Best Undergraduate Business Schools to Learn Business Skills

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– Best Undergraduate Business Schools –

If you are looking for the best undergraduate business schools for an undergraduate bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree, there are several options and colleges available enlisted here to make your choice.

Best Undergraduate Business Schools

If you are already a management expert looking for ways to boost your career prospects in business and management, then a business degree program is the best choice for you to skyrocket your potential.

We have emerged with the list of some of the best business schools to find your way in. 

In this article, you will be glad to make your choice from one of the best institutions that offer a business degree program as you keep reading.


List of the Best Undergraduate Business Schools 2022

California has several best undergraduate business schools in the United States that emerged across the globe.

We have selected some of the best undergraduate business schools below to assist you to make your choice.

➛ University Of Southern California

➛ University Of California—Berkeley

➛ Santa Clara University

➛ Pepperdine University

➛ University Of San Francisco

➛ Loyola Marymount University

➛ University Of San Diego

➛ University Of California—Los Angeles

➛ Chapman University

➛ University Of The Pacific

➛ Harvard University,

➛ The University of Pennsylvania,

➛ University of Virginia-Main Campus,

➛ Northwestern University,

➛ Columbia University in the City of New York,

➛ The University of Chicago, 

➛ University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

1. University of Southern California

Best Undergraduate Business Schools

USC is a highly rated private university in Los Angeles, California. It is one of the best business schools in California.  with an enrollment of about 18,631 undergraduate students.

With regards to this, admissions into business programs are highly competitive as the USC acceptance rate is about 17%.

Most studied courses in this university include Business, Communications, and Biology. 

This year, USC has received quite more than 71,000 applicants for its business school and with an acceptance rate of 12.5 percent to be endorsed.

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The number of students who are the first in their families to attend USC has been increasing tremendously for five years now.

About 23 percent of the recent class are pioneer college students, and 32 percent of the class of 2021 are students of color.

With the abundant financial assistance pools in the country, USC gets to provide more than $640 million in scholarships and aid.

Also, students from families earning up to $80,000 or less annually attend tuition-free under a new USC policy to make college much more affordable for lower-income families.

2. University of California, Los Angeles

UCLA is a highly rated public university located in Los Angeles for business programs. It is one of the best business schools in California.

It is a large institution with undergraduate students of about 30,458 on enrollment.

Admissions in this university are highly competitive as the UCLA acceptance rate is 16%.

Alongside business programs, UCLA also offers other major programs including Political Science and Government, Economics, and Psychology.

No other higher-education institution has achieved what UCLA has achieved in times past.

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This business school has innovated and impacted the world more in its first centuries.

As a world-class institution for business and management, UCLA has played a major role in shaping the present world better for young entrepreneurs.

The institution has been known to have won several awards which include 15 Nobel Laureates, 15 MacArthur Fellows, 119 NCAA championships, and more Olympic medals than most nations.

UCLA has transformed into a household name similar to academic and athletic excellence.

In lieu of this, it is very easy to imagine that the institution gearing up to a better perfection.


3. University of California, Berkeley

The University of California located at Berkeley is a high-ranking public university in California along the San Francisco Bay area.

It is a very large institution with a student population of 29,351 undergraduate students.

Admissions in this school for business programs are highly competitive.

This is because the UC Berkeley admission rate is 17% much higher.

It is worth noting that about 91% of graduate students from business programs earn an average salary of $48,700.

Stemming from a group of academic pioneers in the year 1868 to the Free Speech Movement in 1964

Berkeley still remains a place where passionate minds across the globe unite to explore, ask questions and elevate the world to become a better place.

4. Santa Clara University

Santa Clara is one of the top-ranking private Catholic universities in Santa Clara, California along the San Francisco Bay area.

It is an institution with about 5,411 university students currently enrolling in business programs.

It is one of the best business schools in California that impart perfect knowledge to students entrepreneurs.

Admission in this institution is somewhat competitive due to the admission rate which is about 54%.

It is worth noting that about 90% of graduate students from business programs in this school earn an average salary of about $61,100.

The management of Santa Clara University (SCU) improvises its students to build a powerful foundation that kick-starts their career alongside sending them out to lead the life they have ever imagined.

5. Pepperdine University

Pepperdine is a highly accredited private Christian university in California.

Though it is a small institution with a smaller population of students, it is among the best undergraduate business schools in the united states.

Admission to this institution is somewhat highly competitive. Its admission rate is about 40%.

