5 Full Coverage Dental Insurance Providers

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– 5 Full Coverage Dental Insurance Providers for 2022 –

When talking about insurance providers, I am talking about entities that provide insurance to businesses and individuals. Selecting a dental insurance plan is difficult than it should be. It can be quite challenging to understand how dental insurance can actually save you money. 

And it is also easy to be surprised by what your insurance cover and what it does not cover and when you are actually covered for whatever level of dental treatments.

These unpleasant surprises happen at the worst possible moments when you are sitting in the dentist’s office in urgent need of dental care. The price of dental insurance does not vary widely, so do not focus on the plan’s cost or its deductible amount. Instead, look for information on them.

In this article, I will be emphasizing the 5 full coverage dental insurance providers for 2019.

List of  Full Coverage Dental Insurance Providers for 2022

1. AARP Dental Insurance

All members of The American Association of Retired Persons can purchase AARP dental plans administered by Delta Dental.

The two AARP plans feature widespread coverage that is focused on the dental care needs of older people for example; three cleanings a year as opposed to the more usual two.

AARP plans also provide excellent coverage for crowns, bridges, implants, and denture needs. Before you are covered for these services, there is a one-year waiting period.

The network of contributing providers is large, and you can also see out-of-network providers as well. Since the plan does offer a wide range of coverage for the more expensive treatments, premiums tend to be a bit higher than average.

But if your dental needs are a bit complex than just simple checkups and cleanings, this plan is worth checking out if you are an AARP member.

2. Ameritas Dental Insurance

Ameritas is popularly known in the insurance industry as a top provider of dental insurance. The establishment has an excellent rating with A.M. Best and also an “A+” rating with the Better Business Bureau.

One very great thing about Ameritas Dental Insurance is its rewards program. The program is available to policyholders who submit at least one dental claim each year with total benefits paid out below the maximum allowable.

If you are qualified for rewards and see an in-network provider, you also qualified for an additional PPO Bonus.

The utmost rewards and network bonus accumulation is $2,000 in year one and increases to $2,900 in year five.

And using an ideal provider qualifies policyholders to receive a 30% discount on out-of-pocket costs.

Below are some features that come standard with all Ameritas Dental Plans:

  1. Preventive services are fully covered including an annual dental exam and cleaning, and also fluoride treatments for patients under 14.
  2.  All plans include the “dental rewards” program.
  3. You can always visit any dentist, in-network, or out-of-network (additional savings are available when visiting an in-network dentist).
  4.  Save on prescriptions at about 60,000 participating network pharmacies.

3. Aetna Dental Insurance

Aetna mainly offers group dental insurance through employers, but you can purchase dental insurance directly from the establishment if you live in specific states like Alaska, Arizona, Delaware, Illinois, and Pennsylvania.

Aetna offers an Aetna PPO and Aetna PPO plan. Plan details may vary according to state, so it’s best to visit Aetna’s website to review the options.

Aetna also offers dental savings plans and a cheap alternative to traditional dental insurance. With dental discount plans, there is no annual limit on how often you can save with a plan and also no waiting before you can utilize the discounts.

Members of Aetna Vital Dental Savings℠ Plus Rx save an average of 15-50% on most dental services including cleanings, X-rays, root canals, crowns, dentures, dental implants, and also braces.

The plan provides deductions on both general dental care and specialist care from over 161,000 participating dentists.

Members also receive additional savings on vision, hearing, and prescription medications with this plan.

Other outstanding dental plan options from Aetna include Aetna Vital Dental Savings℠ and Aetna Dental Access® plans.

4. Cigna Dental Insurance

Cigna has outstanding financial strength ratings and offers three different dental plan options through its network of more than 70,000 dentists.

If you regularly travel abroad, Cigna’s coverage is global so you won’t have to go without dental care while you are away from your home.

Another impressive thing about Cigna Dental is its preventive care coverage option, which covers 100% of preventive care.

Costs are reduced when using an in-network provider. Three dental plans are available in all states with the exclusion of New York and Washington.

  1. Cigna Dental Preventive: 100% coverage for preventive and diagnostic services with discounts available for restorative/orthodontic services.
  2. Cigna Dental 1000: They provide an annual maximum benefit of $1,000 with a $50 individual and $150 family deductible. The plan covers defensive, diagnostic, and restorative services with discounts available for orthodontic work through an in-network provider.
  3. Cigna Dental 1500: This plan offers a calendar year maximum benefit of $1,500 per person with preventive, diagnostic, and restorative services.

Orthodontic benefits are also available to all family members on the policy.

5. Aflac Dental Insurance

Aflac’s dental insurance plan is a sensibly priced plan and enables you to visit any dentist.

Dental Insurance

Unlike many dental insurance plans, Aflac’s Dental Direct dental insurance allows you to pick any dentist, and include orthodontic and also cosmetic options.

There are three plans available: Basic, Standard, and also Premier. With Aflac dental insurance, you can pay the dentist of your choice and are then reimbursed a set fee directly from Aflac.

The amount of the reimbursement rest on which of the three plans you chose. Premier has the highest reimbursement fees.

Be informed that there are waiting periods ranging from three months to one year for most covered procedures, as well as a two-year waiting period for tooth restoration treatments such as dentures.

Aflac dental insurance is well-suited for people who are self-employed or people that with a small business may also be interested in the establishments of other insurance offerings such as short-term disability insurance. Visit the company’s website for more details.

So far, these are the names of full coverage dental insurance companies, so in case you might be looking for one, you can always go through this article and choose that which is best for you.

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