Top 10 Brain Games for Adults That Will Improve Your Ability to Remember

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– Brain Games For Adults –

Well, brain games are no longer news as it is seen as any activity which triggers the way people think. Brain games are not just limited to word puzzles or guessing but also involve activities like painting, learning new languages, music, and vice versa.

Top 10 Brain Games for Adults That Will Improve Your Ability to Remember

Games are good activities for the brain. For instance, number rows, crosswords, or word puzzles have been shown to have cognitive effects on older adults. Chess, checkers, and analogue games help enhance the brain’s processing speed and memory.

Importance Of Games

Most importantly, games are good activities that help one interact freely and get involved in so many activities with each other.

Unlike a child who really wants to explore, gaming gives way to reasoning and paying attention to meeting up targets.

In other words, gaming provides a lot of benefits to people of interest and abilities to practice and show their skills on what they are good at doing.

Top 3 Popular Brain Games For Adults

➛ Chess

➛ Checkers

➛ Analog Games

Chess Game

A Chess game is seen as a brain game for intellectually gifted adults as it is seen as an exercise to them.

Chess games is also one of the oldest and most popular board games played by two opponents on a checkered board with the aim of capturing the opponents’ king.

How to Play Chess Games

  1. Open with a center pawn.
  2. Develop with threats.
  3. Knights before bishops.
  4. Don’t move the same piece twice.
  5. Make as few pawn moves as possible in the opening.
  6. Don’t bring out your queen too early.
  7. Castle as soon as possible, preferably on the king side.
  8. Always play to gain control of the center.
  9. Try to maintain at least one pawn in the center.
  10. Don’t sacrifice without a clear and adequate reason.

2 Things chess games do

• Improves memory

• Enhances reading skills

• Checkers Game

Checkers, also called draught or board games is the world’s oldest game in history. It is usually played with two persons who oppose each other across a board of 64 light and a dark square as chess boards do.


Other Forms Of Checkers Games

  1. Chinese checkers
  2. Connect Four
  3. International draughts
  4. Alquerque
  5. Reversi

How to Play Checkers

Checkers games is a wishy-washy game usually played with two or more persons.

However, when playing checkers game, a lot of skill is required to do so. Below are the skills to apply when playing checkers game.

1. Determine who will go first in the game

Before setting up the game, you decide who is going to play first; it may be based on who won last. Note that the player with the black checkers always goes first

2. Set up the board

Sit across your opponent and make sure to place the board between you and your opponent. The board is made up of 64 alternating dark and light which appear in 8 rows by 8.

3. Place the checkers on the board:

Make sure each player places his pieces on the 12 dark squares in the first 3 rows close to him/ her.

4. Decide if you are going to time each other’s moves:

Also, in the tournament checkers game, each player is given five minutes to make his moves.

Benefits of Playing Checkers

Checkers boost problem-solving skills. it is a game of logic.

In short, it has a significant way of developing one’s skill as players must learn how to solve problems in order to win in the game.

1. Memory Recall: Playing checkers over time helps players improve good memory skills as players develop a thought of great potential moves and remember the potential moves for each outcome made on the game.

2. Concentration: Concentration remains the key benefits for checkers players as it is one of the things that gives them strength to get along with the game otherwise they get the game forfeited by running out of time.

Above all, those who master their focus become better thinkers and problems solvers.

3. Decision-making: Checkers players can never be dumped. In the same vein, they must understand each move and take decisive moves that will gain them a certain result.

However, the more games the players participate in, the more decisive they become in all things.

4. Sound judgment: Checkers players tend to make sound judgments through trial and error based on the board before them.

They also learn which moves are most likely to result in loss and which one is likely to get end in a win, creating room for them to give sound judgments.

Analog Games

Analog Games

Analog game is broadly defined games that include work on table-tops and live-action playing games such as carnival games, card games, and board games. Therefore, to give you a better insight into what analog games are about, we will discuss in detail below

1. Carnival Games

A carnival game is a game of chance and skill. It can also be seen at a travelling carnival, charity fundraiser, and amusement park or at a state or county fair midway.

