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– Best Free Video Editing Software –

In this article, we will point you out some of the best free video editing software programs you need. If you are into videos, this is not a bad insight. If you’re also venturing into the shell of video coverage and movie directing, then this post is necessary for your career.

Best Free Video Editing Software

The best free video editing software are many for our choices to fit in. One important fact to note is that you need a powerful Personal computer to execute jobs with these programs.

A slow PC would render a slow working speed. It is important to purchase a snappy computer to run the best free video editing. The best free video editing software 

What is a Video Editing Software?

Video editing software is used to edit digital video sequences after they have been recorded. A non-linear editing system (NLE) is the foundation of video editing software (NLE).

Traditional flatbed celluloid film editing equipment has been supplanted. It also discontinued analog videotape-to-tape online editing equipment.

The timeline interface is commonly used in NLE applications. Clips are segments of moving picture video recordings that are laid down in order and played again. 

When a production is done, the NLE system may export to movies. These movies are exported as forms. The context might range from broadcast tape formats to Internet compressed file formats. Also available for DVD and mobile devices.

More Details

As digital NLE systems’ toolkits have progressed. Their responsibilities have grown. Most consumer and professional NLE systems now offer a slew of colour-manipulation tools.

They are also responsible for the title and visual effects. They also provide tools for editing and combining audio that is synced with the video picture sequence.

Like various other technologies, the cost of video editing has dropped over time. The original 2″ Quadruplex system cost so much that many television production companies could only afford a single machine, and editing was a very complicated procedure that required special expertise.

In contrast to this, virtually any home computer sold since the year 2000 has the speed and storage capacity to scan and edit standard-definition television (SDTV) (SDTV).

Additional alternatives exist, generally as more complex commercial goods. As well as these commercial applications, there are open-source video-editing programs.

What is Video Editing?

The modification and arranging of video footage is known as video editing. All video content, including films and television shows, video ads, and video essays, is structured and presented using video editing.

Video editing software for home computers has significantly democratized video editing in recent years. Because video editing may be complex and time-consuming, various technologies have been developed to assist individuals with this work.

Pen-based video editing software was created to allow users to edit video in a more natural and quick manner.

Video editing may be used for many reasons, such as teaching, entertainment, and documentation.

Virtual reality—Advancements are being made to aid in editing spherical footage utilized in virtual reality situations.

The ability to edit in virtual reality was devised so that users could verify their video modifications in real time, without having to continuously watch the movie in a headset between edits.

Social media—Video editing may be used for amusement and other reasons on YouTube and other social media sites. School teachers have utilized video editing to assist their pupils keep information and expand courses outside the classroom.

Types of Video Editing

Video editing software, previously the domain of costly equipment known as video editors, is now accessible for personal computers and workstations.

Cutting segments (trimming), re-sequencing footage, and adding transitions and other special effects are all examples of video editing.

Linear video editing is a type of video editing that employs videotape and is edited in a highly linear manner. Several video clips from several cassettes are combined onto a single tape and captured in the sequence in which they will appear.

Video may be altered on computers using non-linear editing systems (NLE) and specialist applications.

More Details

Using tools like DaVinci Resolve, Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere Pro, and Final Cut Pro, this technique is non-destructive to the original video material.

After an offline edit, online editing is reassembling the cut to full quality video. It is completed at the end of a video production.

The act of using the internet to work with content remotely, collaboratively, or in a time-critical manner, such as editing live sports events in real-time using video proxies (lower resolution copies) of original footage, is known as cloud-based editing.

When working in live broadcast and video production situations, vision mixing is employed. In real time, a vision mixer is used to edit live footage from several cameras.


Best Free Video Editing Software for Your PC

Content creation has increased in recent years, making it even simpler to make films that can be shared for a portfolio, a project, or a variety of other purposes.

This is where our selection of free video editing software suites comes into play.

There are numerous free video editors available with simple capabilities for creating these films, but it may be difficult to filter through them to find the ones that provide the most value while working on your desktop or laptop. Let’s look at the best video editors below:

1. Blender

Blender, one of the greatest best free video editing software programs available, its available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.
Blender is an open source software that is completely free to use.

The program was developed as a 3D animation suite, but it also has a powerful video editing software. Blender’s video editor should provide for most your video needs.

