Brazilian Names with Meaning for Boys and Girls

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You can find Brazilian names on this page, ranging from first names and surnames to last names and their meanings.

Brazilian Names

The culture of a nation is reflected in names. Typically, a country’s name reveals a lot about the influences and values that have shaped it.

Brazilian Names 

You will undoubtedly discover a Brazilian name that honors the ideals and goals you have for your child.

1. Augustinha

Meaning “to increase”

2. Aurea

Meaning “golden”, and related to Aurora, meaning “dawn”

3. Amanda

A Latin name meaning “worthy of love”

4. Afonso

This Portuguese variation of the name Alonzo means “one who is ready to be noble

5. Beatriz

Meaning “the one who brings joy”

6. Edite

Portuguese origin, this name is the Portuguese version of a girl’s name Edith and means “blessed”.

7. Eloá

Brazilian origin means “goddess or sun warrior”.

8. Emanuelly

Hebrew origin, meaning “God is with us

9. Fernanda

German origin meaning “a brave journey” female version of Fernando, common in Spain and Portugal.

10. Pedro

Meaning simply “rock,” Pedro is rooted in Latin and Greek. Its etymological origin is Petra, which is also a cool name.

11. Francisca

Old French origin, this traditional name is readily found within Brazilian aristocracy and means “free one”.

12. Joaninha

“Portuguese origin” name meaning “God is gracious”. This is a Brazilian variant of the name Joanna.

13. Belmira

This is a place in Columbia, and also a Brazilian first name meaning “beautiful voyage”.

14. Constancta

A strong girl’s name means “steadfast and persistent”

15. Benigna

An Italian name that’s more popular in Brazil. It means “kind-hearted”.

16. Brazilia

The new capital of Brazil would make a great name for a baby girl.

17. Bruna

Meaning “dark-haired”

18. Heitor

It is a popular name in Spanish countries, and it means the one who protects.

19. Henrique

This beautiful name means prince or lord of home.

20. Hélio

This powerful name means sun.

21. Gabriel

This baby name means messenger of God.

22. Gael

It means beautiful and generous.

23. Geraldo

It means the lord of the spear.


Popular Brazilian Names

Brazilian Names

Here goes the list of popular Brazilian names for your baby.

24. Fernando

It means fearless to achieve peace.

25. Flávio

It means golden and blonde.

26. Ademir

Meaning “glorious” or “war-like” depending on whether you trace it back through German or Portuguese.

27. Alexandre

A French form of Alexander, meaning “defender”

28. Alexio

Another version of Alexander

29. Pascoa

A name in the same family as the French Pascal would be perfect for a child born around Easter.

30. Quim

A unique Brazilian boy name that’s actually a shortened form of Joaquim

31. Rafael

Meaning “God has healed”.                         

32. César

It means the king with long hair.

33. Cleiton

It means friendly and amicable.

34. Thiago

Portuguese origin meaning “may God protect you” It’s the Portuguese version of James.

35. Tristao

Portuguese origin meaning “outcry” This is the Portuguese version of the French name Tristan.

36. Ulisses

Portuguese origin means “with wrath, or hateful” it’s the Portuguese form of the name Ulysses, originating from the Ancient Greek legend of Odysseus.

37. Valentim

Brazilian origin meaning “healthy and strong” This is the Brazilian Portuguese version of the name Valentine, a lovely Brazilian name.

38. Benício

It means a blessed, good man.

39. Benjamim

It means son of happiness.

40. Bento

It is a variation of Benedito, and it means blessed.

41. Kiania

Brazilian origin meaning “a new dawn

42. Lecia

Latin origin meaning “a very joyful person”

43. Lygia

Ancient Greek origin this name is the Brazilian Portuguese form of Ligeia and means “clear voice”.

44. Marcia

Italian origin meaning “someone who is dedicated entirely to Mars”

 45. Marelaine

Brazilian origin meaning “the kind one”

46. Ian

It means God’s gift.

Beautiful Brazilian Names

Brazilian Names

Just as Brazil is a beautiful place to be in, these are also beautiful Brazilian names.

47. Igor

This sweet name means farmer.

48. Inácio

It means the fiery one.

49. Isaque

This biblical name means son of happiness.

50. Kaique

This Indigenous Brazilian name means water bird.

51. Kauê

It is an Indigenous Brazilian name, and it means kind man.

52. Cléo

Meaning “Pride, glory, and fame” This is the name of the popular actress Cléo Pires.

53. Dilma

Meaning “independent”

54. Elis

Meaning “God’s promise”

55. Gisele

Meaning “to owe a mutual obligation or pledge

56. Kléber

This name comes from a profession, and it means the one who hangs the posters.

57. Israel

It means God’s fighter.

58. Ismael

It means God will hear.

59. Isaías

This name means God is my salvation.

60. Ivan

It means God is gracious.

61. Maria

Hebrew origin means “from the sea” This name is by a long stretch the most common name for a girl in Brazil.

