20 Cheap Places to Travel Internationally See Low Cost Vacation Countries

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– 50 Cheap Places to Travel Internationally –

Looking for quality and affordable destinations to spend your honeymoon? Check out the best 50 cheap places to travel internationally for some peace away from work? Or perfect tourism locations and beautiful arenas for school trips. 

As much as tourism sounds exciting, factors as cost, location, and food can be submerging and may make you eventually want to reconsider.

You may have memorized the cliche “quality isn’t costly” and read it aloud many times, but this means nothing without knowledge of these places.

So here’s a cliche for you “knowledge is power”.  The following information is a powerful tool to aid in your international travels.

50 Cheap Places to Travel Internationally

This list is grouped into different continents to help you navigate through this page according to your budget and choice of location

Cheap Places in Asia to Travel Internationally

Asia records the fastest growth rate of tourism than anywhere else in the world. With an increasing wealth of countries like South Korea, Taiwan, and Malaysia, and the enormous population in India, China, and Indonesia -holding the record as the top 4 largest countries in the world.

listed below are cheap places to travel internationally in Asia:

1. Philippines (Travel with a $35/Day Budget)

Cheap places to travel internationally in the Philippines

Traveling during shoulder seasons can be a major turn-off for travelers with a fixed budget, seeing as costs in booking accommodations and flight tickets are on the increase during such traveling times. But there are ways to keep minimize traveling costs and one of such is early booking.

Archipelagoes are the most common sceneries for relaxation in the Philippines. These beautiful centers for tourist attractions are an expanse of water with nature-distributed islands.

Gorgeous water environments with traditionally decorated environs, beautiful gems hidden underneath the surface of sky-colored rivers, welcoming beaches, are the beauties of the Philippines which is worth every peso.

$5 – $15 per day is the calculated feeding budget, although some lodgings and separate hostels provide selected meals. Accommodation is over $7 – $13 per night.

Movement depends on the means of transportation ($10-$15 for cyclists, $15 – $20 for a boat ride across different islands. But as is the nature of negotiation, these prices depend on your haggling ability.

2. Cambodia (Travel with a $25/Day Budget)


The Asian city of Cambodia offers satisfying and warm sceneries like the feeling of sunset upon undisturbed summer waters, the pleasure of watching kingfishers pierce through wind and into still waters for shrimps while the sun takes a picture from a distance.

It has historical sites like the unnerving Killing Fields of Phnom Penh telling stories of war. The pleasurable sites like the amazing Angkor Wat with beautiful beaches around Koh Rong.

Freshwater Tonlé Sap lake in southeast Asia; each telling a different story of calm or remembrance over a past event, all these to making trips to Cambodia a fascinating and memorable one.

Monthly sustenance of $1000 will be enough to grant you an amazing experience. With its dorms and basic lodgings not costing over $10 per night- $3 minimum.

A daily $5-$10 budget recommended for feeding is expended, although some hostels take responsibility for providing breakfast, making them cut down some costs.

Transportation lies between $6 – $ 15 for a bike ride in Cambodia which still depends on your haggling ability.

3. Indonesia (Travel with a $30/Day Budget)

Cheap Places to travel internationally- Indonesia

Indonesia has over 17,000 beautiful islands with its popularity growing beyond the TV screens. It features islands like the Gili islands, lush tropical rain forests, bountiful rice fields, sacred atmospheres surrounding its temples- filling with calm and serenity, colorful coral reefs, and pristine beaches.

Included in this wonderful list are the mighty volcanoes; from its proactive-mount Merapi to its most dormant-mount sinabong lying along the pacific ring of fire.

Nature’s provision for thrill and wonder.  Indonesia offers enough beauty to last a lifetime, including existing indigenous languages.

A $5–$15 daily budget can buy you tasty regular Meals. Provision for scooters to be ridden along mountainsides is available with just a little Indonesian rupiah to spend. Tourist interests include hiking, chasing waterfalls, and slouching in a hammock at the beach.

Accommodation is readily available at $5-$10 per night in a hostel, especially around the Gili Islands. Transportation also is cheap, ranging at about $8-$15 for a day’s motorbike ride- still, these costs are not fixed. It depends on that inborn haggling ability.


4. Laos (Travel with a $30/Day Budget)


Laos is one of two locations you can execute a fixed budget. Although accommodation seems roughly more expensive than $30/day, other reduced costs account for that extra amount spent. It is the location of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world placed at $2.50. 

For 2021 specifics, $7 goes for a full day tubing experience in the Vang Vieng river and $6 for a tiger balm massage. Motorbikes are kept on lease at $6 – $15 per day for transportation into smaller towns.

