8 Major Causes of Unemployment in Nigeria Today

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Causes of Unemployment in Nigeria are varied and it ranges from inadequate education, lack of skill set and increase in population. Here, we’ll explore some causes of unemployment in Nigeria and some solutions.

Causes of Unemployment in Nigeria

Causes of Unemployment in Nigeria

Unemployment in Nigeria can be influenced by several factors. These factors can be social, structural or economical. Some causes of unemployment include:

1. Population Growth

Nigeria’s population growth is very high and one of the highest in the world. With a high population growth, the labor force increases more than the jobs available.

2. Lack of Infrastructural Amenities

Unreliable power supply as well as lack of good transportation networks can stall business growth and repel investment. This in turn leads to a lack of jobs.

3. Corruption

Corruption in a country like Nigeria can discourage investment and job creation, which will lead to less economic growth.

4. Youth Unemployment

When a large section of youth in a country is exposed to limited job opportunities, this contributes to a high unemployment rate.


5. Skills Mismatch

This happens when people who are expected to possess a particular skill lack the technical knowhow for the job, which leads to unemployment or underemployment.

6. Lack of Entrepreneurship Skills

When there is over dependence on salaried jobs rather than starting a business, this creates unemployment in an economy since there is limited job creation.

7. Government Policies

Some policies of government, like restrictions on trade and taxation, can affect job creation negatively, this in turn leads to unemployment.

8. Security Concerns

When there is an insurgency in Nigeria like the case of Boko Haram, this can deter investment and stall economic activities thereby contributing to unemployment.

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