Chicago Teachers Pension Fund: Pay Scale, Health Insurance and Death Benefit

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Chicago Teachers Pension Fund: The Chicago teachers have a union known as the Chicago teachers union (CTU) with members about 20,000 teachers. The Chicago teachers’ union is a labor union representing teachers, and clinicians in the public school’s system.

Chicago Teachers Pension Fund: Pay Scale, Health Insurance and Death Benefit

Chicago Teachers Pension Fund: Pay Scale

The Chicago teachers union is affiliated to the Illinois Federation of teachers, the federation of labor. It originated from the Chicago teacher’s federation, an organization of women elementary school teachers established in 1897.

Under the lead of Haley and Goggin, the Chicago teachers federation struggled and fought for the women’s suffrage. Also, for women’s rights in the labor movement and for the right of women workers to earn as much as the male counterpart.

The Chicago teachers with the aid of the students and parents started an escalating campaign to revive funding to the schools.

Additional Information

Chicago had formed several unions, some of which were segregated by gender when the Chicago teachers’ union was established.

Teachers had become disillusioned concerning their positions as special class workers. They also resented their daily attendance in the classroom and the constantly rising bureaucratic control over their classroom.

The first Chicago teacher union’s president was John Fawkes. On the 10th September 2012, the Chicago teachers’ union resumed strike after the negotiation with the city was unsuccessful.

Also, the teachers agreed with the city which was not met and the strike continued and ended on the 17th September 2012. The Chicago teachers’ union is of the motto, trust, integrity, and stability.


Chicago Teacher’s Pension

Some workers and as well teachers look forward to the days of retirement but aren’t ready to stop working which could result from the fact that they have not stored up enough.

Founded by the Illinois state legislature as the public school teachers pension and retirement fund of Chicago, the body CTPF is governed by a 12-member board trustees.

Those appointed by the teacher are 6 in number, 3 by the annuitants, 1 appointed by the principal contributor and 2 by the employer, board of education.

Additional Information

The fund’s work was highlighted during the 16th of October 2018 testimony was presented to the state legislators at an Illinois Senate committee hearing held in Chicago.

The CTPF has continually led among the pension and retirement systems throughout the United States.

CTPF has made available the retirement and health of its members by working to endlessly improve and protect their benefits.

As the State of Illinois’ oldest public pension fund, they ensure that its member’s benefits and earned retirements are as enduring as the mark they have left on thousands of young lives throughout their careers.

CTPF encourages participation in the selection of businesses of its workers and members. 

Chicago Teachers Pay Scale   

An average Public School Teacher salary in Chicago is $59,960 as of the 1st of December 2018. It ranges between $52,345 and $69,221.

Salary ranges can vary depending on many vital factors, which include education, certifications, added skills, the number of years spent in the profession. has been made available to help determine the exact pay target. There have been provisions for “pension pickup,” which oblige teachers to contribute 9.4% of their salaries to fund their own pension.

CPS teachers have one of the highest starting salaries in American school districts. The CPS pay scale permits its workers get paid more than other counterparts elsewhere.


Chicago Teacher’s Health Insurance

The 2019 Health Insurance Handbook summarizes setting out plans and costs for teacher’s health insurance. CTPF health insurance plans run from the 1st–31st October 2018.

During which eligible CTPF members would be a part of a plan for the first time or change plans. PDF offers seminars and webinars with knowledge about plan choices, changes, and costs.

Changes made during Open Enrollment become effective on the 1st of January, 2019.

These retirees obtain health insurance from the State Employees’ Group Insurance Program, which operates as the state’s major retiree health insurance program.

Teachers’ Death Benefit

On dying, a loved one of the deceased members would provide the name, Social Security number, and death date of the dead member.

A letter will be offered, and the proper forms to the member have designated beneficiaries for completion.

The application needs that the beneficiaries provide a proficient copy of the member’s death certificate and copies of marriage or civil union certificate with a birth certificate for a surviving spouse.

Dependents may likely receive a Survivor Benefits Election form to select from either a monthly benefit or a lump-sum payment.

Information will follow this form concerning payment procedures, federal income tax holding back teachers’ Retirement Insurance Program (TRIP), and the taxability of the survivor benefits.

Once the completed application is received and all needed documents, the Office of the Comptroller will process and give benefits.

Benefits paid to survivors are:

1. lifetime annuity payable to a surviving spouse

2. An incomplete benefit paid to survive dependent child(ren) up until the age of 18.3.

3. If there is a “refundable” benefit in the event of a member’s death, it would be paid according to the most current beneficiary form on file or in the order of heirship.

4. A reversionary annuity for a family member is a lifetime benefit paid according to the provisions of the plan.


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FAQs on Chicago Teachers Pension Fund

Below are the frequently asked questions on Chicago Teachers Pension Fund

1. Do Chicago teachers get pensions?

Chicago Teachers’ Pension Fund (CTPF) members enjoy a guaranteed pension for life.

2. What is the average teacher pension in Illinois?

Tier-1 teachers receive lifetime pensions equal to 2.2 percent of their final average salaries multiplied by completed years of service.

3. Do Chicago teachers get Social Security?

Teachers in Chicago don’t get Social Security. They don’t pay into the fund and they don’t get the benefits. 

4. Do teachers in Illinois get a pension?

Yes, they do.

5. How much do Chicago teachers contribute to their pensions?

Chicago teachers contribute relatively little to their pension: only 2 percent per year. 

6. When Can Chicago teachers retire?

Under normal retirement eligibility requirements, Chicago teachers qualify for full pension benefits at age 67 with 10 years of service.

7. How much do retired teachers make in Illinois?

As of Apr 30, 2022, the average annual pay for the Retired Teacher jobs category in Illinois is $35,516 an year.

8. Do Illinois teachers collect Social Security?

Illinois is one of 15 states that do not take part in Social Security for teachers. 

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