The editor lets you do simple things like video edits and splicing. It may also perform more complicated tasks such as video masking. As a result, it is a very versatile video editor that can be used by both novice and experienced users.

The following functions are available in the Blender Video Editor:

i. Displays of live preview, luma waveform, chroma vectorscope, and histogram.

ii. Audio mixing, synchronization, scrubbing, and waveform visualization are all available.

iii. Up to 32 slots for video, picture, audio, and effect storage.

iv. Adjustment layers, transitions, keyframes, filters, and other features.

Pros: Excellent for expert users who aren’t thrown off by the abundance of functions.

Cons: Because of the sheer number of features, the learning curve is a little longer. The majority of the tutorials are geared at 3D animation/modeling.

There are few resources available to assist you with the video editor.
Best suited for: More complex tasks, including 3D animation.

You can kindly download this software here

2. Lightworks

Lightworks is a software application that is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Lightworks is another excellent free video editing program that is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Lightworks is one of the list’s most capable video editors. It’s jam-packed with essential features. The free version should be sufficient for the majority of users.

i.  The free edition of Lightworks includes: high precision video cutting and Multicam capabilities.

ii. Export to 720p for YouTube

iii.  Support for a variety of video formats.

While most functions are provided, 4K video compatibility for YouTube and Vimeo is only available in the software’s premium edition, which costs about $25 per month.

In comparison to Blender, Lightworks features a plethora of excellent video lessons that may help you get up and running quickly. Check out this feature comparison to ensure that the free version has all you require.

If the free version does not satisfy your needs, you may want to look into one of Lightworks’ premium video editing packages.

Pros: Extremely capable video editor with a plethora of sophisticated options.

Cons: 4K video support is only available in the premium version. Lightworks may be too complex for some people.
Ideal for: All-purpose desktop video editing.

Kindly download this software here

3. Shotcut

Shotcut is one of the greatest free video editing programs for Windows, and it also works well on Mac and Linux computers.

Shotcut, like Blender, is a completely open source application, meaning you may use all of its capabilities without paying for an update.

While this video editing program offers excellent capabilities and training videos, some users may find the UI odd. This is due to the fact that Shotcut was initially built for Linux, and it shows. But, below the hood, it’s still a good video editor.

Shotcut’s 4K HD resolution capabilities and timeline editing are two of its most notable features. There aren’t many free video editors that support 4K resolution. Furthermore, Shotcut does not need you to load your video into the editor, which might save you time if you are working with huge video files.

Shotcut also caters to individuals in need of a 1080p video editor. The software supports 1080p movies at 60 frames per second (frames per second). It also provides three lossless export formats, allowing you to transfer videos without loss (the only downside is the huge file sizes).

Pros: Native timeline editing and support for 4K resolution.

Cons: Some people may be turned off by the odd UI.

Ideal for video productions in 4K, HD, and 1080.
Shotcut Evaluations: Take a look at the Shotcut user reviews.

Kindly download this software here

4. DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve is the list’s most sophisticated video editor. Despite the fact that it offers numerous professional video functions, its interfaces are simple to use. You may master audio and fix color in addition to video slicing and cutting. You may also add 2D and 3D titles to your movie using the program.

If you only want to edit and upload your movies, DaVinci Resolve’s feature set may be overkill. If your video project is a little more complex, the free edition of this program is difficult to surpass.
DiVinci Resolve has the following features:

a.Advanced cutting

b.  Multicam editing

c. Color correction

d. Audio mastering

Pros: Easy-to-use interfaces and excellent color correction.

Cons: Its extensive feature set might be intimidating, and not all tutorials are free.

Best for: More sophisticated tasks that require color correction.

Kindly download this software here

5. Openshot

Windows, Mac, and Linux are all supported. Openshot is completely free and open source, making it one of the greatest video editing programs available.

With its simple drag-and-drop interface, it may remind some Mac users of iMovie. Openshot, on the other hand, has more functionality than iMovie, such as limitless layers and audio mixing.

