Boy Names that Start with F for your Little Prince

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Are you looking for boy names that start with F? We’ve gathered the ultimate list of baby boy names beginning with F to make your baby name search quick and exciting.

Boy Names that Start with F

Find the perfect name for your perfect little boy by looking through the list of boy names that start with F.

Boy Names that Start with F

This list of baby boy names beginning with F

1. Fabio

Latin origin meaning Noble

2. Ford

English origin meaning River crossing

3. Finnley

Irish origin means White warrior

4. Filip

Polish origin meaning A friend of horses

5. Fitz

Son of (English)

6. Farokh

Persian origin meaning Happy; lucky

7. Fleming

Scottish origin from Flanders

8. Floyd

Celtic origin meaning grey

9. Flynn

Scottish origin meaning red-haired

10. Franz

German/French: Half the name of the band Franz Ferdinand

11. Felipe

Spanish origin meaning A friend of horses

12. Flint

English origin meaning Stream

13. Fidel

Latin origin meaning Faithful

14. Falcon

English origin meaning bird

15. Fannar

Of Old Norse meaning snow drift.

16. Filbert

Old English means hazelnut

17. Fontaine

French origin meaning fountain, spring

18. Forrest

English origin meaning woodland

19. Fridolf

Of Scandinavian meaning peaceful wolf

20. Fulton

English origin meaning Bird-catcher town

21. Favian

Latin origin meaning A man of wisdom

22. Ferdinand

German origin meaning Peace

23. Finch

English origin meaning to swindle

24. Firas

Arabic origin meaning bold lion

25. Fabius

Latin origin means bean


Boy Names that Start with F

26. Ferdinand

Latin origin meaning courageous

27. Fidel

Latin origin means faith

28. Finnbar

Irish origin meaning fair-haired

29. Finian

Irish origin means fair

30. Fulbert

German origin means very bright

31. Fa

Meaning to offer

32. Fai

Meaning Beginning

33. Feng

Meaning Phoenix

34. Fudou

Meaning God of fire

35. Fugan

Feeling the blessing

36. Fuhua

Means Fortune flourishing

37. Fujita

Meaning Rice paddy

38. Fumi

Lotus; beauty

39. Furuya

Meaning Old valley

40. Fushigi

Meaning a miracle

41. Feivel

Hebrew origin meaning bright one

42. Fergus

Celtic origin means forceful

43. Fernando

Spanish and Italian origin meaning courageous

44. Ferris

Celtic origin means rock

45. Finnegan

Irish origin means fair

46. Frodo

German origin meaning wise one

47. Fuyu

Meaning Winter

48. Fachnan

Meaning Malicious

49. Fallon

This means to be a Leader

50. Farren

Meaning the land

Unique Boy Names that Start with F

These are unique names for a unique baby boy.

51. Ferrell

A man of valor

52. Finbar

Fair-headed one

53. Finnegan

Meaning Fair-haired

54. Finnian

Meaning White

55. Fintan

Meaning White fire

56. Fabomi

African origin means gift from God

57. Fiacre

Irish origin meaning eagle

58. Fishel

Hebrew origin meaning little fish

59. Foluke

African origin means under God’s protection

60. Francis

Latin origin meaning French

61. Fursey

Irish origin means virtue

62. Flanagan

Meaning Ruddy

63. Flannan

Meaning Red-haired

64. Flannery

Meaning Red; ruddy

65. Flynn

Meaning Red; reddish

66. Fachnan

Irish origin means hostile

67. Faunus

Latin origin meaning god of the forest

68. Fenris

Of Old Norse meaning dweller in the fens

69. Fintan

Irish origin meaning white fire

70. Frey

Of Old Norse meaning lord

71. Fujin

Japanese origin means wind god.

