Companies in The UK that Hire 16-Year-Old Students with No Experience

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– Companies in the UK that Hire 16-Year-Old Students –

The UK economy is among the most powerful in Europe, with the provision to hire 16-year-old students and other levels and age grades. The country’s level of unemployment stands at a relatively low percentage.

Companies in the UK that Hire 16-Year-Old Students

Below are some companies in the UK that Hire 16-Year-Old Students

1. Subway 18293-0 London

As a subway sandwich artist, you are to develop yourself more on your relationship with people and your attitude toward people because as a subway sandwich personnel or worker,

You would have to greet and serve people, maintain food safety and prepare food. As a worker in this position, they can also address you as a customer care representative.

Job Responsibilities

As a subway sandwich personnel, exhibit certain charisma and take charge of responsibility in order to play your role effectively and efficiently. This charisma and characteristics include:

Exhibits in a cheerful and helpful manner while greeting guests and preparing their orders.

Demonstrates a complete understanding of menu items and explains them to guests accurately.

Uses Point of Sale system or cash register to record the order and compute the amount of the bill. Collects payment from guests and makes changes.

Performs Cash-In Procedure- accounting for all forms of money, bread, etc., during the shift.

Prepares food neatly, according to formula, and in a timely manner.

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Checks products in the sandwich unit area and restocks items to ensure a sufficient supply throughout the shift.

Understands and adheres to proper food handling, safety, and sanitation standards during food preparation, service, and clean-up.

Cleans and maintains all areas of the restaurant to promote a clean image. Understands and adheres to the 3-step method for cleaning.

Understands and adheres to all quality standards, formulas, and procedures as outlined in the SUBWAY® Operations Manual.

Maintains a professional appearance and grooming standards as outlined in the SUBWAY® Operations Manual.

Job Experience: it requires no job experience for this position

2. Work Location: PetSmart-London

Early morning Stocker. At PETSMART, an early morning stocker, you need to be a morning person and you need to be a person who loves to help people do the right thing.

You need to be a person who loves to see people smile because of the level and type of help rendered to them by you.

As an early morning stocker, you need to make sure the store is set up for a cheerful and successful day. You need to stock the shelves with the required and the best solutions which are merchandise correct.

As an early morning stocker, your job cuts across the weekday into the weekends and holidays.

Job Responsibilities

As an early morning stocker, you have certain responsibilities to play to keep your work activities as possible. These responsibilities include.

1. Ensuring shelves and storage areas are stocked with the right product

2. Unpacking and breaking down merchandise cartons and pallets

3. Displaying advertising and pricing signs

4. Providing exceptional customer service and assisting customers in locating and selecting the best solutions

Working as an early morning stocker at PETSMART comes with lots of advantages and incentives which include:

1. Gain experience in a different business unit from the store to the salon or the Pets Hotel

2. Develop your leadership skills as a Department or Assistant Manager role

3. Tackle the challenge of a new store opening

4. Transfer to any of our 1600 stores nationwide.

3. TD Bank- London

Customer Experience Associate. As a customer experience associate, you have to be eloquent, a relationship builder, and able to assist.

A customer experience associate is a front line of TD bank. As a customer experience associate, you strive to build a strong and lasting relationship with your customers

Understanding their needs and demands and providing solutions that also range from providing personalized solutions to their financial challenges.

Your job as a customer experience associate is to assist small businesses to achieve their financial goal with your experience.

As a customer experience associate, you can have to work part-time and this work does not require all your day.

As a customer experience associate, your job category is retail banking.

Job Responsibilities

1. Process financial transactions like deposits, withdrawals, and bill payments as per standardized operating procedures, industry regulations, and TD’s Code of Conduct and Ethics

2. Understand and determine customer needs to recommend solutions specific to those needs while exercising discretion in confidential matters.

3. Respond and resolve customers’ concerns using standard procedures and escalating non-standard activities, as necessary.

4. Achieve assigned goals and business objectives by promoting banking solutions and completing business processes in a timely and accurate manner.

Connect personally with customers to advise them appropriately and clearly on banking solutions and processes.

