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Best Time to Buy a Mattress: Tips and Maintenance Processes Explained

Filed in Articles by on October 21, 2021

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– Best Time to Buy a Mattress –

The best time to buy a mattress is extremely essential to the comfort and lifetime of the mattress. However, your mattress is an important part of your daily life. Also, you put a lot of effort into choosing exactly the perfect one for you. Your mattress will not endure indefinitely; even the finest mattresses will need to be changed at some point. 

Best Time to Buy a Mattress

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Why should I Purchase a New Mattress?

In nearly all instances, the answer is definitely. A new mattress may enhance the quality of your sleep, which affects everything from your energy levels to mood to general health. Some advantages of a new mattress include:

1. Enhanced Sleep

A 2009 peer-reviewed clinical study showed that new mattresses substantially improved sleep quality and decreased both back pain and felt stress in the trial group.

However, most new mattress owners also say that their sleep quality increased after buying a new bed.

2. Reduced Aches & Pains

If you wake up with discomfort or stiffness in your back, shoulders, hip or neck, it’s likely that your mattress may be part of the issue.

Undoubtedly, older mattresses droop in areas, which decreases support and makes it less likely that your spine will be correctly aligned.

3. Reduced Motion Transmit

Older mattresses transfer more motion from one side of the bed to the other. This implies that a spouse shifting positions in the night may disturb your sleep.

However, a new mattress – and especially an all-foam or hybrid bed – will transmit less motion, letting couples enjoy better slumber together.

4. Reduced Allergies/Asthma

Old mattresses collect dust mites, mildew, germs and other allergens at an astonishing pace. Tiny research by the National University of Singapore showed mattresses had the greatest percentage of dust mites out of any home item.

Also, other allergens are also extremely prevalent in older mattresses. If you’ve discovered that your allergies or asthma problems have increased, your mattress may be partly to blame.

One of the greatest elements in obtaining a good night’s sleep in the comfort of your mattress. There are few other things that can have such a major impact on our health and happiness.

Therefore, it’s essential to invest in a decent mattress, and change it according to professional recommendations. But when should you replace your mattress?

Best Time to Buy a Mattress

Buy a Mattress

You may believe that purchasing a mattress isn’t particularly dependent on the time of the year and that you may do it anytime you like.

Well, although you most definitely can, it’s much more helpful if you take some of the following suggestions into consideration.

The season of the year has a major effect on your purchase. Also, it’s going to alter one of the most important elements – the price.

If we have to be absolutely clear, you shouldn’t purchase a mattress until it’s substantially reduced.

And, with this in mind, if you knew when do beds go on sale, you’d be able to save quite a lot.

What Time of Year Does Mattress Go On Sale?

When: Your existing mattress is 7 to 10 years old.

Why: “I believe you should purchase a mattress when you need to buy a mattress,” says Leo Echeverria, the COO of Snuz, a memory foam mattress that’s offered online.

The overall consensus among the experts? A 10-year-old mattress is approaching the end of its life.

Your body can also help you decide whether it’s time to obtain a new one.

What to expect: If your back or neck is hurting, there are methods to get a decent deal — even if you can’t make your order within the hours mentioned above. 

When is the Best Month to Buy a Mattress?

Buy a new mattress

Here are some of the greatest times of the year/month to purchase a mattress.

1. Major Holidays

The Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping holidays following Thanksgiving do actually offer significant discounts at major U.S. mattress shops.

Often, you discover cheap deals throughout November – and beyond.

To provide a few instances, Mattress Firm offers significant price discounts like up to $600 off mattress bases and 30 per cent off certain mattress types, while Macy’s promotes its lowest pricing of the season from Nov. 1 to Jan. 31, such as queen mattresses beginning at $139.

2. Presidents Day in Mid-February Offers Additional Excellent Mattress Deals.

Recent Presidents’ Day bargains have featured Serta’s gel memory foam mattress selling for $195 (down from $899) and Therapedic mattresses beginning at $189 at American Mattress shops.

The Fourth of July is one of the most popular occasions for mattress deals. Sales typically continue for at least the whole week of July Fourth.

