Best Property Websites 2022 for Selling Homes in United States

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– Best Property Websites –

Are you looking for a nice, useful asset for yourself and your family? Right here you will get to know some of the best property websites. To know more about this, keep reading this article to the end to help you choose a suitable and comfortable home for you and your business.

Best Property Websites

What is a Real Estate Website?

Real estate websites provide customers with ease and sellers with visibility. Before scheduling a live tour, buyers can look through hundreds of photographs, videos, and features of the home.

Sellers who list their houses on these sites gain for the same reason: hundreds or thousands of potential buyers can view their homes online without having to visit.

Another important function of real estate websites is to operate as a marketing platform for the professional service providers involved in the transaction.

To generate leads, realtors, mortgage professionals, banks, and inspectors can advertise on the website.

How Do Real Estate Websites Get Data?

The inventory of homes on real estate websites is populated by a variety of methods. In some circumstances, manual input is required.

A realtor or property manager may also change a home’s profile, or a seller may post photos. They made other modifications digitally using each company’s own method.

The program gathers data from a variety of sources, including city and town tax databases and regional multiple listing systems.

Are Real Estate Websites Accurate?

The most difficult difficulty for real estate websites and mobile apps has been and continues to be accuracy. Some companies have enhanced their accuracy by deploying their own research personnel to validate the data gained by their algorithms.

Information updates on the websites have increased from a few times per day to every 15 minutes, or even in real-time in certain circumstances.

Are There Fees for Real Estate Websites?

Most property websites offer free services to buyers and renters. The goal is to entice them in with no obstacles.

However, if you want to take advantage of all the property websites features, such as remembering your search criteria or receiving push alerts when the price of a property you’re interested in drops, you’ll need to provide your name, email address, and, sometimes, your phone number.

However, once you’ve done so, you may receive a slew of phone calls and emails from salespeople.

Many property websites charge sellers to post their houses for sale, while many websites charge property managers to contact their tenants via the app or website.

If a renter uses an app to apply for an apartment, they will have to pay for that convenience as well.

How We Choose the Real Estate Websites

We looked over 18 real estate websites to come up with the top seven. We investigated their benefits and drawbacks, but the search and sorting features to the test, and combed through app reviews to find what people liked and what they wanted to see improved.

The reputations of the companies also influenced our decision positively. We researched and compared websites to see which gave more information, how easy it was to access it, and whether we could do it in our mobile app while on the go.

Finally, we looked into how the property website gathered data. Did it go looking for source data or did it get it from a third-party website? We also looked at the money.

It’s also important to know how it’s earned and who pays for what services. We chose the finest real estate websites based on these crucial characteristics.

What are the Top 5 Real Estate Websites?

Best Property Websites

It’s difficult to find the perfect website for your real estate needs. There are plenty of real estate websites to choose from if you’re shopping for a new home or selling an existing one.

Rather than having to go through the results, we’ve prepared a list of the most popular real estate websites based on the total amount of page listings on Google, with each site having over 1 million indexed pages.

We did, however, divide the list into two groups: search engines and agency-specific websites. Owners and brokers list properties for sale and rental on real estate search engines.

They also feature a variety of tools and information to assist potential purchasers in making well-informed judgments. Users can connect with the company’s own realtors or partner agents through agency-specific websites, which house a database of real estate listings and connect them with the company’s own realtors or partner agents.


The National Association of Realtors’ official website, Realtor, contains listings for homes, land, and rentals., like Zillow and Trulia, gets its data from multiple-listing services (MLSs), which are databases of listings produced by real estate experts.

However, the website was one of the first real estate organizations to function in the internet world, having been launched in 1994.

The following are some reasons you should use The company’s website makes it simple to locate and connect with local and reputable agents.

In addition, the site’s realtors are members of the National Association of Realtors, which means they agree to follow the NAR’s ethical code. provides in-depth analyses of the local housing market, with information on market trends, school ratings, currently available houses and rents, and top-rated local brokers.

2. Trulia

Trulia is a real estate and rental search for property website that offers a variety of resources, such as how to calculate mortgage rates and locate local brokers.

The website includes lifestyle aspects such as school ratings, crime data, accessibility to restaurants and shops, and more than filters in the search process.

