How Do I Apply for a Dominican Visa From Nigeria?

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For one to ask how does the Dominican student visa from Nigeria work? It could mean they’re most likely interested in relocating but there are processes to getting this done and that’s where this guide becomes a great help. Now, let’s dig in.

Dominican Student Visa from Nigeria

Before we head on to how the Dominican student visa from Nigeria works, it will be beneficial to note that the said location is an island of the Caribbean group, a paradise on earth with a waterfront of beaches. 

It is the perfect place for having a holistic vacation in which you get to relax while still furthering your studies and also best to figure out what type of Dominican visa you need to go explore this amazing island. 

The only responsibility of the students is coping with all living expenses, so , whether they like to reside in the dormitory of the school or rent apartments close, that is entirely their decision.

What Are the Requirements for Dominican Student Visa?

To attend the school, the student will be responsible to budget and pay the tuition unless a scholarship is awarded, but then, they must also meet certain requirements like:

1. An original and photocopy of the passport details and signature page.

2. A copy of the original visa application filled in through the Dominican Republic Europe in a typical white-background backdrop. 

3. A recent residency permit or visa for the country of the Dominican Republic with an acknowledgement letter from a Dominican Republic’s institution of higher education which will include scope and time frame of the research.

4. The copies of birth certificates along with a parental or guardian signature are needed by any adult under 18. The medical fitness certificate will be translated into Spanish by an agency contractor.

5. A bank statement from a parent verifying that the finances are normal. In case of accepting the scholarship, it is required to secure an official letter of the university seal validating the award by a university’s representative.

6. The length and worth of the scholarship granted should be described in this paragraph and the student should state his motivation letter to the consulate containing the name of applicant, address, nationality, course of study and type of visa if requested sealed with the original signature. 

How to Apply for Dominican Student Visa From Nigeria

How to Apply for Dominican Student Visa From Nigeria

For the Dominican student visa to be approved, there are certain criterias that must be met, such as:

1. Students are generally encouraged to enroll into most of the programs offered by higher education institutions as applications are open directly through the school. 

2. The student then undergoes another process by submitting documents showing that he or she has all the necessary permits and is approved. For many of the times this procedure is an easy one that doesn’t take long.

3. Most international students will stay in dorms/hostels that will be provided on the campuses. Some can afford the facility provided by the coexist (coliving spaces) companies. Others rent apartments near the campus. 

4. To be accepted into the college, students must show that they are capable of sustaining their financial needs while staying in school away from home. They have to cover these expenses as well; for example, gather money for rent and for medical policy. 

Also, students will have to narrow down their career choices to a particular major that will land them jobs upon graduation or help in further specialization. Majors can differ here such as criminology, social work, business, medicine, or law.

What Are the Dominica Visa Types?

There are several types of the Dominica Visa as they solely depend on the reason for your visit, and they are:

1. Digital Nomad Visa

Every single individual who intends to work in Dominica as a freelancer and that is under the age of 18 can simply apply for the Dominica digital nomad visa which is valid for 18 months. The digital nomad visa is granted to candidates after their arrival at the airport on entry. 

2. Study Visa

Students from abroad who go on to study to obtain a student visa at the embassy outside the country before entering the island. For this visa which is valid depending on the year of study, the students will be required to apply three months prior to the start of the course.

3. Tourist Visa

A tourist visa is issued to foreign citizens who want to visit Dominica for different purposes, such as visits, family meetings and of course, tourism. This visa type is the easiest to get as it takes just ten working days to be processed. 

4. Work Visa

An employment or a job visa is a must for one to qualify for one. One can obtain a job in Dominica only after he/she has secured employment. Once they have developed requisite skills to do the job, the next step is to make certain that it is something they can indeed do as well as they want to.

Is There a Timeframe for a Dominica Visa?

Yes. A Dominican visa can be valid for a maximum period of 18 months, but it is also up to the immigration authority to choose the period for how long your visa will be valid for. 

When applying for a Dominican visa, there is an extra payment fee of $82 added to the responsibilities. All you have to do is head to the Accountant General of the Ministry of Justice at the Ministry of Justice, Immigration and National Security to make the visa application fee payment.

If you have a change of mind and then wish to stay longer, you will have to apply to the immigration office for a resident permit. 

Does One Need to Apply for a Resident Permit for Dominica?

Yes, but this sure comes with some conditions such as: 

1. You must have a passport that is valid for at least 6 months and if your passport is not valid, your appeal will be rejected. Also, when your passport is about to the middle of its validity period, then your visa will be denied, or you will be asked to submit an application for the multi-entry visa.

2. You should apply for an extension of stay within a month’s time and make a record of the extension appeal if your passport will expire soon. 

3. The next visa that you could apply for shall be the Dominica residence permit if your reason for stay is not in the legal scope. 

4. At the point of full completion of your application, you are to visit the Treasury Department to collect for the processing of your application fee. The requested fee payment is $250 for Caricom nationals and $800 for Non-Caricom nationals.

Contact Details.

Once your documents are complete, visit the address below to begin your student Visa application:

Address: Maputo Street (off Abidan Street), Wuse Zone 3

Garki, Abuja.

P.O.Box: 130

Phone Numbers: 9 5230205, 9 5230490

Email Address: [email protected]


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