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Biography of Mike Tyson and Net-worth – 2022 Latest Update

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– Biography of Mike Tyson and Net-worth –

Biography of Mike Tyson: Who is Mike Tyson? Biography of Mike Tyson and Net-worth around the globe. This page will get you covered. Read on!

Biography of Mike Tyson


Michael Gerard ‘Mike’ Tyson, ever since his early days, he showed signs of moving into the world of boxing. His violent streak as a child, uncanny behavior, and resolve for violence to have his way through situations and people laid the strong foundation for him to opt for boxing, not to forget his ginormous weight of 200 pounds at 13 years of age.

Popularly known for his terrorizing power and intimidating temperament, Tyson quickly climbed up the ladder of success under the strong guidance of Cus D’Amato and Rooney to earn the nicknames ‘Iron Mike’ and ‘the baddest man on the planet’. He was popular for defeating his opponents with a single blow.

As such, when he was enjoying raving success and was at the peak of his power, Tyson suffered from serious blows due to his bizarre behavior, rape conviction, financial loss, bankruptcy, and imprisonment.

His biting off the ear of opponent Evander Holyfield was the zenith as the world wrote him off as a damaged animal incapable of existing outside the ring. Though Tyson has tried to make amendments thereafter, his image has been destroyed for good, making him one of the most tragic figures of American sports history.

Early Life

Mike was born on June 30, 1966, to Jimmy Kirkpatrick and Lorna Smith Tyson in Brooklyn, New York, he was one of the three children of the couple. He had an elder brother Rodney and a sister Denise who passed away in 1991 due to heart attack. Additionally, he also had a half-brother Jimmie Lee Kirkpatrick from Kirkpatrick’s earlier marriage.

Kirkpatrick abandoned the family after the birth of young Tyson. Succumbing to the financial burden, the family relocated from Bedford-Stuyvesant to Brownsville when Tyson was ten years of age. Ever since his early years, Tyson was involved in fights; of course, those at this stage were basically only for personal reasons and did not have a professional ground. He resorted to his fist to solve problems of bullying.

By the time Tyson stepped into teenage, he had already been arrested 38 times for knocking out grown men from the street. Young Tyson completed his education from Tryon School for Boys in Johnstown, New York. It was there that Bobby Stewart, a juvenile detention center counselor and former boxer, noticed Tyson’s boxing skills.

He honed them a little before introducing the destined-to-be champion to Cus D’Amato. Under Amato’s guidance, Tyson trained for the sport. He was under the full-time custody of Amato who set a rigorous training schedule for the aspiring boxer. Tyson attended Catskill High School by the day and practiced in the ring by the evening. However, he did not graduate from the school and left his studies as a junior.


Tyson’s training was very well evident in his performance at the Junior Olympic Games in 1981 and 1982, where he won gold medals by convincingly, beating opponents Joe Cortez and Kelton Brown, respectively.

He fought against the eventual 1984 Summer Olympics heavyweight gold medallist Henry Tillman twice in the trials, losing on both occasions. Failing to make it to the Olympics team, Tyson turned professional.

His professional debut fight was against Hector Mercedes on March 6, 1985. He won the same in the first round knockout itself.

In his first year, Tyson won 26 of the 28 fights that he participated in, 16 of which he won in the first round itself. Slowly graduating up the ladder, Tyson fought against veteran journeyman fighters and borderline contenders like James Tillis, David Jaco, Jesse Ferguson, Mitch Green, and Marvis Frazier.

Tyson’s back-to-back victories brought him under media attention, who billed him as the future heavyweight champion. While his career was progressing upwards, Tyson faced turmoil off the ring as his friend, philosopher and guide Amato left for the heavenly abode. Rooney filled up for the shoes of Amato.

Tyson’s first televised fight was against Jesse Ferguson. He stumped the opponent by breaking the latter’s nose in the fifth round. By the sixth round, Tyson was declared a winner.

By the age of 20, Tyson had won a record 22 back-to-back matches, 21 of those victories coming from a knockout.

His string of victories finally brought him his first title fight against Trevor Berbick for the World Boxing Council (WBC) heavyweight championship. On November 22, 1986 Tyson defeated Berbick in the second round knock out and at the age of 20 years and 4 months became the youngest heavyweight champion in history.


He holds the record of being the Youngest Heavyweight Boxing Champion to date. He was only 20 years and 4 months old then.

The Junior Olympic quickest KO (Knock-Out) at 8 seconds is held by Tyson.

In 1985, Tyson won the Ring magazine Prospect of the Year.

For his outstanding performance in the ring, he was awarded the Ring Magazine Fighter of the Year award in 1986 & 1988.

Tyson was voted the BBC Sports Personality of the Year Overseas Personality in the year 1989.

Tyson has included the WWE Hall of Fame in 2012 for his achievements in the professional boxing arena. Additionally, he has been inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame and the World Boxing Hall of Fame.

Personal Life

Mike Tyson has been married thrice and has fathered eight children. His first marriage was to actress Robin Givens. The union did not last more than a year (from February 7, 1988, to February 14, 1989) as the two separated following allegations of violence, spousal abuse and mental instability by Givens on Tyson. The couple had no children.

Tyson then went into the wedlock with Monica Turner. The marriage lasted for five years (from April 19, 1997, to January 14, 2003) after which Turner pursued divorce on grounds of adultery. The couple had two children, Rayna and Amir.

In 2009, in an unfortunate accident, Tyson lost his daughter Exodus after the latter was found unconscious and tangled in a cord, dangling from an exercise treadmill. She was on life support and declared dead the following day.

Tyson walked up to the altar the third time on June 6, 2009, with Lakiha ‘Kiki’ Spicer. The couple has been blessed with a daughter Milan and son Morocco. Tyson’s other children include Mikey, Miguel, and D’Amato (born 1990). He has a total of eight children including the deceased Exodus. Tyson has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. He follows a vegan diet and a sober lifestyle.

Net Worth

Mike Tyson’s net worth has grown significantly in 2018. He is currently one of the richest & most influential boxers in the world with an estimated net worth of $ 3 million.

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