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Where I Can Sell My Used Clothes Online and Earn the Most

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– Where can I Sell my Clothes –

Do you have a strong desire to clean out your wardrobe? Do you have any vintage things, baby clothes, or worn-once dresses that you’d like to get rid of? Why not resell your used clothes online?

Where can I Sell my Clothes

In this article, you will discover the best apps and websites to sell your clothes online.

Where Can I Sell My Clothes

With so many stylish mobile apps and online platforms to select from, it’s now easier than ever to sell your gently worn clothes for a few dollars or more! Here are some of our favorite places to sell used clothing online.

1. Depop

Some of the coolest niche fashion goods may be found on Depop.


The marketplace has a lot of well-known brands, but it also has independent companies owned by sellers with their own personalities.

Anyone may sell on Depop, and there’s even the option of letting the app handle the shipment. Are you prepared to sell? Create clothes listings on the app and upload clean, attractive images of your products. 


2. ThredUP

ThredUP’s finest feature is its convenience. When you sell on ThredUP, you’ll receive an empty bag, which they refer to as a “clean out kit.”

Where can I Sell my Clothes

All you have to do is fill the bag and leave it for the postal service to collect, everything else, including the shipping costs, is taken care of.

Keep in mind that because ThredUP handles some of the more difficult aspects of shipping and processing, sellers can only earn up to 80% of the resale price.

3. Facebook Marketplace

While you’re looking for different college groups and organizations to join on Facebook, you may also earn money.

Facebook Marketplace

Anyone can make listings based on items and location using Facebook’s Marketplace tool. You may make 100% of the revenues on everything you sell, from apparel to gaming systems. It’s not bad.

4. Mercari

Sellers create listings for clothes, shoes, and accessories at any price, similar to the majority of the applications on this list.


If you want to sell something on Mercari, you’ll have to pay a 10% charge, but the good news is that the app is quite user-friendly.

5. Etsy

Etsy is home to a plethora of small stores that sell handmade and vintage items, and it could be a good place to sell your resale clothes.


You may have greater results if they’re old, but it’s worth a shot – especially if you upcycle some of the goods. Etsy takes a modest commission on every sale and charges the seller a 3% processing fee.

6. Poshmark

Poshmark is one of the first reselling applications, and it’s quite user-friendly.


They provide you with a pre-paid shipping label, which aids in the tracking of your shipment as it is delivered to the customer.

Poshmark is notable for its social media component, which allows you to follow other fashionistas and sell stuff swiftly during “Posh Parties.”

7. Buffalo Exchange

Buffalo Exchange is always on the lookout for designer clothing in good condition, so if you have any, look no further.

Where I Can Sell My Used Clothes Online and Earn the Most

Their sell-by-mail program will send you a prepaid shipping label that can hold nearly 40 pieces of apparel if you want it.

They’ll contact you after they’ve received your stuff to see what they can do with them. Store credit, which offers 50% of the selling price, and a check or PayPal payment, which offers 30%, are the three payment choices.

8. Crossroads Trading

Crossroads Trading, like Buffalo Exchange, offers in-store locations where consumers often bring secondhand designer products, but they now have a sell-by-mail option.

Where I Can Sell My Used Clothes Online and Earn the Most



Any rejected products will be returned to you, or you can choose to have them donated to charity for a nominal cost.

Crossroads will send you a bag with a pre-paid postage label to mail any items in if you request it. You can get store credit for 50% of the purchase price or cashback for 30% of the purchase price.

9. ASOS Marketplace

When you buy the loveliest tiny dress online, it sometimes ends up being a miss when it arrives (trust me, we’ve all been there).

ASOS Marketplace

You may resale it on the ASOS marketplace, which is great news.

They take a 10% fee on the sale price, but it’s a seller-driven marketplace with unusual items you’d find at a thrift store.


10. eBay

Because of how helpful it is to sellers, eBay is the original selling site and it is still going strong.


Here’s how it works: vendors have complete control over everything from photographs to pricing to customer interaction.

You may also construct offers for buyers to bid on that have a minimum sale price (like an online auction). The item goes to the highest bidder, who gets to retain it, while the seller gets paid within a week.

11. The RealReal

The RealReal stands apart from the rest of the list because they specialize in premium consignment. This implies Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Chanel, Moschino, and Miu Miu are among the names they carry.

The RealReal

If you have any high-end products lying around that you’d like to sell quickly, give them three days on The RealReal, where you may make up to 85% of the selling price.

Clothing, shoes, accessories, fine jewelry, home decor, and fine art are all accepted at The RealReal. You can mail products via USPS or plan a free in-home pickup (in some cities).

12. Style Alert

Style Alert by Material World, like The RealReal, is a designer consignment portal.

Style Alert

To sell with Style Alert, fill out a free Trade-In Kit and send in any luxury items you want to sell.

They’ll respond with an itemized offer, and if you accept it, you’ll be paid right away. You can also request that any rejected items be returned to you or donated to charity for a nominal cost.

13. Rebag

Rebag is a website that specializes in the resale of designer handbags. Versace, Balenciaga, and Tom Ford are among the brands featured.


So, if you have any designer bags laying around, you may upload images of them to Rebag’s website. They’ll email you a quote within two business days.