$5-$10 per night goes to accommodation. For extended quality, $35 should get you a gorgeous room close to one of these beautiful sites.

5. Vietnam ($30/Day Budget)

50 Cheap Places to Travel Internationally

Located in south-eastern Asia is Vietnam, one of the most beautiful countries on the continent. Known for its native beauty and wealth of natural attractions such as the limestone islands in Halong Bay, the country provides quite an unequaled experience.

Although its chaotic roads remind of its war-torn history, the popular bike rides can go for as low as $0.50 for a 2km ride!

Its major cities tell stories of the country’s recuperation from historic wars and stand a distant shadow with tall and looming skyscrapers littered where valleys once stood.

The quaint floating markets are an attraction for cheap pockets where quality food items can be bought for as low as $5-$10 for delightful authentic Vietnamese cuisines

Prices of accommodation are as pleasant as soft breezes saying welcome each morning.

6. India (Travel Internationally at $20/Day Budget)

50 Cheap Places to Travel Internationally- India

It might not be news to hear that India is currently the cheapest country to travel to. Benevolent market attitudes drive the Indian market- of course upon haggling.

$3 – $6 per day goes to Meals and transportation which includes bus and fast train rides can be booked at $1 – $3.

The domestic flight goes for a splurging $30. The accommodation which includes a bathroom bucket shower in cheap rooms is within the $3 range. Gorgeous beaches are covers for several beautiful gems in Southern India.

7. Taiwan (Travel with $34/Day)


Notable for its delicious street food services sold for less than $2, for a plate of fragrant rice with pork or chicken hat. The same amount goes for the empowering deep fry chicken chop or a bowl of delicious vermicelli with oyster knuckles.

It’s now that Taiwan Food is a whole new center for tourist attraction on its own. These meals are ridiculously cheap at $5 – $10 per day with some hostels providing breakfast.

Taipei and Tainan offer registration to city bikes costing less than $0.50 per hour, with an initial 30 minutes free offer. You can tour the city in 30 minutes without spending a dime. Transportation is written at a $0 – $3  fee.

Accommodation in Taipei mostly goes for $10 – $20 per night in a hostel.

8. Nepal (Travel Cheap Internationally at $28/Day)

50 Cheap Places to Travel Internationally-Nepal

For barely a few dollars for local services, Nepal offers quality services. $5 – $10 per day for food not including the free hostel breakfast in most hostels.

Accommodation goes for $5-$10 per night in local guesthouses which may very well be part of an executive hotel chain. Transportation runs at $10-$15 per person for a private car or a local bus ride between cities.

Although Taiwan has a poor reputation for street food, notable Taiwan hotels and restaurants raise the bar with their quality services. You can get cheap and delicious home-cooked meals in local-run small cafes though.  

If you end up trekking, as long as you do so independently and avoid Mt. Everest itself, which costs tens of thousands of dollars, you can travel for as cheap as $10 per day on food and accommodation at the lower elevations, and closer to $20 USD at higher elevations on popular routes like the Annapurna Circuit.

9. Malaysia (Travel Cheap Internationally at $35/Day)


Malaysia offers several locations worthy of tourists attraction. Although she is often thought to be expensive being among the most economically developed South-Eastern Asian countries.

Despite these individual testimonies, Malaysia grows wealthy in exploration centers seen in the Cameron Highlands, jungles of Borneo, and the gorgeous islands. Unlike what is sold in the news market, they are very affordable.

Transportation from Kuala Lumpur to the Perhentian Islands costs just $8.  This country features many interesting native environments and markets free for exploration.

Malaysian cuisine sends out a call for deeper exploration. Cultures are well represented in cheap and delicious meals although not necessarily healthy. It is one of the cheapest places in the world to get a PADI scuba diving certificate.

As most religions preach, “alcohol will be the death of you”. This cliche is well represented in the high prices of alcohol and liquor.

There are high taxes placed on this item driving prices high. However, it’ll be money well-spent to be sober and not risk forgetting to have a wonderful time.

Meals are sold at $5–$10 per day. Some hostels provide breakfast. Accommodation goes for $5–$15 per night in a hostel. Transportation gives $3–$15 for an all-inclusive means of transportation.


Cheap Places in Europe to Travel Internationally

50 Cheap Places to Travel Internationally-Europe

Europe holds a record as the global leader in international tourism and as 2021 recorded over 700 million inbound tourists arrivals yearly.

This growth has continued accelerating as many countries become more mobile. Below is a continuation of the 50 cheap places to travel internationally, in Europe.