Consequently, Carnival games can also be played by betting on a “pay per play” basis. Prices may range from a small amount to a few dollars per play.

However, most games played during the carnival game may offer a small prize to the winner; prizes may include toys, cash, posters, and vice versa.

List of carnival games

• Balloon and dart

• Bingo

• Birthday

• Bulldozer

• Bottle stand

• Crazy Bike

• Plate break

• Water gun

Kissing Booth

• I Got it

• Horse race

• Shooting gallery

2. Card Games

A card game is a set of games played using a playing card. Its primary device of playing is a card. On the other hand, card games are usually played for pleasure or gambling depending on the set with one or more decks of playing cards.


Some Examples of Adult card Games are;

• Scrabble

• Crazy eight

• Taboo

• Apples to Apples

• Truth or dare

• Sequence

• Cluedo

• Kings in the Corner

• Risk

Things Card Games Do

  1. Gives you a Mental Health
  2. Card games also help improve Personal Development
  3. Improved Math Skills and Logical Thinking
  4. Help with Concentration, Patience, and Discipline
  5. Enables one Learn How to Cope with Losing
  6. Relax and Unwind
  7. Memory-Boosting Skills
  8. Gives you a Better Social Life

Best Brain Games For Adults

An adult is a fully grown individual or a well-developed person who is of age to fully take responsibilities and so, they engage themselves in so many activities that get to drain their brains.

However, the list of games for adults in this article will be categorized into Board games, Electronic games, and also physical games that can help your aged loved ones keep their brains healthy.

1. Board Games

Brain Games for Adults

While the body of an elderly person is supposed to get less exercise, the brain however needs more, this is where board games come in handy, something to keep your mind busy and your old bones relaxed. Here are a few board games to get you started.

a. Sudoku: Sudoku is one of the most popular games online. It is available on all online sites like Play Store and ios.

b. Chess: Chess boosts your executive function and helps you train your working memory as you plan and strategize. It also helps you make faster decisions while improving your concentration.

c. Scrabble: Scrabble games are another way of learning new vocabulary, improved focus, and the way you think.

d. Checkers: Checkers, also called draught or board games is the world’s oldest game in history. It is usually played with two persons who oppose each other across a board of 64 light and a dark square as chess boards do.

e. Cluedo: Cluedo is a classic board game of suspense. It is a game for players ages eight and above. The game takes about an hour to play and calls for three to six players to investigate a murder by gathering evidence.

2. Card Games

Card Games

A card game is a set of games played using a playing card. Its primary device of playing is a card. Card games are usually played for pleasure or gambling depending on the set with one or more decks of playing cards.

Games like solitaire are popular not only because they are fun, but because they challenge you to think. To win solitaire, for example, you have to plan ahead and know when to make moves, making it an effective brain training game.

You also have to remember where card positions are. Best of all though, the game is accessible. You can play solitaire by yourself with a deck of cards, or you can play solitaire online.

In other words, here’s a list of some interesting card games you might love to try.

a. Matching Pairs Card Games: This game can be played in a variety of ways, including several online versions (including tile-matching games like Mahjong). In short, the goal is to match as many pairs as possible in as little time as possible – lay any number of cards face down, flip over two at a time, and try to recall where the matches are.

b. Whot: Whot is played with a non-standard deck in five suits: Circles, Crosses, Stars, Triangles, and Squares.

c. Taboo: Taboo is a party word game played with two teams of players or more on a deck of 502 guess words with a set of taboo words and a battery-operated buzzer.

d. Crazy Eight: Crazy eight is a shedding type card game usually played with two to seven players. The aim of the game is to get rid of all cards in your hands by discovering a matching card.

3. Electronic Games

Electronic Games

We all learn new things when it is fun especially when we are in a well relaxed and playful mood. Having fun can stimulate the way you think by helping you adapt to solving problems and connecting with other people.

