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Best Gap Year Programs Abroad: Are you aware of the fact that nothing is the best other than the one that’s for you? Some gap year programs may not be perfectly fit for you, else it might be the one for another person. Frankly, this stuff is like a student trying to check for the best college in the state and he/she may be choosing a college based on its ranking.

Best Gap Year Programs Abroad

You should consider your goals when choosing a suitable gap year program for yourself.

Research has proven that students might take advanced courses in math or language studies, learn a trade, study art, volunteer, travel, take internships, play sports, or get involved in cultural exchanges during their gap year. Studies indicate that students who take a gap year perform better academically than those who do not.

I’m not going to begin this article without telling you what gap year is. Gap year is a year that you spend traveling, working, etc., before or after your studies.

Gap years usually occur between high school and university or after graduating from undergraduate study and before entry into graduate school.

During the gap year, a student normally travels or maintains some type of regular work. Students who take gap years typically undergo growth in maturity and are better prepared to benefit from higher education or decide the form of education they wish to pursue.

There are a lot of excellent gap year programs available for international students. This analysis will help you select a gap year program that is suitable for you; as a list of ten (10) best gap year programs for international students will be revealed.         

1. The Intern Group

The Intern Group offers gap year programs across the globe for candidates looking to test drive their future career and gain hands-on experience that will make them stand out from their peers.

This gap year program offer roles across the globe in leading NGOs and SMEs, and the Intern Group promises to help every step of the way on your international journey—from pairing you with a company that matches your profile, to organizing your visa and finding your accommodation.

Whether you’re considering going to university or creating your own company, they’re all-inclusive program will help you achieve your goals.

Location: Australia, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, England


2. International TEFL Academy

For students who may not have the funds for a gap year, earning a TEFL certificate and teaching English abroad can be a great option for career advancement and cultural immersion while making money instead of spending it.

International TEFL Academy’s opportunities in Japan, in particular, are one great option, and you can go on to use your TEFL certificate and experience to teach abroad and earn money while you travel for years to come!

Location:  Worldwide


3. Projects Abroad

Projects Abroad’s Global Gap Year is one of the best gap year programs after high school for those who want to see the world and experience different projects, from service in South Africa to teaching in Peru.

After an orientation in Africa, you’ll be able to participate in some set volunteer projects and also select the projects that interest you at certain locations. The program ends with a month of diving and marine conservation!

Location: Ghana, South Africa, Peru, Nepal, Thailand


4. Winterline: 9 months. 10 countries. 100 skills.

If you dream of a gap year that is filled with countless destinations, memories, AND new skills, then this is the perfect fit for you. Winterline’s comprehensive full-year gap year programs are truly unique and a natural contender as one of the best gap year programs. Fire up your wanderlust on their site, then send in that program inquiry stat.

Location: US, Costa Rica, Brazil, India, Thailand, Cambodia, Italy, Austria, Czechia



5. Pacific Discovery

If you want to spend half of your gap year working and saving money, and the other half rightly blowing that money on incredible adventures.

(you know, like watching the sunset over the outback, skiing down the Remarkables, or actually finding nemo in the Great Barrier Reef), then we recommend you check out Pacific Discovery’s short-term semester gap programs.

Location: New Zealand, Australia


6. Sea|mester Study Abroad at Sea

When it comes to a gap year, you might feel like you have to choose just one destination from a plethora of options, when you just want to choose them all!

But what if we told you didn’t have to pick just one? With Sea|mester Study Abroad at Sea’s 90 Day Voyage, you can travel across the ocean visiting numerous destinations along the way for three months, while living abroad on a ship with other young people.

Location: Worldwide


7. Gapforce

The Gapforce family offers an array of gap year and adventure travel experiences. These include opportunities to participate in voluntary projects overseas, professional vocational training, and cultural submersion.

Safety, experience, and choice are all key factors in everything we do. Each brand operating within the Gapforce family has important principles that continue to guide it as a leader in the gap year and adventure travel industry.

Gapforce has been running safe, unique, and rewarding programs to some of the world’s most exciting and exotic locations for over 20 years.

Our United Kingdom-trained expedition staff are some of the most experienced in the industry and look after our participants every step of the way. Our trips run throughout the year.

Location: London, United Kingdom.


8. Pacific Discovery

Join us on an overland journey of discovery, and get immersed in a facilitated learning environment that is designed to maximize the educational and life-skills potential for our participants.


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Top 10 Gap Year Programs Abroad in for International Students

Our programs blend meaningful and challenging experiential travel, cultural immersion, personal and leadership development, outdoors and wilderness exploration, service learning projects, a focus on sustainability and travel ethics, and transferable academic credit options.

The programs have two goals for participants:

i) Learning about the people, culture, religion, history, environments, and issues of the region the program travels through; then relating these experiences to the bigger picture concept of globalization, human rights, environment, sustainability, and ethics.

ii) Providing a framework for participants to learn about themselves, to push their boundaries, question their assumptions, stimulate problem-solving and inquiry skills, and gain leadership and group skills.

We aim to make the world a better place by providing extraordinary learning adventures that help participants gain the skills, confidence, and insight to reach their full potential in an increasingly global society, appreciate diversity in cultures, and further understand international issues.


9. African Impact

African Impact pioneered responsible volunteer travel in Africa in 2004 and has since grown into the largest provider of volunteer projects on the continent.

Proudly African, we work in cooperation with local communities to establish, develop, and monitor initiatives that contribute to community empowerment and wildlife conservation.

Our dedication and commitment to authentic and sustainable practices have earned us many awards throughout the years, including becoming the only organization to win Outstanding Volunteer Project twice in the Global Youth Travel Awards, and being named the Top Volunteer Abroad Organization by volunteers in 2018, 2019, and 2020.

We invite volunteers to join our passionate teams on the ground and to experience projects that take them to a place that leaves them awed, inspired, able to do more, discover more, and make a real impact.


10.  International Volunteer HQ

International Volunteer HQ (IVHQ) is the world’s most trusted and affordable volunteer abroad organization with the largest range of top-rated programs, available in 40+ destinations year-round.

IVHQ has placed more than 100,000 volunteers abroad and has over 12 years experience supporting the meaningful adventures of thousands of volunteers. By traveling with the volunteer experts, you’ll travel with purpose, gain a deeper insight into a community, have an impact, and change your life.

With program fees starting from just USD 10 per day and the best safety record, IVHQ is the world’s most popular volunteer organization and the smartest partner for your meaningful travels.

You can choose to give back on our affordable, community-driven projects across a wide variety of opportunities, including Teaching, Childcare, Medical, Turtle Conservation, Community Development, Construction and Renovation, and Wildlife Conservation.

So whether you have 1 week to 6 months, your dreams of meaningful travel can become a reality in 40+ destinations around the world.

Consider volunteering in…

Central America: Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico Volunteer in the Caribbean: Puerto Rico, Belize, Jamaica.
South America: Argentina – Buenos Aires, Argentina – Cordoba, Brazil, Colombia – Bogota, Colombia – Cartagena, Ecuador – Quito, Ecuador – Santa Elena, Peru – Cusco, Peru – Lima.
Europe: Belgium, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Spain
Africa: Ghana, Kenya, Madagascar, Morocco, Morocco – Marrakech, South Africa, South Africa – Table View, Tanzania, Uganda, Victoria Falls, Zambia.
Asia: Bali – Ubud, Bali – Lovina, Cambodia, China, India – Delhi, India – Kerala, Indonesia, Laos, Nepal, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam – Ho Chi Minh
Volunteer in the Pacific: Fiji and New Zealand, Australia


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