Labor Day may bring discounts on stationery and other back-to-school goods, but that’s not all. Many mattress vendors offer discounts beginning the Friday of Labor Day weekend and continuing through Labor Day Monday and beyond.

Veterans Day is a time to honour American heroes for their service — and it brings the first of the year-end mattress discounts.

3. Towards the End of Winter or the Start of Spring

New mattresses pour into shop displays in March and April.

Once the new full-priced models come out, consumers can clearly differentiate between the old and new and opt to buy last year’s mattresses at discounts.

If you’re shopping in March and there aren’t too many new models out yet, try asking a manager when they’ll be coming — and return around turnover time to purchase lower-priced older versions.

4. May

I consider may the ideal month to purchase a new mattress. Many manufacturers come out with fresh new goods in June, so merchants have to clear out their inventory before then to make space.

This means lots of discounts and bargains on formerly full-priced goods. Plus, Memorial Day weekend, which occurs on the last weekend of May, provides lots of discounts annually, particularly on mattresses.

“Customers are searching for mattresses throughout the year, but we notice an uptick around big bedding holidays like Memorial Day [and] Labor Day,” says Jason Shapiro, Associate Director of Mattresses at Wayfair.

Shoppers may save as much as 50 per cent off floor models if they purchase a mattress in shops and frequently up to 30 per cent online in May.

5. Late Winter and Early Spring

When: March or April.

Why: By March or April, new mattress models will usually appear in shops, according to Scott Paladini, CEO and creator of Bear Mattress, an online foam business. As new mattresses arrive, buyers may save money by opting for an older model or a floor sample directly from the showroom floor.

 “Eventually the stores will have to remove all of those beds and put the new ones down,” Paladini adds.

What to expect: A floor model may save you as much as 50 per cent off the price, according to Julie Tramonte, a sleep advocate for Verlo Mattress, which sells online and in stores. She advises asking management when the shop intends to give over its goods, since time may vary. Keep in mind that floor models have presumably been tried out by other buyers.

6. Holiday Weekends

When: Presidents Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day and Black Friday.

Why: Mattress industry experts agree – holiday weekends are a great time to shop. You may find discounts throughout the year, but holidays provide broad promotions, says Jody Putnam, a divisional president at Mattress Firm, which sells online and in stores.

“Most of the time there’s typically a few beds here or a couple there that will be at sale pricing, but during those big holidays, a greater percentage of the goods in the marketplace will be marked down,” Putnam adds.

What to expect: Paladini thinks consumers may save from 10 per cent to 20 per cent if they purchase a mattress during a Christmas offer.

7. Cyber Five

Cyber Five is the five-day period from Thanksgiving Day to Cyber Monday. While Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving) and Cyber Monday (the following Monday) are usually the largest internet shopping days, many deals extend the whole weekend.

If you need a new mattress and can’t wait until spring, we suggest seeing what bargains come up around Thanksgiving.

How Much Will a New Mattress Cost?

The cost of a new mattress varies on many variables, but plan to pay at least $800 for a queen-size model. The ideal mattress for you may cost more or less than this.

However, a critical initial step is to investigate price-points from various online and brick-and-mortar mattress vendors, and then establish a budget based on these results.

Variables that may influence the price-point of a bed include:

1. Size

Time to Buy a Mattress

The twin, twin XL, and full sizes are mainly designed for one person. As a result, they may be hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars less than the queen, king, and California king sizes designed for several sleepers.

Speciality sizes like split queens or kings for couples with adjustable bases are the most costly.

2. Type

Material construction has a significant influence on mattress cost. All-foam and innerspring versions are typically the cheapest with an average price-point of $800 to $1,200 in a queen-size.

However, all-latex and hybrid versions are more costly, so you should expect to spend around $1,600 to $2,200 for these queen size models. Airbeds are the priciest, with most of these mattresses beginning at $2,000.

3. Thickness

Since thicker mattresses include more cushioning and support layers than lower-profile beds, you’ll pay a little more on these types.

Clearly, any bed measuring 12 inches or thicker is called a high-profile model.