The following are some reasons you should use Potential buyers can be laser-focused while looking for the ideal house by sorting through a combination of precise demographic data and affordability price points on a viewable map.

Trulia’s app, like Zillow’s, is extremely user-friendly and allows users to search the same way they would on the desktop website.

3. Zillow

One of the most popular real estate marketplace search engines is Zillow. The website provides customers with the information and resources to get started, thanks to its live database of millions of houses for sale and rent.

Zillow developed the name “estimate” to describe the company’s estimate of a home’s value, which is generated using a proprietary method.

The following are some reasons you should use

While not an official assessment, the Zestimate is a popular starting point for real estate professionals to determine a home’s market value. Zillow suggests supplementing the Zestimate with further research, such as a comparative market study (CMA).

Zillow’s smartphone and tablet app, which is known for its excellent user experience, syncs searches and notifications across devices, making it easy for potential buyers to keep up to current on their favourite listings.

4. LoopNet

LoopNet connects customers to commercial properties for sale and leases as one of the major commercial real estate search engines.

The search function allows you to narrow down your results by property type, such as office, industrial, or retail.

The internet database, according to the company’s website, contains approximately 25 million property entries. Why should you use LoopNet?

The site has over 800,000 commercial listings and offers vendors a variety of listing visibility choices, including Diamond, Platinum, Gold, and Premium.

LoopNet users can sort their results by property type, such as office, industrial, or retail. Prospective purchasers can select a radius or freehand draw their desired location on the map to be more geographically exact.

5. RealtyTrac

RealtyTrac is a real estate property search engine that specializes in foreclosure and bank-owned properties, as well as area information, real estate trend analysis, and house auctions.

Why should you use RealtyTrac? With over 120 million listings and full summary reports for each result, RealtyTrac caters to buyers wanting to buy a home as an investment or a bargain.

The website uses attractive graphs and charts to break down statistics about lifestyle factors such as crime, schools, and the unemployment rate.


Best Property Websites in UK

Best Property Websites

The property websites in the United Kingdom are booming, thanks to increased demand for homes and the construction of new buildings regularly.

As a result, there is a significant need for property portals (or simply estate websites) where property owners can market their apartments, houses, both new and old, detached or semi-detached, furnished or unfurnished, and so on.

The goal is to sell a property for the highest possible price by employing methods and channels. As a result, on websites, it’s crucial to select the most effective one rather than the largest.

A seller should evaluate the best property websites based on which page attracts the most potential purchasers for the best price.

With millions of monthly visits, some of the most well-known property websites in the UK display an endless number of houses and apartments for sale.


It is one of the most popular house-hunting and purchasing platforms in the United Kingdom. It contains over a million listings for sale and rent from practically every estate agent in the country.

Rightmove UK is an excellent resource for both estate agents and potential buyers and sellers of real estate. This portal is simple to navigate because it functions similarly to many other websites.

However, the user must search using four distinct criteria (location, postcode out code, full postcodes, or train/tube stations), specify the type of property desired (number of bedrooms, price range), and save the ad by clicking the “Save Property” link.

By entering the site and clicking on “Get property notifications,” the user can set up a search alert on Rightmove UK to receive email alerts when homes are for sale.

By pressing the “Request Details” button in the top right corner after selecting a house of interest, a potential buyer can contact the agency or developer.

In addition, a form must be filled out with pertinent information, including a message, and it must be delivered to the receiver by selecting send the message.


With finding a house quickly and easily, it is one of the top property websites.

In their market, they strive to deliver the most user-friendly experience possible. Ex-countrywide personnel with the goal of providing a simple and quick way to buy or sell a home found it.

Customers can also navigate these property websites with ease, selecting the desired parameters (for sale, to rent, price range, property type, number of bedrooms, etc.).

On the market, you can also buy or rent a house in another country, such as Ireland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, or France.


Zoopla is a property portal that was created in 2008 and has proven to be one of the most beneficial property websites in the United Kingdom.

I particularly advised it for customers who want to sell their homes as quickly as workable. From the standpoint of a buyer, Zoopla provides property listings with market value information so that potential buyers can simply purchase a home.