10. Georgia (Travel Cheap Internationally at $30/Day )

50 Cheap Places to Travel Internationally- Georgia

Georgia exists among the existing beautiful and most affordable European destinations. Trade secret-It should amaze you to know that you may stay for a year in Georgia without a Visa. Now, pay up! 

Quality hostels exist at an affordable price range say, $5 – $15 per night. Meals range at about $10 – $15 per day and $3 at a local restaurant. Local mini buses go for less than $1.

What’s more? A $2 access fee is granted for some museums and other registered pre-historic sites. 

11. Czech Republic (Travel Cheap at $40/day)

Czech Republic

As more and more tourists flock to the Czech Republic, or more specifically, Prague, for its rich history and cheaper-than-water beer, prices have inflated over the last few years.

However, it remains one of the cheapest central European countries to travel to, especially if you go beyond Prague, such as Cesky Krumlov and Telc, to experience true, various Czech cultures and at lower costs.

Transportation is affordable at $16 for a 3-day local transport pass, and if you plan to do a lot of traveling, consider getting for.

Czech cuisine is very hearty and large in portion. Well, it’s not the healthiest as most meals contain potato and meat, but it can be satisfying.

Entrance fees to historical sites and museums are quite expensive, like the $18 paid to enter Prague Castle. This should not stop you though as you have options to prioritize upon hiking.

Meals are served at $10 – $15 per day and accommodation goes for $12–$20 per night in a hostel. Transportation for all available vehicles ranges from $5-$20 daily. Consider this the 30th of 50 cheap places to travel internationally.

12. Greece (Travel at a $40/day)

50 Cheap Places to Travel Internationally-Greece.

While prices of flights, accommodation, and tours have been largely cut down since the country’s debt crisis in 2010, summer months still cost more than others. This means avoiding July and August, which are the hottest and busiest months in Greece.

Instead, go a few weeks before or after summer, and you will enjoy Greece with smaller crowds and a lower budget.

You can also cut down on food costs by buying fresh produce from the market and making your own meals, since eating out in restaurants can be expensive in certain parts of Greece.

A little picnic by the gorgeous beach can be as enjoyable as a lavish meal at a seafood restaurant!

As far as activities go, opt for the free walking tours available, and if you are planning to do some island hopping in Greece, plan well and stick with a group of islands to minimize transfers.

For any long-distance travel, keep in mind that sometimes a domestic flight can be cheaper than a bus ride.

Meals are sold at $10–$15 per day while accommodation goes for $10–$15 per night in a hostel.

Transportation ranges from $10–$15 per person for a rental car split between 4 people and this doesn’t include scooter rentals which cost about $25–$30/day and $10-$20 for ferry tickets around the beautiful islands.

13. Romania (Travel at a $33 daily budget)


For plans to an affordable European country, Romania would be a perfect choice. The country is popular for stories of Dracula and includes many charming towns and free activities unknown to most travelers.

Whether you’re taking a long stroll through the medieval villages or people-watching in one of the beautiful parks, Romania is great for anyone after a European experience on a budget. You can also make use of the free walking tours to check out the numerous historical sites.

I operated hostels at a $10-$15 per night fee, food is hearty and delicious and can be prepared with a $10 – $15 per day range. It’s easy and affordable to get fresh produce from the local market. Just make sure your hostel has a kitchen.

Public transportation is reliable and affordable, ranging from $5 – $10 for a full day of bus and train rides.

14. Poland (Travel with a $40/day budget)

50 Cheap Places to Travel Internationally-Poland

Known as a location holding several cultural heritages with its sites intact, Poland has 14 to offer. A country showing great wealth in culture and history yet often overlooked by most tourists.

Costing an average fee of $5 for museums and historical sites, the fee is fairly affordable, going by European standards.

The variety of food presented is mostly delicious and there’s no need to think about a healthy lifestyle as this box has already been checked, although it’s still heavy on calories. The trains are outdated- provides a better explanation for its cheap cost.

In Poland, you can easily spend an entire day just wandering and people watching. On lucky days, you’ll spend little or nothing on other essentials. The “milk bar” provides yet another affordable still delicious option, and it’s popular among the locals.

There’s Krakow, Warsaw and beyond calling for exploration; likewise, in smaller towns like Gdansk, Wroclaw, and Zakopane, which are all very stunning and possibly among the 50 cheap places to travel internationally.

Meals range from about $10 – $15 per day and accommodation costs $8–$12 per night in a hostel. Transportation goes for $1–$3 for a full-day train ride and $10-$15 for an intercity train ride.