4. Brand

As with other goods, some vendors just charge more for mattresses than others. You’ll most likely pay more on a mattress from an established brand with a strong industry presence as compared to a new business that isn’t as well recognized.

Best Time to Buy a Mattress: Buying Online vs. In-store

Online mattress companies price considerably less than brick-and-mortar retailers owing to variations in overhead expenses.

There are several additional pricing factors to consider when purchasing a mattress either online or in-person. These include:

1. Taxes

Depending on the state where you reside, you may need to pay sales tax as part of your mattress purchase. The highest sales tax rates vary about 9 per cent, while five states — Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire, and Oregon – do not levy a sales tax.

Additionally, residents of California, Connecticut, and Rhode Island must pay a “recycling tax” for every mattress purchase. These recycling costs vary by state but are usually about $10.

2. Ground Shipping

If you buy a mattress online, then standard ground delivery will probably be free as long as you dwell in the contiguous U.S.

For people in Alaska, Hawaii, and U.S. territory, shipping may be free but it may also be costly, reaching up to $600 or more, in certain instances.

Be careful to verify the manufacturer’s shipping regulations and usual delivery costs before purchasing.

3. White-Glove Delivery

This service, offered by certain online and brick-and-mortar mattress manufacturers, involves a crew coming to bring a mattress to your house and installing it for you.

White-Glove delivery comes with a specified delivery date and time and complete assembly in a room of your choosing. Some carriers will also remove your old mattress and/or box spring upon request.

However, the delivery typically costs at least $150, and may not be offered in certain areas. Double-check the company’s shipping regulations since it includes this service for free from specific brands and mattress types.

4. Returns

The overwhelming majority of online mattress manufacturers provide free delivery or mattress pickup for mattresses returned within the specified sleep trial.

Some impose fees, usually $100 or less. It may request you to dispose of the mattress yourself, which may cost some additional money if you recycle it rather than giving it to a charity organization.

5. Bundling

Besides the mattress, you may need new linens, pillows, or a base to complement the bed. Some companies provide packages for these goods.

However, you’ll spend more overall, but possibly save money over purchasing these products separately.

5. Repairs and Replacements

All mattresses come with a guarantee that protects the goods against manufacturing faults or abnormal wear and tear.

If the warranty is non-prorated, then you won’t pay anything to have a faulty bed fixed or replaced aside from some minor shipping costs.

Under a partly prorated warranty, you may need to pay a portion of the original mattress price to have it replaced if a fault arises.


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Other Comparison Between Online vs. In-Store Purchase of Mattress

Deciding how to purchase a mattress typically comes down to a decision between online and in-person via a mattress shop.

Buying a mattress online brings some advantages versus picking one out in a brick-and-mortar store, but the in-person shopping experience also provides certain perks that can’t be duplicated on a computer.

However, important considerations to consider when selecting where to purchase a mattress are cost, variety, and convenience.

Buying a Mattress Online

Advantages: For one, buying your bed online will definitely save you a lot of money. Most internet businesses employ a tiny workforce and do not have brick-and-mortar stores, so their overhead expenses are cheaper and, as a consequence, so are their product prices.

However, shopping online is extremely easy since you can make orders of day or night, and explore goods freely without feeling pushed by sales personnel.

Undoubtedly, access to mattress evaluations from consumers is another benefit, and online manufacturers typically provide free delivery to the continental U.S.

Disadvantages: Some consumers prefer speaking with experienced personnel before making their purchase. Many online companies provide live web chat with customer care professionals.

Also, the availability of this service may be patchy, particularly outside of regular business hours.

However, many individuals also feel uncomfortable buying a mattress without sleeping on it beforehand.

Clearly, most online companies provide sleep trials lasting at least 90 nights to allow you to try out the bed before committing to it.

Buying a Mattress at a Shop

Buy  in a shop

Advantages: While laying on a mattress for 5 to 10 minutes in a store is not the same as sleeping on it, these in-person encounters may offer you a basic sense of how a bed feels.

However, speaking with sales personnel may also be useful if you’re uncertain which kind of mattress to purchase, and sometimes, you may negotiate costs.