72. Fabrice

Meaning Craftsman

73. Fernand

Meaning Adventurer

74. Filibert

Meaning Very bright

75. Finn

Meaning Fair

Boy Names that Start with F

76. Firmin

Means to be Steadfast

77. Fontane

This means Fountain

78. Forest

Meaning Woodsman

79. Fahey

Old English origin meaning joyful

80. Fallon

Irish origin means man in charge

81. Faulkner

Greek origin means falcon

82. Ferrell

Irish origin meaning man of valour

83. Fuller

Old English origin meaning thickener of cloth

84. Fortune

Meaning Prosperous

85. Francois

Meaning French man

86. Faraj

Means to Cure

87. Fayiz

Means to be a Victor

88. Farley

Old English origin meaning fair meadow

89. Farnley

English origin from the ferny meadow

90. Felton

Old English origin meaning hill town

91. Fadeyka

Russian origin meaning courageous; brave

92. Fabio

Italian origin means bean farmer

93. Fabrice

French origin meaning craftsman

94. Fakhir

Arabic origin meaning proud

95. Falan

Indian origin meaning fruitful

96. Fahad

Meaning Strong; fast

97. Florian

Flourishing; flowery

98. Falak

It means the sky

99. Falgun

Meaning springtime

100. Farid

It means one of a kind


Best Boy Names that Start with F

Your young prince deserves the best of names. Carefully pick your favourite from this list.

101. Fazal

Meaning Superior

102. Feoras

Meaning the Rock

103. Feroz

It means Shining

104. Firaas

Skilled horseman

105. Firoh

Happiness; joy

106. Faraji

Swahili origin means consolation

107. Faraz

Persian origin meaning on top

108. Farid

Arabic origin means unique

109. Filomeno

Greek origin means loving

110. Fiorello

Italian origin meaning little flower

111. Fordel

Romani origin means forgiveness

112. Fyodor

Russian origin meaning gift of God

113. Flint

English origin meaning stone

114. Fyfe

Scottish origin meaning from Fife

115. Fedele

Italian origin means Faith

116. Federico

German origin meaning Peaceful ruler

117. Felix

Latin origin meaning Lucky

118. Fell

English origin meaning Dweller on the mountain

119. Felton

English origin meaning from the town by the field

120. Fergus

Scottish origin meaning angry one

121. Feri or Ferke

Latin origin meaning free man

122. Fernando

Spanish origin meaning Daring or adventurous

123. Ferris

Latin origin meaning a man of iron

124. Fauzi

Meaning Attainment

125. Fiza

This Arabic name means “silver.”

boy names that start with F

126. Flavia

A name from Ancient Rome means “blond.”

127. Farley

Old English: From the fern clearing; A boy or girl’s name.

128. Fatin

An Arabic name meaning captivating

129. Faustine

A Latin word for the fortunate one

130. Fawn

An Old French word meaning: A young deer.

131. Femi

An African name meaning love me

132. Fola

Honourable African name meaning “honour”

133. Fadil

Giving, generous

134. Faraji

Meaning Consolation

135. Foluke

African origin means Placed in God’s hands

136. Funsani

Meaning a request

137. Fahim

Arabic origin meaning keen; intelligent

138. Fabian

Meaning Bean grower

139. Falcon

Relating to falconry

140. Federico

Italian origin means peaceful ruler

141. Felip

Spanish origin meaning horseman

142. Ferenc

Hungarian, French: Form of Francis.

143. Fineas

Hebrew origin meaning oracle

144. Fonzo

Spanish origin meaning noble

145. Francisco

Spanish, French: Form of Francis

146. Francois

French origin: Form of Francis.

147. Fyrsil

Welsh origin meaning bears the staff

148. Fane

Happy; joyful

149. Farnley

Fern field

150. Farris

Iron, strong

Amazing Boy Names that Start with F

boy names that start with f

Every child deserves an amazing name, hurry now and pick from this list of amazing boy names that start with F

151. Fletcher

Meaning Arrow maker

152. Floyd

Meaning Gray

153. Forrester

Manages forest

154. Fagan

Irish origin meaning villager; battle

155. Faris

Arabic; English origin meaning knight; strong.

156. Felix

Latin origin meaning happy

157. Feng

Chinese origin meaning maple, phoenix or peak

158. Ford

Old English origin meaning river crossing

159. Fox

Meaning Wild animal

160. Fairfax

English origin meaning beautiful hair

161. Francis

English origin meaning French man

162. Fifer

This Implies “Flute player”

163. Finleigh

A beautiful name meaning “Fair-haired hero”

164. Furaha

This Swahili name means “delight.”

165. Fallon

This name means “in charge.”

