Cost of Studying in Western Australia 2022 for International Students

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– Cost of Studying In Western Australia –

Cost of Studying in Western Australia – The university of western australia (UWA) is a public higher education institution in Australia. UWA began its academic activity in1911. The University of Western Australia has an urban campus in Perth.

Cost of Studying in Western Australia 2021 for International Students

Cost of Studying in Western Australia for International Students

Western Australia, covering the whole of the western third of the country, is comprised mostly of the arid Outback.

Its populace is centered in its rich southwest corner, home to the Margaret River wine region and the riverside capital, Perth.

In the far north, the Kimberley region is home to the earliest Aboriginal rock art, the Bungle sandstone domes, and Broome, with Cable Beach camels and pearling industry.

Perth offers a unique place to study, at a unique point in its history. The city attracts leading thinkers and teachers from around the world, reaching international standards of excellence in education and industry.

If you have been planning to study in Western Australia, this article is for you. We have provided the cost of studying in Western Australia to assist you when planning.

Educational System

Western Australia’s world-class universities, colleges, and schools provide quality-assured education with flexible study pathways.

The state’s practical approach to education, guided by teachers who are experts in their field, ensures that you are taught the skills that employers are looking for in today’s competitive world.


Your study experience will not only provide you with learning but also the possibility to be part of the growing academic and professional network that will guide the future of the city.

The higher education system comprises three different studies that are made available in all the Universities in Western Australia.

These studies include the bachelor’s degree, which lasts for three to four years, the master’s degree, which lasts for one to two years, and the doctorate, which is the highest and last for four years.

The length of study depends on the program chosen.

Cost of Studying

For an international student, you will be likely to pay a full tuition fee for your course. For an undergraduate bachelor’s degree, this can be around A$15,000 and A$33,000.

For a master’s degree, this can be around A$20,000 and A$37,000. For a doctoral degree, this can be between A$14,000 and A$37,000.

These tuition approximations do not account for upper-value courses, such as veterinary science or medicine. For fee information about these types of courses, please visit the institution website.



1. Home-stay

Home-stay programs involve an international student living with an Australian family in their home, and it is a great way for international students to fully integrate themselves into Australian life.

These programs are popular with secondary students or students enrolled in short-term English courses.

Single or shared rooms are available, and costs vary by type of room, but are usually between A$110 and A$270 per week.

2. Hostel and Guest House Accommodation

Some international students may choose to stay in hostels or guesthouse accommodations. Kitchen and bathroom facilities are shared, and students cook for themselves in this type of accommodation.

At around A$80-A$135 a week, these accommodations are cheaper than university or home-stay accommodations. They also provide a valuable opportunity for social interaction amongst other international students.

3. Rental Property

Many students in Australia choose to share the cost of a rental property with several housemates. Students who choose this type of housing may either move into a pre-established household, or they may set up a household with friends.

Students have to provide some or all of the household’s furniture, as rental properties are rarely furnished. Rental accommodations generally 

These accommodations usually require payment of rent in advance, as well as a secure payment, which is equal to one month’s rent, paid upfront.

4. On-Campus Housing

Although most Australian students live off campus, some Australian universities provide housing for their students through residential colleges, halls of residence, or apartments.

Prices and availability of accommodations vary according to the university, so international students should contact their institution before their arrival in Australia.

Students should also apply early, as these accommodation options are limited and very popular. On-campus accommodation costs around A$80-A$250 per week.

Health Insurance

Australia has special health insurance coverage for international students called the Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC).

OSHC is insurance designed to help international students cover the costs of medical and hospital care that they may need while in Australia.

Because of these requirements, international students must purchase their Australian international student health insurance before departing their home country.

International students in Australia should first familiarize themselves with the country’s healthcare system.

Additional Information

The cost of health insurance largely depends on where in Australia you live, the health fund you choose and the level of protection you want; Hospital only, Extras only or a combination of both.

Another factor influencing health insurance prices is whether you prefer a lower premium and higher excess, or would you rather pay a higher premium and have a lower co-payment.

The average cost of a Basic Hospital only policy with a $750 Excess for a single adult is around $98 to $114 per month, while a Basic Extra only plan is approximately $14 to $22 per month.


Getting around Perth by taxi is easy Fares. The taxi council of Western Australia can be anywhere between $1.69 per kilometer to $2.51 per kilometer.

Additional surcharges will apply for peak taxi times, additional passengers, and holidays.



As an international student, you’ll need to get a visa before traveling to any part of Australia. For a full-time course, you’ll need a student visa that will cover the duration of your program.

If you’ve entered Australia on a temporary resident visa or another category of visa that allows you to study, you may enroll to study part-time but will have to pay the full cost of your tuition before starting your studies.

This fee applies for students inside or outside of Australia. So, if you are re-applying while in Australia, you’ll have to pay the $575AUD again.

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