This free editor finds a good mix between sophisticated functionality and a straightforward user interface. When you construct transitions between clips, you can also get real-time previews.
Openshot has the following features:

i. Unlimited tracks/layers

ii. Real-time previews of clip resizing, scaling, trimming, snapping, rotation, and cutting video transitions

iii. Image overlays, watermarks, and compositing

iv. Templates for titles, title creation, and subtitles Titles in 3D animation (and effects)

v. Comprehensive Timeline (including drag & drop, scrolling, panning, zooming, and snapping)

The advantages are that it is open source and that it has an unlimited number of layers.

Cons: There aren’t many video lessons.

Best for: Excellent for people who are just getting started with video editing.

Kindly download this software here

6. Avidemux

Windows, Mac, and Linux are all supported.
Avidemux’s easy-to-use interface makes it one of the best editing programs for beginners wanting to create appealing video material. This software can assist you with simple activities such as:

i. Simple slicing

ii.  Encoding

iii. Filtering

If you’re new to video editing, this may be an excellent place to start.

Pros: Easy-to-use program; no need to read technical documentation.

Cons: It does not have as many functions as other video editors.

Best for: Simple editing jobs for newcomers.

Kindly download this software here

7. HitFilm Express

Both Mac and Windows versions are supported. One of the finest free 360 video editing tools for Mac and PC users is HitFilm Express. It has all the tools you’d expect from a basic editor (splicing, cutting, and audio editing), as well as a lot more.

While some users may find HitFilm to be a little sophisticated, it is without a doubt one of the greatest all-around free video editors available. Over 180 special effects are included in the free bundle.

The lectures are primarily based on well-known Hollywood films such as Star Wars, but they are very interactive and entertaining.

Hitfilm requires you to publish a status update on social media before you can download this program. However, this is a tiny price to pay for such sophisticated software.

Hitfilm has the following features:

a. Advanced cutting tools

b. Green screen keying

c.  Audio and video filters

d.  Compositing tools

e. Layers and masks

f. 3D video support

Pros: A true professional video editor at a fraction of the cost.

Cons: It may take some time to get used to the UI

YouTuber Vlogs — YouTube posting is built-in.
HitFilm Express Ratings and Reviews: Examine the HitFilm Express customer reviews.

Kindly download this software here

8. InVideo

This online video editing tool is one of the best free video editing software ideal for marketers, publishers, individuals, and businesses of all sizes.

This desktop-compatible program is best in class for a variety of reasons, including support for intelligent frames, automated voice overs, and much more.

Users laud this video editing program for its excellent customer service, user interface, value for money, and, of course, capabilities.

With new high-quality video templates released every month, this application is suitable for both novice and experienced video editors. It is deceptively simple to use and has incredible versatility.

Invideo has the following features:

i. Audio Tools

ii.  Brand/Text Overlay

iii.  Collaboration

iii. Speed Adjustment

iv.Split / Merge

v. HD Resolution Support

vi. Video Stabilization

Pros: Excellent for making fast presentation films.

Cons: It is not a 360-degree video editor. You can’t add more than one audio file, for example.

Create marketing videos or listicles on your blog.

Kindly download this software here

9. iMovie

Best Free Video Editing Software

iMovie is pre-installed on Mac OS. This video editor, like other native Mac programs, is incredibly easy to use.
The drag-and-drop interface in iMovie makes it simple to transfer and modify movie components.

Mac users may use this editing program as a sandbox to learn the fundamentals of video editing. iMovie has the following features:

a. A library of pre-made transitions

b. Video cutting

c. Audio editing

d. Split screen

e. 4K resolution support

Pros: Simple to learn.

Cons: Advanced users may find the functionality to be a little limiting; import and render times can be sluggish.

Best for: Mac users just starting out with video editing.

Kindly download this software here

10. VSDC Free Video Editor

VSDC is one of the greatest best free video editing software. It’s a 360 video editing application for Windows. Colour correction and audio editing are among the strong capabilities available in the free edition.

Color mixing allows you to change the look of the video to match your brand’s image. There are also Instagram-like filters available to assist novices save time editing.

Furthermore, VSDC allows you to build various shaped masks for blurring, concealing, or emphasizing particular parts in your film.

If you’re searching for premium video editor suggestions, check out VSDC’s pro edition, which costs $19.99.