166. Farran

An Irish name, this means “adventurous.”

167. Francisco

German origin meaning French man

168. Frank

France’s origin means Free

169. Frankie

American origin means Truthful

170. Franklin

English origin meaning Landowner

171. Fraser

French origin meaning Strawberry

172. Fredrick or Fred or Freddie

English origin meaning a peaceful ruler

173. Friday

Old English origin meaning the day of Frige

174. Fritz

German origin meaning Peaceful ruler

175. Falco

Latin origin meaning falconer

176. Fatiha

An Urdu name, Fatiha could mean “originator,” “conqueror” or “winner of hearts.”

177. Fatoumata

An Arabic name, Fatoumata means “someone who abstains.”

178. Fayme

“Held in high regard”

179. Fanya

This Slavic name means “free person.”

180. Faramond

German origin means protected traveller.

181. Farold

English origin meaning powerful traveller

182. Farrel

Celtic origin means valiant

183. Fingal

Celtic origin meaning fair stranger

184. Fionnlagh

Celtic origin meaning white warrior

185. Frewyn

English origin meaning noble friend

186. Fulvio

Latin origin meaning yellow-haired

187. Faiza

This powerful Arabic name means “successful” and “beneficial.” An alternative spelling is Faaizah.

188. Fallon

An Irish name meaning “superior,” there’ll be no guesses about who rules your house.

189. Fayola

This Nigerian name means “honourable” and “fortunate.”

190. Frewyn

Meaning Noble friend

191. Federico

Italian origin means peaceful ruler

192. Felip

Spanish origin meaning horseman

193. Ferenc

Hungarian origin means French

194. Fineas

Hebrew origin meaning oracle

195. Fonzo

Spanish origin meaning noble

196. Francisco

Spanish/French: Form of Francis.

197. Francois

French: Form of Francis.

198. Fyrsil

Welsh origin meaning bears the staff


What are Unique Names that Start with F?

1. Fabian.

2. Fabiana.

3. Fabienne.

4. Fable.

5. Fairbanks.

6. Fairfax.

7. Falcon.

8. Fallon.

What’s a Rare Name for a Boy?

The rarest baby boy name is Rome, but other rare baby boy names include Chester, Henley, and Maynard.

What is a Fancy Name for a Boy?

Along with Augustus, other fancy boy names in the US Top 1000 include Benicio, Maximilian, Marcellus, Alessandro, Leonidas, Remington, Orlando, and Thaddeus.

Many fancy names for boys have Shakespearean connections, such as Oberon, Montague, Bertram, and Cornelius.

What is a Handsome Name for a Boy?

1. Alan: Irish

2. Amare: Ethiopian

3. Beau: French

4. Cavanaugh: Irish

What is the Prettiest Boy Name?

1. Aiden

2. Alexander

3. Andrew

4. Asher

5. Anthony

6. August

7. Benjamin

8. Barney

What is the Luckiest Name for a Boy?

1. Asher: Hebrew meaning of ‘happy; happiness’

2. Felix: Latin meaning ‘happy’ or ‘lucky’

3. Quinn: Irish-Gaelic for ‘sense, intelligence’

4. Chance: English meaning ‘good fortune

5. Bennett: Latin meaning ‘blessed’

6. Edmund: Old English meaning ‘prosperity’ or ‘riches’

What is the Coolest Male Name?

1. Angus.

2. Harnan.

3. Henley.

4. Izaak.

5. Jayden.

6. Meyer.

7. Milton.

8. Otis.

What is a Good Name F?

1. Finley.

2. Finn.

3. Felix.

4. Freya.

5. Faith.

6. Francisco.

7. Fiona.

8. Fernando.

What is the Best Name for a Boy?

1. Liam.

2. Noah.

3. Oliver.

4. Elijah.

5. James.

6. William.

7. Benjamin.

8. Lucas.

What’s a Cute Nickname for a Boy?

1. Darling

2. Stud Muffin.

3. Boo Bear.

4. Mister Man.

5. Baby

6. Sweets

7. Bubba

8. Captain

Choosing a name might be challenging, but if you don’t worry too much about it, it can also be a lot of fun.

We hope these have added a little more to what was already on your list. Check out the page for more intriguing articles like this one.

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