Share Data on Glo: How to Share Glo Data With Others

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Are you a Glo user and you don’t know how to share Glo data? This article will enlighten you on how to share data with other Glo users.

Share Data on Glo | How to Share Glo Data With Other

Do you know that you can share your data with friends and family? Do you have extra data you wish to share with other Glo users?


It is now possible to share or gift GLO data bundle subscription plans and MB with other Globacom Nigeria subscribers.

If you’ve been searching for how to share your internet data bundle with friends and families, then here is the appropriate article for you.

Glo Data Share allows subscribers to transfer their data in megabytes and gigabytes quickly using just one simple USSD code. This service is not data gifting nor is it data renewal.

This one is primarily for those who have active data plans on their Glo SIM and are looking to share data with other close pals.

Glo Data Plan Sharing

The Glo data plan will simplify your life. You can choose to buy just one browsing modem for the whole family instead of buying each for every single one.

Once you share your data, your family and friends will automatically have access to your Internet plan. Before choosing to share your data with others, figure out what data plan you will be using.

Each of them is associated with a unique code USSD. This code will be used subsequently to send data so pay attention to this detail.


The Glo network

Glo is a very popular telecommunications network with a high number of subscribers and users. You can find Glo users in such countries as Nigeria, Ghana, and the Benin Republic.

Apart from internet speed, this network also offers great rates and innovative technology to make life easier.

Code to Share Data by SMS

This is another method very useful for those using older versions of modem interfaces that don’t have the USSD menu and functions.

1. To ADD the mobile number of the person you intend sharing data with send; “Share <<the GLO number>” as an SMS to 127  (e.g.. send “share 0807xxxxxxx” as an SMS to 127)

2. To REMOVE the mobile number of the person you have previously shared data with send; “Remove <<the GLO number>” as an SMS to 127 (e.g.. send “Remove 0807xxxxxxx” as an SMS to 127)

3. To check data bundle balance via SMS, send info as a text message to 127.


Sharing Glo Data using HSI Portals

Configure your modem or phone to use the following APN settings

1. APN = Glo flat

2. Username: flat

3. Password: flat

Connect to the internet and visit with any of your favorite browsers.

➛ Subscribe to a data subscription plan higher than Always Min from the HSI portal page (that’s if you don’t have an active data plan. Skip this step if there’s an active data subscription)

Your SIM card number and current active data subscription will be automatically detected with a “share” or “renew” prompt

Click on the share button and enter the Glo number you intend sharing data within the box provided

Click Yes to confirm.

Share this information with your friends by clicking on the share button to enable them return that favor.

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