Disadvantages: For some customers, store personnel may be aggressive or overpowering. This may push you into purchasing a mattress that isn’t properly suited to your requirements.

Undoubtedly, prices will also be costlier in most brick-and-mortar shops since these businesses have greater overhead expenses than online companies.

However, convenience is another consideration, particularly if you live in a distant location or can only come on the weekends when people congregate.

Best Deal on a Mattress Online

Do you feel stressed shopping for a mattress from the store? Below is the list of the best deal on a mattress online:

1. Start With a Model-Specific Search

The simplest way to begin? Turn to Google—but instead of looking for the brand you’re interested in, search for the particular mattress model and add the term “discount” or “coupon” to the search box.

When we searched for “Tuft & Needle Mint coupon,” many 10 per cent discount codes came up. You may also go to GoodBed, which offers mattress discounts and coupons with savings of $50 and more.

2. Look Closely at the Retailer’s Website

Many mattress-in-a-box mattresses are offered only online via the maker’s website, and they tend to provide liberal return policies—but you may not locate the identical mattress anywhere else.

However, once you get on the company’s home website, have a look around for current deals.

3. Sign Up for a Retailer Newsletter

Many shops offer discounts if you sign up for their email newsletter, and online mattress dealers are no exception. However, when you initially go to a mattress company’s website, a simple pop-up window may emerge, requesting you to disclose your email information and get a discount in exchange.

4. Did You Forget Something?

Another money-saving technique to try: After signing up for the newsletter and adding a mattress to the basket, perform a U-turn: Close the browser tab and move on with your life.

5. Outline Your Talking Points And Haggle!

Even if you’re online, you can still haggle. Consider live-chatting with a business representative to see if you can obtain any additional savings or free delivery or other benefits, like as a cushion.

6. Investigate Freebies

Free Shipping, Free Setup, Free Haul-Away

Aside from any discount on the mattress itself, you may inquire if the business could throw in additional benefits, such as white-glove treatment (the mattress is brought to your house and placed directly on your bed frame) or a service that picks up the mattress if you’re unhappy with it.

And inquire about any additional freebies.

“The most popular add-ons are free or reduced pillows, throws, sheets, and mattress protectors,” Ennis adds.

In our study, 91 per cent of CR members who purchased from Nectar got complimentary pillows with their mattress purchase.

Average Cost of a Mattress

This is a frequent question, yet there is no one-off solution. There are various kinds of mattresses that vary in cost based on a great number of variables.

However, let’s give it a shot and attempt to break it down.

A decent innerspring mattress, for example, would cost about $900 on average. However, the costs vary from $500 and $2000.

A memory foam bed is going to average a price tag of $1000. Once again, however, the price begins from around $300 and goes up to $4000 and even more.

You can presumably discover anything according to your individual budget.

The most costly kind is a latex bed. They average a price of $1650. The entrance point here is greater, thus the increased average price. They would start as little as $750 and increase to as high as $4000 and more.

Mattress Buying Tips

Buy a Mattress

Aside from understanding when to purchase a mattress, we’ve put up a few purchasing recommendations. Here are some essential things to remember.

1. Do Your Research

Unless you need to purchase a new mattress quickly, we suggest taking the time to study your choices. You can always opt for a highly rated mattress.

However, it may be worth researching deeper to find out which kind is ideal for you.

“We encourage customers to do their research, know what they want, and communicate it with their sales person. If purchasing online, utilize that chat feature and ask questions,” advises Mary Helen Rogers, VP of marketing and communications at Better Sleep Council.

Memory foam mattresses are among the most popular choices today, followed by gel-infused foam mattresses and latex mattresses.

These are comparable to memory foam but somewhat cooler and without the “sinking” feeling. You may also purchase a hybrid mattress, which mixes foam or latex with a conventional spring system for greater support.

 2. Test Out a Mattress

One of the greatest reasons to go to a shop is to get a feel for the mattress you’re seeking to purchase. If you’re shopping with a companion, bring them, too.