This property website is so popular that it receives 50 million monthly visits, enhancing the likelihood of a sale or acquisition.


If you want to purchase or sell a house, this is an excellent website to use. With an increase in property internet scammers, Prime Location is reliable and supports clients throughout the purchasing or selling process, assisting them in determining the best price for a home and locating the best estate agents.

The Daily Mail purchased prime Location & General Holding Limited in 2006 as part of a plan to expand into the online business sector.

Prime Location is a platform where visitors may access information on properties for sale or rent, although it appears to be an estate firm at first glance.

This web, which includes properties from over 16,000 estate agencies (Strutt & Parker, Knight Frank, and others) across the UK, has an average of 5 million monthly visitors.

Why should you use Primelocation UK instead of other property portals? Without a doubt, this server provides some of the best services.

More Details

There is a regular intake of traffic, or, to put it another way, the millions of individuals that frequent this portal on a monthly basis: many visitors mean that the possibilities of selling or buying a property are doubled.

Primelocation UK ensures transaction security by refusing to host false property listings and requiring estate and rental agents to be certified.

Near–limitless home listings with over 850,000 properties to rent or buy are another fantastic feature provided by this platform.

This corporation also has properties in over 60 other countries, including Italy, Spain, France, Portugal, the United Arab Emirates, South Africa, and Australia.

Visitors to Primelocation UK will find a limitless range of houses at discounted prices, ranging from a lake house to one directly on the beach, countryside homes to residences in vast cities, and so on.

Other reasons customers prefer Primelocation UK to other property portals include its honesty and openness (the key is fairness and transparency; there are no hidden fees, and all services supplied are free), as well as its privacy policy, which safeguards customers’ personal information.


Mitula is a Spanish corporation that is part of a huge advertising network. Unlike the property websites stated above, Mitula is committed to selling all over the world, and it isn’t as effective at sales focused solely on the United Kingdom, because visitors will find multiple categories (apart from houses, automobiles, jobs, and fashion) as well as global searches.


The home was one of the original real estate websites on the internet. Although it is an old website, they still consider it one of the most useful websites for comparing property costs. The main page displays reports and properties from all portals.


Trovit is comparable to Mitula because it is not solely focused on real estate: it offers a variety of categories (cars, jobs, and products) and posts worldwide.

Trovit also operates fairly straightforwardly: it provides consumers with multiple listings from across the world after searching for them over the internet from thousands of websites.

Although this portal is not dedicated to the purchase and sale of real estate, they regard it as a valuable advertising tool.


Nestoria is a genuine estate search engine and one of the largest property websites in the United Kingdom.

It’s also simple to use because it brings together listings from multiple portals, making finding a home a pleasurable experience. Both renting and selling, Nestoria is a suggested tool.


Nethouseprices was one of the earliest property websites to be published on the internet, with over 50 years of experience.

It is still one of the most popular UK property platforms on the internet today (an average of 7 million visitors a month).

Nethouseprices, despite being maintained by a tiny team of developers, have the qualities of a huge property portal and are a must for a quick house bargain.

Nethouseprices, like other property websites, works with other local estate agencies to list properties on its extensive database.

This portal has a news page that provides daily educational information on mortgages, property prices, UK’s most affordable towns, repossessed houses, top suggestions on property pricing, and other topics.

There’s also a dedicated forum where buyers, sellers, estate agents, and simply visitors may talk about property or give and get advice. This is a very handy feature.

When a customer is ready to sell or buy a house, Nethouseprices and its tools play a significant role: it calculates the correct price by considering many factors such as the estate’s location, age, upgrades, and so on.


Smart New Homes is more than a property platform; it’s a group of investors who want to build or gain new homes.

The next step is to identify new buildings around the United Kingdom, including numerous shared ownership agreements.

Government help to buy scheme, which is only accessible for new buildings, is a significant benefit that Smart New Home provides to first-time buyers.

Best Property Websites in the US

Best Property Websites

The finest real estate websites are professional and approachable. Although the agent should be prominent, they should gear the content toward assisting potential buyers and sellers.

In 2021, the following are the greatest real estate websites for buying or selling a home:

1. Zillow

Best for: Most Listings

Zillow is the most popular real estate property website on the internet, with roughly 36 million unique monthly visits and the most listings.