It is worth noting that about 85% of graduate students from business programs in this school earn an average salary of about $47,800.

The vision statement of the business school declares what they intend to become. George Pepperdine sees an institution that would rather transform students’ lives to perfection.

The institution has imagined a vast body of alumni including men and women who are conscious of their good fortune.

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Recipients of the benevolence gift of a Christian education often felt the moral value to serve others sacrificially.

Thus, the school’s motto: “Freely ye received, freely give” (Matthew 10:8).

As a Christian University, Pepperdine strongly affirms that:

➛ God is revealed uniquely in Christ

➛ The educational process may not, with impunity, be divorced from the divine process

➛ The student, as a person of infinite dignity, is the heart of the educational enterprise

➛ The quality of student life is a valid concern of the University

➛ Truth, having nothing to fear from investigation, should be pursued relentlessly in every discipline

➛ Spiritual commitment, tolerating no excuse for mediocrity, demands the highest standards of academic excellence

➛ Freedom, whether spiritual, intellectual, or economic, is indivisible

➛ Knowledge calls, ultimately, for a life of service.

6. Loyola Marymount University (LMU)

Best Undergraduate Business Schools

LMU is known to be committed to its role and encouragement of learning, the education of the whole person, the promotion of justice. alongside the service of faith.

They are a diverse academic community with several opportunities for academic engagement and real-world experience.

Also, they are considered to be among the best business schools in California.

With over 50 disciplines to choose from, LMU academic programs prepare students for lives that add value and meaning.

Students in business schools can look forward to acquiring a sound educational experience founded on respect for the diverse global communities, and humane society.

This philosophy is transformed across several schools, colleges as well as interdisciplinary majors and minors

Including experiential internships, international immersion and study abroad experiences, and community-based service-learning opportunities.

7. California Polytechnic State University-San Luis Obispo

Cal Poly is also one of the best undergraduate business schools located in California. It is an institution with about 20,584 undergraduate students on enrollment.

In lieu of this, admissions are fairly competitive as the Cal Poly acceptance rate is 35%.

Besides business programs offered in this institution, the university also majors in disciplines involving Mechanical Engineering, and Biology.

It is worth noting that about 79% of graduate students from business programs in this school earn an average salary of about $52,100.

At Cal Poly, students will get to put knowledge into action.

The experience gained will help students to ensure that they will be ready to take on whatever will come next ranging from everyday challenges to the world’s most pressing problems and find solutions to them.

Considering now Cal Poly as one of the best undergraduate business schools that will add value to your business.

8. Chapman University

Chapman is also one of the best undergraduate business schools.

It is a private Christian university located in Orange, California along the Los Angeles area.

It is an institution with 6,515 students on enrollment. Admission is highly competitive with an admission rate of about 57%.

It is worthy of note that about 79% of graduate students from business programs in this school earn an average salary of about $43,900.

Chapman University is deeply committed to imparting value to students through ongoing efforts in order to cultivate a welcoming campus climate for almost all members of the Chapman community.

This business school institution has also strived to provide an inclusive academic curriculum to young entrepreneurs to promote equity and access in recruitment and retention.

They also aim to develop meaningful outreach programs to diverse local communities.

They value diversity and inclusion in their business perspective for the fulfillment of the university’s mission.

9. University of California, San Diego

The University of San Diego is also one of the best undergraduate business schools located in San Diego, California.

It is a large institution with a population of about 27,880 undergraduate students. Admission is highly competitive with an admission rate of about 34%.

It is noteworthy that about 85% of graduate students from business programs in this school earn an average salary of about $43,400.

This institution is recognized as one of the top research universities worldwide for business management. Their culture of unity unleashed discoveries that improve society.

Their business school is dedicated to ensuring that students gain the opportunity to become changemakers, with the multidisciplinary tools needed to provide answers to our world’s most pressing issues.

By promoting a culture of experimentation and fresh thinking, the university has arrived at unexpected answers that produce a lasting impact.


10. University of California, Irvine

UC Irvine is also one of the best undergraduate business schools located in Irvine, California around the Los Angeles Area.

It is a very large institution with about 28,855 undergraduate students on enrollment. In lieu of this, admissions are competitive with an acceptance rate of about 37%.

It is worthy of note that about 85% of graduate students from business programs in this school earn an average salary of about $41,100.

UCI’s students, faculty, alongside staff have reached beyond the classrooms and laboratories just to address social issues that will solve human problems in the business world.

More Details!!