“There’s no one size fits all solution, so it’s important…to speak with a professional to assess factors like sleep type (do you sleep on your stomach, back, side), mattress preference (do you prefer a firm or soft feel), base type (do you want a box spring, lifestyle base—with or without a platform bed), and more,” Holly Saarie, Bedding Buyer at Raymour & Flanigan says.

Once you’re in the shop, you should try it out.

“Lay completely down on the mattresses–in your most common sleeping position–close your eyes and relax a few minutes, allowing the mattress to adapt to you,” says Timothy Baker, store operations manager for Mattress Firm. “Once you have limited it down to a few beds, go back and forth, taking your time before making a final choice.”

While laying on a bed surrounded by other customers isn’t exactly pleasant, you can get a sense for what works and what doesn’t.

However, If you’re buying online, this may be difficult to accomplish, but most businesses provide a free 100-day trial or something similar, as well as simple returns.

3. Negotiate

While bargaining online is next to impossible, if you go visit a shop and test out a floor model, you may attempt to haggle with the sales staff.

“Check out the current deals online before coming into the shop and asking whether they provide any in-store specials (temporary promotions, complementary accessories, or offline exclusive products),” explains Firas Kittaneh, CEO of Amerisleep Mattress.

Confidently, you may call a store or mattress company directly to inquire when they turn over their inventory throughout the year.

More so, you can pinpoint precisely when the ideal time is to buy that new mattress (just before new models arrive) (right before new models arrive).

However, you may also sign up for email promos at your local mattress shop to keep eye on their discounts during the spring months. Also, use that to price match in-store.

4. Watch for Stores Opening and Closing

If you’d like to purchase a mattress in person, keep an eye out for shop openings and closings. New businesses frequently advertise deals from the street.

This is to attract more people inside. However, it is because you’re more inclined to go to a new location if there’s a hard-to-beat bargain occurring.

If a mattress shop is shutting, it needs to clear out all of its inventory. This means you may have a greater chance of negotiating a fair price. And also, walking out with a floor model.

5. Consider Buying Online

While there are benefits to purchasing a mattress from a physical and mortar shop, ordering online allows you to compare stores globally.

However, you don’t have to worry about the overhead fees that an in-store purchase usually contains. Given the increased competition, the discounts tend to be bigger.

“Shop in the comfort (and safety) of your house, and get a mattress at your doorstep with no touch delivery,” Kittaneh adds.

In certain cases, delivery is free. However, for individuals who don’t have a simple method to move a mattress, this saves a lot of time and hassle.

6. Bed Warranty

“Most major brand mattresses come with a 10-year, non-prorated guarantee,” says Stephen Ferguson, director of marketing at Mattress Firm.

However, mattress warranties are not exactly simple, so go through them carefully. Check for covering from manufacturing flaws and indentations or sagging.

“We highly suggest obtaining warranty coverage that will replace your mattress if indentations deeper than ¾ of an inch occur. Most firms guarantee your mattress once indentations exceed 1 inch. But truly anything deeper than ¾ of an inch may lead you to sink deeper into the mattress and your spine to bend out of alignment,” explains Kittaneh.

To further preserve your bed and warranty, both Baker and Ferguson suggest searching for a mattress cover. However, many manufacturers invalidate a guarantee if the mattress is damaged or dirty.

The Worst Times to Buy a Mattress

There’s no right or wrong time to purchase a mattress, you’re simply more likely to get a bargain at different periods of the year.

Generally, purchase one when the need arises. If you toss and turn at night, sleep better at a hotel, or frequently wake up due to pain, it may be time to spend on a new mattress.

However, you may wind up paying full price if you buy in the summer, early autumn. ALlso, at the beginning of January given that there are limited discounts and lots of news. 

Furthermore, sleep is one of the most essential elements of human health. Without sufficient sleep, our bodies cannot repair and renew themselves. Hence, our brains struggle to absorb emotions and keep memories.

Factors Influencing Mattress Lifespan

Time to Buy Mattress

Several variables affect the lifespan of a mattress. A cheap $250 bed will deteriorate far quicker than a premium mattress, for example. Some important variables that influence mattress replacement recommendations include:

1. Mattress Material 

The materials used to construct your bed significantly affect its durability. Lower-quality innerspring and all-foam mattresses have the shortest lifespans.