It includes all of the capabilities included in the free version, as well as picture stabilization, voice over support, and a visual waveform. If you do not upgrade to the pro edition, technical assistance costs $9.99 per month or $14.99 per year.

Pros: Relatively simple to learn, with a plethora of strong features.

Cons: No free technical assistance; only available for Windows.

Most suitable for Windows-based editing projects

Kindly download this software here


Best Free Video Editing Software

11. Adobe Premiere

In 2021, Adobe Premiere Pro is the greatest video editor.

Premiere Pro provides excellent value for money. It’s the industry-standard video editing application for professionals, but it’s also quite simple to use and learn.

So, if you’re serious about making films, you should really consider purchasing Premiere Pro.

Kindly download Adobe Premiere here

12. Machete Lite

Machete Lite is the finest free video editor for performing rapid edits on a Windows PC. The free edition does not allow you to modify audio, but it does allow you to remove audio tracks. Furthermore, the free version only works with AVI and WMV files.

Machete Video Editor Lite includes the following features:

 Video file fragments may be copied, sliced, pasted, and deleted.

 Combine one video with another of the same format.

 Modify metadata (file tags) for all media formats that are compatible.

 Save the video stream as a separate file.

The complete version costs $19.95 and includes the ability to edit audio as well as compatibility for more file formats.
Pros: It is really simple to understand and apply.

Cons: Only available for Windows; does not handle as many file formats as other applications; no audio editing.

Ideal for: Basic video splicing.

Kindly download this software here

13. VideoPad

VideoPad is one of the greatest video editing software programs for getting started in the field of multimedia video editing. It’s ideal for anyone who wants to experiment with video compositions because it’s basic and easy to use. However, advanced video editors may find it too simple.

VideoPad’s features include:

 a library of pre-made transitions;

 the ability to export movies in several resolutions;

 3D video editing;

 camera shake reduction; and • sound effects library

Pros: Powerful capabilities for exporting directly to YouTube and other social sites.

Cons: For more sophisticated users, it is too basic.

Best for: Those just starting out with video editing.

Kindly download this software here

14. EaseUS Video Editor

EaseUS is a simple and effective video editing application that is suitable for both beginners and experts. Its one of the best free video editing software around the globe.

It has tools that allow you to create attractive films to publish on social media. You may cut MP3s, apply effects, and even use pre-made themes to create films.

The EaseUS video editor also functions as a special effects editor, allowing you to easily apply transitions, overlays, and filters to your movies for creative purposes.

You should have no trouble importing and exporting files because the free video editing program supports the majority of audio, video, and picture formats.

To remove the video watermark and have access to the largest variety of high-quality video services, you’ll need to purchase the software’s premium edition.

 Access to various file formats, including MP3 and MP4

 Conversion of incorrectly formatted files

 An excellent range of trimming, merging, rotating, mixing, and splitting features

 A plethora of special effects, filters, and overlays

 Templates to assist you in creating your own videos from scratch

Pros: It’s one Excellent best free video editing software for creating special effects to your films with no prior expertise.

Cons: It lacks the sophisticated functionality seen in other free video editors.

Most useful for: Adding filters and effects to your movies.

Kindly download this software here


Should I invest in a Professional Video Editor?

To say the obvious, premium video editors offer advantages that cheap ones do not.

These benefits typically take the form of resources: resources to develop apps that get the most performance out of high-end hardware, resources to develop better effects.

If you’re a pro, you know that time is money, so you spend money to save time, whether it’s the time it takes to render your footage or the time you can’t afford to waste yelling “WHY GOD, WHY?” when the software doesn’t do precisely what you want or crashes mid-edit.

More Details

Free programs are intended at a more tolerant and less demanding consumer. That isn’t to suggest they can’t do amazing things.

They are capable. However, they frequently take a hand-holding approach that concentrates on the fundamentals while denying you access to the finer points.

They may adopt a “good enough” attitude to performance rather than a “Steven Spielberg wants this NOW!” no-compromise approach, and their effects may be simpler than those of professionals.

Is free Video Editing Software Adequate?

It is possible. Over the years, films created with Apple’s iMovie have impressed audiences at film festivals, and some people have created perfectly excellent films using only it and an iPhone.

There are many good free video applications available, but there are a few things to keep in mind. Performance, particularly encoding and exporting, isn’t always on par with the big guns.

