18 Companies that will Send you Abroad for a Year or Two in 2021

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Companies that will Send you Abroad: Do you enjoy traveling abroad? You do realize you could work and travel abroad as supposed by the company you work for, right? Yes, you can! There are companies that would send you abroad for a year or two for some reason.

18 Companies that will Send you Abroad for a Year or Two in 2021

The reasons could include sending you to go for professional courses to acquire more skills which the company hopes to beneath, moving you to go supervise a project or branch abroad and so much more.

Below are some companies that will send you abroad for a year or two.

1. Boston Consulting Group

USA headquarters: Boston
Number of Workers: 12000

What the company is into: Management consulting for privately-owned, publicly-owned and not-for-profit organizations
Locations include: Australia, India and Germany, and so much more
Programs offered: Associate Abroad, Ambassador and Practice Area Ambassador programmes let workers to take part in long-drawn assignments (usually for a year) in any of the company’s global offices.

The company also offers global transfers for 1 to 2 years, or long-term.

2. Deloitte

USA headquarters: New York City
Number of Workers: 225400
What the company is into: Professional consulting firm majoring in audit, tax and advisory services

Where the company is located: Germany, U.K. and Japan, and so much more

Programmes provided for: Deloitte has partnerships in 150 countries and gives assignments that range from temporary client service projects to permanent strategic roles.

These worldwide placements are given at every level, from interns to executives, to give workers the chance to enhance their skill sets, build cross-cultural capabilities and form leadership skills.

3. Edelman

USA headquarters: Chicago

Number of Workers: 6000

What the company is into: Communications, marketing and public relations firm, which also includes specialty firms Edelman Intelligence (research) and United Entertainment Group (entertainment, sports, experiential)

Where the company is located: Johannesburg, Sao Paulo and Shanghai, and so much more

Programmes provided for: The Daniel J. Edelman Global Fellows program transfers promising workers to jobs at Edelman offices on the other side of the world for up to 18 months.

Edelman says this global experience is a gain to clients by having employees or workers who have knowledge of international markets, and profits employees by giving them global perspectives of issues.

4. General Electric

USA headquarters: Fairfield, CT

Number of Workers: 330000

What the company is into: A digital industrial company with expertise in fields such as aviation, healthcare, mining, power and energy
Where the company is located: U.K., Nigeria and China, and so much more
Programmes provided for: The view of GE is global, so there are many jobs and opportunities for workers to work overseas, including a two-year-long financial management programme which allows participants move to other countries.

5. Mars

USA headquarters: McLean, VA
Number of Workers: 80000

What the company is into: Makers of several consumer products, with pet food and candies being included

Where the company is located: Brazil, India and Mexico, among others
Programmes provided for: The Mars Ambassador Program provides job and volunteer experience overseas for associates to acquire skills, improve on business knowledge and get partnerships worldwide.

Outside of the programme, Mars provides chances  for associates to go on short-term or long-term foreign assignments.

6. Nestlé

USA headquarters: Glendale, CA
Number of Workers: 335000
What the company is into: Makers of food products, with baby food, bottled water, pet food and snacks included
Where the company is located: Switzerland, Brazil and Canada, and so much more
Programmes provided for: Nestlé provides numerous formal programmes for international assignments, and also the Digital Acceleration Team, with members being taught about digital communications and partnerships.

The Innovation Acceleration Team, with members that work with operations teams in several regions in the worlz to assist in improving their talent pipelines; and the Nestlé Market Audit, which majors in finances and assisting other countries.

Even if worker is not part of any of these teams, Nestlé’s global presence provides workers with openings for foreign assignments

7. SC Johnson

USA headquarters: Racine, WI
Number of Workers: 12000
What the company is into: Makers of household cleaning supplies and other consumer chemicals

Where the company is located:: Argentina, Poland and Egypt, and so much more
Programmes provided for: SC Johnson  has stated that the company is committed to improving the workers’ skills, so it provides openings for job rotations across departments and foreign places.

Mostly, these positions are for marketing, finance or general management.

8. Relativity

What the company does: “Make e-discovery software Relativity for controlling big quantities of electronic evidence during litigation or investigations.”

Chicago, IL; Kraków, Poland; London, England.

9. Hubspot

What the company does: “HubSpot is an in-bound marketing and sales firm that assists firms lure guests, change leads, and close customers.”

Places the country hires: Berlin, Germany; Boston, MA; Dublin, Ireland; Portsmouth, NH; Sydney, Australia; Tokyo, Japan.

10. WeWork

What the company does:  “WeWork converts living structures into beautiful, co-operative workspaces.”

Places the country hires: Austin, TX; Buenos Aires, Argentina; London, England; Mexico City, Mexico; New York, NY; San Francisco, CA; Shanghai, China; Tel Aviv, Israel and many more.

11. ACI Worldwide

What the company does: “ACI Worldwide offers electronic banking and payment solution for over 5000 financial firms, traders, billers and processors worldwide.”

Places the country hires: Auburn, AL; Bogotá, Colombia; Elkhorn, NE; Limerick, Ireland; Midrand, South Africa; Munich, Germany; Naples, FL; India; Timişoara, Romania; Watford, England and many others.

12. GovTech

What the company does: “Convert the delivery of Government digital services by promoting an ‘outside-in’ perspective.”

Places the country hires: Singapore.

13. Gett

What the company does:  “[Lets] users and companies immediately seek needed transportation, delivery and logistics.”

Places the country hires: London, England; New York, NY; Tel Aviv, Israel

14. DocuSign

What the company does:  “[Let] exceeeding 250000 firms and 100 million consumers in 188 nations to sign, send and manage documents at any given time, at any given place, on any device, and reliably so.”

Places the country hires: Dublin, Ireland; London, UK; Paris, France; San Francisco, CA; Seattle, WA; Tel Aviv, Israel; Tokyo, Japan; Warrenville, IL, Sydney, Australia and more.

15. Etsy

What the company does: “E-market of each sellers/producers of manually-made or antique things, art, and supplies.”

Places the country hires: Berlin, Germany; Brooklyn, NY; Dublin, Ireland; Hudson, NY; London, England; Paris, France; San Francisco, CA; Toronto, Canada.

15. ThoughtWorks

What the company does:   “A global technology consultancy [that assists] you make what the next thing, and make it a reality using technology.”

Places the country hires: Barcelona, Spain; Beijing, China; Belo Horizonte, Brazil; Chicago, IL; Cologne, Germany; Denver, CO; Hyderabad, India; London, England; San Francisco, CA; Singapore and more.

16. Kronos

What the company does:   “Offers the industry’s most powerful suite of tools and services to manage and engage your entire workforce.”

Places the country hires: Bracknell, England; Chelmsford, MA; Hong Kong; Lake Mary, FL; Melbourne, Australia; Mexico City, Mexico; Montreal, Canada; Noida, India; Port-au-Prince, Haiti; Zellik, Belgium.

17. Ancestry

What the company does:   “Helps everybody, at every place find out about their history and genealogy.”

Places the country hires: Dublin, Ireland; Helena, MT; Lehi, UT; London, England; San Francisco, CA.

18. Tenable

What the company does:   “Change your security programme with continuous visibility and critical context, enabling decisive action.”

Places the country hires: Columbia, MD; Dublin, Ireland; New York, NY; San Francisco, CA; Paris, France; Singapore; Stockholm, Sweden; Sydney, Australia; Toronto, Canada; Uxbridge, England and more.

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