This is because since they are prone to sagging and body imprints, respectively.

Hybrid mattresses are also prone to similar problems, but because they’re frequently marketed as high-end alternatives and constructed with high-quality materials, they are more lasting.

Latex mattresses are the most durable, lasting upwards of 8 years.

Depending on the material, there are a few excellent methods to forecast durability. For innerspring and hybrid mattresses, opt for a lower coil gauge (which implies thicker coils) (which means thicker coils).

For mattresses with foam, seek greater foam densities (1.7+ PCF for polyfoam, 5+ PCF for memory foam). Finally, be sure you’re receiving genuine latex rather than synthetic latex.

2. Maintenance & Care

Like any other product, a mattress will last longer if you take excellent care of it. This involves rotating your mattress every 3 months or so (unless the manufacturer advises differently). And also using a mattress protector.

3. Sleeper Size & Weight

Your weight, as well as the weight of anybody sharing your bed, also affects the pace at which the mattress will deteriorate.

Heavier sleepers may notice that mattresses may droop faster. Of course, lightweight sleepers will have less of an effect.

Similarly, a mattress accommodating a pair would certainly wear out sooner than a mattress for a single person.

4. Children & Pets

If you share your bed with young children, or with animals, it’s probable that you will need to change your mattress more often.

Besides the additional weight, both dogs and children are more prone to create stains and/or damage to the mattress.

Observations When It’s the Best Time to Buy a Mattress

If you observe any of the following, then it may be time to buy a new mattress:

1. Obvious Sagging

Sggaing Mattress

The most obvious indicator that a mattress needs to be changed, sagging may as well be an “It’s Time to Replace Your Mattress” sign.

Undoubtedly, It’s also a symptom that applies to all mattress kinds, as springs break down with time, memory foam becomes softer. Certainly, the fibres in other materials compress all of which contribute to drooping.

Don’t wait for a crater to develop in the centre of your bed. Even small sags of 1-2 inches shouldn’t be overlooked, since they may show a lack of support for the most susceptible areas of your body.

2. Quite the Impression

This one relates particularly to memory foam mattresses and maybe a little difficult to understand. See, it intended memory foam to “remember” your body and sleeping position (thus the name).

However, only to a certain degree. After you get out of bed, the foam should return to its previous position. Certainly, with time the cellular structure of memory foam breaks down.

Therefore, becoming softer and losing its capacity to bounce back, aka to support you.

Moreso, if your memory foam mattress has a body imprint that remains long after you’ve gotten up, or if the impression is deeper than two inches, it’s time to replace it.

3. The Goldilocks Effect

Memory foam mattress owners should also take notice if their mattress gets too firm or too soft. Because of memory foam’s sensitivity to temperature (the reason many people “sleep hot” on memory foam mattresses).

However, it will grow hard when stored in a confined room, or soft with time when maintained in a warm environment. This shift in hardness may play havoc on your comfort.

4. One Lump or Two?

When the padding inside the mattress moves around over time, you may notice bumps in your mattress. This uneven density may show you’re not supported where you’re.

However, it may also create painful pressure points. Though bumps are more frequent with lower-quality mattresses. Also, they may develop with higher-end mattresses that have run their course.

5. Active Allergies

Over time, most kinds of mattresses may collect allergens including mould, mildew, and dust mites. However, if you’re sensitive to certain irritants, then implies that your mattress will cause an allergic response.

So if you sneeze when you go near to the bed or feel clogged up in the morning, it’s definitely time to examine your mattress issue.

Confidently, when selecting a new mattress, consider hypoallergenic materials like wool or latex.

6. What a Pain

Sleep is a time for your body to recuperate from the stressors it encountered throughout the day.

However, whether that’s an intensive gym session or too much sitting at your desk. So if you wake up with more aches and pains than you had when you went to bed, your mattress is definitely the cause.

Certainly, because of the progressive deterioration and weakening of a mattress’s components.

However, it loses its capacity to offer essential support for susceptible regions like your neck, low back, and hips.