Here is a list of many but a few electronic games you should try as an adult.

a. KenKen: KenKen calls itself “puzzles that make you smarter.” Their site includes free online puzzles, as well as math and number games.

b. Tricky Test 2: Tricky Test 2™ is a free IQ game that challenges you to find out if you have a “genius brain.” It includes a series of brain teasers and solutions designed to trick you.

c. Left Vs Right: Left Vs Right was designed to test your awareness, adaptability, reflex, precision, reasoning, and patience.

d. A Clockwork Brain: A Clockwork Brain is a series of fun and challenging games majoring designed for memory, attention, language, reasoning, and dexterity.

e. Electronic Crosswords puzzles: Crosswords puzzle contribute to the development of memory and attention skills as well as increase the ability to learn new words.

More on Electronic Games

f. Electronic Jigsaw Puzzles: Jigsaw puzzles could be the answer. For instance, your brain has to filter through all of the different colors and shapes, and the more pieces the puzzle has, the harder it is for your brain to do so. When you click a jigsaw piece into the correct slot, you even experience a rush of dopamine.

g. Lomosity: Lomosity games now claim to offer daily exercise for your mind. Memory, attentiveness, mental flexibility, processing speed, and problem-solving are all aided by their brain training.

h. Elevate: Elevate is originally a language-learning and SAT Preparation application that now calls itself a new type of cognitive training tool designed to build good communication and analytical skills.

i. CogniFit Brain Fitness: CogniFit includes both neuropsychological assessments and brain training programs. Subsequently, the tests cover 23 different cognitive abilities, and their training programs employ a unique approach that allows them to create an “optimal sequence of brain games tailored to the user.”

j. Super Mario 64: Engaging one in Super Mario 64 three-dimensional video games improve both spatial memory and precognitive ability. The game encourages exploration within the game’s 15 worlds, where the player will meet obstacle courses, secret objects, and riddles, as well as Mario’s enemy.


Things To Do To Protect The Brain

The brain is a complex organ that controls thoughts, memory, touch, emotions, motor skills, vision, breathing, temperature, hunger, and every process that regulates our body.

Below are a few things you need to do to keep it protected.

1. Stay Physically Active: Engaging yourself daily in exercising and other physical activities helps in the free flow of blood to the brain and paves the way to the new brain cells through neurogenesis.

2. Stay mentally and socially active: Involve yourself in some home activities to avoid depression and anxiety and maintain some physical activities like house chores and learning new tasks to help maintain cognitive function.

3. Eat for brain health: Daily intake of some balanced diet meals full of antioxidants like leafy vegetables and fruits can help protect existing brain cells.

Why Should Adults Play Games

Why Should Adults Play Games

  1. It gets them connected to their inner child
  2. It gives them an easy way of escaping from the stress of life
  3. Games expose the adults’ mind to greater creativity and imagination
  4. Subsequently, they immediately have something to bond with other people
  5. Also, it widens their life perspective and gives them a balanced thought
  6. It gives them something to look up to
  7. To sum up, it gives them chances of involving their “Spouse” to their ‘Me’ time

Games That Improve Brain Memory


•Jigsaw puzzles

•Multi-Task Games

•The Suitcase game


•The Tray Game



•Brain Yoga

A Brief History Of Games

History Of Games

The history of games dates to the ancient human past. Also, game is an integral part of all cultures and is one of the oldest forms of human social interaction.

Games are formalized expressions of play that allow people to go beyond immediate imagination and direct physical activity.

In short, common features of games include uncertainty of outcome, agreed-upon rules, competition, separate place and time, elements of fiction, elements of chance, prescribed goals and personal enjoyment.

Similarly, games such as Senet and the Mesoamerican ball were often imbued with mythic and ritual religious significance.

In the same vein, games like Gyan chauper and The Mansion of Happiness were used to teach spiritual and ethical lessons while Shatranj and Wéiqí (Go) were seen as a way to develop strategic thinking and mental skill by the political and military elite.

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