4. Baseline Nurseries and Garden Centre, London

Wholesale Member, at Baseline Nurseries and Garden Centre. Baseline Nurseries and Garden Centre is an established growing business known for its caliper shade grown trees.

It offers a park-like lifestyle and experience to its wholesale and retail customers. It also offers wire basket evergreens and an enormous selection of shrubs and perennials.

As a wholesale member at Baseline Nurseries and Garden Centre, you need to be a self-motivated team player as you would have to be working with some other people.

You need to be keen to follow instructions and execute them effectively.

Job Responsibilities

As a wholesale member, you have certain responsibilities you need to carry out while working at Baseline Nurseries and Garden Centre. These responsibilities include:

1. General duties involving physical handling of material and product, including gathering plant material for orders, loading and unloading trucks, and organization of plants.

2. Providing courteous customer service and basic computer skills are an asset.

5. Credit Card Specialist at TD Bank, London

Work type, description, and company: Credit Card Specialist at TD Bank.

As a credit card specialist, provide service and/or sales support on a wide range of banking products and proffer solutions to existing or prospective TD customers and/or partners.

Offer comprehensive product knowledge and/or guidance as it relates to their respective business area, ensure to address customer or partner problems appropriately the first time,

rising issues when necessary, provide courteous, efficient, and professional customer service to ensure inquiries, sales, and/or it is managed promptly or effectively under all conditions.

As a credit card specialist at TD bank, you have to be a full-time worker.

Job Responsibilities

As a credit card specialist, you have certain responsibilities allocated to you which include

1. Having to take part actively as a member of the team.

2. Support a positive work environment that promotes service to the business, quality, innovation, and teamwork and ensures timely communication of issues or points of interest.

3. Taking part and contributing to a fair, positive, and fair environment that supports a diverse workforce.

6. Patient Care Assistant at London/Middlesex County (casual)

As a patient care assistant in Middlesex County, South West LHIN, you have to be easygoing as you are the first point of contact for patients, families, and service providers.

Job Responsibilities

1. To follow patients up, to support the care coordinator, you also have to assist the care coordinator in managing some tasks.

2. Work requirements: when aspiring to be a patient care assistant, there are certain requirements you need to meet. Requirements such as.

3. Be a secondary school graduate, or has an equivalent diploma, and demonstrate a working knowledge of medical terminology.

4. Be enthusiastic about communication and build rapport with patients, families, and health care service providers.

5. You must genuinely help others with a solution-focused approach.

7. Community Associate at Regus

Regus is helping to change the way the world works by leading the workplace revolution. They are the clear number one player in the rapidly growing, global flexible workplace market.

They provide convenient, high-quality workplaces, for any period.

Our primary focus is to meet the needs of our customers and to provide them with the most helpful, advanced products and services they need, to grow their business.

To look after every customer in your community professionally


As aspiring community associates, they base the recruit on attitude and behavior as this charisma and character define Regus.

These characters include Bright, Motivated, enthusiastic, and customer-focused.

8. Event Staff at Impark Canada

Impark is one of the largest parking operations in North America, managing over 350,000 parking spaces.

Impark is an everyday growing parking management company with a different workforce and different work allocations.

 Job Responsibilities

As event staff, your job responsibilities include:

1. Ensuring a positive experience for all Impark partners, customers, and clients.

2. Directing and showing customers the right place to park.

3. Receiving and collecting parking fees.

4. Making available bank reports and deposits.

5. Be able to work as a team member.

Work Requirements

To be an effective event staff, have these required qualities:

1. Must have excellent communication skills

2. Excellent customer service skills

3. Good Computer skill

9. Medical Lab Assistant at Lifelab

Lifelab is an interesting job where applicants can make a difference. Life lab is over 50 years.

The company provides and ensure an accurate laboratory testing service that helps health care official diagnose, and treat diseases.

As a lab assistant, test and diagnose patients. The lab assistant work in the company is part-time.

You will also have to prepare and find specimens for technical analysis, tutor, and Orient new team members coming into the company.

Work Requirements

Before being a medical lab assistant, possess these requirements before they deem you fit for the position.

These requirements include:

1. Ability to work quick

 2. Multi-tasking ability

3. You must have data entry and computer skills

4. Able to work as a team member.

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