When cushioning becomes worn out, it may cause uncomfortable pressure points. When your back is sinking and springs are jabbing your hips, then waking up with aches and pains is unavoidable.

7. Up All Night

If you can’t fall asleep or often wake up throughout the night and change positions, it may be time to replace your mattress.

Of course, other factors like stress or poor sleep hygiene may keep you awake at night, too.

But if you’re tossing and turning into the early hours, chances are your mattress no longer offers you the appropriate comfort and you need a new one.

However, if you appear to sleep through the night but yet wake up weary, the same may very well be true.

8. Sleeping for Two

One of the most exciting reasons for buying a new mattress is becoming pregnant. However, it is because your body is through so many changes during and after pregnancy.

Certainly, a customized mattress and adjustable bed is a wonderful option that will offer support at every step of the trip.

Custom support for side-sleeping can assist support your tummy and avoid back discomfort during pregnancy and can be simply adjusted back to your normal sleep choice thereafter.

Plus, an adjustable bed makes getting out of bed simpler while you’re pregnant. It also makes breastfeeding more pleasant and may help preserve abdominal muscles following a C-section.

9. It’s Not You, It’s Me

Sometimes everything is still absolutely good with your mattress, but events in your own life demand that you buy a new one.

However, this may be the case if you suffered an injury, lost or gained a large amount of weight, or have a new bed companion.

Moreso, if your mattress is still in the prime of its life but you’re not receiving the support you need any more, don’t feel bad about letting it go just locate a mattress donation site near you.

10. Age is Only a Number… Unless You’re a Mattress

Even if your mattress is exhibiting none of the above symptoms, if it’s over seven years old, apply some attention to it.

Most mattresses will need to be changed after 7-10 years. However, even if you believe you’re sleeping well, there’s a possibility that you’ve simply gotten progressively used to a less-than-excellent sleeping experience.


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Other Indications Include:

Below are other indications that your mattress needs to be changed:

1. Signs of Wear and Tear

Signs of deterioration include drooping, lumps, and coils that may be felt through the cloth.

2. Noisy Springs

Springs that creak as you move is a sign that the coils are worn and no longer giving the support they should.

3. Muscle Tightness

When your mattress isn’t comfy and no longer supports your body the way it did, you may wake up feeling painful and stiff.

A 2009 study trusted Source showed new mattresses decreased back discomfort and enhanced sleep. Check out these suggestions for selecting a mattress that’ll keep you pain-free.

4. Your Allergies or Asthma Has Worsened

Mattresses are where the bulk of the dust mites and allergies in your house live. This may wreak havoc on allergies and asthma.

However, vacuuming and cleaning your mattress frequently may help. Also, if you discover your symptoms aren’t better, then it’s time for a change.

You can feel your spouse moving. An older mattress will lose its capacity to minimize motion transfer, leading couples to experience greater movement in the mattress when one person rolls over or gets in and out of the bed.

You’re placing extra weight on your mattress. Undoubtedly, gaining weight or having a sleeping companion may influence an older mattress and alter how comfortably you sleep.

Should You Buy a Used Mattress?

used mattress

Buying a secondhand mattress is something most people don’t consider. But, it may depend on your definition of use.

In certain cases, they deemed it a mattress that has been taken from its packing but never slept on worn. A mattress that has been in a guest room for a couple of years but rarely slept on is considered used.

However, a mattress at a showroom that customers’ lie on for a minute to test, is deemed worn.

Considering the meaning of a used mattress doesn’t have to imply something that’s crawled out of trash! You might discover a big deal in a secondhand mattress.

Let’s speak about advantages, drawbacks, and recommendations for purchasing a used foam.

Is Buying a Used Mattress Illegal?

Being safe when purchasing a used mattress is why used mattress legislation varies from state to state. However, there are regulations on cleanliness, labelling, tagging, and mattress filling.

Certainly, some jurisdictions may allow used mattresses to be sold only provided it disinfected them

Red or yellow markings in certain jurisdictions warn you of the mattress condition

Some states enable just the filling (springs) to be reused

Laws in place to protect consumers from unethical business activities, laws rarely apply to one person selling to another individual *contact your local department of health for advice

Advantages of Purchasing a Used Mattress

Buy a Mattress

1. Eco-Friendly

Every year, it discarded about 20 million mattresses and box springs in the United States. Which are eventually disposed of in landfills or incinerators.