They’ll give you a prepaid mailing label once you accept their offer. After Rebag receives your bag, your payment will be processed within three business days.

You can also visit Rebag in person if you live around Miami, Manhattan, Beverly Hills, or Los Angeles.

14. Swap

Swap.com has everything from women’s clothing and accessories to baby outfits.

Where Can I Sell My Clothes

To sell on Swap, you must go through a lengthy procedure. Swap’s acceptance requirements are stricter than another consignment shop, so check them out before sending anything over.

Pet hair and odors must be removed from clothing. Modified or niche-branded clothing is also prohibited.

15. Tradesy

Another site where you may sell apparel, shoes, and accessories is Tradesy.


They charge a fixed commission of $7.50 for items sold for less than $50 and 19.8% for items sold for more than $50.

16. Vinted

With Vinted, you get exactly what you see. To sell on Vinted, simply download their easy-to-use app and create a listing with photographs and a description of your item.

Where Can I Sell My Clothes

You also have the option of setting your pricing. Your listing is live once you click “upload.” You have five days from the time someone snatches your item to send it to them.

Because Vinted has no selling costs, you’ll get 100% of the profit after the customer confirms the quality matches their requirements.

17. Refashioner

Refashioner is the place to go for more unusual, avant-garde stuff that you’d see in a magazine.


It’s difficult to let go of the nice stuff, but you can rest assured that it will find a good home with Refashioner. Refashioner also hosts events in New York from time to time, so check them out if you’re in the neighborhood!

What to Know When Selling Clothes Online

1. Determine If It’s Worth Selling

Before you spend time listing your item, you’ll want to determine if it’s even worth selling.

Examine the piece to make sure it’s in sellable condition, meaning no holes, tears, or stains. In some cases, you may be able to sell clothes with defects, but they often won’t sell for a good price.

2. Consider the Seasonality of the Item

While items can sell out of season, it’s more likely you’ll get a better price in season.

A good rule of thumb is to follow what retailers are selling in stores. If it’s out of season, you may want to hold off on selling it.

3. Scope out The Competition

Do a quick search on the platform for the item you are selling to see how many there already are for sale and the average listing price.

If you see 50 black Gap t-shirts listed at a really low price, you may want to consider if it’s worth your time and energy.

4. Estimate Shipping Costs

Once you’ve scoped out the competition and have a ballpark idea of what the item might sell for, use a shipping calculator to estimate the shipping cost of the item.

This will help determine if you want to sell the item at all if it costs more to ship than what buyers are willing to pay.

5. Take High-Quality Photos

Good photos are extremely important; after all the buyer can’t see this item in person or touch it, so photos and the description are all they have to determine if they want to buy or not.


6. Write a Detailed Description

Tell the buyer everything they need to know about the item such as brand, style name, size, color, measurements, materials, and anything else that’s relevant.

You’ll also want to note any imperfections and generally be as transparent as possible about the condition, otherwise, this could lead to the buyer returning the item.

7. Make Sure Your Items Are Freshly Cleaned

You’ll want to make sure your clothes are stain-free, steamed, and look as new as possible, otherwise, you could risk complaints from buyers that the item doesn’t match the listing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the faqs on where can I sell my clothes.

How do you sell clothes on Poshmark?

1. Poshmark is an easy and free way to sell your clothes
2. In the application
3. Tap on the ‘sell’ button in the app
4. Take or upload a photo of the item you want to sell
5. Then, take a moment to give your listing a title, description, and price, among other things

Is selling on Poshmark all it’s made out to be?

“Yes,” I can honestly say. It’s a marketplace that’s comparable to eBay but with a social component (community).

How do you sell at a party on Poshmark?

Press the ‘Share’ button next to the listing you want to share once the Party has started. On the next screen, the current Party will be listed.
Next to the Party name, click ‘Share.’ Your listing will be added to the party as long as it is in keeping with the theme!

Is there a Poshmark for kids?

Yes, there are!

How do I successfully sell items on Poshmark?

Here’s how to make money selling clothes on Poshmark: Use relevant keywords and be consistent. Spend time taking high-quality images of what you’re offering to showcase it.
Use the “bundle” function to communicate with customers in a private manner. Recognize when it’s appropriate to accept an offer.

What are the fastest-selling brands on Poshmark?

1. Louis Vuitton
2. Gucci
3. Nike
4. Coach
5. Michael Kors
6. Chanel
7. Christian Louboutin
8. Lululemon Athletica
9. Under Armour
10. Wildfox
11. Johnny 

How to find the original price when selling an item on Poshmark?

To help you narrow down the original price, perform a fast search on Poshmark to see what other sellers are advertising similar goods for.
You may also compare how similar things are priced by looking up the original shop or brand.

Does it take long to get your first sale on Poshmark?

In just a few days, I made my first sale. It all depends on what you’re selling, how you photograph it, and what condition it’s in.

How do I increase Poshmark sales?

1. Having labels that are simple to understand. Keep in mind that the main purpose of listing a product is to sell it.
2. Boost the Quality of Your Photographs
3. Description
4. Poshmark Parties are a fun way to meet new people.
5. Become a Poshmark Ambassador 
6. Send offer
7. Increase your sharing frequency
8. Re-list your items



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