As a major intellectual and cultural center, UCI engages the community via various public activities and events.

UCI Engage is a medium for collaborators to unite with faculty on community-engaged research and learning. 

Students can get to find more than 200 programs and initiatives that endorsed community-engaged research and learning. 

Also, they can also get to watch videos and read stories about the ways different faculties and communities collaborate to provide solutions to some of the world’s grand challenges.

11. Harvard University

Harvard University

Harvard University offers a 10-week undergraduate program for those seeking to venture into business.

This program exposes students to many business topics involving social media and business strategy.

Students can also make the choice to pursue an MBA upon completion of an undergraduate degree.

MBA joint degrees are made available with various pairings such as public policy or MD/JD.

At Harvard, it is also much possible to engage in the pursuit of online certificate courses, executive education programs, and Ph.D. or DBA degrees.

Harvard Tuition Cost and Financial Aid

In a recent academic year, tuition and fees are oftentimes $51,900 depending on our discipline in the business school.

The average net price now is about $17,600 for full-time students. This price is pretty much derived from the sum of the applicable financial aid.

Luckily, students who have seen their way in the military are now able to apply for GI education benefits towards their tuition and fees extending to include the cost of books likewise.

Family income oftentimes affects the average net price though. Families earning about $30,000 ended up paying an average net price of up to $2,382.

How Much Money can you Make with a Business Degree? – Harvard University

Graduates of Harvard University can always expect an attractive outcome from attending and graduating from this university.

Their average salaries by business entrepreneurs graduating from this college are relatively high and attractive.

Also, their return on investment (ROI) is perfect, meaning that their labour in education resulted in high salaries outcome.

More Details!!

The entry-level salary of an average Harvard graduate is $74,800 while its average salary is $90,000; and the mid-career salary, $146,800.

Their 10-year salary potential is about $900,000 while the 20-year potential for earnings is about $2,368,000.

And that is after students might have paid an average of about $70,360 for their education.

12. University of Pennsylvania

The University of Pennsylvania is the center of Wharton School for elite business education.

Students can graduate with a bachelor’s degree in economics from this institution with a focus of choice including business analytics, environmental policy, and healthcare management.

It is also much possible to choose from a variety of management specializations and tracks including making choices from the 19 different MBA courses

With online degrees, executive programs, integrated and joint programs with other prestigious colleges and universities such as Harvard.

UPenn Tuition Cost and Financial Aid

For students at the University of Pennsylvania, college tuition, fees, and books are often expensive.

It is worth noting price tag works out to around $59,100 for a recent academic year.

Financial aid is a necessity, whether it comes from grants, scholarships, or even student loans.

How Much Money can you Make with a Business Degree? – University of Pennsylvania

Students who graduated from the prestigious University of Pennsylvania should be able to achieve a good living.

This is their return on investment (ROI) for the funds they had in times past paid into their university education.

This is what makes attending this institution the best choice for many people.

The early-career salary for graduates of the University of Pennsylvania is $75,000; the average salary is $82,000, and their mid-career salary is $149,000.

Looking at ROI, the 10-year earnings potential is about $820,000; while the 20-year earnings potential is about $2,315,000.

Now, comparing this to high school graduates who do not go to college.

Their average national salary will range from $38,792 while their 10-year projected income is about $387,920, and their 20-year projected income is $775,840.

13. University of Virginia-Main Campus

This is one of the best undergraduate business schools where students will get to combine both complex business theory and real-world projects for CEOs. 

Here, students will have the opportunities to study overseas marketing strategies and as well collaborate with other students.

They will also get to pursue particular specialties and multiple courses including accounting, IT, marketing, digital media, entrepreneurship, and global commerce.

The institution also offers a business path for individuals who would want to follow a career in real estate.

Students will get to continue on to the Darden School of Business in order to complete graduate and postgraduate degrees in a variety of business specialties.

UVA Tuition Cost and Financial Aid

Educational costs are on everyone’s minds these days.

However, UVA shows real dedication to helping students who demonstrate financial need.

For in-state students, the total annual costs for studying at UVA, including all fees and room and board, before any adjustments are $33,493.

Out-of-state students face stiffer costs as their annual price is approximately $64,872. 

How Much Money can you make with a Business Degree? – University of Virginia

Graduates of UVA find that their hard work and dedication to excellence pay off. Their salaries average around $77,000 and their early career salaries were found to be an average of $65,000 by

Payscale also found that the ROI for a UVA degree is 6.1% and that the net 20-year return should be somewhere around $500,000.

