10 Best Bulk SMS Providers in Nigeria 2024

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Bulk SMS Providers in Nigeria offer affordable services that reach thousands of people without considering their Internet access. So, if you think the general acceptance of WhatsApp and Facebook messengers means the death of SMS then think again.

Bulk SMS Providers in Nigeria

Bulk SMS is sending a large volume or quantity of SMS or Short Message Service or Text Messages at a time. Also, Bulk SMS works similarly to the way we send text or SMS from our mobile phones or smartphones.

One difference between sending regular text messages from your phone and bulk SMS is sent from the internet using a reliable bulk SMS gateway.

Bulk SMS Nigeria offers a complete mobile marketing solution for your business to increase customer acquisition and be ahead of the competition.


Bulk SMS Providers in Nigeria

This post provides you with the best and most efficient Bulk SMS providers in Nigeria to facilitate your business and connections and as well save cost

1. X wireless Net: 

X wireless has been in existence for a while and offers a friendly interface that can be understood by people. They also provide solutions to Excel Plugin which enables one to send SMS from an Excel sheet consisting of messages and contacts.

The price of the SMS starts at N0.89 per SMS for a Volume between 1 to 9,999 and as low as N0.73 for a minimum Volume

2. SMS Live 247:

In the last spot is SMS Live 247, there is a tool that can be used to send SMS at 1 SMS per unit. the price is pretty low which is fixed at 1.35 naira per unit.

This platform is considered one of the top-notch sites that provides excellent service when it comes to sending bulk SMS to any GSM & CDMA networks in this country, they offer more than 600 networks in over 200 countries around the globe.

3. Gold SMS 247

 Gold SMS 247

With Gold SMS you can buy SMS for as low as 82 kobos at each SMS. You can equally purchase SMS for as low as 72 kobos per SMS. The company offers you immediate delivery upon making payment.

It provides your business with affordable and reliable Bulk SMS Service in Nigeria. This service can help your business as an advertising and campaign tool for promoting the business because it enables brands to create awareness and reach out to potential clients within a short period.

You will be able to realize your advertising plan and strategy using this Bulk SMS in Nigeria Service,  enhance your customer retention, and achieve a better customer-staff relationship with your company.

4. BulkSMSNigeria:

With a larger user base as a result of its ranking for terms related to bulk SMS in Nigeria. This SMS provider is one of the leading SMS network providers in Nigeria rendering payment options.

5. Smskernel:

Smskernel made it to the first position of this list because of its responsive design and quick message delivery feature, it doesn’t take up to minutes to have a message delivered to the receiver.

In our research,h we found out that there is no other responsive design that fits on low-end phones than smskernel, it has the best interface and is easy to understand, smskernel also sends text messages informing its users of important messages.

Smskernel offers 5 SMS units upon registration to test their service before placing an order, they also have an application that makes it easier for us.

Also, their SMS costs N1 per message without any additional charges, they also offer a reseller package at a reasonable price. last but not least you can place an order on their website and pay with your credit card without stress, we also find that crediting a new order is very ok as it 10-30 minutes from the time of placing an order.

6. Ebulksms.com:

Ebulksms is one of the well-known quality trustworthy bulk SMS companies in Nigeria. They are well known and been used by some top Nigerian companies.

Ebulksms design is very neat and easy to understand, as well as a responsive design though it doesn’t fit too well on low-end phones, their SMS delivery time is excellent and worth using.

They have the most advanced features of all. information hold has tested they would have made top one but their duration charges drag them to the second position on this list, though ebulksms is a bit expensive they offer the best quality service. 

7. Dmobili.com:

Dmobili has been in the business of bulk SMS for a very long time now, and a lot of big companies in Nigeria use them, though their design is not responsive they have an easy-to-understand interface.

Dmobili offers 3 SMS units upon registration to test their service before buying more units. They deliver messages quite fast, they have the option of sending a message later scheduling a time and date.

Their SMS charges are N1.70 to MTN, AIRTEL, and ETISALAT, N2.00 to GLO, N4.00 to VISAFONE, MULTI LINKS, STARCOMS, and N10 to INTERNATIONAL NUMBERS per SMS. mobile has the option of buying sms units online with an atm card in just a click.

8. Global.gbnmobile.com:

Global. gbnmobile is a bulk SMS provider that looks like smskernel in design with good responsive design, they have a good interface through the registration process is a bit stressful. We make it number 4 on this list because of its great features.

On Global.gbnmobile.com you can easily top up SMS units using a voucher, known as a recharge card. Global. gbnmobile gives 2 units upon registration and charges 1.8 units per sms which is a bit high in price, they have a reseller package and their price is not that reasonable but if want quality service they could still be considered.

9. Yugosms:

Yugosms is one of the easiest-to-use bulk SMS services, though their website is not very friendly with all kinds of screens, we still consider it among Nigeria’s top bulk SMS providers, because their messages are delivered on time without stress, and they offer new users are 2 units sms to test their service upon registration,

Also, they have the option of paying through their account or paying online with an ATM card while ordering for an SMS unit.

Yugosms has a nice message interface though it seems to be information that needs advancement; it is still very easy to understand, and their SMS rate is reasonable.

10. Speedwaysms:

Speedway SMS is also good for sending bulk SMS across the country with high speed, their message is delivered pretty much well upon a send button click, and they have a nice option of buying SMS online with an ATM card or paying directly to their account which they promise they will credit user account that pays for units using their account direct within 12hours.

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