15. Croatia (Holiday at a $40/day budget)


This location comes highly recommended for travelers who love turquoise waters, sunshine, and parties. Croatia has thousands of islands surrounding its mainland, excellent weather through the May – October yearly quarter.

It also holds a consistent record of throwing beach and yacht parties all year-round.

The essential expenses, including accommodation, transportation, and food, all come with a reasonable price tag. There are interesting sights such as the Museum of Broken Relationships- wow! And cute small towns to explore as well.

Traveling to Croatia on a budget follows a similar approach to Greece in item 12. Travel in the shoulder season., Try to avoid traveling in July & August which are the country’s busiest months.

Meals go for $10–$15 per day and hostel accommodation is kept between $12 and $16 per night.
Transportation ranges from $12–$15 per person for a rental car split between 4 people, or $10-$15 for a ferry ride.

16. Turkey (Take Holiday Trips with a $40 Daily Budget)

50 Cheap Places To Travel Internationally-Turkey

To most tourists, Turkey can be cheap or expensive, depending on how elaborate your intentions are. Intercity traveling can be tiring and costly. No wonder a hot-air balloon ride costs around $200-$300, and.

However, there are other items to check off your bucket list in less costly ways.

It is still very possible, if not easy, to travel through Turkey on a fixed budget. Affordable centers like the stunning Blue Mosque in Istanbul, the breathtaking white travertines in Pamukkale, and the hustling bazaars are indeed a sight for sore eyes.

Speaking of transportation, with thorough planning and including night buses, you get to save on accommodation. Turkish delicacies are wholesome, delicious, and cheap, so that’s one bill moved to accommodation.

The meals go for $10–$15 per day, accommodation sits between $5–$15 per night in a hostel. Transportation is $1–$3 for a taxi ride or $30–$60 for an intercity overnight bus ride.

17. Ukraine (Travel less at a $26 Daily Budget)


Ukraine offers some challenges to travel in, because of the language barrier and lack of reliable transportation. But it still remains the perfect option for interesting European adventures at a low budget.

 Ukraine’s currency makes tourism so affordable as 1 USD = 27 UAH. For clarity, a dorm room typically costs about 150 UAH per night which costs a little 6 USD. Unbelievable, right?

In Europe, Food, transportation, sightseeing, and other activities are incredibly cheap for an esteemed European country.

Meals cost about $6–$8 per day and accommodation are at $6–$10 per night in a hostel
Transportation is roughly $1–$3 for a full-day train ride and $6-$15 for an intercity train ride.


The United States of America

U.S.A Flag

The United States is one of the most popular travel destinations worldwide. Each year, the country’s famous cities, national parks, and entertainment options attract millions of visitors from around the globe. 

The list of 50 cheap places to travel internationally continues…

18. Colombia (Save from a $35 Daily Budget)


This most people describe as a colorful destination with a dark past. Colombia is fast becoming a very popular affordable destination. If history is your thing, the museums and historical sites in Bogota, the Lost City, and beyond should thrill you.

As for nature and its appreciation, the Amazon beckons. Even for diving enthusiasts, Colombia has some of the world’s best diving sites and gorgeous beaches.

With accommodation, transportation, and food being so affordable, you will have room to spend.

Meals go for $10 – $15 per day and accommodation ranges at $8–$12 per night in a hostel. Transportation is $1–$3 for a full day bus ride or $10–$50 for an intercity bus ride.

19. Guatemala (Travel with a $38/day Budget)


You cannot miss mentioning Guatemala in a Central American adventure list. That would be disrespectful! Its lush jungles, solitary volcanos, and ruins deserve some acknowledgment. It outranks most others in the list of  50 cheap places to travel internationally.

When you need a break from outdoor sports, its colonial cities will capture your heart with their stunning narrow streets and cobblestone architecture.

Local food is delicious and sold at $3 for a full meal (except in Antigua, where prices are actually close to the US standards).

Local transportation can be very cheap but at times confusing and risky. The locals typically take the “chicken buses” (converted school buses) from North America, and are the cheapest way to get around. 

Meals are generally at $10–$15 per day and accommodation goes for $10 – $15 per night in a hostel. Transportation in chicken buses ranges from $1–$3 for a full day or $5 – $10 for an intercity bus ride.

There are still wonderful areas to explore around these countries and more, but the above listed are the top ranges for affordability and accessibility.

Tourism brings a whole new spirit of relief, satisfaction from curiosity, freedom, and anything else you may be searching for.

Most of all, don’t be selfish! Holidays are not fun without whom to spend them with. Show love by sharing this post and an extra plane ticket with your loved ones.  

CSN Team.

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