14. Northwestern University

Northwestern University

This is one of the best undergraduate business schools that has both the Harvey Kapnick Center for Business Institutions and the Kellogg School of Management as well.
The specific programs available at this higher learning institution are launched to offer an interdisciplinary course that makes graduates the best ideal candidates for any fair type of employment in the future.
The employment may include working for technology, corporations, government, non-profits, among others in the future.
Students can complete various certificates at the undergraduate level, as well as have the alternative to partake in several leadership programs and internships. MBAs and PhDs are also available with many business specializations.

Northwestern Tuition Cost & Financial Aid

The cost of tuition (in-state and out-of-state) is around $56,600.
It does not include books and supplies, which usually cost another $17,000, making the entire total closer to $73,600.
Also, this is pretty pricey for families who aren’t in the upper-income levels.

How Much Money can you make with a Business Degree? – Northwestern University

Students who graduate from NWU receive definite financial benefits from their educations.
The average salary of an NWU graduate is $81,000; their early career salary is closer to $65,300 and their mid-career salary can rise to $125,900.

15. Columbia University in the City of New York

Columbia University in New York City is also one of the best undergraduate business schools with much higher potential in business learning
Undergraduate business students can choose a focus in business management via a joint program by Columbia College and the Columbia Business School.
This program is available to exceptional students endowed with leadership potential.
Columbia is highly competitive in a way that allows undergraduates, graduate students, and alumni to work hand-in-hand.
At Colombia University, graduate students can complete a variety of master’s degrees program in businesses including MBAs and PhDs.

Columbia University Tuition Cost and Financial Aid

Tuition is more costly at Columbia University. By joining together, tuition and fees for a recent academic year is about $61,700 plus.
With financial aid, students whose families are less privileged can more easily afford to attend the institution for their business academics.
The average net price of $21,200 is often the remainder of tuition and fees left over after financial aid has been applied.

How Much Money can you make with a Business Degree? – Columbia University

Students who graduate from Columbia University pretty much earn an average entry-level salary of $73,100. Their average mid-career salary is always $138,600.
This can increase tremendously towards the late-career stage.
Their 10-year return on investment (ROI) is estimated to be about $745,120 while their 20-year ROI would reach as high as $2,131,120. 

16. University of Chicago

The Booth School of Business at the University of Chicago is established to enhance academic aspiration and collaborative working environments for business entrepreneurs.
The institution has produced over 54,000 exceptional graduates in about 120 countries.
Students can make choice between a number of business programs such as MBAs, PhDs, executive education, and certificates.
Students will also get to focus on accounting, econometrics and statistics, behavioral science, economics, finance, management science, and joint degrees.

U of C Tuition Cost and Financial Aid

Attending the University of Chicago and earning a degree is pricey. One recent academic year of education cost students $60,500+.
This is where financial aid (grants, scholarships, institutional assistance, and student loans) steps in to fill the gap between what families can pay and what the university charges.

How Much Money can you make with a Business Degree? – University of Chicago 

Graduates of the University of Chicago may be able to anticipate excellent annual salaries and even good returns on investment for their educations.
Graduates’ early-career salaries average $66,000; the overall average salary for a graduate is $78,000, and their mid-career salary may rise to $126,000.

17. University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
The University of Michigan at Ann Arbor offers various business areas of study at any degree level.
Students can start with a bachelor’s degree in business administration and make choices from numerous disciplines such as business law, business communications, marketing, management and organizations, technology and operations, strategy, and more.
It is also much possible to venture into business or entrepreneurship and earn a master’s degree or a more advanced degree such as MBAs, executive education, and PhDs.
In lieu of this, program participants will get to gain access to specialized areas including global business, leadership, positive business, tax policy, real estate, social impact, sustainability, among others.

U-M Tuition Cost and Financial Aid for University of Michigan

The estimated expenses at the University of Michigan for in-state, full-time, beginning undergraduate students is about $15,292 of the recent academic year. Also, out-of-state students paid up to $49,476.

How Much Money can you make with a Business Degree? – University of Michigan

Most undergraduate students at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor go on to complete their degree programs within a period of four to six years.
According to the recent employment report issued by the Michigan School of Information, about 98% of the v graduates are working seamlessly in their field of choice. 
Also, about 95% have been reported to have high levels of job satisfaction.