62. Breno

It is a Roman name, and it means noble or leader.

63. Bernardo

This baby name means strong as a bear.

64. Bruno

It is the male variation of Bruna, and it means to be tanned, brown, and dark.

65. Claúdio

It means crippled and lame as this name originated from the Latin Claudius, through the word claudus, which means the same.

66. Cristiano

It means a Christian man.

67. Raimundo

Meaning “wise defender”

68. Rio

In Spanish and Portuguese, Rio means “river”. It’s also a cool reference to Rio de Janeiro, one of the most famous cities in Brazil.

69. Rodrigo

Meaning “powerful”

Unique Brazilian Names

Check out this list of unique and awesome Brazilian names.

70. Santos

Saint names are popular in Brazil, and Santiago means “St James”.

71. Anastacio

Meaning “resurrection”

72. Bernardo

For boys who’re going to be “as strong as a bear”.

73. Bruno

This name means “brown”.

74. Edvaldo

It means the one whose strength resides in wealth.

75. Elias

It is a biblical name that means God is my lord.

76. Emanuel

It is another biblical name, and it means God is with us.

77. Eloa

Meaning “sun warrior”

78. Iara

This name is gender-neutral in Brazil, and it means “cheerful and happy”.

79. Vanessa

A name related to butterflies.

80. Vittoria

Meaning “victory”

81. Yara

A traditional name that means “mother of the water”

82. Zina

A cool Z name for girls that’s related to Zeus

83. Jessica

A name that goes back to Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice

84.  Julia

Meaning “youthful”

85. Kiania

Meaning “new dawn”

86. Lecia

Another name that means “joyful”

87. Enzo

This beautiful name means prince of home.

88. Estevão

It means crowned man.

89. Fabrício

It is a variation of the Italian name Fabrizio, and it means blacksmith.

90. Guilherme

It means the brave protector.

91. Gilberto

It means bright pledge.

92. Horácio

It means the timekeeper.


What is a Popular Brazilian Name?

The most popular baby names in Brazil in 2021 were Helena and Miguel.

Besides Helena, other popular girl names in Brazil were Alice, Laura, Valentina, and Heloísa.

As well to Miguel, popular boy names in Brazil included Arthur, Gael, Heitor, and Theo.

What is a Brazilian Boy’s Name?

1. José:  it means the addition of the Lord or God multiplies.

2. João: This male Brazilian name means graced by God, and it is often paired with another name, such as Pedro, Henrique, Vítor, Miguel, Paulo, Gabriel, and Carlos.

3. Joaquim: It means established by God.

4. Jorge: it means farmer.

What are Popular Brazilian Last Names?

Examples of these surnames are Almeida, Azevedo, Braga, Barros, Brazil, Bahiense, Campos, Cardoso, Correia,Castro (old castle).

Costa, Fontes, Guimarães, Magalhães, Macedo, Matos,Pedreira, Queirós, Ribeiro, Rocha, Siqueira or Sequeira (dry place), Serra,Souza, Teixeira, and Valle.

How do Brazilian Names Work?

Formerly a colony of Portugal, Brazil largely uses Portuguese naming conventions, which often gives people four names: their given name

Which is often two to include a saint’s name and/or a preposition (da, das, do, dos or de); the mother’s last name; and then the father’s last name.

Do People in Brazil have Two Last Names?

Most people in Brazil have two surnames inherited from the mother and the father, in that order.

Furthermore, people that get married may or may not adopt the surname of the other party but traditionally women drop the surname of the mother and add that of the husband

What is a Good Spanish Name for a Girl?

Along with Isabella and Gabriela, other Spanish girls’ names in the US Top 300 include Ana, Angelina, Elena, Jada, Liliana, Maya, Savannah, and Sofia.

Is Yasmin a Brazilian Name?

It is originally a Persian name but has spread to Europe, where it is often spelled the same as the plant name in England, Jasmine.

Is Luca a Brazilian Name?

Lucas: Popular both in the States and in Brazil, Lucas is the Latin form of Luke meaning “man from Lucania.”

You might also consider Luca. Miguel: This common Brazilian name has snagged the top spot for Brazilian baby boys.

Is Mila a Brazilian name?

Mila (Cyrillic: Мила, Polish: Miła) is a female Slavic name originating from Central or Eastern Europe.

It is a diminutive of Slavic names beginning or ending with Mila which is derived from the element Mil (Мил) meaning “gracious” or “dear”.

What is a Brazilian Female Name?

1. Gabriela

2. Ana

3. Amanda

4. Fernanda

5. Júlia

6. Beatriz

7. Mariana

8. Larissa

The ideal approach to celebrate your child’s heritage, commemorate Brazilian family values, or pay homage to the nation’s distinctive culture is to give your child a Brazilian name.

With a little deliberation and study, you’re likely to find a name that is a wonderful fit for your child. Also, do well to share this post on various social media platforms.

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