Can You Use Paypal on Amazon to Make Payment?

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Do you want to know if you can use Paypal on Amazon for Payment? Read further to find out if these interdependent companies have thought of partnerships.

Can You Use Paypal on Amazon for Payment?

About PayPal

It’s an online financial service that lets you pay for things using a secure online account. When you receive money in your PayPal account, they may charge you a fee.

PayPal can be used to receive money also. They deposit any money you get into your PayPal account and you may make purchases, with the amount being replenished using your nominated cards or bank.

On a personal level, however, the great majority of usage is entirely free. Transferring money to friends or relatives using PayPal accounts is free as long as no currency conversion is necessary.

There are also corporate PayPal accounts, which you can learn more about here. Many companies can now take card payments that they couldn’t before thanks to PayPal.

How to Use PayPal

Below are the steps on how to use Paypal:

1. PayPal is accessible through a computer or a mobile application both online and in shops. Apps for Android and iOS are available.

2. Enter your bank account, credit card, or debit card information, and you may pick which of your cards or accounts PayPal will use when you make payment.

3. When paying online, just seek for the PayPal icon and complete the checkout process by following the on-screen instructions. The applications do a lot more.

4. You may pay for items, food, or gasoline in a variety of ways thanks to various agreements with local retailers and restaurants, and you can even order ahead to avoid lines at select eateries and coffee shops.

5. You may also link loyalty cards to your PayPal account to earn points every time you use the app to make a purchase.

The PayPal Credit

PayPal launched its own credit program last year, allowing users to buy products using PayPal and then pay for them later. It functions similarly to a credit card, but with no physical card.

It now charges a (variable) purchase interest rate of 17.9% per year, but as an incentive, it offers 0% interest for four months on purchases of over 99 Euros.

So, if you pay it back within that time frame, you won’t have to pay anything more than the initial purchase price.

Depending on the business, several retailers offer unique incentives when paying for things using PayPal Credit, including lower interest rates.

What Stores Can You Use PayPal Credit?

We may use PayPal Credit at over a thousand online shops. Below is the list:

1. Dollar Tree

2. eBay

3. Overstock

4. Apple Store

5. Newegg

6. Belk

7. Amazon


The world’s largest digital retailer, Amazon, is an online store that offers everything from antique coffee tables to velvet suit hangers to the world’s strongest expanding garden hoses.

The American e-tailer, based in Seattle, Washington, describes itself as a firm that provides “the World’s Largest Selection,” with categories spanning from electronics to music to housewares to furniture.

Since its inception in 1994, Amazon has expanded to over 30 million customers and made a massive revenue of US$135.98 billion in 2016, making it the world’s biggest Internet firm by revenue.

Amazon Gift Card

A gift card is a prepaid debit card with a predetermined amount of money on it that may be used for a range of transactions.

Store gift cards are designed to be used at specific merchants or retailers, whereas general-use prepaid gift cards are not tied to any specific merchant and can withdraw cash from ATMs.

Amazon gift cards are available in both physical and digital formats, and we can purchase them with pre-loaded amounts. Users may send gift cards through email, in person, or via mail.

Customers may also use the gift card forever after they have added it to their account.

Where to Buy Amazon Gift Cards

We’ve compiled a list of genuine stores from trustworthy sources to buy Amazon gift cards. Check below:

1. 7-Eleven

2. A&A Market

3. AAA Club Alliance

4. Balducci’s

5. Best Buy

6. BreadBox

7. Corner Market

8. CVS Pharmacy

9. Dash In

Can You Use Paypal on Amazon?

Both yes and no. Although Amazon does not allow you to pay using PayPal during the checkout process, this does not rule out the possibility of using PayPal for Amazon purchases.

You’ll have to be creative if you want to figure out how to utilize PayPal on Amazon. While you can’t buy using PayPal on Amazon, you may pick which credit or debit card to use at checkout.

Similarly, just because Amazon doesn’t take PayPal Credit at checkout doesn’t mean you can’t use your PayPal Credit account to pay for Amazon purchases.

How to Use PayPal for Amazon Purchases

Below are the 3 methods you can use Paypal for Amazon purchases:

1. The PayPal Cash Card on Amazon

The PayPal Cash Card is they accept a debit card that lets you use it everywhere Mastercard to access your PayPal Cash Plus account balance.

Simply log in to your Amazon account and choose “Your Payments” or add the PayPal Cash Card as a new payment method at checkout to add your PayPal Cash Card as a payment option.

However, the PayPal Cash Card may not be the greatest option for Amazon buying. With Amazon purchases, the finest credit cards provide cash back and travel incentives.

Because the PayPal Cash Card doesn’t give any rewards on purchases, you’ll need to use another payment method if you want to earn credit card rewards while shopping.

2. The PayPal Key on Amazon

PayPal Key is a new virtual payment method that lets you use cash from your PayPal account or a connected debit or credit card to make transactions.

To use PayPal Key on Amazon, just enter your 16-digit PayPal Key number as an Amazon payment method, along with the accompanying expiry date and security code.

Because PayPal Key enables you to pay using one of your PayPal Credit cards, combining PayPal Key with one of the finest online shopping cards.

3. Amazon gift cards with PayPal

Another option to use PayPal on Amazon is to purchase Amazon gift cards using your PayPal account. Look for a store that offers Amazon gift cards and takes PayPal payments (eBay is a good example).

Make your purchase and then use your Amazon gift cards to buy on Amazon the following time. Using PayPal Credit to buy Amazon gift cards is a terrific method to save money.

Because your PayPal Credit account may be used everywhere PayPal is accepted, purchasing Amazon gift cards with PayPal Credit allows you to purchase on Amazon using your PayPal line of credit.

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