They can use the site for any real estate-related activity, including buying, selling, renting, financing, and even renovation.

When you’re looking for a home, Zillow provides an immersive visual experience to help you get a complete view of the property.

Zillow has its own method for determining home prices. The ‘Zestimate’ house valuation algorithm combines data from its users and other sources to estimate the value of homes based on characteristics such as home facts, location, and market circumstances. They used this for both rental and for-sale homes.

Zillow also operates the most popular suite of real estate apps, with over two dozen apps across multiple platforms.

 2. Trulia

Best for: it’s Mobile App

Trulia boasts nearly one million houses for sale and rent, making it a close competitor of Zillow and similar in many aspects.

Trulia makes it as simple as possible to select a house that exactly matches the image of your ideal home that you have in your head. There are over 35 filters available, as well as a custom keyword search option.

You’ll be able to examine a community in all of its magnificence and its flaws. Trulia has more data than any other rival, including drone footage and resident reviews.

There are also buying, renting, and selling guides accessible to download.

Although Zillow has the most popular real estate app suite, Trulia stands out for its engaging and easy-to-use app.

They are one of the best with property websites platform

3. HomeFinder

Best for: Search Features

HomeFinder is a prominent search platform with millions of listings spanning all 50 states, despite not having the most features.

It’s also been around since 1999 and has been named a Top 5 site for simplified house searches by Home Wire.

You may search not just for properties for sale and rent, but also for properties that are off the market, which are difficult to come by and a wonderful way to get a great deal.

Finally, HomeFinder may check local mortgage rates for each state; you can customise the results by entering your purchase price, down payment, and credit score. This will provide you with quotes from several loan businesses.

4. Xome

Best for: Buying Online

Most real estate websites simply walk you through the initial step of the process, but Xome also allows you to buy a home through their platform, which is why they term themselves a “one-stop-shop for real estate.”

They have their own Xome agents and Xome Concierge to assist you in saving money on agent commissions while still getting top-notch guidance.

You could qualify for a large rebate after buying a house via the Purchase Pro program and an Xome Agent, besides saving money on commission.

Pre-qualification, tours, a transparent approach to getting a mortgage, support with the closing process, and signing documents using secure e-signature technology are all included in the service.

The Xome Auction feature lets you bid online for a selection of quick sale, foreclosure, real estate owned, commercial, and residential properties.

Xome, like Zillow, has its own assessment process for estimating property prices.

5. Realtor

Best for: Finding a Realtor

Realtor acknowledges that, as valuable and sophisticated as real estate websites might be, they are not a substitute for a real estate professional.

Instead of obsessing about jargon, paperwork, and technical documentation, concentrate on what you’re searching for in a house.

Realtor is affiliated with the National Association of Realtors, making it a professional and reliable place to begin your search for a home.

You can search for a realtor directly from the Internet, which has a database of over one million agents because choosing a realtor is just as vital as finding a house.

You may use Realtor to get pre-approved for a competitive mortgage, as well as to search for a property and learn about an area.
You may get statistics on anything from crime rates to local schools by entering an address or city.


6. RedFin

Best for: Brokerage Services

Because Redfin is both a broker and a website where you can explore property listings, they have their own real estate agents with whom you may connect.

This differs from a Realtor, who can connect you with realtors all around the country but is not a broker themselves.

Although the listings aren’t as extensive as some of the other sites on this list, they have some valuable features. You can take 3D tours of home listings, which makes deciding whether to book a tour easier.

Redfin promises that employing their agents will save you $8,400 on average while providing a full service that includes same-day house bookings.


Best for: Accessing Local MLS

Your local Multiple Listing Services (MLS provide the most current information on the real estate market), which is why licensed real estate professionals and brokers rely on it to do their jobs.

Although the listing is not available to the public, several websites, the most prominent of which being, provide a watered-down version.

Although the website contains real estate news, questions and answers, and educational tools such as a mortgage calculator, is primarily a database of the local MLS.

Other real estate websites are better at guiding you through the buying process, such as obtaining a mortgage pre-approval or locating an agent.

Also, once you have your own real estate agent or broker, you can typically access the authentic MLS, which is a path that many individuals prefer.

