replace the phone app completely. You’ll need your phone handy if you want to use the barcode scanner to automatically record what you’re eating.

The team-based features such as group challenges are phone-based – but it’s a great way to focus on your goals, monitor your progress and keep your motivation no matter how sorely tempted you may be.

The program is $39.99/£29.99/AU$62.99 per year but you can browse the app for free without joining up.

24. Mount Burnmore

Look away now, fitness aficionados: this is for folks who find exercise to be extremely dull, and whose get-up-and-go frequently comes and goes as they remain sedentary.

Mount Burnmore which turns training into a game, could be the cure to that sluggishness. The concept is brilliant.

Mount Burnmore is powered by “active energy,” which is derived from the Health app: the more calories you burn, the more active energy you have in the game.

You can try to solve the game’s puzzles when you have enough energy, which include discovering ways around the titular mountain, collecting in-game objects, and crushing things with a pickaxe.

The app makes fantastic use of the Digital Crown to help you navigate around larger levels later in the game, and there’s a Complication that allows you to monitor your progress without running the whole game.

There are also leaderboards for players to compare themselves to and in-game challenges for freebies.

It’s colorful, airy, and a little brash. We think it’s better suited to older kids than adults, however if you do give it to the kids. You should block in-app purchases, as they may be used to purchase in-game things. This app is free/in-app purchases

25. Happier

The Apple Watch isn’t associated with mindfulness, which is the art of focusing on being present and aware in the world rather than being continually distracted by things and thoughts that don’t matter.

Your Watch will ding away all day if you aren’t careful with your notification settings, interrupting endless trains of thought.

Happier, on the other hand, intends to use the Watch to make you feel better rather than more harassed.

Although the app is free, it is intended to serve as a gateway to premium mindfulness courses.

Even if you don’t want to go for them, you can still use the app. You may tell the app how you’re feeling – “meh” is probably the most popular response – and it will react with encouraging phrases to make you feel better.

It can appear on your screen to remind you to meditate, and you can dictate a positive thought to a private journal or to the Happier community.

That’s not as ridiculous as it sounds: there’s evidence that maintaining a gratitude notebook can improve your happiness over time.

Just be careful what you share and how you share it: one iTunes reviewer claims that Google was able to track down their private journal.

What Basic Functions Can your Apple Watch Serve You?


After listing out the top apps for apple watch, There needs to be an insight on the basics things your watch can do for you. Alot of people sometimes do ask questions like, What can a small screen device do, just because it’s not looking like a mobile phone.

Beyond accepting calls, sending texts, and tracking fitness, the Apple Watch has a host of other useful features. You can use it to capture selfies, control apps, and modify your watch face, among other distractions. Here are some few tips:

1. Use Your Apple Watch to Find Your iPhone

It’s easy to lose track of your iPhone’s location.

You can ping the location of your Apple Watch, which can save you a lot of time.

To use the ping function, bring up Control Center by swiping up from the bottom of the watch display.

Select the ping symbol, which is depicted as an iPhone with vibrating patterns around it.

This will make your iPhone make a noise, which should help you locate it.

2. Silence Your Apple Watch in Meetings 

A Do Not Disturb function, depicted by a crescent moon, is also available in Control Center.

When you’d rather not have notifications and SMS pop up while you’re talking to someone or enjoying some peace and quiet, this comes in useful.

For as long as Do Not Disturb is turned on, no alerts will surface.

If you want to keep receiving notifications, just remember to turn it off.

3. Use Siri as a Timer

Siri is useful for basic phone functions as well as hands-free actions such as cooking and exercising.

Instead of using a kitchen timer to determine when your brownies are done, ask Siri to notify you when 10 minutes have passed.

This can also be useful when exercising—for example, if you want to see how fast you can run a mile or how many reps you can do in a minute.

4. Make Text Bigger

You can adjust the text size to your preference. On your Apple Watch, tap the Settings icon, then Brightness & Text Size. Finally, go to Text Size and change the size to your liking.

5. Turn Your Watch Into a Remote Viewfinder

While using the timer for iPhone shots is convenient, framing the shot beforehand may not yield the desired results.

You can use the Apple Watch as a viewfinder with the camera app, allowing you to see what your camera sees.

6. Turn a Photo Into a Watch Face

Any photograph on your iPhone may be turned into a watch face.

Navigate to Photos on your iPhone and select the image you want to use as your watch face.

Select the heart icon at the bottom of the screen to add it to your favorites.

By pressing and holding the screen on your Apple Watch, you can get to the watch face menu.

Select your photo from the options by scrolling through them.

7. Get Rid of Apps You Don’t Use

Apps can be removed from your Apple Watch in the same way they can be removed from your iPhone.

Press and hold the undesirable app’s icon until it starts to vibrate.

Select the X symbol to delete the app from your Apple Watch.

8. Write Your Own Text Message Responses

Prewritten text responses can be composed, saved, and sent. These come in handy when you need to send a quick text message.

Navigate to the Apple Watch app on your iPhone.

Select Messages, then Default Replies from the drop-down menu.

You may then add as many preset messages as you want. Also, you might want to access them on your Watch by clicking Add Reply.

9. Put a Caller on Hold

Select Answer on iPhone from the incoming call display if you don’t want to answer a call right away. Do the same if you want to put an incoming caller on hold.

The caller will hear a beep to indicate that they have been placed on hold, giving you time to find or collect your iPhone.

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