18. Stanford University

Stanford University seeks to produce vibrant leaders with the capacity to adapt in several innovative ways in order to change the world via better business graduates.
The MBA programs are made available for both young and expert entrepreneurs, mid-career professionals, among other experienced leaders alike.
Program participants will also get to choose from non-degree and certificate programs, executive education programs, and a Ph.D. program in business coursework.
Best undergraduate business school programs are available online and in-person in addition to being offered part-time and full-time.

SU Tuition Cost and Financial Aid

In spite of financial aid, attending Stanford University is quite expensive. The average net price, which is derived after financial aid is always brought to bring down the semester’s tuition which usually costs about $17,271. This cost also extends to include fees charged by the university.

How Much Money can you make with a Business Degree? – Stanford University

Students who graduate earn pretty much to attend a good standard of living.
The entry-level salaries for graduates are estimated to be about $83,500 while the average salary is $106,000, and the mid-career salary is $161,400.
The return on investment (ROI) for a 10-year potential salary for these graduates summed up to about $1,060,000 while the 20-year ROI summed up to about $2,674,000.

How to Evaluate Undergraduate Business Schools

If you already have a bachelor’s degree in another discipline, you can also study a graduate business degree program from the best schools in California with accredited MBA programs.

Current NCES statistics show that California has three of the top 10 business schools by ranking in the country. 

Also, there are a few online business programs available for study in all areas. 

Prospective students must first and foremost ensure that the online business school offers a degree for the business program they would wish to study and must also be fully accredited likewise.

What Can You Do with a Business Degree?

What Can You Do with a Business Degree?

The good thing about a business studies qualification is that it can lead to many entry-level roles upon graduation, while still allowing those who wish to specialize further the chance to improve their return on investment with a graduate degree.

Examples of postgraduate programs include Masters in Management, Masters in Finance, and (for those who’ve gained some professional experience) the Masters in Business Administration (MBA).

These are the typical careers you can find with a business degree:

1. Business careers in accounting and finance

Generalized business studies degrees will mostly cover aspects of accountancy and finance.

However, if you wish to venture into a career in accounting or finance, you will need to gain further qualifications.

A better option for business graduates is to apply for a graduate role and further complete a specialized qualification while you are working.

Notwithstanding, in many larger companies, the course costs will likely be covered by the employer.

If you made up your mind to go into accounting or finance, your job will involve reviewing your company’s financial situation relative to both past and present.

Furthermore, it also extends to include managing records and business transactions; advising clients and colleagues on tax and expenditure

Playing a role in mergers and acquisitions, and taking responsibility for preventing bad practices alongside fraud and negligence.

2. Business careers in management

Becoming a manager is a dedicated job with long hours of working and complicated responsibilities.

The upside is that managerial roles are paid well compared to other positions.

The role also extends to boost many opportunities for job seekers. Managers are found across all industries and firms so as to provide structure and strategy to a workplace.

In lieu of the responsibility for such a position, it is not common to find a managerial role without first gaining a further degree or work experience.

In spite of this, business graduates are also well-placed to become managers later in the future.

3. Business careers in consultancy

Another better option that may please you is the field of business consultancy.

This position means that you will be working as part of a team, combining your business expertise and analytical skills to provide fair advice to other companies.

The advice usually focuses on how to optimize a particular project or a part of the business. Projects and clients may be diverse, however, ensuring that various challenges are attended to.

You may also specialize in a specific type of business, thus combining your business skills with the second field of interest such as engineering or logistics.

4. Business careers in retail and sales

There is oftentimes much more to retail and sales than shelf-stacking and cold-calling, most especially if you are armed with a competent business degree.

Opportunities within sales and retail are very broad including shop-based and office-based roles as well as traveling positions for knowledge of global market strategies.

For those seeking to rise to the higher levels of retail and sales careers, big companies and firms often offer the opportunity to undertake a graduate training program or trainee management program.

This is done in order to fast-track your position within the company. This is advantageous as it is highly valuable in gaining on-the-job experience while continuing seamlessly to develop your business and management strategies in the commercial world.

Also, other careers with a business degree include roles that encompass auditing, banking, energy and utilities, communications, distribution, IT, insurance, journalism, and law.

Furthermore, it also includes hospitality and leisure, logistics, manufacturing, media administration, public relations, production management, public sector, and defense as well as risk management and tax.


In conclusion, business degrees are always among the most college programs every business-passionate student ventures into for excellent reasons.

It is a great idea to seek a degree in business as this would yield a good standard of living for you from its outcome and application.

CSN Team.

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