BVN Portal Latest Update

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A BVN is a one-of-a-kind identifying number. It is also verifiable across all Nigerian financial institutions. This post will provide you with important information regarding BVN Portal.

BVN Portal Latest Update

What is a BVN?

BVN is an abbreviation for Bank Verification Number. It is a biometric identification system implemented by the Central Bank of Nigeria. And this is to curb or reduce illegal banking transactions in Nigeria.

Also, it is a modern security measure in line with the Central Bank of Nigeria Act of 1958. And it aims to reduce fraud in the banking system.

However, the system works by recording fingerprints and a facial photograph of the client.

A customer’s BVN is mapped to the individual’s biological traits, namely:

1. Fingerprint.

2. Signature.

3. Facial photograph captured at the point of enrollment.

How BVN Works

BVN offers the verification and validation of the customers’ identities seamlessly across multiple and interoperable electronic platforms.

Also, the BVN database is searched to display relevant information about an individual. This is called the bio-data (it includes names, phone numbers, addresses, and dates of birth).

The BVN Unique Value Proposition

The BVN database is the most reliable and comprehensive data source in the Nigerian financial industry.

It has over 38 million unique BVNs. And they are intrinsic to every individual whose profile has been captured


How Long is BVN Number Code?

You might ask how many digits are in a BVN. The questions are all the same and of course, provide the same answer also. BVN code is an 11-digit number. And it acts as your universal ID in all banks in Nigeria.

Also, it is as important as owning a phone number for filling out NIMC forms, and other necessary forms inside and across the Nation.

How to Check Your BVN Number via Your Network Subscriber

You can now check your BVN number code on your mobile phone. Just dial *565*0# to check your Bank Verification Number (BVN).

Also, you do not need to access the internet to check your BVN code. And you do not need any high-end smartphones as well.

Also, with the codes below, you can learn how to check your BVN code number on any SIM.

1. How to check BVN code number on MTN: Dial *565*0#

2. Checking BVN code number on Airtel: Dial *565*0#

3. Also, how to check the BVN code number on 9mobile (Etisalat): Dial *565*0#

4. Checking BVN code number on Glo: Dial *565*0#

BVN portal

How to Check Your BVN Number via Your Bank is Available on BVN Portal

Also, you can check your BVN code number for any bank in Nigeria with the same code. For instance:

1. How to check BVN code for Diamond: Dial *565*0#

2. Also, how to check the BVN code for First Bank: Dial *565*0#

3. How to check BVN code for FCMB: Dial *565*0#

4. Also, how to check the BVN code for Stanbic IBTC: Dial *565*0#

5. How to check BVN code for Eco Bank: Dial *565*0#

6. how to check the BVN code for Union Bank: Dial *565*0#

7. Also, how to check the BVN code for UBA: Dial *565*0#

8. How to check the BVN code for Zenith Bank: Dial *565*0#

9. Also, how to check BVN code for Access Bank: Dial *565*0# and so on and so forth.

How to Check BVN Number on BVN Portal

You can also check your BVN code number online via Internet banking. To know your BVN number online, log into your Internet banking app. And you will see the code displayed on your front page.


Frequently Asked Questions About BVN

Below are some commonly asked questions about the BVN:

1. What is a BVN?

BVN means Bank Verification Number

2. What is the Goal of the Bank Verification Number?

The goal of the Bank Verification Number (BVN) is to uniquely verify the identity of each Bank’s customer for ‘know your customer’ (KYC) purposes.

3. How does a Customer get a BVN?

A customer enrolls at any branch of a bank where he/she has an account or intends to open an account.

4. Must every customer have a BVN, is it Compulsory?

Yes, it is.

5. How long does it take to get a BVN?

It takes up to 24hrs to 48hrs after Enrolment to get a BVN.

6. What is the Benefit of enrolling for a BVN?

The BVN helps to reduce fraud, increase the efficiency of banking operations, and also enables customer access to future credit facilities.

7. How is the BVN communicated to the customer?

Once the BVN is generated, the bank would inform you of your BVN. All customers would receive SMS alerts.

8. If a customer forgets his/her BVN, what should the customer do?

The customer should contact his/her bank where the enrolment was carried out to retrieve the number.

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