Imagine a pile of 55,000 mattresses in your front yard. However, that’s how many mattresses they threw away each day!

Certainly, purchasing a used mattress extends the life of the mattress. However, keeping it out of the landfill until its natural conclusion. Recycling is both environmentally beneficial and cost-effective.

2. You’re On a Shoestring Budget

Buying a secondhand bed is a great option for people on a tight budget or for a guest room. However, a mattress is deemed used if it has been taken from its packing but has never been slept on.

As a result, you may wind up with a new mattress and extra cash in your pocket!

The Disadvantage of Purchasing a Used Mattress

Below are the disadvantage of purchasing a used mattress:

1. Bedbugs

Is it safe to purchase a secondhand mattress? However, if you’re wondering? When you know what to look for, it is. Check your state’s cleanliness. Also, tag regulations before purchasing a used mattress from a store.

Certainly, you won’t have to worry about bed bugs if you clean an old mattress correctly. However, check for stains, rips. Also, check for indications of pests when purchasing a secondhand mattress from an individual.

They do not accept returns

Purchasing a used mattress is a risk. You won’t be able to arrange a free return if you discover it’s not firm enough and you wake up with aches and discomfort.

2. Lifespan is Limited

A used mattress will have a much shorter lifetime than a brand new mattress. A new mattress may last 10 years or more if properly cared for with regular washing. Also, with the use of a mattress cover.

However, a used mattress may be a nice temporary answer while you look for something more permanent.

3. There is No Guarantee

Choose an option that allows for an exchange or returns when purchasing from a store. Also, make sure your choice is durable.

A competitive warranty is a significant benefit of purchasing a new mattress from an internet shop. In certain instances, you may expect 10 years, 15 years, or lifetime warranty.

A mattress guarantee provides you with peace of mind. However, finding one while purchasing a used mattress is almost difficult. Low costs often come at a cost, one of which is the warranty.

What is the Best Method to Shop for a Mattress?

‘Is this going to suit my sleep space?’ and ‘Is it clean?’ are two common concerns when purchasing a used mattress. However, it’s also crucial to think about your sleeping habits.

To be comfortable, side sleepers need a certain mattress type. Any mattress, new or old, has to provide pressure alleviation.

When purchasing a secondhand mattress, keep the following tips in mind:

If you’re purchasing a used mattress from a shop or an individual, be sure it’s clean. You don’t want bed bugs to infest your house (home fumigation is costly)

Consider your sleeping area. Also, choose a mattress size that enables you to spread out while yet allowing you to move about the room.

However, consider the mattress’s construction. Memory foam may be too hot to sleep on, innerspring mattresses can be too bouncing. Also, certain polyfoam mattresses might be too soft.

How Can You Extend the Life of Your Mattress?

best time to buy Foam

With a little additional care, you may extend the life of your mattress. You may take the following actions:

  1. Protect your mattress from spills, dust, and debris by using a mattress cover.

  2. Use the appropriate box spring or foundation to adequately support your mattress.

  3. To encourage even wear, rotate the mattress every 3 to 6 months.

  4. Clean your mattress according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

  5. Regularly open your windows for improved airflow, which may help to prevent dust and moisture accumulation.

  6. When transporting your mattress, keep it upright to avoid creasing or damaging the springs.

Other Ways to Maintain the Life of Your Mattress

  1. Keep dogs off the bed to minimize the danger of claw and chewing damage.

  2. Do not allow your children to jump on the bed, since this may harm the coils and other components of the mattress.

  3. Air out your mattress by removing sheets and mattress coverings on a regular basis.

Vacuuming regularly may help keep allergies and dust mites at bay. You may also sprinkle baking soda on your mattress and vacuum it after 24 hours to help eliminate keep moisture and smells.

In conclusion, a new mattress will represent a substantial financial commitment for most families. However, with careful thought and planning, you should have no difficulty choosing an inexpensive bed that fits your requirements.

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