Some slap a massive watermark on everything you do, and just a handful provide any kind of technical assistance. Because these applications aren’t built for video professionals, pro-level capabilities are rarely available.

More Details

It’s worthwhile to be a little pedantic here and distinguish between free commercial software and free open source software.

The former is frequently a trimmed-down version of a full product given for free in the expectation that you will purchase its bigger sibling.

The latter is typically a complete product made accessible by people or groups of volunteers with no expectation of financial compensation.

While open source applications may lack the polish and/or user-friendliness of commercial software, they may provide all of the functionality you want without cost.

Why Should I Be Concerned with Free Software?

Video is the new rock’n’roll: whereas youngsters used to aspire to be rock stars, they now aspire to be YouTube vloggers.

Meanwhile, video has become the internet’s language franca, from viral videos and video replies to indie films and glitzy corporate presentations.

Editing is the one thing they virtually all have in common.

It may be as easy as editing a clip at the right point, or it could require combining numerous footage, altering the soundtrack, and adding a slew of special effects. You’ll need a video editing software to perform these tasks.

What Factors Should I Consider While Selecting Video Editing Software?

There are many significant aspects to consider, and pricing isn’t always the most important: if it were, every Hollywood film would be created in Apple’s free iMovie!

Let’s begin from the end. What sort of video do you want to produce, and where are you going to use it? There’s a big difference between editing home films for TV and editing anything for Netflix or theatrical release.

You’ll need to think about what formats the program should export in, what amount of quality it should generate (HD? 4K? 8K?) and if it can offer the visual effects you wish to employ.

Additional Information

If you plan to collaborate, your app must be interoperable with the applications of others.

There’s also you to think about. Are you experienced, or would a simpler tool that walks you through the entire procedure be more beneficial?

Do you want total control over every pixel, or handle you prefer to let the machine do the majority of the work? How far into the future do you want your app to be?

Then there’s the matter of cost. Most, but not all, low-cost or free applications are very restricted, while most, but not all, high-end editors are prohibitively expensive.

Also, keep in mind that the more you can do, the more you’ll want it to do. Is it possible for your selected software to expand with your imagination?

What Features of Video Editing Software Should I Look For?

That is dependent on the type of editing you want to conduct. For example, if you’re merely putting together footage from Uncle George’s 90th birthday celebration, you might not require many visual effects. However, there are a few essential points to consider.

First and foremost, what file formats and resolutions does the program support? Is it possible to utilize the film from your camera without transcoding it? Is it possible to export your final film to the destinations where you wish to distribute it?

Is there any smart feature in the program that makes everyday editing easier, such as smart clip cutting or easy editing modes? Is it simple to add titles, transitions between scenes, or change the colors?

Can you Move your Project to a Desktop Counterpart of the Software if it’s a Mobile Software?

Best Free Video Editing Software

Which Software is Used by Professionals?

That depends on your definition of ‘professionals,’ as well as the industry or sector in question. If you go to Hollywood or a large TV studio, you’ll almost definitely find the editing done on Avid Media Composer Ultimate.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC or Apple Final Cut Pro X and allied programs such as Adobe’s After Effects, a motion graphics and visual effects tool, are more likely to be seen in ad agencies, independent film companies, and firms creating YouTube films – see above for how well we rank those.

These are really good utilities that are meant to operate on very good machines.

Which Video Editing Softwares do the Majority of YouTubers Use?

In general, YouTubers choose programs that are basic, effective, and inexpensive. Lightworks, which is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms, is one of the greatest free programs.

It includes YouTube exporting as well as a slew of extremely stunning real-time effects. It looks extremely scary when compared to something like Microsoft Photos, but it’s not difficult to use and it’s a fantastic editing software.

There are several more viable choices. HitFilm Pro includes a free version as well as a strong professional version.

The free program DaVinci Resolve is excellent, particularly for color correction, and while the VSDC Free Video Editor lacks the hardware acceleration of paid-for editing tools, this isn’t an issue if you don’t operate in a busy workplace.

I hope you enjoyed this article to the fullest. You have greatly found all the best free video editing software here and some other important information you needed to know about Video editing. Don’t forget to comment and share.

CSN Team.

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