Many other real estate websites use data from the actual MLS as well. is the way to go if you want to get a version that is as close to the original as possible and quickly.


Best for: Finding a Good Value

Over 120000 houses may be found on, which is based on MLS listings and other real estate websites.
The ability to study a property’s value history and compare it to the histories of other homes in the same neighbourhood is an intriguing tool.

This is useful for determining whether a property is truly ‘good value,’ which can be difficult to describe and judge.

You may learn about nearby schools and communities and more technical details about property taxes, insurance, and mortgage payments while exploring.

There’s also a handy step-by-step guide to becoming a homeowner, which covers eleven different aspects of the process.

9. ZipRealty

Best for: Streamlined Services

ZipRealty connects users with real estate agents in their area. Because the agents they link you with aren’t their own, they’re more like than RedFin.

When looking for a realtor, browse evaluations from previous clients to see whether they’re a suitable fit for your needs.

ZipRealty prides itself on providing efficient and linked services. Combine the benefits of real estate agent assistance with the technical benefits of a successful website and mobile app.

It’s easier than ever to look for a home on the go thanks to an award-winning app that allows you to explore listings and schedule visits.

Another significant benefit of ZipRealty is their pricing comparison tools, which allow you to compare properties based on their price per square foot, list price, and price to sell ratio. This provides a more accurate depiction of worth than a single house price.


Best for: Auctions

If you’d rather buy a house at an auction than go through the traditional process, is the place to go. Most auction properties are foreclosures or bank-owned properties that are eventually sold to investors.

You can save properties you like as ‘favourites’ as you browse the site, which will generate personalised recommendations based on your profile.

Online or in-person auctions are both possible. If you win, will help you figure out what to do next. To successfully conclude the deal, you’ll collaborate with the closing and contracts teams.

Keep in mind, though, that is geared toward real estate investors rather than individuals seeking a home. It’s also your job to inspect a home before purchasing it or scheduling a showing, something the internet cannot assist you with.

11. RealtyTrac

Best for: Foreclosure Properties

RealtyTrac is a real estate website dedicated solely to foreclosures and distressed properties, with the greatest inventory of repossessed homes available online.

Users will work with experienced agents to guide them through the process, besides having access to listings and the option to take part in auctions.

You’ll also get access to several resources that can help you learn more about the benefits and drawbacks of this sort of property.

Although the basic functionalities are available for free, a premium subscription is also available. This gives you unrestricted access to property addresses, auction dates and locations, and loan information.

You can also try it out for seven days if you’re not sure if it’s worth the money.

Best Property Website in India

The concept of developing multiple online portals to ease the entire tedious process of purchasing or renting a property has been in the recent trend to ease the entire cumbersome process of buying or renting a property.

It used to be difficult to find brokers and agents to rent or buy a property, to physically visit the properties, and to negotiate with the owners for lower rentals and prices, but today these issues have a single answer.

Real estate websites have been helpful since they allow for simple online property revival and offer distinct filters that allow customers to set their preferences and browse homes that appeal to them.

However, these finest property sites’ accurate pricing, location, amenities, land area, and other features have made them a recent hit with the public.

Apart from that, these portals have simplified the time-consuming process of locating and dealing with property owners and brokers, a procedure that can now be accomplished in just a few clicks!

1. 99 Acres

99 acres is an internet site that has long been a favourite among real estate agents, brokers, and house buyers.

The website, which is part of the Infoedge group, serves as a link between home buyers and tenants and agents, allowing them to gather important information about properties available for rent or purchase in their area.

The portal is fast-growing, with a presence in over 25 locations across India. It has established a solid reputation as India’s second-largest property portal. The website has an Alexa ranking of 140.

The website has been established and run since 2005, and they just provided a mobile-friendly interface for the portal, allowing their customers and brokers to access and share information online using smartphones running on both Android and iOS systems.

2. MagicBricks

MagicBricks is India’s number one ranked home search portal, a game-changer in the real estate industry. The website has an Alexa ranking of 154.

The website is an online commercial endeavour of Times Internet Limited, a sub-branch of Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd.

It works as a two-way portal as it allows both the owners and property agents to list their properties for exposure to the home buyers. The portal has its presence all over India and thus craters a vast audience.

Apart from providing mainstream services, the portal also deals with providing relevant information regarding the property-related problems faced by the people.

The portal also extends its services to the latest property related updates, home loans and taxation information, and also expert advice to its buyers regarding their property related issues.

Also, the biggest benefit that they provided to their users is that the users are free to choose properties that are listed by owners to skip the brokerage fee.

The website was earlier PC supported but enabled a mobile-friendly interface since the year 2011.

3. Commonfloor

Commonfloor is an online site for property buyers and sellers with a presence in around 200 locations across India.

I discovered the website for the first time in 2007, and it now has over 5 lakh properties and 1000+ upcoming projects registered. Alexa has given the website a rank of 210.

The website used to serve clients with real estate management services, but today it also publishes articles and blogs about property-related themes and challenges.

4. PropTiger

PropTiger, which was founded in 2011, has changed the way people think about real estate and property management.

The platform includes an enormous database of homes available for purchase and rent.

PropTiger has a firm presence in both Mumbai and Bangalore. The website is an expert in advising to potential clients on house loans, taxation, and real estate concerns.

According to Alexa, they rate the website 1949. The platform’s creators have years of experience and skill in the real estate industry, and they believe in improving their clients’ buying experiences.

5. Makaan

Makaan has lately revolutionized the concept of online real estate by focusing on restricting the number of property listings to a bare minimum while improving the lifestyle of their buyers by improving the quality of their listings. was founded in 2007 and has had a remarkable growth since then. In order to provide buyers with a better experience, the website has partnered with several-known and relevant media outlets, including NDTV Profit and CNBC.

However, Alexa has placed the Portal as number 1239 in the country, and they have acknowledged it as one of the first to use internet bots to answer client questions promptly.

The website’s overall services are satisfactory, and they are likely to increase in the coming years.

6. Housing

In terms of authenticity, has a well-defined method of handpicking properties after site-visit clearance by the website’s licensed agents.

It launched the internet platform in 2012, establishing a firm presence in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The website has grown to include over 40 cities across the United States. The website has an Alexa ranking of 318.

With over 6000 agents working at the website’s office, the team has grown and improved revenue because of their trustworthiness.

In addition, the website is compatible with both Android and iOS interfaces, and its long list of features appeals to a wide range of users across India.

7. Square Yards

Square Yards is a real estate oriented web platform that offers its consumers an enormous range of residential properties and business projects spread across 40 locations in over 10 countries.

In a short time, the website has grown to a global sales total of $1 billion.

With a greater emphasis on customer happiness, the portal has expanded its offerings to include not only a wide range of options for excellent living spaces, but also support services to ensure that customers receive the best possible service.

One of the website’s projects was Square Connect, which aimed to streamline and simplify the communication process between brokers, owners, and potential house buyers.

8. Quickr Homes

Quickr Homes is one of the internet real estate platforms that has revolutionized the real estate industry. Customers can purchase and rent items online through the website.

The site offers a user-friendly interface that allows customers to take advantage of a slew of benefits that make renting and buying online well worth the effort of a few mouse clicks!

The website’s major benefit is that it gives correct and legitimate information to its customers, as well as regular database updates, which saves users the time and effort of calling and contacting every owner to confirm the availability of the properties.

The website provides a positive overall experience and serves a large readership across the country.

9. Sulekha Properties

A well-known and well-recognised online realty portal with a global Alexa ranking of 91.

Sulekha Properties does not require clients to make any payments and is one of the greatest sites to buy and rent properties.

The website’s major advantage is that it updates its database and methods regularly to ensure that brokers and homebuyers can communicate easily.

10. Zricks

Zricks was founded with the goal of providing home buyers with “a transparent and orderly” real estate website that would improve the purchasing, renting, and living experience.

The website’s main vision is divided into four parts: innovation, authenticity, customer-centric approach, and client and investor convenience.

The platform, which is mostly in Delhi-NCR, allows users to purchase and rent living spaces, whether residential or commercial.

Finally, we hope you will find the best property websites that is valuable and suitable for you. Thanks for reading don’t forget to share on any of our platforms.

CSN Team.

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